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Career Orientation Basics

Subjects : literacy, soft-skills
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1. Generally 40 Hour work week or more

2. Following a person on the job to learn job duties and responsibilities

3. An assessment that helps people identify their interest areas

4. Business which two or more people own and operate

5. Cluster that involves developing - promoting - and providing goods to consumers; performing tasks for consumers

6. A plan which includes the education and training requirements to reach a career goal

7. The combination of attitude - values - interests - and behaviors that identify a person

8. Relating to races or groups of people with common customs

9. A course that is required before another course can be taken

10. A specialized scientific work in manufacturing and industry

11. Intangible work done for others as an occupation

12. One who puts off doing things or making decisions

13. A person who works with you

14. Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal

15. Cluster that involves acquiring - investing - and managing money

16. The prospect for the future of a job or career

17. A service business designed to help put employees and employers together

18. A definition of work duties

19. The use of goods or service to make life easier creating new jobs while eliminating others

20. As the prices decreases producers purchase more

21. An amount of money charged by others for services

22. The type of job in which a person is employed

23. Tangible merchandise that you can see and touch

24. Acquaint or become familiar with a new situation

25. Someone who purchases a good or service with the intent to use it

26. A course that is not required but can be chosen by a student according to their interests

27. Work that a person does for pay

28. A course that is required before another course can be taken

29. Commoney known as Social Security

30. When two or more companies rival for consumer dollars

31. Arrange things in order from the most important to the least important

32. The need for workers in a particular occupation or field

33. Learning on the job

34. Something a person wants to acheive later in life requiring much planning

35. An objective that a person wants to obtain and works to achieve

36. Relating to a specific field with a high degree of skill or experience

37. Rules of behavior in the workplace

38. The ability or potential for learning new skills

39. Standard minimum pay received by an employee

40. Work that a person does for pay

41. Cluster that involves services that improve people's quality of life and promote safe - healthy communities

42. To eliminate unwanted applicants

43. Agreement to complete a job for an amount of money

44. Something one wants to obtain in the near future generally less than 5 years

45. A person who owns stock in a company

46. A long term work plan including education - training - and experience

47. Collection of information about oneself

48. Using People in Mexico to assemble parts; utilizing external resources

49. An occupation one is well-suited or qualified for

50. Fees charged by an organization to unite employees