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1. What is Actus Reus

2. The Berne Convention

3. What protection does the 8th amendment provide?

4. Outcome of a unanimous guilty verdict?

5. Remedies for patent infringement

6. Outcome of unanimous not guilty?

7. Collective mark

8. Candyland example?

9. Country club case

10. What is a conveyance?

11. The madrid protocol accomplishes what?

12. Discrimination during the hiring process is acceptable when?

13. Are compilation of facts copyrightable? case example

14. Commercial bribery example

15. Drake V. Walton County regarding the county taking property

16. Patents allow for the owner to?

17. Constructive bailments are?

18. How can someone legally acquire trade secrets?

19. Employers should handle hostile environments regarding protected members of title 7 by?

20. Joint tenancy

21. What protection does the 6th amendment provide?

22. Determining disability regarding with and without equipment?

23. What is an easement by implication?

24. Biglane V. Under the Hill Corp. Case: can noise interfere with property rights

25. Responsible corporate officer doctrine?

26. What is not copyrightable?

27. Purpose of criminal penalties?

28. Bailments are?

29. Title VII prevents discrimination in?

30. Duress criminal defense

31. If property owner Peter sells a chunk of his estate to Sally - and that property is cut off from any public roads - what is sally supposed to do?

32. Gold club corporate criminal liability example?

33. Special Bailments

34. In order to prove discrimination in hiring one has to prove?

35. Tenancy by the entirety - or community ownership

36. Steps to determining trademark infringement?

37. Mistake of fact criminal defense example

38. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

39. How can you come to possess land through adverse possession?

40. Arrest requires

41. What is legally a disability?

42. Can you be fired for whistle blowing?

43. Fair labor standards act covers issues such as?

44. Trademarks are good for? are they renewable

45. Is it a fixture?

46. Difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common?

47. Counterfeiting example? regarding punishment

48. Americans with disabilities act accomplishes what?

49. What is the difference between real and personal property?

50. Robbery