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1. What is dominant negative mutation and give an example

2. Which end of the tRNA is the amino acid bound to...

3. Where is fructose 1 -6 bisphosphatase found and What does it do

4. What are the characteristics of angelmans syndrome and How does it occur

5. What is the treatment for cystathionine synthase def

6. What converts dopamine to NE

7. Where are FADH2 electrons transferred to...

8. Where is vit A found in the diet

9. What chromosome is the NF gene on...

10. What are the 2 distinct phases of the HMP shunt and How many ATP are used and produced

11. What is RNAi used for

12. Where are cytosolic and organellar proteins made

13. In which state is FBPase -2 active

14. What is the target of the 3' hydroxyl attack

15. In a marathon Where does energy come from

16. What does the golgi do to sugars in proteoglycans and of selected tyrosine on proteins

17. In eukaryotes - What does RNA poly III make

18. I g fat = ? Kcal

19. If two alleles are present - but the active allele is deleted - what happens

20. Of the four possible fates for pyruvate - which one can replenish TCA cycle or be used in gluconeogenesis

21. Type I bone

22. What does lactase deficiency cause

23. What defects characterize DiGeorge syndrome

24. Why is albinism inheritnace varialbe due to...

25. How does OTC def present

26. This is the site where negative regulators bind

27. What reaction does adenosine deaminase normally catalyze

28. nucleotide repeat for fragile x

29. Why can't even chain fatty acids produce new glucose

30. What inhibits pyruvate kinase

31. What is the energy source in the fed state right after a meal

32. phosphorylation of glucose to yield glucose 6 phosphate serves as the 1st step of what rxns and what enzymes catalyze it

33. Fluorescent DNA or RNA probe binds to specific gene of interest - used for specific localization of genes and direct visualization of anomalies - like microdeletions - at molecular level

34. Giving folate during early pregnancy is important to prevent what birth defects

35. When are glycogen reserves depleted

36. What is the result of vit B5 def

37. What are ketone bodies made from - where are they metabolized and how are they excreted

38. Which tumor suppresors inhibit G1 to S progression - where mutations result in unrestrained growth

39. What is sorbitol - how and why is it made

40. The pyruvate dehydrogenase complex serves In what reaction: products

41. central and peripheral demyelination with ataxia and dementia

42. What is Gowers maneuver

43. CF - is AR deletion In what gene On what chromosome resulting in a deletion inf what?

44. What causes Hartnup's disease

45. bilateral - massive enlargement of of kidneys due to multiple large cysts

46. What causes maple syrup urine disease and What does it lead to...

47. What is incomplete penetrence and give an example

48. What is a frame shift

49. cytoskeletal elements associated with vimenentin - desmin - cytokeratin - glial fibrillary acid protiens (GFAP) - neurofilaments

50. What is proteasomal degredation