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Business Logistics Management

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1. Influencing the order - order execution

2. Export goods and services to overseas buyers and handles most of the export arrangements.

3. Acquisition - scheduling and management of the facilities/ assets - personnel and materials to support and sustain a service operation or business.

4. Anything that touches the customer

5. The branch of military science having to do with procuring - maintaining - utility/value and transporting material - personnel - and facilities

6. The network facilities and supporting transportation is important. It must be capable and able to respond to change in the marketplace.

7. Customers trade partnership against terrorism

8. Item Fill Rate - Line Fill Rate

9. Providing time and place utility/value of materials and products in support of Functional management organization objectives.

10. Growth to a global or worldwide scale. Important Issues in a SC: More volatile supply and demand - shorter product lifetimes - blurring of organizational boundaries.

11. Both parties in a vendor relational are said to be at "arm's" length.

12. The process of planning - implementing - and controlling the efficient - effective flow and storage of goods - services - and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requ

13. Networks - Complexity - Inventory Deployment - Information - Cost/Value - Organizational Relationships - Performance Measurement - Technology - Transportation Management - Supply Chain Security

14. CFE - MSE - MAD - MAPE

15. The time that elapses from when a buyer places an order until receipt of the order

16. Value added to goods through a manufacturing or assembly process.

17. Refer to the traditional linkages between firms in the supply chain such as retailers - distributors - manufacturers - and parts and materials suppliers

18. An external supplier that performs all or part of a company's logistics functions.

19. Supplies expertise to international shippers. Consolidate small shipments. Derives income from fees for service.

20. Strategic Alliance

21. Globalization - Technology - Organizational Consolidation - Empowered Customer - Government Policy and Regulation

22. Time Utility - Place Utility - Quantity Utility

23. Current 1. WMS 2. Web-enabled communication 3. Visibility tools 4. TMS - Future 1. RFID 2. Collaboration tools 3. Supply chain planning and visibility tools

24. Getting the right product - to the right customer - in the right quantity - in the right condition - at the right place - at the right time - and at the right cost.

25. Influences product availability

26. Transportation-based - Warehouse/distribution-based - Forwarder-based - Shipper/management-based - Financial-based - Information-based firms

27. Assembles and manages the resources - capabilities - and technology of its own organization with those of complementary service providers to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution.

28. Order Fill Rate - Perfect Order

29. Challenge is to evaluate and successfully implement the technology

30. Delivered Duty Paid

31. Electrical Machinery - Power Generation Equipment

32. Collaborative Planning - Forecasting - and Replenishment

33. Adding value to products by making them available when they're needed.

34. Business Logistics - Military Logistics - Event Logistics - Service Logistics

35. Transportation Management System

36. Simple moving average - Weighted Moving average - Exponential Smoothing - Adjusted Exponential Smoothing for Trend - Seasonal Influences

37. Enterprise Resource Planning

38. Time - Dependability - Communications - Convenience

39. Strategically positioning customers to improve the profitability of the organization and enhance its relationship with its customer base

40. Efficiency (cost) and effectiveness (value). A challenge for SCs is the prevention of sub-optimization.

41. Deregulation: Transportation - Communications - and Financial Institutions

42. Increased complexity for organizations (from SKUs to trade regulations) is a problem. Organizations should simplify.

43. Management of Product/Service - Information - and Cash Flows.

44. ISs lead to the collection and storage of vast amounts of data and help lead to better decision making - but many companies are not taking advantage of it.

45. Procurement and Manufacturing - value adding activities

46. The management of the movement of materials and information within - into - and out of the firm

47. How firms in this industry create value for their commercial clients

48. Form Utility

49. Procurement and Manufacturing - value adding activities

50. Transportation - Warehousing and storage - Industrial packaging - Materials handling - Inventory control - Order fulfillment - Demand forecasting - Production planning/scheduling - Procurement - Customer service - Facility location - Return goods han