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CA Life Agent Exam

Subject : certifications
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1. Reappearance of disability w/in 6 mth. period after "recovery" from same disability is considered recurrence - not new disability.

2. Savings account for medical expenses; Tax-deductible contributions; tax-deferred growth; tax-free for qualified use; taxable for non-qualified use.

3. Temp. coverage for set duration w/ death benefit ONLY (no cash value) - offers largest $ for lowest premium; renewable; convertible.

4. Coverage remains in effect for 31 days past premium due date; benefits paid during grace period would be deducted from sum.

5. Waives premium upon disability of Insured until return to work; disability must persist for 90 days or longer; 1st 90 day premiums refunded after 90 days.

6. Insured can seek legal action against Insurer for denial of claim only after 60 days and up to 3 yrs. after providing proof of loss.

7. Waives premium on Life policy for minor child until age 21 in event premium payor dies or becomes disabled.

8. Federal law which allows health coverage portability when changing jobs - so long as previous coverage was in effect 63+ days; allows some tax deductibility for LTC.

9. 4: Funds retained by Insurer until w/drawn - interest ONLY paid monthly (taxable); 5: Paid-up immediate annuity.

10. Period of time following any children's survivor benefit & before benefits are provided to employee's widow/widower.

11. Agents - represent Insurer; Brokers - represent themselves & Insured; Solicitors - represent one agent to solicit leads.

12. Plan A is the CORE benefit & is least expensive; All other plans include Plan A + additional benefits. Plans F & J are high deductible. K & L are both deductible & co-pay plans.

13. Death benefit is NOT taxable. Cash value grows tax-deferred but cost basis (base premium) is not taxable - only interest is.

14. Although death benefit is tax-free - it is included in gross estate value so federal &/or state taxes may apply to a portion in excess of fixed federal limit.

15. Mathematical calculation based on overall FICA contributions used to determine retirement/disability/survivorship benefit.

16. Mandatory 100% employer-funded coverage for injuries/illnesses occurring "on" job; full-time employees only; exclusive remedy. Provides: 1: unlimited medical benefit; 2: survivor income replacement & funeral ($5 -000 max.); 3: disability benefit @ 66

17. Basic Medical; Major Medical; Comprehensive Major Medical

18. Written policy terms supersede oral statements made prior to policy issue.

19. Info already known; Info that should have been known; Waived info; Irrelevant info.

20. Underwriting - determines insurability; Marketing/Sales - determines products; Actuarial - determines rates; Claims - investigates/pays claims.

21. Provides accidental death benefit @ full $ of "principal sum". Dismemberment is paid only @ 50% principal sum ("capital sum").

22. Available for any reason up to full cash value @ fixed (max 8%) OR variable interest rate; loan $ + interest deducted from benefit @ death.

23. Policy provisions must conform to state regulations where policy is sold.

24. Federal program financed by payroll taxes provided equally by both employer & employee OR entirely by individual (if self-employed). Provides benefits for: Medicare @ age 65+; retirement; $255 lump sum death benefit; (limited) disability; survivors;

25. Private sector (Commercial) - provides LA&H - P&C - & LTC; Public sector (Gov't) - provides flood - work. comp. - Medicare/Medicaid - Group Life (SGLI/FEGLI).

26. Covers disabilities occurring ONLY "off" job; benefits do not overlap work. comp. (i.e. Group plan).

27. 1: Individual; 2: Joint - multiple annuitants paid until 1st dies; 3: Joint & Survivor - multiple annuitants paid until 1st dies THEN survivors paid but @ reduced $.

28. Federal law to protect Federal employees' (& their beneficiaries') pension - group insurance - & welfare benefits.

29. 'The inability to perform ANY gainful occupation'.

30. Representation - oral or written statement made to best of knowledge or belief; Warranty - statement guaranteed/presumed/understood to be true.

31. Provides 24 hr. health coverage both "on" & "off" job - but may cause coverage duplication & coordination challenges.

32. Provides supplemental coverage for physician/surgeon fees if enrolled (during enrollment period ONLY) & pay monthly premium w/ deductible and co-insurance.

33. Disability policy rider covering "the inability to perform some - but not all of your duties"; pays max. 50% of disability benefit for up to 6 mths.

34. Disability income is based on "earned income" (salary - bonus - commission) - not unearned income (interest - investment - rents).

35. Same as WL but w/ Decreasing Term rider; upon death - pays monthly income for REMAINING term AFTER which pays full death benefit.

36. Insurer has right to rescind policy & return premium if material misrepresentation in application is found w/in 1st 2 yrs.

37. Provides % of monthly income benefit if Insured becomes disabled due to illness or accident.

38. An unintentional mistake committed by an insurance representative; may be covered by E&O insurance.

39. Policy covering minor child; premium fixed but death benefit increases by 5 times @ age 18 or 21.

40. Written contract to transfer risk of premature death from one party to another; pays stated sum upon death; creates instant estate.

41. 1: Straight aka Pure Life - lifetime income but no survivorship refund; 2: Life w/ Period Certain - lifetime income w/ death benefit of monthly annuity for remaining predetermined term. 3: Annuity Certain - monthly income paid for predetermined term

42. Prevents overinsuring in order to profit from disability by coordinating benefits between Insurers.

43. Primary - if 2 or more - equally shared; Contingent (Secondary) - only if primary dead; Tertiary - only if both primary & secondary dead. If none listed - goes to estate.

44. After 2-3 yrs. - Whole Life policy equity builds tax-deferred @ fixed interest rate until it equals death benefit; borrowable but taxable.

45. Excludes coverage for suicide during 1st 2 yrs. ONLY but - if it does - all premiums must be returned to beneficiary.

46. Term Life policy w/ decreasing death benefit; usually used to secure credit (loan) w/ lender as beneficiary & borrower as Insured.

47. Hybrid of HMO & PPO w/ greater flexibility on choosing specialists outside network w/ benefits still provided but @ higher co-pay.

48. Employer w/ 25 or less employees must offer all eligible employees @ least 2 medical plan options where pre-existing conditions can't be excluded more than 1 yr.

49. Part A - Inpatient hospital deductibles vary on # of days; limited reserve days; finite benefit; 1st 3 pints blood; Part B - 20% co-payment.

50. No-cost provision that authorizes Insurer to borrow from cash value to pay unpaid premiums after grace period; must ask for @ app. time.