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1. What happens when land is sold that is growing crops?

2. TRIPS agreement

3. The WARN act calls for what?

4. Under the americans with disabilities act - when can a disability be discussed?

5. Trademarks are good for? are they renewable

6. The Berne Convention

7. Are commercial flights permitted to fly over private property?

8. What terminates an easement?

9. Mail fraud act example senator?

10. Do Deeds require consideration to be valid?

11. Patents allow for the owner to?

12. What composes an 'at will doctrine'

13. What must a deed possess to be valid?

14. Certification mark

15. Reverse discrimination example firefighters

16. In the united states who gets the patent if there is a conflict?

17. Derivative work

18. Business process patents involve?

19. Country club case

20. Strong Marks Case Example

21. Indictment requires

22. Age discrimination achieves what?

23. Requirements of a bailement

24. Arraignment is what?

25. Concurrent ownership

26. What is a warranty deed?

27. What is a license considered to be in real property law?

28. Generic terms can never have?

29. Fair use is limited to?

30. Arrest requires

31. What is Actus Reus

32. What is the result of a mistrial or a hung jury?

33. Cybersquatting

34. What are the requirements for adverse possession to be recognized?

35. What is a conveyance?

36. Fair use doctrine

37. Significance of coca-cola V. koke Co of America

38. How can someone legally acquire trade secrets?

39. A woman checks her coat at a restaurant - and when she gets her coat back her expensive necklace is gone - can the woman sue the restaurant?

40. When property is found that was mislaid who owns it?

41. Joint tenancy

42. Tenancy by the entirety - or community ownership

43. Collective mark

44. How are trade secrets treated and protected?

45. Meta tags

46. Responsible corporate officer doctrine?

47. How long is a trademark protected? is it renewable

48. In order for a corporation to be criminally liable for the acts of their employees what must be proven?

49. Sexual harassment is treated as what?

50. Triple amount of damages definition