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1. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes

2. segmental thrombosing vasculitis of small and medium vessels in smokers with intermittent claudication - superficial nodular phlebitis - raynaud's - gangrene and severe pain - autoamputation of digits is possible

3. Weak pulses - notching of the ribs on xray - HTN in upper extremeties and weak peripheral pulses

4. How are the sarcomeres added in eccentric hypertrophy?

5. What is the progression of atherosclerosis?

6. What causes the early cyanosis in Tet of Fallot?

7. Which lab value indicates blood viscosity?

8. congenital heart defect with turner's

9. What do the starling forces determine

10. Which bacteria causes rheumatic heart disease

11. Which channel accounts for automaticity of the SA and AV nodes?

12. highly lethal malignancy of the liver - associated with vinyl chloride - arsenic - and thorosrast exposure

13. What stimulates release of calcium from the SR?

14. Rank the pacemakers cells

15. How does aldosterone raise MAP

16. What causes aortic regurg

17. Left to right shunts are more common in babies or kids?

18. Do dihydropyridine or non - dihyrdropyridine Ca channel blockers decrease contractility

19. disease of elastic arteries and large and medium sized muscular arteries

20. What channels do the the pacemaker cells lack?

21. what percentage of HTN is secondary to renal disease?

22. The cause of pulmonary edema - paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea?

23. In an acute MI - are there any visible changes via LM in the first 2-4 hours

24. necrotizing granulomas in lung and upper airways - nectrotizing GN - small vessel vasculitis

25. Hyperplastic onion skinning

26. What does FAN MY SKIN On Wednesday stand for?

27. Exercise - overtransfusiion and excitiment causes and increase in...?

28. Does blood flow across the actual ASD account for abnormal heart sounds? What is the reason?

29. moncekberg

30. What causes tet of fallot?

31. What does FROM JANE stand for in bacterial endocarditis?

32. disruption of the vasa vasorum of aorta - dilation of aorta and valve ring - tree bark appearance (calcifications on aortic root)

33. What causes the CO curve to shift upwards?

34. The cause of dyspnea on exertion?

35. What is the most common cause of right heart failure

36. What is the cushing triad?

37. In terms of starling forces - why does nephrotic syndrome or liver failure cause edems

38. What causes the murmur heard in MR to enhance?

39. When does extracellular calcium enter the cardiac muscle cells during contraction?

40. Which murmur do you hear in mitral stenosis?

41. What is the formula for EF?

42. most common primary cardiac tumor in children - associated with tuberous sclerosis

43. In the cardiac cycle - which period has the highest 02 consumption?

44. What causes ankle - sacral edema - jugular venous distention

45. What other syndrom is associated with infantile aortic coarctation

46. Do you see elevaged ASO titers in rheumatic heart disease

47. What does the LAD supply?

48. Where is the most posterior portion of the heart and What can it cause?

49. How does a patient with Tet of fallot learn to improve symptoms?

50. What do patients die early from in rheumatic heart disease?