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1. What is an easement by prescription?

2. Fair use doctrine

3. What is an easement?

4. In order for a disability to be legally recognized what must exist?

5. What are some criminal defenses

6. The Berne Convention

7. What is can be considered trade dress?

8. How can you come to possess land through adverse possession?

9. Workers comp and negligence

10. What uses fall under the fair use doctrine?

11. Significance of coca-cola V. koke Co of America

12. Difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common?

13. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

14. What are strong Marks?

15. What is legally a disability?

16. Gold club corporate criminal liability example?

17. Derivative work

18. Sexual harassment is treated as what?

19. What ruling regarding the exclusionary rule was made in the herring v. united states supreme court?

20. Tenancy in common

21. Title VII prevents discrimination in?

22. Responsible corporate officer doctrine?

23. Concurrent ownership

24. Triple amount of damages definition

25. What is a license considered to be in real property law?

26. The WARN act calls for what?

27. Mislaid property

28. What is a warranty deed?

29. In order to recieve protection what must one do?

30. How can someone legally acquire trade secrets?

31. What kind of mistake can be used as criminal defense?

32. How are trade secrets treated and protected?

33. Sambucks vs. starbucks

34. Example of an exception to the at will doctrine based on contract theory

35. KSR Internation V. Teleflex INC. regarding what is patentable?

36. What composes RICO?

37. George V restauration s.a. V. Little Rest Twelve licensing case example

38. Steps to determining trademark infringement?

39. Bailments are?

40. Darst V. Interstate Brands Corp. regarding family and medical leave rights

41. What terminates an easement?

42. What is not copyrightable?

43. Remedies for patent infringement

44. In order to receive protection under the family medical leave act - one must?

45. Country club case

46. In the united states who gets the patent if there is a conflict?

47. EEOC is responsible for doing what?

48. Larceny

49. What is a covenant of quiet enjoyment?

50. Trademark dilution