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1. The pyruvate dehydorgenase complex serves In what reaction: reactants

2. What enzyme converts glucose 1 p to UDP glucose

3. What shuttle is involved in fatty acid synthesis and What does it move From where to where

4. What does the CFTR channel do in the lungs - GI tract and skin

5. What is the RDE of gluconeogenesis

6. What is the energy source for tRNA actication (charging)

7. FAP is due to deletion On what gene On what chromosome

8. Adenosine deaminase deficiency is an important cause of what immunodeficiency?

9. What does PURe As Gold and CUT The Py stand for

10. What is the source of energy in the fasting state between meals

11. What is the physiologic role of dystrophin

12. How do microtubules grow and collapse

13. Which amino acids are elastin rich in

14. 1 g of protein or cabrohydrate = ?kcal

15. What are the characteristics of prader willi syndrome How does it occur

16. What does inc phenylalanine lead to...

17. Which antihelminthe drugs work on microtubules

18. What substance accumulates in galactokinase def and What is the clinical picture

19. What causes maple syrup urine disease and What does it lead to...

20. What shape does the RNA generate during splicing and why?

21. What does GFAP stain for

22. What happens on the oxidative arm of the HMP shunt and What is the key enzyme

23. What are the results of CF on male fertility

24. What is the pathway in the fed state leading to dec FBPase -2 and inc PFK-2

25. delivers hepatic TGs to peripheral tissue - secreted by liver

26. What does Ehlers Danlos cause and why

27. Which are the acidic amino acids

28. What does Adenosine deaminase deficiency cause a build up of - and What does that lead to?

29. What is the result of vit B5 def

30. What does vit E def cause

31. decreases In what substances can cause PKU

32. What happens in vit D excess

33. What is the activated carrier for aldehyddes

34. What does the TCA cycle produce per 1 acetyl CoA

35. In eukaryotes - What does RNA poly I make

36. What apolipoprotein is on LDL

37. What is the prevalence of an X- linked recessive disease in males and in females

38. What are the purely ketogenic amino acids

39. What does acetyl - CoA become before becoming palmitate

40. What is pleiotropy and given an example

41. How is vit D stored

42. Where are FADH2 electrons transferred to...

43. Which phase of the HMP shunt is reversible and Which is irreversible

44. Which are the basic amino acids

45. The golgi apparatus fxns as a distribution center between what organelles in the cell and What does it process

46. What does the primary transcript combine with to form the spliceosome

47. What does the vimentin stain for

48. What 3 steps in RNA processing occur after transcription

49. What tissue samples are used for karyotyping

50. What converts tyrosine to DOPA