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1. What is the definition of HTN?

2. pulseless disease - granulomatous thickening of the aortic arch and/or proximal great vessels - elev ESR - asian females > 40

3. In an anterolateral infarct - which artery is effected and which leads show Q waves

4. What supplies the posterior left ventricle?

5. Does blood flow across the actual ASD account for abnormal heart sounds? What is the reason?

6. What causes tet of fallot?

7. Wegener's tx

8. How are sarcomeres added in concentric hypertrophy?

9. What is a normal EF

10. How does angiotensin II raise MAP

11. What kind of infarct show ST depression

12. Which bacteria causes rheumatic heart disease

13. What is the difference between adult and infantile type aortic coarctation?

14. sudden death in young atheletes - S4 - apical impulses - outflow obstruction

15. what happens to capillaries in lymphatic blockage

16. The cause of pulmonary edema - paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea?

17. Which artery supplies the inferior portion of the left ventricle and posterior septum?

18. tearing chest pain radiation to the back - associated with marfan

19. EDV is also known as

20. What does the atria release in response to inc blood volume and atrial pressure

21. Which enzymes are useful for diagnosing reinfarction

22. Which valve is most commonly involved in bacterial endocarditis?

23. What does the starling curve show?

24. most common primary cardiac tumor in adults - ball - valve obstruction in left atrium

25. which ethnic groups have higher association with HTN?

26. In the cardiac and vascular function curves - In what instance is the vascular curve shifted to the left?

27. What stimulates release of calcium from the SR?

28. In an EKG - What is the T wave?

29. The cause of dyspnea on exertion?

30. When do coronary arteries fill?

31. PROVe

32. What is sudden cardiac death most commonly due to...

33. What murmur is heard with aortic regurg?

34. In an acute MI - are there any visible changes via LM in the first 2-4 hours

35. failure of truncus arteriosus to divide?

36. What constitues the upstroke in pacemaker cells?

37. What does prolonged QT predispose to?

38. decrease blood flow to the skin due to arteriolar vasospasm in cold temp - emotional stress - also in SLE and CREST

39. What does FROM JANE stand for in bacterial endocarditis?

40. PCWP is an estimate of...

41. What does TAPVR stand for

42. What causes aortic regurg

43. What is the characteristic pulse in aortic stenosis?

44. bening capillary hemangioma of elderly - does not regress

45. The 7 complications of MI

46. In normal S2 splitting - which valve closes first? What increases it?

47. Which organ has ht highest blood flow per gram of tissue

48. decrease stretch in baroreceptors leads to what response?

49. Hyperplastic onion skinning

50. Which bacteria can cause endocarditis from prosthetic valves?