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1. EDV - ESV

2. Exercise - overtransfusiion and excitiment causes and increase in...?

3. How does aldosterone raise MAP

4. What murmur is heard with aortic regurg?

5. with what heart sounds do ASD usually present?

6. disease of elastic arteries and large and medium sized muscular arteries

7. In an EKG - What is the QT interval?

8. What is a normal EF

9. highly lethal malignancy of the liver - associated with vinyl chloride - arsenic - and thorosrast exposure

10. p - anca

11. friction rub - 3-5 days post MI

12. most common heart tumor

13. What stimulates release of calcium from the SR?

14. congenital heart defect with turner's

15. If HR is too fast (V tach) what happens during diastole?

16. Where does coronary artery occlusion occur most commonly?

17. dyspnea - fatigue - edema and rales - multiple causes

18. benign cap hemangioma of infancy - spont regresses

19. bening capillary hemangioma of elderly - does not regress

20. What causes the CO curve to shift upwards?

21. necrotizing granulomas in lung and upper airways - nectrotizing GN - small vessel vasculitis

22. benign - painful - red - blue tumor under fingernails from smooth muscle cells

23. Wegener's presentation

24. What is the formula for EF?

25. In an anterolateral infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

26. Which enzyme rises after 4 hours and is elevated for 7 to 10 days after an MI?

27. moncekberg

28. port wine stains on face - intracerebral AVM - siezures - early onset glaucoma - congenital

29. What does prolonged QT predispose to?

30. What does the U wave indicated?

31. In an EKG - What is the p wave?

32. What causes the CO curve to shift downwards?

33. Which bacteria can cause endocarditis from prosthetic valves?

34. When does EF decrease

35. What kind of dysfunction ensues in restrictive cardiomyopathy

36. What is associated with paradoxical spliting of S2

37. What can cause mitral prolapse?

38. Rank the pacemakers cells

39. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage

40. What happens in phase 0 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

41. polypoid capillary hemangioma that can ulcerate and bleed

42. serum marker for wegener's

43. immune mediated transmural vasculitis with fibrinoid necrosis - small and medium vessels - renal and viscera - not pulm arteries - hep B seropos in 30% of pts

44. Rank the following by speed of conduction - av node - atria - purkinjee - ventricles

45. What are the complications from bacterial endocarditis?

46. disruption of the vasa vasorum of aorta - dilation of aorta and valve ring - tree bark appearance (calcifications on aortic root)

47. What is the danger of torsades to pointes?

48. What is the S2 sound?

49. thrombosis w/o necrosis - ST elevation - worsening chest pain at rest or with minimal exertion

50. What kind of infarct show ST depression