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Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist Cams

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1. Market Manipulation

2. FATF Recommendation 39

3. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

4. The Palemo Convention

5. Counter Party

6. Example of use of an Apostille

7. Basel's 'CDD for Banks' states that the decision to open an account for a PEP should be taken at...

8. Commodity

9. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Six

10. Account Monitoring Order (UK and several other countries)

11. What is the goal of the Egmont group?

12. FATF Recommendation 33

13. What is a 'Trust'?

14. Common types of 'Derivatives'

15. What normal business practise makes 'Product Division' possible?

16. (Credit Card) Issuing Bank

17. 'Introducing Broker-Dealers in Commodities' (IB-C)

18. FATF Recommendation 8

19. What is the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring?

20. FATF Recommendation 11

21. Dematerialization of Securities

22. What are some of the AML dangers of casino junkets?

23. FATF Recommendation 31

24. What do boiler room salespeople typically sell?

25. What is the Wolfsberg group?

26. FATF Recommendation 3

27. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

28. Characteristics of an 'Open System Stored Value Card'

29. OTC markets Over-The-Counter

30. Basel committee's 'Customer Due Diligence for Banks' when verifying a unit's compliance with KYC policies and procedures - the home country supervisors or auditors should do what?

31. Cash Equivalent

32. Why is understanding 'Product Diversion' important to the AML investigator?

33. Examples of White-collar crime

34. FATF Recommendation 29

35. Abusive Squeezes

36. Mutual Fund

37. Boiler Room

38. FATF Recommendation 36

39. 'Closed-end Mutual Fund' (Or Comany)

40. What were recently identified as Emerging Money Laundering risks?

41. FATF Recommendation 37

42. Investment Adviser

43. What must a financial institution do if they have 'Exempt Accounts'?


45. FATF Recommendation 22

46. FATF Recommendation 28

47. What does the principal US money laundering law look for before implementing its 'Extraterritorial Reach'?

48. Why is 'Know Your Correspondent Bank' important?

49. Where is the Art Loss Register found?

50. 'Loan Back' method. Give example of how it works.