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1. Which murmur is heard in aortic stenosis?

2. In an anterior wall infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

3. What happens in phase 0 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

4. which ethnic groups have higher association with HTN?

5. Hyperplastic onion skinning

6. L to R shunt becomes R to L due to increase pulm pressures from original congenital heart defect

7. wartiike - sterile vegetations occur on both sides of the valve - commonly causes mitral regurg. SLE causes it

8. In an EKG - What is the PR interval?

9. What other congenital abnormality is necessary for life for a patient with transposition of the great vesses?

10. serum marker for wegener's

11. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage

12. Equilibration of diastolic pressures in all 4 chambers - decreased CO from compression of heart by fluid in pericardium

13. What are the 5 T's of cyanoitc babies

14. with what heart sounds do ASD usually present?

15. What constitues the upstroke in pacemaker cells?

16. What other sign is often present with congenital long QT syndrome - why?

17. What causes aortic stenosis

18. benign capillary skin papules in AIDS patients mistaken for kaposi sarcoma - caused by bartonella henselae

19. What masks atrial repolarization?

20. The carotid sinus transmits along which nerve?

21. PROVe

22. What kind of dysfunction ensues in restrictive cardiomyopathy

23. CO x Total peripheral resistance

24. What causes the midsystolic click

25. Which class of drugs decrease the murmur heard in aortic regurg?

26. What does autoregulation do?

27. In what disease states is blood viscosity increased?

28. congenital heart defect with congenital rubella

29. What does the LAD supply?

30. When do coronary arteries fill?

31. What does TAPVR stand for

32. clinical signs of cardiac tamponade

33. What happens with a decrease of extracellular Na

34. Where does coronary artery occlusion occur most commonly?

35. What is a normal EF

36. What are the complications of atherosclerosis?

37. absecnce of tricuspid valve - hypoplastic RV

38. In an EKG - What is the QT interval?

39. The cause of pulmonary edema - paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea?

40. Which murmur is heard with VSD?

41. What is the effect on the slope of phase 4 in pacemaker cells by catecholamines and

42. When and why is the S3 sound heard?

43. S3 - dilated heart on US - balloon appearance on CXR - eccentric hypertrophy

44. Which bacteria causes endocarditis in the presence of colon cancer

45. What kind of infarct show ST depression

46. What does T wave inversion indicated?

47. What do patients die early from in rheumatic heart disease?

48. Exercise - overtransfusiion and excitiment causes and increase in...?

49. MAP is also known as

50. Inspiration causes an increase in which sided heart sounds?