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1. FATF Recommendation 40

2. Boiler Room

3. FATF Recommendation 2

4. FATF Recommendation 37

5. FATF Recommendation 18

6. 'Kiting' via credit card

7. Why is it imperative to have a strong Know Your Employee program?

8. What does Financial Sector AssessmentProgram (FSAP) do?

9. Under the US Bank Secrecy Act - SAR filings are confidential and the institutions employees cannot ____?

10. What was the effect of the 1988 Vienna Convention as it relates to extradtition?

11. Express Trust

12. FATF Recommendation 9

13. Who issues the Internationa Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) and how often?

14. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 methods are identified as 'Funds Transfers'?

15. What is a 'NCCT'?

16. Why is 'refining' critical to a money launderer's efforts?

17. FATF Recommendation 36

18. Nostro

19. Why is 'Know Your Correspondent Bank' important?

20. FATF Recommendation 28

21. FATF Recommendation 25

22. FATF Recommendation 15

23. FATF's designated transactional threshold for Delaers is Precious metals and / or Precious Stones is _____.

24. What does an Extradition Treaty specify?

25. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

26. Why is a 'money order' attractive to a money launderer?

27. Who appoints a 'Federal Receiver' (US)?

28. What are included in the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?

29. Three stages of money laundering

30. Counter Party

31. FATF Recommendation 19

32. What does a 'Commission Rogatoire' normally specify?

33. Transparency International

34. (Credit Card) Issuing Bank

35. Vital Service Providers (VSPs)

36. 'Loan Back' method. Give example of how it works.

37. Underwriting

38. Why is understanding 'Product Diversion' important to the AML investigator?

39. Identification data

40. What is one of the Financial Service Authority's (UK) tasks?

41. According to FATF - financial transactions above a designated threshold may include situations where the transaction takes place in a single operation or in several operations...

42. Who appear to be predominant users of hawalas and other alternative remittance systems?

43. Portfolio Manager

44. Cash Log

45. Short Sale

46. A 'panzi' scheme is named for whom?

47. What does the principal US money laundering law look for before implementing its 'Extraterritorial Reach'?

48. Who are the parties involved in a trust?

49. What is the significance of 'Non-Financial Trades and Businesses' in realtion to Money Laundering?

50. Common types of 'Derivatives'