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Career Orientation Basics

Subjects : literacy, soft-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A formal meeting between an employer and job applicant about a job opening

2. Business owned by one person

3. Way in which one uses or utilitizes the brain best

4. The way in which a person views their own self-worth

5. Jobs with similiar work actvities

6. Focusing or concentrating in a particular skill

7. (Occupational Outlook Handbook) A book used for researching the most common careers in the United States

8. A free flowing economy based upon the laws of supply and demand to allow individuals or companies to buy and sell goods and/or services at a profit

9. A group of characteristics that collective form a general group of people with similiar interests - values - and behaviors

10. A group of employees

11. Personal standards by which one lives

12. Cluster that involves services involving lodging - entertainment - recreation - and travel; food and beverage management

13. To look at closely and judge

14. To find out more by reading and talking to people

15. A plan which includes the education and training requirements to reach a career goal

16. Doing a job without pay to gain experience

17. The need for workers in a particular occupation or field

18. Being on time for work

19. A course that is not required but can be chosen by a student according to their interests

20. Cumulative time given to employees for personal or family illness with pay

21. The jobs that beginners start with to train them for higher-level jobs

22. A person applying for a job

23. The future prospects for employment in a particular job or field

24. A short written description of an applicant's personal data - education - and experience - related to a job

25. A wide variety of workers with different backgrounds - experiences - ideas - and skills in the workplace

26. Worldwide financial management system

27. A person who organizes - manages - and assumes the risk of a business

28. The instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment

29. To give up something to resolve a conflict

30. The personality or activity by which a person is known

31. When a person has to give up part of something they value to resolve a conflict

32. A decision or plan that can be changed

33. To eliminate unwanted applicants

34. Jobs that last for a limited period of time

35. As the price increases producers produce more

36. Earnings below the cost of doing business

37. The choice between two or more possibilities

38. Continuing for a long period of time to accomplish a task

39. To make a plan or arrange things that must be done

40. Cluster that involves designing - building - and repairing structures

41. Determining the best way for an individual to study - remember - or learn

42. A computerized career information delivery system

43. Cluster that involves visual and performing arts; multimedia communications; journalism

44. Intangible work done for others as an occupation

45. Units of measurement which schools use to determine whether or not students are progressing toward graduation

46. Undertaking or venture to make more with risk

47. Any education or training following high school

48. Earnings paid twice a month on designated dates

49. Employment during special seasons

50. Jobs requiring less than 35-40 hours a week - depending on the employer