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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. What are the inputs for the task - Evaluate Solution Performance?

2. What are the inputs for the task Confirm Elicitation Results?

3. What are the techniques used in the task - Evaluate Solution Performance?

4. What are the internal factors in a SWOT Analysis?

5. Business value can be delivered through requirements that support _______________ - alignment with internal standards or policies of the organization - or increased satisfaction for stakeholders - even if those things do not have a direct measurable

6. Are used to describe the scope of analysis or the scope of a solution. Serve as a basis for defining and delimiting the scope of business analysis and project work. Allow the definition of a "complete" scopethat is - the boundaries of the scope corr

7. Performed to communicate - verify and validate requirements. Is a working session where invited participants review and discuss a set of requirements

8. How is the Operational Support stakeholder utilized in the Evaluate Solution Performance task?

9. The skill of moderating discussions among a group or enable all participants to effectively articulate their views on a topic under discussion and to further ensure that participants in the discussion are able to recognize and appreciate the differin

10. What are the inputs to the Plan Business Analysis Approach?

11. What are the tasks in the knowledge area - Enterprise Analysis?

12. What are the inputs to the task - Allocate Resources?

13. What are the techniques used in the task - Validate Requirements?

14. States the business need - identifies key stakeholders and briefly describes the positive impact that meeting the business need will have on those stakeholders.

15. What are the inputs to the task - Organize Requirements?

16. What is the output of the task Plan Business Analysis Activities?

17. What are the inputs to the task - Verify Requirements?

18. What are the classifications used to describe requirements

19. What are the Behavioral Characteristics a BA should exhibit?

20. Agreement by stakeholders that analysis models effectively and completely describe the domain - identification of related problems or issues from multiple areas in the domain - rapid absorption of new information or new domain.

21. When performing root cause analysis as part of the Validate Solution task - what stakeholder may be involved?

22. Communicated Requirements mean what to stakeholders?

23. What are the tasks for the knowledge area - Requirements Management & Communication?

24. Set of requirements that will be used to choose between multiple solutions.

25. What is the output of the task - Verify Requirements?

26. What techniques are used in the task - Define Solution Scope?

27. Knowing the dependencies and relationships between requirements helps when determining the sequence in which requirements are to be addressed. Common relations are:

28. Describes the effect a new solution will have on an organization and whether the organization is prepared for the organizational change the solution implementation will cause.

29. A continuous process of collecting data to determine how well a solution has been implemented compared to expected results.

30. What are the different types of learning styles?

31. Models a deep - and usually narrow slice of the entire system's functionality.

32. Define requirements for capabilities needed to move from an existing solution to a new solution.

33. This task describes the work required to decide which formats are appropriate for a particular project and its stakeholders. The requirements must be clear - concise - accurate and at the appropriate level of detail to assure clear understanding by t

34. What are the inputs for the task Plan Business Analysis Activities?

35. What are the inputs to the task - Define Assumption & Constraints?

36. What is the output of the task - Specify & Model Requirements?

37. When a conflict arises between stakeholders on one or more documented requirements - the first thing that needs to take place is what?

38. Details user interface requirements and integrates them with other requirements such as use cases - scenarios - data and business rules. Stakeholders often find this to be a concrete means of identifying - describing and validating their interface ne

39. This will impose constraints to the effort to deploy the solution - including relationships that may exist between solution components.

40. Are used to model the logic of usage scenarios - by showing the information passed between objects in the system through the execution of the scenario. Shows how classes and objects interact during a scenario.

41. A systematic approach designed to elicit information from a person or group of people in an informal or formal setting by talking to an interviewee - asking relevant questions and documenting the responses.

42. What techniques are used in the task Manage Requirements Traceability?

43. What are stakeholder requirements?

44. The knowledge area that covers how BAs determine which activities are necessary in order to complete a business analysis effort.

45. What are the elements of the area - Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving - Successful generation of new ideas - application of new ideas to resolve existing problems - willingness of stakeholders to accept new approaches.

46. What are the Cultural diversity issues that should be taken into account when planning communication?

47. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Solution?

48. What is the output of the task - Assess Organizational Readiness?

49. This describes how the chosen solution will deliver the solution scope - may break delivery down into releases or provide a roadmap that indicates the timeframe in which a capability is expected.

50. Long-term - ongoing and qualitative statements of a state or condition that the organization is seeking to establish and maintain.