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1. What do 'Hedge Funds' attempt to do?

2. (Credit card) Acquiring Bank

3. Behaviour detection

4. What does the 'SEC' (US Securities and Exchange Commission) do?

5. What is the primary use of a 'Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty'?

6. FATF Recommendation 34

7. 'Competent Authorities' refers to _____.

8. Express Trust

9. Under the US Bank Secrecy Act - SAR filings are confidential and the institutions employees cannot ____?

10. FATF Recommendation 23

11. What is a Financial Intelligence Unit?

12. Counter Party

13. A 'panzi' scheme is named for whom?

14. What does FIU do?

15. What was the target of UN Security Council Resolution 1267?

16. Convertible Preferred

17. Open System Stored Value Card

18. SRO (Self-Regulatory Organizations)

19. Underwriting

20. Money Mules

21. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

22. 'Kiting' via credit card

23. What are the two types of Stored Value Cards?

24. FATF Recommendation 38

25. FATF Recommendation 28

26. Convertible Bond

27. Market Manipulation

28. Account Monitoring Order (UK and several other countries)

29. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 methods are identified as 'Funds Transfers'?

30. What is one of the cental stragetic tools required for effective action against money laundering?

31. (Credit Card) Third-Party processor

32. What does FIU do beyond what FIU does?

33. FATF

34. According to FATF - financial transactions above a designated threshold may include situations where the transaction takes place in a single operation or in several operations...

35. Foriegn Shell Banks are vehicles for ______ & ______?

36. FATF Recommendation 24

37. In what country is the Egmont Group Secretariat now located?


39. Characteristics of an 'Open System Stored Value Card'

40. Boiler Room

41. Abusive Squeezes

42. FATF Recommendation 16

43. What must a financial institution do if they have 'Exempt Accounts'?

44. Mutual Fund

45. Affidavit


47. How does the Egmont group help its members?

48. UK courts view on 'Suspicion'

49. Moneyval

50. Investment Adviser