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Career Vocab

Subject : soft-skills
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1. Acquaint or become familiar with a new situation

2. Personal standards by which one lives

3. This involves hearing - thinking about and responding to what the speaker is saying

4. The course of action one decides to take at the end of the decision-making process

5. The environment of the workplace

6. notices that employers put in the classified section of the paper describing their job openings

7. The future prospects for employment in a particular job or field

8. The instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment

9. As the price increases producers produce more

10. To give up something to resolve a conflict

11. The steps one takes to make the best decision

12. Using People in foreign countries to assemble parts; utilizing external resources - and saving labor costs

13. The computer network system through which information can be shared on the World Wide Web

14. Fees charged by an organization to unite employees

15. A free flowing economy based upon the laws of supply and demand to allow individuals or companies to buy and sell goods and/or services at a profit

16. Clash of ideas or values

17. The planning and using of time

18. Relating to a specific field with a high degree of skill or experience

19. A long term work plan including education - training - and experience

20. Anything a person has or uses to reach a goal

21. The person who has hires someone to do a job

22. Employment during special seasons

23. Economic rules which influence consumer buying decisions

24. Money earned above the cost of doing business

25. A specialized scientific work in manufacturing and industry

26. Cluster that involves the science of maintaining and improving people's physical and mental well-being

27. Cluster that involves computer and Web-based services; telecommunications services

28. Cluster that involves acquiring - investing - and managing money

29. The personality or activity by which a person is known

30. The amount of a paycheck after the deductions are taken out

31. Time an employee may take off work with pay

32. A group of employees

33. Undertaking or venture to make more with risk

34. An individual characterstic that helps one determine their personality

35. Part of the paycheck that shows earnings and deductions

36. The way in which a person views their own self-worth

37. Methods of paying for education/training - such as grants - scholarships - etc.

38. An introductory letter written to a prospective employer

39. Learning on the job

40. The thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about

41. A person's outlook on life - usually positive or negative

42. A computerized career information delivery system

43. Jobs requiring less than 35-40 hours a week - depending on the employer

44. Cluster that involves designing - building - and repairing structures

45. A plan of action for education - training - and experience to reach a career goal

46. The choice between two or more possibilities

47. First thing an interviewer notices: an applicant's dress - hair - and grooming

48. The type of job in which a person is employed

49. A person who organizes - manages - and assumes the risk of a business

50. Average expected earnings from beginning to experienced pay