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1. How is ammonium transported from muscle to the liver for urea cycle

2. Give an example of a mitochondrial inherited disease

3. What happens in a B12 def

4. Describe the structure of cilia

5. What is the structure of elastin

6. Where is glucokinase found - What are the Km and Vmax - and what induces it

7. What does the vimentin stain for

8. What leads to the deletion of the dystrophin gene in duchenne's muscular dystrophy

9. What is axonemal dynein

10. In what cells do the respiratory burst occur

11. what findings are associated with marfans

12. central and peripheral demyelination with ataxia and dementia

13. How does patients present with ADPKD

14. How is orotic aciduria inherited

15. A small proportion of Down syndrome is due to What two genetic events

16. energy malnutrition resulting in tissues and muscle wasting - loss of subQ fat - variable edema

17. What enzyme results in classic galactosemia and What is the clinical

18. Describe the pathophys of the aorta in a pt with marfans - and the eyes

19. What is the Name and function of vit B2

20. What is the RDE of glycogen synthesis

21. What do albinism - ARPKD - CF - glycogen storage diseases - hemochromatosis - mucopolysaccharidoses (except Hunters) PKU - sickle cell - sphingolipodoses (except Fabrys) thalassemias have in common

22. What are the 3 AR forms of homocystinuria

23. What ribosomes do eukaryotes have

24. 90% of ADPKD cases are due to a mutation In what gene

25. What does hartnups disease cause

26. What reaction does adenosine deaminase normally catalyze

27. What is the activated carrier for aldehyddes

28. What are bite cells and when do you see them

29. What is the complication of cystinuria

30. What is kartageners syndrome

31. What is the treatment for orotic aciduria

32. What is the pathway in the fasting state leading to inc FBPase -2 and dec PFK-2

33. Is there any requirement for homology in NHEJ

34. characterize autosomal recessive inheritance

35. What kind of branches do glycogen branches have

36. What is the purpose of the HMP shunt

37. What are pyrimidines made from

38. What is the RDE of de novo pyrimidine synthesis

39. What is the TX for PKU

40. What does aminoacyl tRNA synthetase do the AA before and after it binds to tRNA - and what happens if it's the wrong the match

41. What are the only purely ketogenic amino acids

42. What are the 2 distinct phases of the HMP shunt and How many ATP are used and produced

43. What is disulfiram used for

44. What is the fxn of vit K

45. Why can't even chain fatty acids produce new glucose

46. What is pseudohypertrophy in the calf a result of - and What are the cardiac manifestations

47. How does ouabain work

48. What apolipoprotiens are on VLDL

49. What does degenerate/rundant genetic code refer to...

50. What metabolic rxns occur in both the cytoplasm and mitochondria