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Career Orientation Basics

Subjects : literacy, soft-skills
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1. Relating to races or groups of people with common customs

2. Cluster that involves services that improve people's quality of life and promote safe - healthy communities

3. Learning on the job

4. A resource that involves communicating information with others

5. A resource that involves communicating information with others

6. Occupational Information Network compiled by the United States Department of Labor

7. Pay that is based upon the percentage of sales

8. Worldwide financial management system

9. A document stating that a person has passed a five-part test in the areas of writing - social studies - science - reading - and math

10. Using People in Mexico to assemble parts; utilizing external resources

11. Jobs that last for a limited period of time

12. Something one wants to obtain in the near future generally less than 5 years

13. Personal standards by which one lives

14. A short written description of an applicant's personal data - education - and experience - related to a job

15. Collection of information about oneself

16. The environment of the workplace

17. Someone who creates a good or service

18. Cluster that involves computer and Web-based services; telecommunications services

19. An occupation one is well-suited or qualified for

20. As the price increases producers produce more

21. Cluster that involves providing education and training services; providing support services

22. Following a person on the job to learn job duties and responsibilities

23. Money accounted for from January 1st through the current pay period

24. A group of workers who collectively bargin for higher wages - improved benefits - and better working conditions

25. When two or more companies rival for consumer dollars

26. A program where a person learns to do a certain job by working with a skilled worker

27. A person who works with you

28. Tangible merchandise that you can see and touch

29. Part of the paycheck that shows earnings and deductions

30. Doing a job without pay to gain experience

31. The work done over a period of years in one area of interest

32. Treating someone unfairly because of his or her race - religion - or sex

33. Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal

34. Pay that is based upon the percentage of sales

35. Business owned by many people but treated by the law as though it were one person

36. Business which two or more people own and operate

37. The ability or potential for learning new skills

38. Focusing or concentrating in a particular skill

39. A specialized scientific work in manufacturing and industry

40. The instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment

41. Cumulative time given to employees for personal or family illness with pay

42. The choice between two or more possibilities

43. (Occupational Outlook Handbook) A book used for researching the most common careers in the United States

44. Any education or training following high school

45. A wide variety of workers with different backgrounds - experiences - ideas - and skills in the workplace

46. Help-wanted section of the newspaper that lists job openings

47. A short written description of an applicant's personal data - education - and experience - related to a job

48. Cluster that involves designing - building - and repairing structures

49. A decision or plan that can be changed

50. An objective that a person wants to obtain and works to achieve