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Career Orientation Basics

Subjects : literacy, soft-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. As the prices decreases producers purchase more

2. Something a person wants to acheive later in life requiring much planning

3. Time an employee may take off work with pay

4. Cluster that involves designing - building - and repairing structures

5. Something one wants to obtain in the near future generally less than 5 years

6. To buy in bulk form wi the intent to resell by the case

7. Time an employee may take off work with pay

8. Money received for education that does not have to be repaid

9. To find out more by reading and talking to people

10. The need for workers in a particular occupation or field

11. A skill that has been developed

12. A course that is not required but can be chosen by a student according to their interests

13. A person who organizes - manages - and assumes the risk of a business

14. Cluster that involves services involving lodging - entertainment - recreation - and travel; food and beverage management

15. Methods of paying for education/training - such as grants - scholarships - etc.

16. Jobs requiring less than 35-40 hours a week - depending on the employer

17. A special skill - knowledge - or ability that enables a person to perform a particular job

18. A task one is expected to perform on the job

19. Employment during special seasons

20. Business owned by one person

21. Possibility of loss

22. Earnings above base pay

23. A plan which includes the education and training requirements to reach a career goal

24. The person who has hires someone to do a job

25. Cluster that involves designing and producing materials into intermediate or final products

26. Units of measurement which schools use to determine whether or not students are progressing toward graduation

27. The way in which a person views their own self-worth

28. The choice between two or more possibilities

29. Typical way of life

30. Typical way of life

31. The ability to perform a certain activity well

32. Rules of behavior in the workplace

33. The amount of a paycheck after the deductions are taken out

34. Using People in Mexico to assemble parts; utilizing external resources

35. The person who has hires someone to do a job

36. A person applying for a job

37. An occupation one is well-suited or qualified for

38. A definition of work duties

39. A thank you letter written following an interview

40. Cluster that involves growing and processing crops for human use; raising and processing animals for human use; using raw materials that occur naturally in the earth

41. A person who owns stock in a company

42. Something a person wants to acheive later in life requiring much planning

43. Arrange things in order from the most important to the least important

44. Tangible merchandise that you can see and touch

45. A computerized career information delivery system

46. A definition of work duties

47. Cluster that involves developing - promoting - and providing goods to consumers; performing tasks for consumers

48. The jobs that beginners start with to train them for higher-level jobs

49. Someone who purchases a good or service with the intent to use it

50. Possibility of loss