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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. When a requirement is changed - the BA can easily review all the related requirements and software components in order to understand the impact of the change.

2. The skill of moderating discussions among a group or enable all participants to effectively articulate their views on a topic under discussion and to further ensure that participants in the discussion are able to recognize and appreciate the differin

3. What are the inputs to the task - Determine Solution Approach?

4. What techniques are used in the task - Define Solution Scope?

5. What is the output of the task - Prioritize Requirements?

6. What are the techniques used in Plan Business Analysis Communication?

7. What are the techniques used in the task - Allocate Resources?

8. What are the inputs for the task - Define Solution Scope?

9. This prototype seeks to quickly uncover and clarify interface requirements using simple tools - sometimes just paper and pencil. The focus is on functionality that is not easily elicited by other techniques - has conflicting viewpoints - or is diffic

10. Business rules require a defined glossary of terms and an understanding of the relationships between them - this is known as:

11. What are the inputs to the task Manage Requirements Traceability?

12. What are the techniques used in the task - Assess Capability Gaps?

13. This task describes the work required to decide which formats are appropriate for a particular project and its stakeholders. The requirements must be clear - concise - accurate and at the appropriate level of detail to assure clear understanding by t

14. What are the inputs to the task Manage Business Analysis Performance?

15. When a conflict arises between stakeholders on one or more documented requirements - the first thing that needs to take place is what?

16. The people involved - the interactions between them - the external forces affecting their behavior and all other relevant elements and factors.

17. Techniques used in the task Plan Requirements Management Process.

18. What is the output of the task - Validate Requirements?

19. The decomposition of activities and tasks creates?

20. Includes the standard definition of data elements - their meanings and allowable values.

21. What are the elements of Communication Skills?

22. Benefits that could have been achieved with an alternative investment rather than this one.

23. According to the BABOK 2.0 - what type of analysis generates STAKEHOLDER requirements?

24. What are the inputs to the Plan Business Analysis Approach?

25. What are the Behavioral Characteristics a BA should exhibit?

26. This prototype extends the initial interface requirements into a fully functioning system and requires a specialized prototyping tool or language.

27. What is the output of the task - Communicate Requirements?

28. This technique shows how information is input - processed - stored and output from a system in a visual representation.

29. What knowledge area discusses the business analysis activities necessary to identify a business need - problem or opportunity - define the capture of the solution and justify the investment necessary to deliver the solution.

30. What is the output of the task Conduct Elicitation Activity?

31. What is the output of the task Conduct Stakeholder Analysis?

32. What are the general modeling concepts that are relevant to business analysis?

33. What stakeholder receives noticeable negative impact if information is incorrectly transferred from the old to new solution?

34. Approach to decision making that examines and models the possible consequences of different decisions. Make an optimal decision under conditions of uncertainty.

35. The objective of this technique is to determine how companies achieve their superior performance levels and use that information to design projects to improve operations of the enterprise.

36. What are the inputs to the task - Define Business Case?

37. The purpose is to describe the required qualities of a system - such as its usability and performance characteristics.

38. Familiarity with the range of commercially available solutions or suppliers can assist with the identification of possible alternatives.

39. What are the techniques used in the task - Validate Solution?

40. Maps the level of stakeholder influence and interest in a project.

41. What are the inputs for the task Plan Business Analysis Activities?

42. What is the output of the task - Define Assumptions & Constraints?

43. Technique involving refinement of estimates. Estimate the details for activities in the current iteration or increment and provide an analogous estimate for the entire scope of work. As the end of the iteration approaches - estimates for the next ite

44. What are the tasks in the knowledge area - Requirements Analysis?

45. What is the output of the task - Prepare Requirements Package?

46. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Requirements?

47. The goal of this task is to create a set of views of the requirements for the new business solution that are comprehensive - complete - consistent and understood from all stakeholder perspectives.

48. An organized structure for the requirements and a documented set of relationships between them. Is used so the analyst and stakeholders know where a specific requirement should be found. Should have a clear implicit scope (clear to the stakeholders w

49. Define the requirements that must be met in order for a solution to be considered acceptable to key stakeholders.

50. What are the tasks of the Elicitation Knowledge Area?