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1. FATF Recommendation 15

2. In what country is the Egmont Group Secretariat now located?

3. Investigative Log

4. FATF's designated transactional threshold for Delaers is Precious metals and / or Precious Stones is _____.

5. Why is understanding 'Product Diversion' important to the AML investigator?

6. A 'Cash Letter' can also be referred to as _____.

7. Distribution Channels (Insurance Industry)

8. Guaranteed Introducing Broker

9. What the primary objectives of Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors?

10. Basel's 'CDD for Banks' states that the decision to open an account for a PEP should be taken at...

11. 'Coucil of Europe Convention on Laundering - Search - Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime' is known for what?

12. FATF Recommendation 8

13. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Seven

14. FATF Recommendation 18

15. What was the target of UN Security Council Resolution 1373?

16. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Eight

17. FATF Recommendation 20

18. Many jurisdictions have legislation to ensure that suspects are not ____?

19. What normal business practise makes 'Product Division' possible?

20. Basel committee's 'Customer Due Diligence for Banks' when verifying a unit's compliance with KYC policies and procedures - the home country supervisors or auditors should do what?

21. What does a 'Commission Rogatoire' normally specify?

22. OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

23. What does Financial Sector AssessmentProgram (FSAP) do?

24. How does the Egmont group help its members?

25. How is 'Identity theft' often accomplished?

26. Vital Service Providers (VSPs)

27. FATF Recommendation 33

28. Money Mules

29. FATF Recommendation 31

30. How are 'Predicate Crimes' sometimes identified?

31. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 areas are associated with 'Contractual Transactions'?

32. FATF Recommendation 38

33. What does FIU do beyond what FIU does?

34. EAG

35. The Palemo Convention

36. Counter Party

37. Transparency International

38. Market Manipulation

39. Pink Sheets

40. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Nine

41. What was the effect of the 1988 Vienna Convention as it relates to extradtition?

42. What is a 'Trust'?

43. A 'panzi' scheme is named for whom?

44. The USA Patriot Act enacted a number of statutory provisions that bear directly on the procedures US financial institutions must follow in connection with their...

45. Moneyval

46. When was the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors established? What was the impetus behind its establishment?

47. Dematerialization of Securities

48. Automated Sale

49. Derivatives

50. Convertible Bond