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1. What causes maple syrup urine disease and What does it lead to...

2. For eukaryotes - Where does replication begin?

3. Why enzyme breaks down elastin and what enzyme inhibits it

4. What substances induce phosphofructokinase

5. Of the four possible fates for pyruvate - which one is a transition from glycolysis to TCA cycle

6. What happens in the first stage of collagen synthesis - and Where does it happen

7. What is disulfiram used for

8. Formed and degradation of VLDL - delivers TGs and cholesterol to liver where they are degraded to LDL

9. What can excess vit B3 cause

10. What enzyme degrades a small amount of glycogen in lysosomes

11. Which anti breast cancer drugs work on micortubules

12. What are the blood glucose levels maintained by for days 1-3

13. characterize mitochondrial inheritance

14. Inhibition of thymidilate synthase and and DHFR lead to decrease In what substance

15. CF - is AR deletion In what gene On what chromosome resulting in a deletion inf what?

16. what disease can cause pellagra

17. What does a defective Cl channel do

18. Which cells are rich in smooth ER

19. What does an umabiguous genetic code refer to...

20. What is the activated carrier for aldehyddes

21. What substances are uncouling agents

22. What test is used for B12 def

23. What does the ELISA test for

24. What are the function of vit C

25. elevated LDL due to defective or absent LDL receptor - heterozygotes have cholesterol ~300 - homozygotes ~700

26. Milder form of type I with nl blood lactate levels - dz and enzyme

27. What are the irreversible enzymes of gluconeogenesis

28. What is the amino acid precursor for catecholamines

29. What does Alports syndrome cause and why

30. What is the physiologic role of dystrophin

31. What is the defect in cystinuria

32. In which state is FBPase -2 active

33. What is the order of severity for the different types of mutations

34. What does cytokeratin stain for

35. Delivers dietary TGs to peripheral tissues - delivers cholesterol to liver in the form of remnants - mostly depleted of TGs - secreted by intestinal epith cells

36. What is the amino acid precursor for porphyrin and heme

37. What are the characteristics of prader willi syndrome How does it occur

38. Which enzyme involved in RNA synthesis does not require a template

39. What is heteroplasmy

40. What is the RDE of the HMP shunt

41. How do macrolides and clindamycin work

42. What causes Marfan syndrome

43. What is the breakdown product of epi

44. What drugs can cause folate def

45. What happens in vit K def

46. What is the initial transcript called and What is the capped and tailed transcript called

47. What enzyme def can cause emphysema

48. What does high cholesterol or long saturated fatty acid content do to the melting temperature and fluidity

49. colon becomes covered witih adenomatous polyps after puberty - progresses to colon cancer unless resected

50. What does beta oxidation do and Where does it occur