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1. Which carbon bears the triphosphate and the energy source for bond formation

2. What is NADPH's role inside RBCs

3. What does biotin def cause

4. What is the fxn of vit D

5. How does chloramphenicol work

6. What happens to glycogen in the liver

7. What is the activated carrier for aldehyddes

8. How does cytosine become uracil

9. What does apoA 1 do

10. Why can't muscle produce in gluconeogenesis

11. What does hormone sensitive lipase do

12. Type I bone

13. What is Gowers maneuver

14. What order kinetics does EtOH dehydrogenase have

15. What rxn does propionyl - CoA carboxylase catalyze

16. What is the amino acid precursor for GABA and glutathione

17. In eukaryotes - What does RNA poly I make

18. What is the function of Zinc

19. How do stable (quiescent) cells grow and regenerate and What are examples

20. The pyruvate dehydorgenase complex serves In what reaction: reactants

21. What causes Marfan syndrome

22. What do neurofilaments stain for

23. What shuttle is used in fatty acid degredation and What does it move and From where to where

24. What does inc phenylalanine lead to...

25. Describe the location and fxn of the Na/K ATPase

26. What does CATCH 22 stand for and What causes is...

27. telangiectasia - recrrent epistaxis - skin discolorations - AVMs

28. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic DNA synthesis is blank and involves both blank and blank strands

29. What metabolic rxns occur in the mitochondria

30. What enzyme turns ROS to H2O2

31. What is the function and name of vit B6

32. In what cell is collagen synthesis initiated

33. How many ATP are created by aerobic metabolism of glucose in the heart and liver via what shuttle

34. Which kind of osteogenesis imperfecta is fata in utero or in neonatal period

35. Which anticancer drugs work on microtubules

36. In which state is PFK-2 active

37. What does osteogenesis imperfecta causes and why

38. What are Heinz bodies

39. In a marathon Where does energy come from

40. What stretch of DNA that alters gene expression by binding of transcription factors

41. Which anti breast cancer drugs work on micortubules

42. Pts with albinism are at inc risk For what cancer

43. hepatosplenomegaly - aseptic necrosis of femur - bone crisis - MACS that look like crumpled tissue paper

44. What kind of branches do glycogen branches have

45. What does the vimentin stain for

46. What leads to the deletion of the dystrophin gene in duchenne's muscular dystrophy

47. How many ATP are produced by anearobic glycolysis per molecule of glucose

48. What substances are uncouling agents

49. What is loss of heterozygosity and give an example

50. What is RNAi used for