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1. deletion of VHL gene on chromosome 3 leading to hemangioblastomas of retina/cerebellum/medulla bilateral RCC - dz and overexpression product

2. What is the function and name of vit B6

3. What does DNA poly III do?

4. central and peripheral demyelination with ataxia and dementia

5. What does a mischarge tRNA do

6. What is pseudohypertrophy in the calf a result of - and What are the cardiac manifestations

7. A small proportion of Down syndrome is due to What two genetic events

8. What is the structure of elastin

9. What is the initial transcript called and What is the capped and tailed transcript called

10. What is the pathway in the fed state leading to dec FBPase -2 and inc PFK-2

11. Which step in the de novo purine and pyrimidine synthesis pathway requires aspartate - glycine - glutamine and THF

12. cell signaling defect of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) receptor 3 - results in dwarfism - short limbs - head/trunk nl size - associated with advanced paternal age

13. What sugar is sorbitol converted to and via what enzyme - and What can happen in cells lacking this enzyme

14. How are the many staggered tropocollagen molecules reinforced

15. What is the RDE of fatty acid synthesis

16. What converts dopamine to NE

17. What defects characterize DiGeorge syndrome

18. Which direction does dynein go

19. What is the active form of vit D

20. facial lesions - hypopigmented 'ash leaf spots -' cortical and retinal hamartomas - seizures - mental retardation - renal cysts - renal angiomyolipomas - cardiac rhabdomyomas - inc risk of astrocytomas

21. What makes up a nucleotide

22. What is regeneration of methionine depedent on...

23. Which type of chromatin is condensed - transcriptionally inactive - sterically inaccessible?

24. What part of the pre mRNA contains the actual genetic information coding for protein

25. What does acetyl - CoA become before becoming palmitate

26. What is variable expression and What is an example

27. What is NADPH's role inside RBCs

28. Of the four possible fates for pyruvate - which one carries amino groups to liver from muscle

29. What causes B12 def

30. What are the names and sources of the two types of vit D found in nature

31. Why enzyme breaks down elastin and what enzyme inhibits it

32. What happens in vit D excess

33. What collagen type is most frequently affected in ehlers danlos and What are common complications

34. What does vit E def cause

35. What are the glucogenic essential amino acids

36. Type IV collagen

37. Describe the pathophys of the aorta in a pt with marfans - and the eyes

38. Which step in the de novo purine and pyrimidine synthesis pathway requires just aspartate

39. What are the findings in orotic aciduria

40. What enzyme converts phenylalanine to tyrosin

41. FAP is due to deletion On what gene On what chromosome

42. Do balanced translocations cause abnl phenotype

43. What are the irreversible enzymes of gluconeogenesis

44. What is the most abundant protein in the body

45. What does cytokeratin stain for

46. What is the results of vit B1 def

47. cardiomegaly - systemic findings leading to early death - dz and enzyme

48. What is the function of Zinc

49. What is the composition of urea and where do each part derive from

50. What apolipoproteins are on chylomicrons