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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. Elicitation Results are the inputs for the ____________

2. What is the output of the task - Prioritize Requirements?

3. What is the output of the task - Maintain Requirements for Re-use?

4. What are the inputs to the task - Organize Requirements?

5. Understanding of how a change to a component affects the system as a whole - identification of reinforcing and compensating feedback loops - understanding of how systems adapt to external pressures and changes - A system as a whole will have properti

6. What are the strategies for a positive risk?

7. Two types of conflict.

8. Business value can be delivered through requirements that support _______________ - alignment with internal standards or policies of the organization - or increased satisfaction for stakeholders - even if those things do not have a direct measurable

9. The decomposition of activities and tasks creates?

10. A structured way to capture requirements. May be used to scope - discover - define - prioritize and reach closure on requirements for the target system. Considered one of the most effective ways to deliver high quality requirements quickly.

11. What does RACI stand for?

12. A means to elicit requirements by studying available documentation on existing and comparable solutions and identifying relevant information. - Not starting from a blank page.- Leveraging existing materials to discover and/or confirm requirements. -

13. This task ensures that requirement specifications and models meet the necessary standard of quality to allow them to be used effectively to guide further work. Requirements have been defined correctly.

14. The knowledge area that describes how a BA manages conflicts - issues and changes in order to ensure that stakeholders and the project team remain in agreement on the solution scope - how requirements are communicated to stakeholders and how knowledg

15. What are the inputs to the task - Specify & Model Requirements?

16. Revised process and templates for BA deliverables should be analyzed and documented and lessons learned should be recorded.

17. What are the characteristics of Interaction Skills?

18. What is the output of the task - Determine Solution Approach?

19. An excellent way to foster creative thinking about a problem. The goal is to produce numerous new ideas and to derive themes for further analysis. - Ability to elicit many ideas in a short time period. - - Non-judgmental environment enables creative

20. What are the techniques used in the task - Validate Requirements?

21. What are the inputs for the task Plan Business Analysis Activities?

22. What are the inputs for the task Prepare for Elicitation?

23. What is the output of the task Conduct Elicitation Activity?

24. What are the inputs for the task - Prepare Requirements Package?

25. A specific - actionable - testable directive that is under the control of an organization and supports a business policy.

26. What are the inputs for the task - Maintain Requirements for Re-use?

27. What are the different types of learning styles?

28. What techniques are used in the task Manage Requirements Traceability?

29. What are the inputs for the task Confirm Elicitation Results?

30. Organizational culture - Stakeholder preference - complexity - organizational maturity and availability of resources are all factors used to do what?

31. What are the inputs for the task - Evaluate Solution Performance?

32. The skill of moderating discussions among a group or enable all participants to effectively articulate their views on a topic under discussion and to further ensure that participants in the discussion are able to recognize and appreciate the differin

33. This describes how the chosen solution will deliver the solution scope - may break delivery down into releases or provide a roadmap that indicates the timeframe in which a capability is expected.

34. The BA is a stakeholder in ______ business analysis activities.

35. What are the inputs to the task - Allocate Resources?

36. What are the tasks in Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring?

37. Two effective trade-off methods.

38. The purpose is to describe the required qualities of a system - such as its usability and performance characteristics.

39. What are the inputs for the task - Define Solution Scope?

40. Means of eliciting information from many people - sometimes anonymously - in a relatively short period of time

41. This prototype extends the initial interface requirements into a fully functioning system and requires a specialized prototyping tool or language.

42. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Solution?

43. What techniques are used in the task - Prepare Requirements Package?

44. What are the Composite Data Elements?

45. Knowing the dependencies and relationships between requirements helps when determining the sequence in which requirements are to be addressed. Common relations are:

46. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Requirements?

47. What are the inputs to the task Manage Requirements Traceability?

48. What is the output of the task - Define Business Case?

49. What are the 3 elements in the Assess Organizational Readiness?

50. A brief description of functionality that users need from a solution to meet a business objective. The goal they are trying to accomplish - and any additional information that may be critical to understanding the scope of the story.