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Business Logistics Management

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1. Item Fill Rate - Line Fill Rate

2. The most pervasive and important global shipment method. Low rates - wide variety of products

3. Cost - Insurance - and Freight

4. That part of the supply chain process that plans - implements - and controls the efficient - effective flow and storage of goods - services - and related information from point of origin to point of consumption in order to meet customer requirem

5. Increased complexity for organizations (from SKUs to trade regulations) is a problem. Organizations should simplify.


7. Network of activities - facilities and personnel required to organize - schedule and deploy the resources for an even to take place and to effectively withdraw after the even (ex: Superbowl).

8. Distribution Requirement Planning

9. Value added to goods through a manufacturing or assembly process.

10. Globalization - Technology - Organizational Consolidation - Empowered Customer - Government Policy and Regulation

11. Business agreements between firms that have "parallel" or cooperating positions in the logistics process.

12. Plays large part in intermodal shipments.

13. Procurement and Manufacturing - value adding activities

14. Product/Service - Information - Finance

15. Two or more business orgs cooperate and willingly modify their business objectives and practices to help achieve long-term goals.

16. External - Balancing - Price & Lead Time - Internal - Internal Balancing & Inventory/Production flexibility

17. The management of the movement of materials and information within - into - and out of the firm

18. Producer to Store - servicing the customer

19. Form Utility

20. The ________ is associated with downstream activities.

21. North American Free Trade Agreement. Establishes free trade between US - Canada - and Mexico

22. Customers trade partnership against terrorism

23. Electrical Machinery - Power Generation Equipment.

24. Relevant - Accurate - Accessible - Timely - Transferable

25. Acquisition - scheduling and management of the facilities/ assets - personnel and materials to support and sustain a service operation or business.

26. Right product - right time - right quantity - right quality - right cost - right destination

27. Influences product availability

28. Order Fill Rate - Perfect Order

29. Enlightened - Educated - easy access to Internet

30. Analyze and evaluate on organizations efficiency over a time period.

31. Providing time and place utility/value of materials and products in support of Functional management organization objectives.

32. The time that elapses from when a buyer places an order until receipt of the order

33. Strategic Alliance

34. Measures cost and performance of activities.

35. The network facilities and supporting transportation is important. It must be capable and able to respond to change in the marketplace.

36. How firms in this industry create value for their commercial clients

37. Assembles and manages the resources - capabilities - and technology of its own organization with those of complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution.

38. Electrical Machinery - Power Generation Equipment

39. Primarily created through the basic marketing activities related to the promotion of products and services -

40. Delivered Duty Paid

41. Coordination and Integration can reduce the inventory level on horizontal and vertical levels in the SC. (the bullwhip effect [when inventory is duplicated])

42. Procurement and Manufacturing - value adding activities

43. The design and integration of all aspects of support for the operational capability of the military forces and their equipment to ensure readiness - reliability and efficiency.

44. Random Variation - Trend - Seasonal Patterns - Normal Business Cycle

45. Challenge is to evaluate and successfully implement the technology

46. Business Logistics - Military Logistics - Event Logistics - Service Logistics

47. Deregulation: Transportation - Communications - and Financial Institutions

48. Reliability - Responsiveness - Flexibility - Cost - Assets

49. Focuses on the outbound side of of a firm's logistics system.

50. Transportation Management System