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1. sawtooth wave

2. Which murmur is heard with VSD?

3. which heart valves are afected most in rheumatic heart diseease

4. What is indicated when CO and venous return are equal?

5. 2/3 diastolic + 1/3 systolic

6. congenital heart defect with congenital rubella

7. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage

8. How does angiotensin II raise MAP

9. In an EKG - What is the QT interval?

10. Where does coronary artery occlusion occur most commonly?

11. no change in PR interval followed by dropped beat

12. What do the carotid and aortic bodies respond to?

13. In the cardiac and vascular function curves - In what instance is the vascular curve shifted to the left?

14. What does the starling curve show?

15. On the cardiac cycle graph - on which corners do the opening and closing of the aortic and mitral valves occur?

16. Do dihydropyridine or non - dihyrdropyridine Ca channel blockers decrease contractility

17. necrotizing granulomas in lung and upper airways - nectrotizing GN - small vessel vasculitis

18. What causes ankle - sacral edema - jugular venous distention

19. What murmur is heard with aortic regurg?

20. What are aschoff bodies

21. What is the effect on the slope of phase 4 in pacemaker cells by Ach or adenosine?

22. What happens in phase 4 of the cardiac ventricular action potential?

23. What causes tet of fallot?

24. Which artery supplies the inferior portion of the left ventricle and posterior septum?

25. benign cap hemangioma of infancy - spont regresses

26. Where is the most posterior portion of the heart and What can it cause?

27. lymphatic malignancy associated with persistant lymphadema - post radical mastectomy

28. Which murmur do you hear in mitral stenosis?

29. What causes aortic regurg

30. What causes the murmur heard in MR to enhance?

31. What causes aortic stenosis

32. Which artery supplies the SA and AV nodes?

33. When is the scar completely formed in an MI?

34. Equilibration of diastolic pressures in all 4 chambers - decreased CO from compression of heart by fluid in pericardium

35. What are the 5 T's of cyanoitc babies

36. Which class of drugs decrease preload

37. Does eccentric hypertrophy or concentric hypertrophy cause systolic disfunction

38. Rank the pacemakers cells

39. congenital heart defect with 22q11

40. What does hypoxia cause in the lung versus other tissues?

41. friction rub - 3-5 days post MI

42. What do the starling forces determine

43. What cardiac change occurs in pregnancy?

44. Does blood flow across the actual ASD account for abnormal heart sounds? What is the reason?

45. In an EKG - What is the p wave?

46. progressive lengthening of PR until beat is dropped - a p wave not followed by QRS

47. Central chemoreceptors do not respond directly to which parameter?

48. Inspiration causes an increase in which sided heart sounds?

49. PROVe

50. Why is contractility decreased in heart failure?