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1. Under the US Bank Secrecy Act - SAR filings are confidential and the institutions employees cannot ____?

2. The Palemo Convention

3. OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

4. White-Collar crime

5. FATF Recommendation 23

6. Legal Arrangements (Insurance Industry)

7. What was the effect of the 1988 Vienna Convention as it relates to extradtition?


9. What tend to be the markings of Private Banking transactions?

10. Scheme

11. What does a 'Commission Rogatoire' normally specify?

12. FATF Recommendation 39

13. Investigative Log

14. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR One

15. FATF Recommendation 19

16. Should one ever file a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR/SAR) based on a person's profile?

17. What is the goal of FSAP?

18. Characteristics of an 'Open System Stored Value Card'

19. Why does a launderer try to run transactions through a concentration account of a financial institution?

20. What must a financial institution do if they have 'Exempt Accounts'?

21. What are some of the AML dangers of casino junkets?

22. Portfolio Manager

23. Underwriting

24. FATF Recommendation 29

25. A pyramid scheme is also called...

26. The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (UK) has published a series of AML Guidance Notes for different sectors of the financial community. But - As a group of trade associations - it has...

27. What does an Extradition Treaty specify?

28. FATF Recommendation 7

29. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 methods are identified as 'Funds Transfers'?

30. FATF Recommendation 5

31. What is private investment company also known as?

32. USA Patriot Act Section 312 'Offshore Bank'

33. OTC markets Over-The-Counter

34. Vital Service Providers (VSPs)

35. FATF Recommendation 1

36. Cash Letter

37. UK courts view on 'Suspicion'

38. FATF Recommendation 11

39. As considered by UN and OECD - these are jurisdictions that have no or low tax rates - and do not attract real business or foreign investment

40. Why is it imperative to have a strong Know Your Employee program?

41. What does the 'SEC' (US Securities and Exchange Commission) do?

42. FATF's designated transactional threshold for Delaers is Precious metals and / or Precious Stones is _____.

43. Three stages of money laundering

44. What are included in the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?

45. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

46. Operational risks in KYC context relate to...

47. Dematerialization of Securities

48. Reverse Flip

49. How does the Egmont group help its members?

50. 'Closed-end Mutual Fund' (Or Comany)