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1. Example of an exception to the at will doctrine based on contract theory

2. The EEOC requires that victims do what before they hold employers liable?

3. What are some criminal defenses

4. KSR Internation V. Teleflex INC. regarding what is patentable?

5. What are the requirements for adverse possession to be recognized?

6. How long are patents protected?

7. Candyland example?

8. Mislaid property

9. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

10. TRIPS agreement

11. Can you be fired for whistle blowing?

12. Constructive bailments are?

13. Money laundering

14. Embezzlement

15. Dominion

16. What is Actus Reus

17. What is the determining issue when proving entrapment?

18. Attorney client privilege accomplishes what?

19. Requirements of a bailement

20. Concurrent ownership

21. Do Deeds require consideration to be valid?

22. Larceny

23. Age discrimination achieves what?

24. What conditions are covered by the family medical leave act?

25. What is a job offer?

26. Is it a fixture?

27. Reverse discrimination example firefighters

28. What are strong Marks?

29. Mens Rea

30. Darst V. Interstate Brands Corp. regarding family and medical leave rights

31. Members of the TRIPS agreement cannot do what?

32. Commercial bribery example

33. Avery conveys - transfers - to classic stone corporation the right to come onto her land and remove up to five hundred pounds of marble per day. What is this called? can classic stone corp. transfer this right?

34. Meta tags

35. Drake V. Walton County regarding the county taking property

36. Duress criminal defense

37. What is an easement?

38. License in trademark law?

39. Example of how an idea can be inseparable from its expression

40. Are crops real property when they are sold?

41. Title VII prevents discrimination in?

42. Under the americans with disabilities act - when can a disability be discussed?

43. What is the purpose of the adverse possession doctrine?

44. Sambucks vs. starbucks

45. Biglane V. Under the Hill Corp. Case: can noise interfere with property rights

46. A woman checks her coat at a restaurant - and when she gets her coat back her expensive necklace is gone - can the woman sue the restaurant?

47. What is secondary meaning?

48. What uses fall under the fair use doctrine?

49. What is a profit under real property law?

50. Fair labor standards act covers issues such as?