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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. (however - therefore -consequently) used to effect transitions from one though to another in independent clauses

2. Describe nouns or pronouns; answer What kind? How many? Which one?

3. Qualities - feelings & concepts; difficult to visualize

4. Expresses an action directed toward a person or thing

5. Verb expresses an action directed by the subject toward the object of verb

6. History of word

7. Small; contains no more thatn 75 -000 entries

8. 2 nouns express combined ownership

9. Connecting words

10. Used to join unequal sentence elements; independent & dependent clauses

11. Used to effect a transition from one thought to another & they may consist of more than one word (also called transitional expressions or conjunctions)

12. Verb form that use with helping verbs to form the present participle and past-participle tense.

13. Plural ending in y w/ vowel before it

14. To lift up; to elevate (raise - raised)

15. Unrelated figures appearing side by side should be...

16. 1 independent and 1 dependent clause; dependent usually comes first w/ a comma

17. Incomplete sentence - phrase or clause

18. Plural

19. Only when a terminal clause adds unnecessaty info to the sentence....

20. Used to show actions that are already completed or perfected

21. Describes ongoing actions that occured in the past - usually as another action was taking place

22. 2 nouns express separate ownership

23. Join grammatically equal sentence elements. used in pairs ( both...and - either....or)

24. Singular uses singular verb

25. Whom may function as the object of a verb or object of a preposition

26. Joins nouns and pronouns to other words

27. Plural ending in s - x - z - ch - sh

28. Contains helpful info: punctuation - hyphenation - capitalization - number style - abbreviations - & commonly confused words

29. Commas are used to separate word that...

30. A phrase or clause

31. Make any noun or pronoun modifying agerund possessive. (curtis's smoking)

32. 1 independent clause; no punctuation in sentence - can be joind by and

33. Words that connect other words or groups of words

34. Indicates present - the past & future

35. Verb and its modifiers - objucts & complements

36. Primarily as subjects of verbs

37. Indicate whether a noun is plural or singular & whether it is located nearby or farther away

38. Is singular

39. Verb comes before the subject

40. Describes actions that began in the past & have continued to the present

41. Person - place - things you can see - touch - feel - taste - smell - hear

42. Verb phrases that precede main clauses should be followed by...

43. Simple subject and all modifiers (words that describe or limit)

44. One

45. Can stand alone

46. Noun or pronoun that answers What? or Whom?

47. Just add ' (doctors' - bosses')

48. Is generally plural and requires plural verb

49. Two or more

50. Action in a verb is directed toward the subject