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1. no relation between p waves and QRS intervals - treatment and predisposing factor

2. skin rash on buttocks and legs - arthralgia - intestinal hemorrhage - abdominal pain - melena. Follows URI - IgA immune complex - most common childhood systemic vasculitis

3. p - anca

4. most common primary cardiac tumor in children - associated with tuberous sclerosis

5. no change in PR interval followed by dropped beat

6. disruption of the vasa vasorum of aorta - dilation of aorta and valve ring - tree bark appearance (calcifications on aortic root)

7. What other sign is often present with congenital long QT syndrome - why?

8. necrotizing granulomas in lung and upper airways - nectrotizing GN - small vessel vasculitis

9. In an EKG - What is the QT interval?

10. rate of 02 consumption/ arterial 02 - venous 02 ccontent=CO

11. Do you see elevaged ASO titers in rheumatic heart disease

12. When during cardiac nodal cells depolarize?

13. What are the complications from bacterial endocarditis?

14. what percentage of HTN is secondary to renal disease?

15. dilated tortous veins due to chronically inc venous pressure - poor wound healing - varicose ulcers

16. In an EKG - What is the p wave?

17. which ethnic groups have higher association with HTN?

18. What causes the cushing reflex and why

19. What is the formula for EF?

20. Which murmur is heard in aortic stenosis?

21. Which artery supplies the SA and AV nodes?

22. EDV is also known as

23. In the cardiac cycle - which period has the highest 02 consumption?

24. What causes hepatomegaly?

25. What does HTN predispose to?

26. lymphatic malignancy associated with persistant lymphadema - post radical mastectomy

27. What are the 5 T's of cyanoitc babies

28. Hyperplastic onion skinning

29. sawtooth wave

30. congenital heart defect with 22q11

31. Which murmur is heard with VSD?

32. Where is the most posterior portion of the heart and What can it cause?

33. What do the carotid and aortic bodies respond to?

34. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes

35. What is the progression of atherosclerosis?

36. What is indicated when CO and venous return are equal?

37. segmental thrombosing vasculitis of small and medium vessels in smokers with intermittent claudication - superficial nodular phlebitis - raynaud's - gangrene and severe pain - autoamputation of digits is possible

38. What are the systolic heart sounds

39. What do patients die early from in rheumatic heart disease?

40. What does TAPVR stand for

41. In an anterior wall infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

42. in the JVP - What is the c wave?

43. in the JVP - What is the a wave?

44. Given P = QR - what factors influence resistance?

45. Endothelial malignancy of the skin assocated with HHV-8 and HIV

46. How does digitatlis increase contractility?

47. How does aldosterone raise MAP

48. friction rub - 3-5 days post MI

49. Wegener's presentation

50. What is the most common cause of right heart failure