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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. Business rules require a defined glossary of terms and an understanding of the relationships between them - this is known as:

2. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Requirements?

3. Business value can be delivered through requirements that support _______________ - alignment with internal standards or policies of the organization - or increased satisfaction for stakeholders - even if those things do not have a direct measurable

4. A means to elicit ideas and attitudes about a specific product - service or opportunity in an interactive group environment. The participants share their impressions - preferences and needs - guided by a moderator. - Effective for learning people's a

5. Estimating relies on the expertise of those who have performed the work in the past. These experts can be internal or external to the project team or to the organization.

6. Investigating how a solution is actually used after it is deployed and assessing the effect it has had - both positive and negative.

7. Are used to model the logic of usage scenarios - by showing the information passed between objects in the system through the execution of the scenario. Shows how classes and objects interact during a scenario.

8. Divides requirements into 4 categories - Must - Should - Could - Won't

9. What are the techniques used in the task Manage Business Analysis Performance?

10. Elicitation Results are the inputs for the ____________

11. What are the tasks of the Elicitation Knowledge Area?

12. What is the output of the task Plan Requirements Management Process?

13. What is the output of the task - Verify Requirements?

14. This will impose constraints to the effort to deploy the solution - including relationships that may exist between solution components.

15. To assess the ability of a potential vendor to meet commitments regarding a product or service

16. What are the inputs to the task - Determine Solution Approach?

17. What knowledge area discusses the business analysis activities necessary to identify a business need - problem or opportunity - define the capture of the solution and justify the investment necessary to deliver the solution.

18. What is the output of the task - Define Transition Requirements?

19. What should be considered when establishing a Change Management process?

20. A systematic approach designed to elicit information from a person or group of people in an informal or formal setting by talking to an interviewee - asking relevant questions and documenting the responses.

21. What are the techniques used in Plan Business Analysis Communication?

22. What techniques are used in the task - Prepare Requirements Package?

23. What are some of the key variables used in determining the priority of a requirement?

24. This knowledge area describes the behaviors - knowledge and other characteristics that support the effective performance of a BA.

25. A means of eliciting requirements by conducting an assessment of the stakeholder's work environment. This technique is appropriate when documenting details about current processes or if the project is intended to enhance or change a current process.

26. The skill of moderating discussions among a group or enable all participants to effectively articulate their views on a topic under discussion and to further ensure that participants in the discussion are able to recognize and appreciate the differin

27. What are the inputs to the task - Verify Requirements?

28. Corrective or preventative measures uncovered while performing a Business Analysis Performance Assessment will result in changes to what plan?

29. A good indicator has 5 characteristics:

30. What are the strategies for a positive risk?

31. Domain SME - End User - Implementation SME - and Sponsor: They Affected by analysis techniques used to organize requirements since they need to verify and validate the requirements.

32. The purpose is to compile and document successes - opportunities for improvement - failures - and recommendations for improving the performance of future projects or project phases

33. Approach to decision making that examines and models the possible consequences of different decisions. Make an optimal decision under conditions of uncertainty.

34. What are the techniques used in the task - Define Assumptions & Constraints?

35. What describes how - when and why the business analyst will work with stakeholders?

36. What are the internal factors in a SWOT Analysis?

37. Requires the team to focus on examining the premises - assumptions - observations and expectations of the team members. This type of conflict can have a beneficial effect of strengthening the foundations of the analysis and the solution.

38. List 3 possible forms of a requirements packages.

39. Name some commonly used financial valuation techniques.

40. The objective of this technique is to determine how companies achieve their superior performance levels and use that information to design projects to improve operations of the enterprise.

41. Defines the key terms and data relevant to a business domain.

42. What techniques are used in the task Manage Requirements Traceability?

43. 7 knowledge areas of ________ : Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring - Elicitation - Requirements Management & Communication - Enterprise Analysis - Requirements Analysis - Solution Assessment & Validation - Underlying Competencies

44. An excellent way to foster creative thinking about a problem. The goal is to produce numerous new ideas and to derive themes for further analysis. - Ability to elicit many ideas in a short time period. - - Non-judgmental environment enables creative

45. Defines what must be delivered in order to meet the business need - and the effect of the proposed change initiation on the business and technology operations and infrastructure.

46. What is the output of the task Document Elicitation Results?

47. What are the techniques used in Plan Business Analysis Approach?

48. What are the inputs to the task - Prioritize Requirements?

49. What are the inputs to the task Plan Requirements Management Process?

50. What are the tasks in Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring?