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1. In the cardiac and vascular function curves - In what instance is the vascular curve shifted to the right?

2. disruption of the vasa vasorum of aorta - dilation of aorta and valve ring - tree bark appearance (calcifications on aortic root)

3. congenital heart defect with marfan's

4. 2/3 diastolic + 1/3 systolic

5. What happens with a decrease of extracellular Na

6. What is the difference between the fetal and neonatal direction of blood flow in a patent ductus arteriosus

7. highly lethal malignancy of the liver - associated with vinyl chloride - arsenic - and thorosrast exposure

8. What are the diastolic heart sounds?

9. Fatal arrhythmia

10. What is sudden cardiac death most commonly due to...

11. In an acute MI - are there any visible changes via LM in the first 2-4 hours

12. What is the gold standard for dx of MI in the first 6 hours

13. What does the U wave indicated?

14. What does the starling curve show?

15. Central chemoreceptors do not respond directly to which parameter?

16. Mitral stenosis is most often secondary to which condition?

17. clinical signs of cardiac tamponade

18. S3 - dilated heart on US - balloon appearance on CXR - eccentric hypertrophy

19. What are the 5 T's of cyanoitc babies

20. What is the most common cause of right heart failure

21. In a lateral wall infarct - which artery is effected - and which leads show Q waves?

22. What causes the early cyanosis in Tet of Fallot?

23. congenital heart defect with congenital rubella

24. What 4 things drive myocardial 02 demand?

25. In an EKG - What is the T wave?

26. What masks atrial repolarization?

27. In an EKG - What is the p wave?

28. most common primary cardiac tumor in adults - ball - valve obstruction in left atrium

29. Exercise - overtransfusiion and excitiment causes and increase in...?

30. Do dihydropyridine or non - dihyrdropyridine Ca channel blockers decrease contractility

31. in the JVP - What is the v wave?

32. What are the complications from bacterial endocarditis?

33. cavernous lymphangioma of the neck - associated with turner's

34. Which sympathetic receptors raise MAP

35. Right to left shunts are more common in babies or kids?

36. progressive lengthening of PR until beat is dropped - a p wave not followed by QRS

37. What murmur is heard with aortic regurg?

38. What is the early and late lesion in rheumatic heart disease

39. When do you find hemosiderin laden macrophages in the lungs?

40. SV CAP means?

41. What is the classic X ray finding for tet of fallot?

42. bacterial endocarditis - previously normal valves - rapid onset - Which bacteria?

43. Why is there edema after burns or during infection

44. What is the cushing triad?

45. decrease blood flow to the skin due to arteriolar vasospasm in cold temp - emotional stress - also in SLE and CREST

46. pulmonary veins drain into right heart circulation (SVC - coronary sinus)

47. Which class of drugs decreases afterload?

48. Where does coronary artery occlusion occur most commonly?

49. absecnce of tricuspid valve - hypoplastic RV

50. disease of elastic arteries and large and medium sized muscular arteries