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1. Remedies for patent infringement

2. What must a deed possess to be valid?

3. Tenancy in common

4. Darst V. Interstate Brands Corp. regarding family and medical leave rights

5. Avery conveys - transfers - to classic stone corporation the right to come onto her land and remove up to five hundred pounds of marble per day. What is this called? can classic stone corp. transfer this right?

6. In the united states who gets the patent if there is a conflict?

7. What ruling regarding the exclusionary rule was made in the herring v. united states supreme court?

8. What is a Deed

9. Fair labor standards act covers issues such as?

10. What uses fall under the fair use doctrine?

11. Derivative work

12. Age discrimination achieves what?

13. If property owner Peter sells a chunk of his estate to Sally - and that property is cut off from any public roads - what is sally supposed to do?

14. Discrimination during the hiring process is acceptable when?

15. Mislaid property

16. Commercial bribery example

17. Outcome of unanimous not guilty?

18. How are trade secrets treated and protected?

19. What is a warranty deed?

20. Are compilation of facts copyrightable? case example

21. Country club case

22. Triple amount of damages definition

23. Patent Requirements

24. Meta tag example about terri welles

25. In real property law who is considered to be the dominant estate?

26. What is the determining issue when proving entrapment?

27. Indictment requires

28. Copyright requirements

29. Requirements of a bailement

30. Roman Catholic Church V. Prince Reality Management regarding a license?

31. Determining disability regarding with and without equipment?

32. What protection does the 6th amendment provide?

33. What is the purpose of the adverse possession doctrine?

34. Money laundering

35. George V restauration s.a. V. Little Rest Twelve licensing case example

36. Workers comp and negligence

37. What is retaliatory discharge?

38. Strong Marks Case Example

39. What is secondary meaning?

40. What kind of mistake can be used as criminal defense?

41. Title VII prevents discrimination in?

42. Under the americans with disabilities act - when can a disability be discussed?

43. Larceny

44. What is not copyrightable?

45. Engagement rings are considered to be?

46. Are commercial flights permitted to fly over private property?

47. How long are patents protected?

48. Patents allow for the owner to?

49. What is the result of a mistrial or a hung jury?

50. Purpose of criminal penalties?