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CA Life Agent Exam

Subject : certifications
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1. Waives premium upon disability of Insured until return to work; disability must persist for 90 days or longer; 1st 90 day premiums refunded after 90 days.

2. An attempt to contain costs by employing various strategies - including wellness programs - preventative testing - outpatient & alternative procedures.

3. Insured can seek legal action against Insurer for denial of claim only after 60 days and up to 3 yrs. after providing proof of loss.

4. Death benefit determined by Insured's financial goals & needs (minus assets).

5. IRS allows tax-free transfer of cash values between 2 LIKE policies (i.e. Life to Life - Annuity to Annuity - or Life to Annuity).

6. Primary - if 2 or more - equally shared; Contingent (Secondary) - only if primary dead; Tertiary - only if both primary & secondary dead. If none listed - goes to estate.

7. Mandatory 100% employer-funded coverage for injuries/illnesses occurring "on" job; full-time employees only; exclusive remedy. Provides: 1: unlimited medical benefit; 2: survivor income replacement & funeral ($5 -000 max.); 3: disability benefit @ 66

8. Unilateral - Insurer provides contract; Adhesion - parties must adhere to terms; Aleatory - benefits may not inure equally.

9. Preferred or Preferred Smoker; Standard or Standard Smoker; Substandard; Denied.

10. Process whereby a reinsurer reinsures w/ another reinsurer.

11. An unintentional mistake committed by an insurance representative; may be covered by E&O insurance.

12. Federal program financed by payroll taxes provided equally by both employer & employee OR entirely by individual (if self-employed). Provides benefits for: Medicare @ age 65+; retirement; $255 lump sum death benefit; (limited) disability; survivors;

13. Federal law allows employees/their dependents to continue group benefits w/in 60 days after termination (if employer has 20+ employees); Insured pays premium @ 102% of group cost.

14. 1: Single (lump sum) premium; 2: Periodic premiums - can be level (fixed $) OR flexible from mth. to mth. (w/ req. min.)

15. Insurer has right to adjust (+ or -) death benefit if age or sex is misstated but normally doesn't void policy.

16. Summary of coverage including premium & mode of payment - death benefit - beneficiary(ies) - exclusions - & promise to pay.

17. Specialized policy covering diagnostic & preventative dental care; often no deductible; co-insurance; expensive; may be included w/ medical plan.

18. Fixed premium w/ guaranteed min. death benefit that may increase due to higher than expected investment returns.

19. Compensates business for loss due to disability of key employee; premiums not deductible but benefits tax-free.

20. The state in which the contract is accepted or delivered is the state that possesses regulatory jurisdiction over Group plan.

21. Disability policy rider covering "the inability to perform some - but not all of your duties"; pays max. 50% of disability benefit for up to 6 mths.

22. Insurer has right to rescind policy & return premium if material misrepresentation in application is found w/in 1st 2 yrs.

23. Intentional deception; grounds for rescission.

24. Mathematical law stating the larger # of occurrences - the more predictable the losses; used to calculate premiums.

25. Policy must be delivered w/ original (or copy of same) application attached.

26. Same as Term Life but provides living benefit (endowment) to policy owner if Insured survives entire term.

27. Pre-existing illness/injury; Waiting period; Elimination period; Probationary period; Benefits - Exclusions - Limitations; Underwriting reqs.

28. Must be delivered in person or by certified - registered or 1st-class mail w/ signature - unless waived by Insurance Commissioner.

29. Mathematical calculation based on overall FICA contributions used to determine retirement/disability/survivorship benefit.

30. Premiums determined by target cash values or death benefit; partial cash value w/drawals allowed; transparent policy w/ unbundled premium.

31. War/Military; Intentional self-inflicted; Aviation (non-commercial); Foreign country; Loss of professional license; Illegal activity; Mental disorders (after 1-2 yrs.).

32. 1: Cash (tax-free); 2: Apply to future premiums; 3: Retained by Insurer @ interest; 4: Buy Paid-up WL policy add-ons; 5: Pay-up existing policy; 6: Buy 1-yr. Term policy.

33. Temp. coverage for set duration w/ death benefit ONLY (no cash value) - offers largest $ for lowest premium; renewable; convertible.

34. Plan A is the CORE benefit & is least expensive; All other plans include Plan A + additional benefits. Plans F & J are high deductible. K & L are both deductible & co-pay plans.

35. Taxable income (unlike individual plans); can be either short-term - 13-52 wks. max. or long-term - longer than 52 wks.

36. Excludes coverage for suicide during 1st 2 yrs. ONLY but - if it does - all premiums must be returned to beneficiary.

37. Prevents overinsuring in order to profit from disability by coordinating benefits between Insurers.

38. Dividends are NOT taxable but interest is. Loan interest is NOT tax-deductible. Interest paid by Insurer on retained funds is taxable.

39. Provides supplemental coverage for physician/surgeon fees if enrolled (during enrollment period ONLY) & pay monthly premium w/ deductible and co-insurance.

40. Benefits NOT taxable; employer-paid premiums deductible to employer; individual plans not deductible unless over 7 1/2% of adjusted gross income - then excess deductible.

41. 1: mortality probability charge; 2: Insurer's investment return; 3: expenses (admin costs - commissions). 1 - 2 = net; 1 - 2 + 3 = gross.

42. Identical to Incontestable Clause in Life policy.

43. No deductible coverage for: daily room/board; ancillary costs; surgeon &/or physician expense (for added premium).

44. Revocable - changeable anytime w/ Change of Beneficiary Form; Irrevocable - not changeable w/out beneficiary permission.

45. Domestic - within home state; Foreign - outside home state; Alien - outside home country.

46. 1: Tax-free lump sum; 2: Monthly pay-outs for fixed time; 3: Fixed monthly payments until depleted.

47. Receipt whereby coverage incepts immediately upon submission of full consideration - unless declined & premium refunded.

48. Potential circumstance that could cause a loss; measured in dollars.

49. Accumulation or "pay-in" - contributions & interest earned are tax-deferred; Annuity or "pay-out" - monthly annuity (taxable) paid.

50. War; elective cosmetic surgery; routine dental; work. comp.-covered claims; self-inflicted (intentional); gov't. facility treatment; LTC; private nursing.