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1. Rank the following by speed of conduction - av node - atria - purkinjee - ventricles

2. congenital heart defect with 22q11

3. diaphoresis - N/V - severe retrosternal pain - pain in left arm/jaw - SOB - fatigue - adrenergic symptoms

4. What other congenital abnormality is necessary for life for a patient with transposition of the great vesses?

5. Right to left shunts are more common in babies or kids?

6. Wegener's presentation

7. skin rash on buttocks and legs - arthralgia - intestinal hemorrhage - abdominal pain - melena. Follows URI - IgA immune complex - most common childhood systemic vasculitis

8. When do coronary arteries fill?

9. In an anterolateral infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

10. What are the systolic heart sounds

11. What cardiac change occurs in pregnancy?

12. What is the machine like murmur? What is the heart pathology and the predisposing causes

13. which medications are used to maintain patency or close the ductus arteriosus?

14. EDV - ESV

15. rate of 02 consumption/ arterial 02 - venous 02 ccontent=CO

16. Which organ gets the largest share of systemic cardiac output

17. Which murmur is characteristic of mitral/tricuspid regurg?

18. The 7 complications of MI

19. Which murmur is heard in aortic stenosis?

20. bacterial endocarditis - previously normal valves - rapid onset - Which bacteria?

21. What causes the murmur heard in tricuspid regurg to enhance

22. most common primary cardiac tumor in children - associated with tuberous sclerosis

23. wartiike - sterile vegetations occur on both sides of the valve - commonly causes mitral regurg. SLE causes it

24. What masks atrial repolarization?

25. What causes the midsystolic click

26. What is associated with paradoxical spliting of S2

27. What is sudden cardiac death most commonly due to...

28. What causes the ejection click in the Cres - decres murmur?

29. benign capillary skin papules in AIDS patients mistaken for kaposi sarcoma - caused by bartonella henselae

30. What supplies the posterior left ventricle?

31. What is the effect on the slope of phase 4 in pacemaker cells by catecholamines and

32. What does FEVERSS stand for in rheumatic heart disease

33. What causes tet of fallot?

34. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes

35. Expiration causes an increase in which sided heart sounds

36. What causes aortic regurg

37. What are the different etiologies of dialted cardiomyopathy

38. What causes the murmur heard in MR to enhance?

39. Equilibration of diastolic pressures in all 4 chambers - decreased CO from compression of heart by fluid in pericardium

40. In normal S2 splitting - which valve closes first? What increases it?

41. Central chemoreceptors do not respond directly to which parameter?

42. What is indicated when CO and venous return are equal?

43. Do you see elevaged ASO titers in rheumatic heart disease

44. What does autoregulation do?

45. When during cardiac nodal cells depolarize?

46. Which valve is most commonly involved in bacterial endocarditis?

47. no change in PR interval followed by dropped beat

48. Which bacteria causes endocarditis in the presence of colon cancer

49. Mitral stenosis is most often secondary to which condition?

50. How are cadiac myocytes eltrically coupled?