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1. What is a job offer?

2. Derivative work

3. Napster example?

4. Generic terms can never have?

5. Fair use is limited to?

6. What are some criminal defenses

7. What terminates an easement?

8. How long is a trademark protected? is it renewable

9. The WARN act calls for what?

10. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

11. EEOC is responsible for doing what?

12. What is a conveyance?

13. Indictment requires

14. What is secondary meaning?

15. Patents allow for the owner to?

16. Cybersquatting

17. Gold club corporate criminal liability example?

18. Mistake of fact criminal defense example

19. What uses fall under the fair use doctrine?

20. Outcome of unanimous not guilty?

21. Dominion

22. Meta tags

23. Workers comp and negligence

24. How long are patents protected?

25. The Berne Convention

26. Significance of coca-cola V. koke Co of America

27. What is the purpose of the adverse possession doctrine?

28. Attorney client privilege accomplishes what?

29. Drake V. Walton County regarding the county taking property

30. Are compilation of facts copyrightable? case example

31. In real property law who is considered to be the dominant estate?

32. Members of the TRIPS agreement cannot do what?

33. Arrest requires

34. What is a license considered to be in real property law?

35. In order to prove discrimination in hiring one has to prove?

36. Roman Catholic Church V. Prince Reality Management regarding a license?

37. Embezzlement

38. Secondary Meaning Example frosty treats

39. Candyland example?

40. Do Deeds require consideration to be valid?

41. Estray statutes encourage what?

42. Sexual harassment is treated as what?

43. What is an easement by prescription?

44. What could be considered as sexual harassment in the work place

45. Concurrent ownership

46. Discrimination during the hiring process is acceptable when?

47. What kind of mistake can be used as criminal defense?

48. Business process patents involve?

49. What composes RICO?

50. Title VII prevents discrimination in?