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1. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes

2. MAP is also known as

3. In an EKG - What is the QRS complex?

4. PCWP > LV diastolic pressure

5. lymphatic malignancy associated with persistant lymphadema - post radical mastectomy

6. Rank the following by speed of conduction - av node - atria - purkinjee - ventricles

7. Equilibration of diastolic pressures in all 4 chambers - decreased CO from compression of heart by fluid in pericardium

8. benign - painful - red - blue tumor under fingernails from smooth muscle cells

9. absecnce of tricuspid valve - hypoplastic RV

10. What does FROM JANE stand for in bacterial endocarditis?

11. Which lab value indicates blood viscosity?

12. What does hypoxia cause in the lung versus other tissues?

13. Which vessels account for the most total peripheral resistance

14. What is the difference between adult and infantile type aortic coarctation?

15. dyspnea - fatigue - edema and rales - multiple causes

16. What happends in phase 1 of the ventricular cardiac action potential?

17. In what disease states is blood viscosity increased?

18. In an anteroseptal infarct - which artery is effected - and which leads show Q waves?

19. fibrinous pericarditis several weeks post MI

20. What is the characteristic pulse in aortic stenosis?

21. What is sudden cardiac death most commonly due to...

22. What causes the CO curve to shift downwards?

23. What other sign is often present with congenital long QT syndrome - why?

24. What does TAPVR stand for

25. What are the diastolic heart sounds?

26. retrosternal chest main with exertion - ST depression on ECG - likely due atherosclerosis

27. bening capillary hemangioma of elderly - does not regress

28. Which murmur is characteristic of mitral/tricuspid regurg?

29. What happens in phase 0 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

30. What causes the CO curve to shift upwards?

31. What are the 5 T's of cyanoitc babies

32. The aortic arch receptors transmit along which nerve?

33. acute - self limiting necrotizing vasculitis in children associated with fever - conjunctivitis - strawberry tongue - desquamatous skin rash - lymphadenitis - coronary sinus aneurysms. Seen in asians

34. failure of truncus arteriosus to divide?

35. Inspiration causes an increase in which sided heart sounds?

36. How does digitatlis increase contractility?

37. What 4 things drive myocardial 02 demand?

38. What is association with fixed S2 splitting - does not increase with inspiration

39. What murmur is heard with aortic regurg?

40. What causes orthopnea?

41. What is associated with paradoxical spliting of S2

42. Which valve is commonly involved in bacterial endocarditis from IV drug use and Which bacteria are most common?

43. progressive lengthening of PR until beat is dropped - a p wave not followed by QRS

44. In the cardiac cycle - which period has the highest 02 consumption?

45. Weak pulses - notching of the ribs on xray - HTN in upper extremeties and weak peripheral pulses

46. Fatal arrhythmia

47. moncekberg

48. What is the definition of HTN?

49. Which area of the endocardium is especially vulnerable to infarction? Why?

50. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage