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Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist Cams

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1. FATF Recommendation 20

2. FATF Recommendation 33

3. FATF Recommendation 12

4. Agent (Insurance Industry)


6. FATF Recommendation 25

7. How do most governments view Private Banking?

8. May a shell bank maintain a correspondent account with a US bank?

9. What the primary objectives of Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors?

10. Distribution Channels (Insurance Industry)

11. The Palemo Convention

12. What is a 'NCCT'?

13. 'Competent Authorities' refers to _____.

14. Wire Transfers

15. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 areas are associated with 'Contractual Transactions'?

16. OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

17. 'Loan Back' method. Give example of how it works.

18. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 methods are identified as 'Funds Transfers'?

19. Identification data

20. Abusive Squeezes

21. Cash Letter

22. Respondent Bank

23. Examples of White-collar crime

24. Why is 'refining' critical to a money launderer's efforts?

25. When was the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors established? What was the impetus behind its establishment?

26. What is private investment company also known as?

27. 'Closed-end Mutual Fund' (Or Comany)

28. Foriegn Shell Banks are vehicles for ______ & ______?

29. What do 'Hedge Funds' attempt to do?

30. What normal business practise makes 'Product Division' possible?

31. Affidavit

32. FATF Recommendation 8

33. Legal Arrangements (Insurance Industry)

34. Cash Equivalent

35. Retail Banking

36. FATF Recommendation 21

37. Dormant Account

38. FATF Recommendation 30

39. Bust-out

40. In what country is the Egmont Group Secretariat now located?

41. FATF Recommendation 11

42. Why do companies export their goods at prices far below those in their home country?

43. What is a Private Investment company (PIC)?

44. A public perception that a bank is not able to manage its operational risk effectively can...

45. Automated Sale

46. How are 'Predicate Crimes' sometimes identified?

47. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

48. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

49. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Eight

50. What tend to be the markings of Private Banking transactions?