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CA Life Agent Exam

Subject : certifications
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1. Representation - oral or written statement made to best of knowledge or belief; Warranty - statement guaranteed/presumed/understood to be true.

2. Insurance purchased by other Insurer(s) to spread or diversify risk; promotes industry stability.

3. Mathematical calculation based on overall FICA contributions used to determine retirement/disability/survivorship benefit.

4. IRS allows tax-free transfer of cash values between 2 LIKE policies (i.e. Life to Life - Annuity to Annuity - or Life to Annuity).

5. Death benefit is NOT taxable. Cash value grows tax-deferred but cost basis (base premium) is not taxable - only interest is.

6. Insured can seek legal action against Insurer for denial of claim only after 60 days and up to 3 yrs. after providing proof of loss.

7. Multiple small employers w/ common affiliation (trade assoc. OR Chamber of Commerce) band together to purchase group plan.

8. If 2 or more family members are injured in the same accident - only payment of a single deductible is required.

9. WL policy covering 2 or more Insureds but payable upon death of FIRST Insured - after which policy ends.

10. Must be delivered in person or by certified - registered or 1st-class mail w/ signature - unless waived by Insurance Commissioner.

11. Privately-sold policies to provide benefits not covered by Medicare; divided into 12 plans listed alphabetically A - L; 30-day free look; guaranteed renewable.

12. Same as WL but w/ Decreasing Term rider; upon death - pays monthly income for REMAINING term AFTER which pays full death benefit.

13. Same as Comprehensive Major Medical but w/ integrated deductible; much more expensive.

14. Permanent disability due to total loss of sight - hearing - speech or use of 2 + limbs; benefits paid even while continuing to work.

15. Provides professional services - rehabilitation - training/re-training & related costs to assist Insured in returning to work.

16. A lapsed policy may be reinstated if not longer than 3-5 yrs. - & proof of insurability re-established - & back premiums + interest paid.

17. Grows @ fixed min. interest rate but w/ possible higher rate tied to equity index (i.e S&P Equity Index) appreciation; gains shared w/ Insurer.

18. Prepaid med. benefits for members ONLY w/ approved primary care M.D. (HMO employee); focus on preventative care; low co-pay.

19. Refund of 50-80% of premium (minus claims paid) every 5-10 yrs. OR age 65; expensive!

20. 1: Surrender for cash value (taxable); 2: Buy equal-benefit paid-up Level Term policy; 3: Buy reduced-benefit paid-up WL policy.

21. Prepaid med. benefits for members w/ approved primary care M.D. (independent); low co-pay; non-PPO M.D. can be used at higher cost.

22. 1: parties to contract; 2: insured party or life; 3: insurable interest - if 3rd party; 4: risks insured against; 5: policy period (term); 6: premium & mode.

23. Written contract to transfer risk of premature death from one party to another; pays stated sum upon death; creates instant estate.

24. Coverage remains in effect for 31 days past premium due date; benefits paid during grace period would be deducted from sum.

25. Conditional - coverage is conditional; Personal - parties are people; Good faith - honesty/integrity; Fiduciary - req's financial trust.

26. Insurer has right to adjust (+ or -) death benefit if age or sex is misstated but normally doesn't void policy.

27. Allows Insured to increase benefit w/out medical exam (subject to age max.) w/ additional premium rate determined @ attained age; must prove income increase.

28. Facultative - case by case agreements; Automatic/Treaty - automatic acceptance of risk percentage per previous agreement.

29. Excludes coverage for suicide during 1st 2 yrs. ONLY but - if it does - all premiums must be returned to beneficiary.

30. Provides accidental death benefit @ full $ of "principal sum". Dismemberment is paid only @ 50% principal sum ("capital sum").

31. Price of insurance per exposure unit.

32. Federal law which prohibits companies w/ 20+ employees from denying work & medical benefits to employees due to age.

33. Combination of Basic Medical & Major Medical in one policy; Basic pays 1st - then Major Medical w/ corridor deductible.

34. Disability policy rider covering "the inability to perform some - but not all of your duties"; pays max. 50% of disability benefit for up to 6 mths.

35. Govt. organization providing health care benefits for dependents of military personnel.

36. War/Military; Intentional self-inflicted; Aviation (non-commercial); Foreign country; Loss of professional license; Illegal activity; Mental disorders (after 1-2 yrs.).

37. 1: Individual; 2: Joint - multiple annuitants paid until 1st dies; 3: Joint & Survivor - multiple annuitants paid until 1st dies THEN survivors paid but @ reduced $.

38. Same as WL but can be "paid-up" early by paying larger premium for shorter payment period (i.e. 10 Pay Life - 20 Pay Life).

39. Time extension of benefits based on "qualifying" event. 18 mth. extension if laid off or fired; 36 mth. extension if death - divorce or child leaves home.

40. Financial interest in insured party that must exist @ time of application OR policy issuance. Requires consent (except minors).

41. If total premiums paid w/in 1st 7 yrs. exceed net level premium that should have been paid - policy is an MEC.

42. Private sector (Commercial) - provides LA&H - P&C - & LTC; Public sector (Gov't) - provides flood - work. comp. - Medicare/Medicaid - Group Life (SGLI/FEGLI).

43. Federal program financed by payroll taxes provided equally by both employer & employee OR entirely by individual (if self-employed). Provides benefits for: Medicare @ age 65+; retirement; $255 lump sum death benefit; (limited) disability; survivors;

44. War; elective cosmetic surgery; routine dental; work. comp.-covered claims; self-inflicted (intentional); gov't. facility treatment; LTC; private nursing.

45. Prepaid med. benefits for "subscribers" @ approved facilities; many non-profit; Blue Cross - Hospital stays; Blue Shield - M.D. costs.

46. Provides disability income during surgery recovery from life-threatening condition (& sometimes cosmetic surgery).

47. Provides % of monthly income benefit if Insured becomes disabled due to illness or accident.

48. Both Contributory & Non-contributory Group policies are deductible to employer (not employee) but benefits are taxable. Individual policy premium is NOT deductible but benefit is received tax-free.

49. Partially state-funded benefits for low-income people whereby cost of care is shared between state & recipient - based on income.

50. Revocable - changeable anytime w/ Change of Beneficiary Form; Irrevocable - not changeable w/out beneficiary permission.