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CBAP Business Analysis And Planning

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1. What are the inputs to the Plan Business Analysis Approach?

2. The knowledge area that describes how a BA manages conflicts - issues and changes in order to ensure that stakeholders and the project team remain in agreement on the solution scope - how requirements are communicated to stakeholders and how knowledg

3. What are the output(s) of the task - Validate Solution?

4. What are the inputs to the task - Communicate Requirements?

5. Two techniques used in Root Cause Analysis?

6. What factors guide technique selection?

7. Combination of expert judgment and history. Individual estimates - sharing the estimates with experts - and having several rounds until consensus is reached. An average of the three estimates is used

8. Rules that the organization chooses to enforce as a matter of policy. They are intended to guide the actions of people working within the organization. They may oblige people to take certain actions - prevent people from taking actions - or prescribe

9. What is the output of the task Plan Business Analysis Communication?

10. Involved motivating people to act in ways that enable them to work together to achieve shared goals and objectives.

11. What is the output of the task - Assess Proposed Solution?

12. What are the inputs to the task - Specify & Model Requirements?

13. What is the output of the task - Organize Requirements?

14. What are the techniques used in the task Define Business Need?

15. Understanding of the competitive forces that shape an industry - understand the various customer segments that the industry services and the demographic or other characteristics common to that segment.

16. The goal of tracing is to ensure that requirements are linked back to a business objective. Creation of this relationship helps in what other traceability activities?

17. What are the inputs for the task - Define Solution Scope?

18. What are the factors of influence by stakeholders on a project?

19. Rules that are intended to help determine when something is or is not true - or when things fall into a specific category. They are expressed as rules because they describe categorizations that may change over time.

20. What are the inputs to the task - Verify Requirements?

21. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Solution?

22. What are the techniques used in the task - Assess Proposed Solution?

23. The people involved - the interactions between them - the external forces affecting their behavior and all other relevant elements and factors.

24. What are the techniques used in the task - Determine Solution Approach?

25. A package should contain a consistent - cohesive and coherent set of requirements. This describes the ____________.

26. How is the Operational Support stakeholder utilized in the Evaluate Solution Performance task?

27. The purpose is to compile and document successes - opportunities for improvement - failures - and recommendations for improving the performance of future projects or project phases

28. A structured examination of the aspects of a situation to establish the root causes and resulting effects of the problem. A critical element is to ensure that the current business thinking and processes are challenged. The purpose is to determine the

29. Technique involving refinement of estimates. Estimate the details for activities in the current iteration or increment and provide an analogous estimate for the entire scope of work. As the end of the iteration approaches - estimates for the next ite

30. Long-term - ongoing and qualitative statements of a state or condition that the organization is seeking to establish and maintain.

31. What are the inputs to the task - Assess Proposed Solution?

32. Elements identified for each activity and task.

33. Define the requirements that must be met in order for a solution to be considered acceptable to key stakeholders.

34. This knowledge area describes the problem definition and analysis - business case development - feasibility studies and the definition of solution scope.

35. What are the inputs to the task - Validate Requirements?

36. An important tool in defining the scope of work and developing estimates. Decomposes the project scope into smaller and smaller pieces - creating a hierarchy of work.

37. This will impose constraints to the effort to deploy the solution - including relationships that may exist between solution components.

38. Means of eliciting information from many people - sometimes anonymously - in a relatively short period of time

39. What are the internal factors in a SWOT Analysis?

40. Three types of organizational structures

41. What should be considered when establishing a Change Management process?

42. What are the inputs to the task - Define Assumption & Constraints?

43. What are the tasks for the knowledge area - Requirements Management & Communication?

44. The knowledge area that covers how BAs determine which activities are necessary in order to complete a business analysis effort.

45. The goal of this task is to create a set of views of the requirements for the new business solution that are comprehensive - complete - consistent and understood from all stakeholder perspectives.

46. Characteristics that are common to all organizations with a similar purpose and structure - whether or not the are in the same industry.

47. What are the techniques used in the task Conduct Stakeholder Analysis?

48. What are the tasks in the knowledge area - Solution Assessment & Validation?

49. What are the 3 elements in the Assess Organizational Readiness?

50. Domain SME - End User - Implementation SME - and Sponsor: They Affected by analysis techniques used to organize requirements since they need to verify and validate the requirements.