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1. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage

2. absecnce of tricuspid valve - hypoplastic RV

3. polypoid capillary hemangioma that can ulcerate and bleed

4. Which valve is most commonly involved in bacterial endocarditis?

5. in the JVP - What is the v wave?

6. no relation between p waves and QRS intervals - treatment and predisposing factor

7. cavernous lymphangioma of the neck - associated with turner's

8. bacterial endocarditis - previously normal valves - rapid onset - Which bacteria?

9. In the cardiac and vascular function curves - In what instance is the vascular curve shifted to the right?

10. If HR is too fast (V tach) what happens during diastole?

11. How do catecholamines increase contractility?

12. Which lab value indicates blood viscosity?

13. In an anteroseptal infarct - which artery is effected - and which leads show Q waves?

14. When do coronary arteries fill?

15. Which class of drugs decrease the murmur heard in aortic regurg?

16. PCWP is an estimate of...

17. thrombosis w/o necrosis - ST elevation - worsening chest pain at rest or with minimal exertion

18. What does HTN predispose to?

19. Which sympathetic receptors raise MAP

20. What does T wave inversion indicated?

21. What causes the cushing reflex and why

22. What is sudden cardiac death most commonly due to...

23. Exercise - overtransfusiion and excitiment causes and increase in...?

24. What causes the murmur heard in tricuspid regurg to enhance

25. What 4 things drive myocardial 02 demand?

26. What does FAN MY SKIN On Wednesday stand for?

27. pulseless disease - granulomatous thickening of the aortic arch and/or proximal great vessels - elev ESR - asian females > 40

28. What is the effect on the slope of phase 4 in pacemaker cells by Ach or adenosine?

29. What are the complications from bacterial endocarditis?

30. What does an isoelectric ST segment indicate?

31. no change in PR interval followed by dropped beat

32. What do the starling forces determine

33. benign - painful - red - blue tumor under fingernails from smooth muscle cells

34. What cardiac change occurs in pregnancy?

35. What kind of dysfunction ensues in restrictive cardiomyopathy

36. In an anterolateral infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

37. What are the different etiologies of dialted cardiomyopathy

38. Mitral stenosis is most often secondary to which condition?

39. which medications are used to maintain patency or close the ductus arteriosus?

40. What does FROM JANE stand for in bacterial endocarditis?

41. skin rash on buttocks and legs - arthralgia - intestinal hemorrhage - abdominal pain - melena. Follows URI - IgA immune complex - most common childhood systemic vasculitis

42. Why is there edema after burns or during infection

43. On the cardiac cycle graph - on which corners do the opening and closing of the aortic and mitral valves occur?

44. Which kind of infarct show ST elevation - and/or pathologic Q waves

45. p - anca

46. Which murmur do you hear in mitral stenosis?

47. congenital heart defect in an infant with a diabetic mother?

48. What are the four most common locations for atherosclerosis?

49. delta wave on ECG - accesory conduction pathway from atria to ventricles - reentry leading to supraventricular tachycardia

50. What happens in phase 2 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?