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1. What composes RICO?

2. Are compilation of facts copyrightable? case example

3. Derivative work

4. Arraignment is what?

5. Avery conveys - transfers - to classic stone corporation the right to come onto her land and remove up to five hundred pounds of marble per day. What is this called? can classic stone corp. transfer this right?

6. What terminates an easement?

7. What are the requirements for making a gift an effective transfer of ownership?

8. Necessity defense

9. Example of an exception to the at will doctrine based on tort theory

10. Are crops real property when they are sold?

11. Country club case

12. TRIPS agreement

13. What are some criminal defenses

14. Copyright requirements

15. How can someone legally acquire trade secrets?

16. Is it a fixture?

17. What is a conveyance?

18. What is legally a disability?

19. What is a license considered to be in real property law?

20. What is an easement?

21. When property is found that was mislaid who owns it?

22. Significance of coca-cola V. koke Co of America

23. Attorney client privilege accomplishes what?

24. Patents allow for the owner to?

25. Gold club corporate criminal liability example?

26. Possible ruling interpretations for accession cases

27. What is an easement by implication?

28. Counterfeiting example? regarding punishment

29. Facts to be used in the fair use standard are?

30. In real property law who is considered to be the dominant estate?

31. Drake V. Walton County regarding the county taking property

32. Mail Fraud Act of 1990 is what?

33. Candyland example?

34. Employers should handle hostile environments regarding protected members of title 7 by?

35. Larceny

36. Steps to determining trademark infringement?

37. How long are patents protected?

38. What is the result of a mistrial or a hung jury?

39. Indictment requires

40. Fair use doctrine

41. If property owner Peter sells a chunk of his estate to Sally - and that property is cut off from any public roads - what is sally supposed to do?

42. Fair labor standards act covers issues such as?

43. What is Actus Reus

44. What is a warranty deed?

45. Responsible corporate officer doctrine?

46. Examples of collective marks

47. Collective mark

48. Certification mark

49. What protection does the 8th amendment provide?

50. Estray statutes encourage what?