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Career Vocab

Subject : soft-skills
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1. Earnings paid twice a month on designated dates

2. A book used for researching the most common careers in the United States

3. Standard minimum pay received by an employee

4. When two or more companies rival for consumer dollars

5. Worldwide financial management system

6. A wide variety of workers with different backgrounds - experiences - ideas - and skills in the workplace

7. Units of measurement which schools use to determine whether or not students are progressing toward graduation

8. Jobs with similiar work actvities

9. Cumulative time given to employees for personal or family illness with pay

10. Relating to races or groups of people with common customs

11. A group of workers who collectively bargin for higher wages - improved benefits - and better working conditions

12. Personal standards by which one lives

13. The person who has hires someone to do a job

14. Characteristics or make-up of a population

15. A resource that involves communicating information with others

16. Temporary work during the summer

17. Help-wanted section of the newspaper that lists job openings

18. Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal

19. Agreement to complete a job for an amount of money

20. The total amount of an employee's earnings before deductions are taken out

21. Cluster that involves the science of maintaining and improving people's physical and mental well-being

22. A thank you letter written following an interview

23. Methods of paying for education/training - such as grants - scholarships - etc.

24. The environment of the workplace

25. The planning and using of time

26. A long term work plan including education - training - and experience

27. Tangible merchandise that you can see and touch

28. A certificate of completion awarded to a person after completing a program of study in a particular area - usually lasting 2 years

29. Business owned by one person

30. The jobs that beginners start with to train them for higher-level jobs

31. A service business designed to help put employees and employers together

32. Natural method or way one thinks or learns

33. A course or program that teaches job skills

34. Earnings below the cost of doing business

35. notices that employers put in the classified section of the paper describing their job openings

36. The thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about

37. A computerized career information delivery system

38. one who puts off doing things or making decisions

39. Any education or training following high school

40. The ability or potential for learning new skills

41. Payment for work - usually figured by the hour

42. Cluster that involves computer and Web-based services; telecommunications services

43. Money accounted for from January 1st through the current pay period

44. A task one is expected to perform on the job

45. Instant opinion - based on certain clues - such as the way you look - act - and talk

46. Part of the paycheck that shows earnings and deductions

47. A course that is not required but can be chosen by a student according to their interests

48. Earnings above base pay

49. A person's outlook on life - usually positive or negative

50. Employment during special seasons