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Career Vocab

Subject : soft-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Cluster that involves services that improve people's quality of life and promote safe - healthy communities

2. Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal

3. Personal standards by which one lives

4. Treating someone unfairly because of his or her race - religion - or sex

5. Standards one believes is important about their work

6. The planning and using of time

7. An action or series of actions determined by an employer for a specific process

8. A skill that you have developed

9. To make a plan or arrange things that must be done

10. notices that employers put in the classified section of the paper describing their job openings

11. Jobs with similiar work actvities

12. The way in which a person views their own self-worth

13. Money accounted for from January 1st through the current pay period

14. The surrounding physical conditions of a workplace

15. A task one is expected to perform on the job

16. The thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about

17. A group of employees

18. The personality or activity by which a person is known

19. Hearing - learning - and retaining verbal information

20. Cluster that involves coordinating the movement of people - goods - and services; career cluster - jobs or occupations grouped together because of similar knowledge or skills

21. Jobs that last for a limited period of time

22. As the prices decreases producers purchase more

23. A share of the ownership in a company

24. The person who has hires someone to do a job

25. Intangible work done for others as an occupation

26. A person who owns stock in a company

27. Determining the best way for an individual to study - remember - or learn

28. To find out more by reading and talking to people

29. An assessment that helps people identify their interest areas

30. To eliminate unwanted applicants

31. A course that is required before another course can be taken

32. Fixed amount of money earned - regardless of hours worked; pay that is calculated exactly the same for every check

33. An introductory letter written to a prospective employer

34. A course or program that teaches job skills

35. Tangible merchandise that you can see and touch

36. Cluster that involves regulating and managing local - state - and federal government

37. A belief - understanding - and recognition of one's own abilities

38. Following a person on the job to learn job duties and responsibilities

39. Cluster that involves acquiring - investing - and managing money

40. Cluster that involves protective and legal services

41. Cluster that involves designing and producing materials into intermediate or final products

42. Careful use of resources including money and materials

43. The ability to perform a certain activity well

44. The combination of attitude - values - interests - and behaviors that identify a person

45. Part of the paycheck that shows earnings and deductions

46. Someone who purchases a good or service with the intent to use it

47. Learning on the job

48. A definition of work duties

49. Rules of behavior in the workplace

50. Work that a person does for pay