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CA Life Agent Exam

Subject : certifications
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1. Coverage for catastrophic loss w/ high limits - front end deductible; co-insurance (80/20%); blanket coverage; stop loss max.

2. Insured can seek legal action against Insurer for denial of claim only after 60 days and up to 3 yrs. after providing proof of loss.

3. Benefits NOT taxable; employer-paid premiums deductible to employer; individual plans not deductible unless over 7 1/2% of adjusted gross income - then excess deductible.

4. Allows for use of HMO/PPO or other private carrier to provide expanded benefits @ additional premium & if enrolled in BOTH Parts A & B.

5. Tendency of poorer risks to seek insurance.

6. Guaranteed min. interest rate on cash value buildup but possible higher rate if short-term investment returns higher than expected.

7. Govt. organization providing health care benefits for dependents of military personnel.

8. Upon death - death benefit is paid + the aggregate of premiums paid to date; add-on to Term policy ONLY.

9. Period of time following any children's survivor benefit & before benefits are provided to employee's widow/widower.

10. Same as WL but death benefit decreases each yr. w/ dividends paid annually to offset decrease.

11. Prepaid med. benefits for "subscribers" @ approved facilities; many non-profit; Blue Cross - Hospital stays; Blue Shield - M.D. costs.

12. Insurer has right to adjust (+ or -) death benefit if age or sex is misstated but normally doesn't void policy.

13. Periodic return of premium to policy owners from Mutual (Par) Companies; not guaranteed & not taxable as income; may be used in 6 ways.

14. Policyholders - Mutual (participating) co. - may pay dividends; Stockholders - Stock (non-participating) co. - no dividends.

15. Same as WL but premium low for 1st 3-5 yrs. - THEN has one-time premium increase.

16. Federally-sponsored health care for individuals 65+ &/or w/ certain disabilities; may run concurrent w/ group plan but group plan would act primary - THEN Medicare.

17. Death benefits & premium automatically increase annually based on inflationary index (i.e. Consumer Price Index).

18. Compensates business for loss due to disability of key employee; premiums not deductible but benefits tax-free.

19. Private sector (Commercial) - provides LA&H - P&C - & LTC; Public sector (Gov't) - provides flood - work. comp. - Medicare/Medicaid - Group Life (SGLI/FEGLI).

20. Agreement - Offer & acceptance; Consideration - application + premium; Legal capacity - licensed &/or competent; Legal purpose - public good.

21. Pays death benefit until age 100 or death; builds equity (cash value); may be transferred or sold; generally level premium.

22. 1: parties to contract; 2: insured party or life; 3: insurable interest - if 3rd party; 4: risks insured against; 5: policy period (term); 6: premium & mode.

23. War - 2 types; Suicide (1st 2 yrs.); Aviation (non-commercial); Hazardous hobbies; Criminal acts; Alcohol/Drug influenced.

24. War; elective cosmetic surgery; routine dental; work. comp.-covered claims; self-inflicted (intentional); gov't. facility treatment; LTC; private nursing.

25. Peril is the CAUSE of loss. Hazard is a condition that increases LIKELIHOOD of loss.

26. Any person - assoc. - org. - partnership - business trust - LLC - or corp. capable of making an insurance contract.

27. Insurer has right to rescind policy & return premium if material misrepresentation in application is found w/in 1st 2 yrs.

28. An unintentional mistake committed by an insurance representative; may be covered by E&O insurance.

29. Provides disability income during surgery recovery from life-threatening condition (& sometimes cosmetic surgery).

30. 1: Straight aka Pure Life - lifetime income but no survivorship refund; 2: Life w/ Period Certain - lifetime income w/ death benefit of monthly annuity for remaining predetermined term. 3: Annuity Certain - monthly income paid for predetermined term

31. 4: Funds retained by Insurer until w/drawn - interest ONLY paid monthly (taxable); 5: Paid-up immediate annuity.

32. Domestic - within home state; Foreign - outside home state; Alien - outside home country.

33. Time extension of benefits based on "qualifying" event. 18 mth. extension if laid off or fired; 36 mth. extension if death - divorce or child leaves home.

34. Provides usual & customary business expenses (rent - utilities - salaries - mortgage) if owner becomes disabled; premiums deductible - benefits taxable.

35. PURELY employer-funded account to reimburse employees for qualified medical expenses not covered by group health plan.

36. IRS allows tax-free transfer of cash values between 2 LIKE policies (i.e. Life to Life - Annuity to Annuity - or Life to Annuity).

37. Provides medical & personal services for people needing extended assistance w/ Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Other benefits include: assisted living care; respite care; hospice care; adult day care.

38. Type of partial disability rider - which pays fluctuating % of lost income w/out time limit.

39. Benefits automatically increase annually based on inflationary index (i.e. Consumer Price Index) OR flat rate (5% max.).

40. Summary of coverage including premium & mode of payment - death benefit - beneficiary(ies) - exclusions - & promise to pay.

41. 1: mortality probability charge; 2: Insurer's investment return; 3: expenses (admin costs - commissions). 1 - 2 = net; 1 - 2 + 3 = gross.

42. Provides hospital insurance automatically @ age 65 (if FICA qualified) @ no fee but may have deductible & co-pay.

43. Mandatory 100% employer-funded coverage for injuries/illnesses occurring "on" job; full-time employees only; exclusive remedy. Provides: 1: unlimited medical benefit; 2: survivor income replacement & funeral ($5 -000 max.); 3: disability benefit @ 66

44. 1: Non-cancelable; 2: Guaranteed renewable; 3: Cancelable; 4: Conditionally renewable; 5: Optionally renewable.

45. Grows @ fixed min. interest rate but w/ possible higher rate tied to equity index (i.e S&P Equity Index) appreciation; gains shared w/ Insurer.

46. Provides for continued operation of business if partner dies - by allowing surviving partner(s) to buy deceased partner's interest in business.

47. Non-qualified Annuity - Non-deductible contributions & tax-deferred growth. At pay-out - tax-free principal but taxable growth.

48. Info already known; Info that should have been known; Waived info; Irrelevant info.

49. Unintentional - up to $1 -000 + legal $; Intentional - $1 -000-5 -000 + legal $; If harmful - misdemeanor + up to 1 yr. prison + up to $10 -000.

50. Privately-sold policies to provide benefits not covered by Medicare; divided into 12 plans listed alphabetically A - L; 30-day free look; guaranteed renewable.