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1. In eukaryotes - What does RNA poly II make

2. Type I collagen

3. What does high cholesterol or long saturated fatty acid content do to the melting temperature and fluidity

4. In which direction is protein synthesized

5. What is incomplete penetrence and give an example

6. What can vit B3 be used to treat

7. What are the purely ketogenic amino acids

8. Where is pyruvate carboxylase found - What does it do - What does it require amd What activates it

9. A small proportion of Down syndrome is due to What two genetic events

10. What enzyme catalyzes the rxn from pyrvuate to Acetyl - CoA and what inhibits it

11. colon becomes covered witih adenomatous polyps after puberty - progresses to colon cancer unless resected

12. What is a missense mutation

13. What is disulfiram used for

14. caf

15. How does insulin inhibit glycogenolysis

16. What converts NE to epi

17. What is uniparental disomy

18. What are Heinz bodies

19. How does OTC def present

20. How do odd chain fatty acids participate in gluconeogenesis

21. How does cytosine become uracil

22. What does a dehydrogenase do

23. nucleotide repeat for fredreich's ataxia

24. The pyruvate dehydorgenase complex serves In what reaction: reactants

25. What are the symptoms of vit A def

26. What does hartnups disease cause

27. What induces pyruvate kinase

28. What does apoB100 do

29. Type II collagen

30. What substances are uncouling agents

31. What happens in folate def

32. Which aspect of the spliceosome do patients with lupus make antibodies against

33. Acetyl - CoA carboxylase catalyzes what rxn

34. What does primase do

35. Pts with albinism are at inc risk For what cancer

36. What is the longest time of RNA and shortest

37. What does a southern blot use as its sample

38. What is the defect in II A familial hypercholesterolemia

39. What is heteroplasmy

40. cell signaling defect of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor 3 - results in dwarfism - short limbs - head/trunk nl size - associated with advanced paternal age

41. antbiotic controlled promoter to induciblly manipulate genes at specific developmental points

42. What makes up a nucleoside

43. What is axonemal dynein

44. What inhibits pyruvate kinase

45. How does abetalipoproteinemia present and What is the defect

46. What happens in elongation of protein synthesis

47. What are the results of pancreatic insuff in CF

48. Type II cartilage

49. What is the prevalence of an X- linked recessive disease in males and in females

50. What happens at the smooth ER