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Career Vocab

Subject : soft-skills
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1. Buying a finished good or service with the intent to resell it by the unit

2. Cluster that involves designing and producing materials into intermediate or final products

3. A special skill - knowledge - or ability that enables a person to perform a particular job

4. Cluster that involves the systematic use of observations and experiments to gain knowledge about the world; the practical use of scientific knowledge; solving practical problems by combining science and mathematics with technology; the study of numbe

5. Something a person wants to acheive later in life requiring much planning

6. Personal standards by which one lives

7. Earnings below the cost of doing business

8. Natural method or way one thinks or learns

9. Characteristics or make-up of a population

10. Relating to a specific field with a high degree of skill or experience

11. Business which two or more people own and operate

12. Undertaking or venture to make more with risk

13. As the prices decreases producers purchase more

14. When two or more companies rival for consumer dollars

15. Cluster that involves visual and performing arts; multimedia communications; journalism

16. A long term work plan including education - training - and experience

17. A formal meeting between an employer and job applicant about a job opening

18. Any information about possible job openings

19. Earnings above base pay

20. Cluster that involves the science of maintaining and improving people's physical and mental well-being

21. Cluster that involves protective and legal services

22. When a person has to give up part of something they value to resolve a conflict

23. Rules of behavior in the workplace

24. Cluster that involves services that improve people's quality of life and promote safe - healthy communities

25. Work that a person does for pay

26. Money accounted for from January 1st through the current pay period

27. The choice between two or more possibilities

28. Payment for work - usually figured by the hour

29. The fee that colleges charge to take their classes

30. A person who works with you

31. A person's outlook on life - usually positive or negative

32. The prospect for the future of a job or career

33. A definition of work duties

34. Help-wanted section of the newspaper that lists job openings

35. Earnings paid twice a month on designated dates

36. Determining the best way for an individual to study - remember - or learn

37. To eliminate unwanted applicants

38. The amount of a paycheck after the deductions are taken out

39. Cluster that involves planning - organizing - and directing business operations

40. Someone who creates a good or service

41. An individual characterstic that helps one determine their personality

42. A program where a person learns to do a certain job by working with a skilled worker

43. Jobs that last for a limited period of time

44. A short written description of an applicant's personal data - education - and experience - related to a job

45. A specialized scientific work in manufacturing and industry

46. The combination of attitude - values - interests - and behaviors that identify a person

47. Using People in foreign countries to assemble parts; utilizing external resources - and saving labor costs

48. Relating to races or groups of people with common customs

49. A task one is expected to perform on the job

50. A share of the ownership in a company