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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. Communicated Requirements mean what to stakeholders?

2. What are some examples of stakeholder concerns?

3. Means of eliciting information from many people - sometimes anonymously - in a relatively short period of time

4. What is the output of the task Conduct Elicitation Activity?

5. To identify and manage areas of uncertainty that can impact an initiative - solution - or organization.

6. What are the elements of the area - Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving - Successful generation of new ideas - application of new ideas to resolve existing problems - willingness of stakeholders to accept new approaches.

7. To assess the ability of a potential vendor to meet commitments regarding a product or service

8. Use of parameters - multiplied by the number of hours. (COCOMO II - Function Point Counting - Use Case Points - and Story Points)

9. Define the requirements that must be met in order for a solution to be considered acceptable to key stakeholders.

10. What are the tasks in the knowledge area - Enterprise Analysis?

11. Checklist of characteristics to consider when considering non-functional requirements.

12. What are the factors of influence by stakeholders on a project?

13. What are the techniques used in the task - Validate Requirements?

14. What is the output of the task - Define Business Need?

15. A structured examination of the aspects of a situation to establish the root causes and resulting effects of the problem. A critical element is to ensure that the current business thinking and processes are challenged. The purpose is to determine the

16. What are the attributes of a Data Model?

17. What are the tasks in the knowledge area - Requirements Analysis?

18. What are the Composite Data Elements?

19. What are the techniques used in the task Document Elicitation Results?

20. A continuous process of collecting data to determine how well a solution has been implemented compared to expected results.

21. This task determines if an organization can justify the investment required to deliver a proposed solution.

22. What are the inputs of the task Plan Business Analysis Communication?

23. What are the different types of learning styles?

24. Elements of a Requirements Management Plan include?

25. What are the techniques used in the task - Determine Solution Approach?

26. What are the techniques used in the task Manage Solution Scope & Requirements?

27. Are used to model the logic of usage scenarios - by showing the information passed between objects in the system through the execution of the scenario. Shows how classes and objects interact during a scenario.

28. Involves assessing a situation - understanding it as fully as possible - and making judgments about possible solutions to the problem.

29. The purpose is to describe the required qualities of a system - such as its usability and performance characteristics.

30. What are the techniques used in the task - Assess Capability Gaps?

31. Understanding of how a change to a component affects the system as a whole - identification of reinforcing and compensating feedback loops - understanding of how systems adapt to external pressures and changes - A system as a whole will have properti

32. Corrective or preventative measures uncovered while performing a Business Analysis Performance Assessment will result in changes to what plan?

33. What is the output of the task Plan Business Analysis Communication?

34. What does RACI stand for?

35. Name the 2 types of Software categories that assist in BA productivity.

36. What are the elements of the task Plan Requirements Management Process?

37. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Solution?

38. What is the output of the task Conduct Stakeholder Analysis?

39. Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats - A valuable tool to quickly analyze various aspects of the current state of the business process undergoing change.

40. Three key factors when assessing the quality of indicators and their metrics

41. Using this technique the business analyst has collected the deliverables - activities - tasks - and estimates from all the involved stakeholders and rolls them up to get a total for all the activities and tasks.

42. Prioritizes requirements based on a allocated fixed amount of money.

43. What is the output of the task - Define Business Case?

44. What is the output of the task - Prioritize Requirements?

45. What are the underlying competencies a BA should possess?

46. What is the output to the task - Evaluate Solution Performance?

47. What is the output of the Manage Business Analysis Performance task?

48. Involved motivating people to act in ways that enable them to work together to achieve shared goals and objectives.

49. Provides an organized approach to tracking - management - and resolution of defects - issues - problems - and risks throughout business analysis activities. Management of issues is important so that they can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure s

50. What are the techniques used in the task - Organize Requirements?