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CA Life Agent Exam

Subject : certifications
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1. Refund of 50-80% of premium (minus claims paid) every 5-10 yrs. OR age 65; expensive!

2. Mathematical calculation based on overall FICA contributions used to determine retirement/disability/survivorship benefit.

3. Both Contributory & Non-contributory Group policies are deductible to employer (not employee) but benefits are taxable. Individual policy premium is NOT deductible but benefit is received tax-free.

4. Earned premium is $ paid for coverage to date. Unearned premium is $ paid & returnable due to coverage not provided.

5. Responsible adult trustee designated to manage death benefits for minor child beneficiary until adulthood.

6. Two death benefit options - Option A: death benefit ONLY; Option B: death benefit + cash value; death benefit NOT guaranteed.

7. IRS allows tax-free transfer of cash values between 2 LIKE policies (i.e. Life to Life - Annuity to Annuity - or Life to Annuity).

8. Extreme form of Limited Pay Whole Life whereby entire premium is paid in a single payment.

9. Benefits NOT taxable; employer-paid premiums deductible to employer; individual plans not deductible unless over 7 1/2% of adjusted gross income - then excess deductible.

10. After 2-3 yrs. - Whole Life policy equity builds tax-deferred @ fixed interest rate until it equals death benefit; borrowable but taxable.

11. War/Military; Intentional self-inflicted; Aviation (non-commercial); Foreign country; Loss of professional license; Illegal activity; Mental disorders (after 1-2 yrs.).

12. Financial interest in insured party that must exist @ time of application OR policy issuance. Requires consent (except minors).

13. Plan A is the CORE benefit & is least expensive; All other plans include Plan A + additional benefits. Plans F & J are high deductible. K & L are both deductible & co-pay plans.

14. Partially state-funded benefits for low-income people whereby cost of care is shared between state & recipient - based on income.

15. Intentional deception; grounds for rescission.

16. Permanent disability due to total loss of sight - hearing - speech or use of 2 + limbs; benefits paid even while continuing to work.

17. Application submitted w/out premium; no coverage until submission of full consideration & completed Statement of Continued Good Health.

18. Upon notice - Insurer must provide Claim Form (Proof of Loss Form) to Insured w/in 15 days.

19. Representation - oral or written statement made to best of knowledge or belief; Warranty - statement guaranteed/presumed/understood to be true.

20. If Insured & primary beneficiary die due to same act (w/in 14 days) - primary assumed 1st to die & contingent beneficiary paid death benefit.

21. A lapsed policy may be reinstated if not longer than 3-5 yrs. - & proof of insurability re-established - & back premiums + interest paid.

22. Written contract that provides INCOME @ high interest rate for fixed period OR for annuitant's lifetime w/ possible death benefit.

23. Waives premium upon disability of Insured until return to work; disability must persist for 90 days or longer; 1st 90 day premiums refunded after 90 days.

24. 1: Surrender for cash value (taxable); 2: Buy equal-benefit paid-up Level Term policy; 3: Buy reduced-benefit paid-up WL policy.

25. 1: Skilled nursing care; 2: Intermediate care; 3: Custodial care; 4: Home health care.

26. Insurance purchased by other Insurer(s) to spread or diversify risk; promotes industry stability.

27. Part of IRS Section 125 cafeteria plan - which allows pre-tax payroll deductions for qualified medical expenses or child/dependent care.

28. Potential circumstance that could cause a loss; measured in dollars.

29. Employer w/ 25 or less employees must offer all eligible employees @ least 2 medical plan options where pre-existing conditions can't be excluded more than 1 yr.

30. Death benefit is NOT taxable. Cash value grows tax-deferred but cost basis (base premium) is not taxable - only interest is.

31. Provides for continued operation of business if partner becomes disabled - by allowing other partner(s) to buy disabled partner's interest in business.

32. Provides disability income during surgery recovery from life-threatening condition (& sometimes cosmetic surgery).

33. Mandatory 100% employer-funded coverage for injuries/illnesses occurring "on" job; full-time employees only; exclusive remedy. Provides: 1: unlimited medical benefit; 2: survivor income replacement & funeral ($5 -000 max.); 3: disability benefit @ 66

34. Periodic return of premium to policy owners from Mutual (Par) Companies; not guaranteed & not taxable as income; may be used in 6 ways.

35. Allows Insured to increase benefit w/out medical exam (subject to age max.) w/ additional premium rate determined @ attained age; must prove income increase.

36. Info already known; Info that should have been known; Waived info; Irrelevant info.

37. Business continuation funding plan whereby each partner agrees to buy Life policies on each other - but not themselves.

38. PURELY employer-funded account to reimburse employees for qualified medical expenses not covered by group health plan.

39. Policy covering minor child; premium fixed but death benefit increases by 5 times @ age 18 or 21.

40. Same as WL but can be "paid-up" early by paying larger premium for shorter payment period (i.e. 10 Pay Life - 20 Pay Life).

41. Identical to Incontestable Clause in Life policy.

42. Federal law to protect Federal employees' (& their beneficiaries') pension - group insurance - & welfare benefits.

43. Federal law which prohibits companies w/ 15+ employees from decreasing coverage benefits for women affected by pregnancy or childbirth.

44. Process which prevents claim denial as a result of false statement or promise (made by Insurer) - which was relied upon by Insured.

45. Same as WL but w/ adjustable death benefit (& corresponding premium) & over-fund option but w/ annually renewable term (ART).

46. An irrevocable IRS classification of a policy (determined by the 7 Pay Test) whereby tax advantages are lost for all distributions ONLY.

47. Privately-provided or Medicare-provided (if no private carrier) prescription drug plans for qualified individuals but w/ premium - deductible & co-pay.

48. To "make whole again" w/out benefit or detriment; neither monetary profit nor loss.

49. Process whereby a reinsurer reinsures w/ another reinsurer.

50. 1: Immediate benefits rec'd w/in 30 days but premium must be paid by lump sum; 2: Deferred - usually until retirement.