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1. Constructive bailments are?

2. In order for a corporation to be criminally liable for the acts of their employees what must be proven?

3. Special Bailments

4. Americans with disabilities act accomplishes what?

5. How is the right to use a trademark determined?

6. What could be considered as sexual harassment in the work place

7. What is the result of a mistrial or a hung jury?

8. Fair use is limited to?

9. Mens Rea

10. What is secondary meaning?

11. Workers comp and negligence

12. What protection does the 8th amendment provide?

13. What is a conveyance?

14. Reasonable accommodation requirements by the ADA

15. What is Actus Reus

16. KSR Internation V. Teleflex INC. regarding what is patentable?

17. What is a profit under real property law?

18. Mislaid property

19. Patents allow for the owner to?

20. Requirements of a bailement

21. Roman Catholic Church V. Prince Reality Management regarding a license?

22. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

23. Steps to determining trademark infringement?

24. Title VII protected categories?

25. What is the difference between real and personal property?

26. If property owner Peter sells a chunk of his estate to Sally - and that property is cut off from any public roads - what is sally supposed to do?

27. Biglane V. Under the Hill Corp. Case: can noise interfere with property rights

28. What are some criminal defenses

29. When property is found who gets property when it was abondoned?

30. Generic terms can never have?

31. Meta tags

32. Are commercial flights permitted to fly over private property?

33. How can you come to possess land through adverse possession?

34. In order to prove discrimination in hiring one has to prove?

35. Country club case

36. Discrimination during the hiring process is acceptable when?

37. Can you be fired for whistle blowing?

38. What composes an 'at will doctrine'

39. What must a deed possess to be valid?

40. When property is found that was mislaid who owns it?

41. Are crops real property when they are sold?

42. Attorney client privilege accomplishes what?

43. How long is a trademark protected? is it renewable

44. Sexual harassment is treated as what?

45. A woman checks her coat at a restaurant - and when she gets her coat back her expensive necklace is gone - can the woman sue the restaurant?

46. In the united states who gets the patent if there is a conflict?

47. Fair use doctrine

48. What composes RICO?

49. Responsible corporate officer doctrine?

50. Example of how an idea can be inseparable from its expression