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Business English

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. 2 independent clauses without proper punctuation - repair w/ comma & conjuction - semicolon - or seperating them

2. Only when a terminal clause adds unnecessaty info to the sentence....

3. Animal or things & introduces nonessential clauses

4. Expected to occur later

5. Join equal parts of sentences

6. Used in certain countries or regions

7. The most used & misused punctuation mark

8. yrs. - CPAs - Nos.

9. Express current action

10. When that follows a verb expressing command - use the subjunctive verb form (be)

11. Pocket & desk dictionaries; shorter and condensed

12. Singular

13. Describes past actions that took place before other past action

14. Bushes - Rodriguezes -Williames

15. Verb expresses an action directed by the subject toward the object of verb

16. Generally contains over 170 -000 entries

17. Unrelated figures appearing side by side should be...

18. Words that connect other words or groups of words

19. To lift up; to elevate (raise - raised)

20. Needed to identify the noun to which it refers; no commas should separate this clause from antecedent

21. Info that the reader does not need to know - it should be sett off from the rest of sentence by commas

22. Who - whom - whose - which & that

23. Indicates present - the past & future

24. Verb comes before the subject

25. Answers To whom? To what? For what?

26. Intro prepositional phrases totaling 4 or more words...

27. No longer used

28. Words used in place of nouns

29. Commonly used as objects of vebs or objects of prepositions

30. Dependent clauses that precede independent clauses....

31. Separate 2 or more adjectives that equally modify or describe a noun

32. Singular uses singular verb

33. 2 complete but related thoughts. 2 independent clauses; joined by; and - but or: or semicolon - or however - therefore

34. 1 independent and 1 dependent clause; dependent usually comes first w/ a comma

35. One

36. Words that function as nouns - adjectives or adverbs - (gerunds - infinitives - & participles)

37. 2 nouns express combined ownership

38. To go up (rise - rose - risen)

39. Verb form that use with helping verbs to form the present participle and past-participle tense.

40. Negative adverb is used in same sentence with negative verb.(Calling her won't do no good)

41. Person - place - thing - qualities - feelings - concepts - activities & measures

42. Pronouns that end in self

43. Commas are used to separate word that...

44. Word often implied but not actually stated

45. Present tense of a verb preceded by the word to (to be - to sit)

46. Special symbols that hellp you pronounce words correctly

47. Qualities - feelings & concepts; difficult to visualize

48. Used to express command

49. Verb phrases that precede main clauses should be followed by...

50. Person speaking - the person spoken to - or the person or object spoken of