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1. FATF Recommendation 38

2. Transparency International

3. FATF Recommendation 11

4. FATF Recommendation 36

5. Who appoints a 'Federal Receiver' (US)?

6. FATF Recommendation 7

7. FATF Recommendation 23

8. Operational risks in KYC context relate to...

9. Mutual Fund

10. Behaviour detection

11. Wholesale Banking

12. Three stages of money laundering

13. What is the aim of Joint Money Laundering Steering Group? (UK)

14. What is a 'Trust'?

15. Corporate Bank

16. What is the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring?

17. FATF Recommendation 2

18. What is the primary use of a 'Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty'?

19. Common types of 'Derivatives'

20. Short Sale

21. Why is a 'money order' attractive to a money launderer?

22. FATF Recommendation 16

23. Under the US Bank Secrecy Act - SAR filings are confidential and the institutions employees cannot ____?

24. What do boiler room salespeople typically do?

25. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Four

26. White-Collar crime

27. Pink Sheets

28. What are included in the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?

29. Why does a launderer try to run transactions through a concentration account of a financial institution?

30. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

31. What must a financial institution do if they have 'Exempt Accounts'?

32. How is 'Legal Risk' defined by the 2001 Basel Due Diligence Principles?

33. Who are the parties involved in a trust?

34. FATF Recommendation 25

35. What is the FCPA primarily known for?

36. Commodity

37. FATF Recommendation 22

38. What is important about the US Money Laundering Control Act (MCLA)?

39. FATF's designated transactional threshold for Casinos (including Internet Casinos) is _____.

40. Guaranteed Introducing Broker

41. What is the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)?

42. Where is the Art Loss Register found?

43. FATF Recommendation 39

44. Boiler Room

45. USA Patriot Act Section 312 'Offshore Bank'

46. Counter Party

47. Cash Log

48. What is meant by 'Know Your Correspondent Bank'?


50. Distribution Channels (Insurance Industry)