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Career Vocab

Subject : soft-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A person's outlook on life - usually positive or negative

2. A document stating that a person has passed a five-part test in the areas of writing - social studies - science - reading - and math

3. Average expected earnings from beginning to experienced pay

4. To buy in bulk form wi the intent to resell by the case

5. When a person has to give up part of something they value to resolve a conflict

6. A personal evaluation to help you make decisions

7. Relating to races or groups of people with common customs

8. To look at closely and judge

9. The surrounding physical conditions of a workplace

10. The planning and using of time

11. Agreement to complete a job for an amount of money

12. The ability to perform a certain activity well

13. A group of characteristics that collective form a general group of people with similiar interests - values - and behaviors

14. Cluster that involves developing - promoting - and providing goods to consumers; performing tasks for consumers

15. A person applying for a job

16. Cluster that involves acquiring - investing - and managing money

17. A certificate of completion awarded to a person after completing a program of study in a particular area - usually lasting 2 years

18. Cluster that involves visual and performing arts; multimedia communications; journalism

19. An occupation one is well-suited or qualified for

20. Business which two or more people own and operate

21. Possibility of loss

22. Help-wanted section of the newspaper that lists job openings

23. Using People in foreign countries to assemble parts; utilizing external resources - and saving labor costs

24. Someone who creates a good or service

25. Learning on the job

26. Standards one believes is important about their work

27. Earnings below the cost of doing business

28. Following a person on the job to learn job duties and responsibilities

29. A specialized scientific work in manufacturing and industry

30. A program of study beyond a bachelor's degree

31. Arrange things in order from the most important to the least important

32. To eliminate unwanted applicants

33. Occupational Information Network compiled by the United States Department of Labor

34. The environment of the workplace

35. The future prospects for employment in a particular job or field

36. Business owned by one person

37. A thank you letter written following an interview

38. Characteristics or make-up of a population

39. Earnings above base pay

40. Pay that is based upon the percentage of sales

41. A group of workers who collectively bargin for higher wages - improved benefits - and better working conditions

42. Cluster that involves designing - building - and repairing structures

43. A person who owns stock in a company

44. Cluster that involves services that improve people's quality of life and promote safe - healthy communities

45. An assessment that helps people identify their interest areas

46. Money accounted for from January 1st through the current pay period

47. First thing an interviewer notices: an applicant's dress - hair - and grooming

48. Rules of behavior in the workplace

49. To find out more by reading and talking to people

50. Jobs or occupations grouped together because of similar knowledge or skills