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1. dyspnea - fatigue - edema and rales - multiple causes

2. What happens in phase 0 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

3. Which bacteria causes endocarditis in the presence of colon cancer

4. serum marker for wegener's

5. What happends in phase 1 of the ventricular cardiac action potential?

6. absecnce of tricuspid valve - hypoplastic RV

7. congenital heart defect with 22q11

8. in the JVP - What is the c wave?

9. Where are pacemaker cells?

10. which heart valves are afected most in rheumatic heart diseease

11. What are common causes of mitral regurg?

12. fibrinous pericarditis several weeks post MI

13. Which organ gets the largest share of systemic cardiac output

14. with what heart sounds do ASD usually present?

15. most common heart tumor

16. Which artery supplies the inferior portion of the left ventricle and posterior septum?

17. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes

18. congenital heart defect with marfan's

19. Fatal arrhythmia

20. Which lab value indicates blood viscosity?

21. What are the different etiologies of dialted cardiomyopathy

22. What cardiac change occurs in pregnancy?

23. What happens in phase 2 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

24. Wegener's presentation

25. In a lateral wall infarct - which artery is effected - and which leads show Q waves?

26. What are the diastolic heart sounds?

27. Which valve is commonly involved in bacterial endocarditis from IV drug use and Which bacteria are most common?

28. benign cap hemangioma of infancy - spont regresses

29. What is association with fixed S2 splitting - does not increase with inspiration

30. What is indicated when CO and venous return are equal?

31. systolic - diastolic

32. most common primary cardiac tumor in children - associated with tuberous sclerosis

33. Which channel accounts for automaticity of the SA and AV nodes?

34. wartiike - sterile vegetations occur on both sides of the valve - commonly causes mitral regurg. SLE causes it

35. which ethnic groups have higher association with HTN?

36. bening capillary hemangioma of elderly - does not regress

37. What does increasing intracellular Ca do?

38. EDV is also known as

39. Given P = QR - what factors influence resistance?

40. coronary artery spasm - ST elevation

41. In terms of starling forces - why does nephrotic syndrome or liver failure cause edems

42. What is the cushing triad?

43. What is the most common cause of right heart failure

44. Why is there edema after burns or during infection

45. What causes orthopnea?

46. no relation between p waves and QRS intervals - treatment and predisposing factor

47. Which class of drugs decrease the murmur heard in aortic regurg?

48. What is the characteristic pulse in aortic stenosis?

49. Which murmur is heard with VSD?

50. In terms of starling forces - why does heart failure cause edema?