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1. What was the target of UN Security Council Resolution 1267?

2. What is important about the US Money Laundering Control Act (MCLA)?

3. FATF Recommendation 4

4. What is meant by 'Know Your Customer's customer'?

5. FATF Recommendations examples of non-financial businesses and professions

6. Dematerialization of Securities

7. What tend to be the markings of Private Banking transactions?

8. How is 'Identity theft' often accomplished?

9. FATF Recommendation 2

10. What are the two types of Stored Value Cards?

11. FATF Recommendation 18

12. What do boiler room salespeople typically sell?

13. What is one of the cental stragetic tools required for effective action against money laundering?

14. Identification data

15. Credit Card Associations

16. EAG

17. What is one of the Financial Service Authority's (UK) tasks?

18. FATF Recommendation 10

19. FATF Recommendation 32

20. FATF Recommendation 35

21. What must a financial institution do if they have 'Exempt Accounts'?

22. How do most governments view Private Banking?

23. UK courts view on 'Suspicion'

24. Who appear to be predominant users of hawalas and other alternative remittance systems?

25. FATF Recommendation 21

26. FATF Recommendation 11

27. What is the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring?

28. The USA Patriot Act enacted a number of statutory provisions that bear directly on the procedures US financial institutions must follow in connection with their...

29. Penny Stocks

30. Many jurisdictions have legislation to ensure that suspects are not ____?

31. A notary can issue a Apostille but it must be in a country that signed The Hague Convention (1961) and it must ___________. If the notary doesn't understand - find another one.

32. Reverse Flip

33. Examples of VSP's

34. Should one ever file a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR/SAR) based on a person's profile?

35. What is private investment company also known as?

36. As considered by UN and OECD - these are jurisdictions that have no or low tax rates - and do not attract real business or foreign investment


38. What was the effect of the 1988 Vienna Convention as it relates to extradtition?

39. FATF Recommendation 30

40. In general terms - EDD requires what of a financial institution?

41. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Nine

42. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Two

43. 'Kiting' via credit card

44. (Stock) Warrants

45. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Eight

46. Investigative Log

47. Dormant Account

48. Market Manipulation

49. According to FATF - financial transactions above a designated threshold may include situations where the transaction takes place in a single operation or in several operations...

50. Fraud