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1. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Three

2. What does the 'SEC' (US Securities and Exchange Commission) do?

3. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

4. The IMF estimates that laundered funds compromise ______ of the world's GDP

5. FATF Recommendation 31

6. What do boiler room salespeople typically sell?

7. Open System Stored Value Card

8. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

9. Automated Sale

10. Why do companies export their goods at prices far below those in their home country?

11. SRO (Self-Regulatory Organizations)

12. Commodity Pool

13. Why is 'Know Your Correspondent Bank' important?

14. FATF Recommendation 33

15. In general terms - EDD requires what of a financial institution?

16. Commodity

17. Examples of VSP's

18. FATF Recommendation 15

19. Wholesale Banking

20. What was the target of UN Security Council Resolution 1373?

21. The USA Patriot Act enacted a number of statutory provisions that bear directly on the procedures US financial institutions must follow in connection with their...

22. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Four

23. FATF Recommendation 25

24. Arrest Warrant

25. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR One

26. What is the FCPA primarily known for?

27. FATF Recommendation 26

28. FATF Recommendation 38

29. FATF Recommendation 6

30. What is a Financial Intelligence Unit?

31. FATF Recommendation 17

32. What is meant by 'Know Your Correspondent Bank'?

33. Dematerialization of Securities

34. Commodity Trading Advisor

35. FATF Recommendation 1

36. What is one of the Financial Service Authority's (UK) tasks?

37. Characteristics of an 'Open System Stored Value Card'

38. FATF Recommendation 23

39. What normal business practise makes 'Product Division' possible?

40. FATF Recommendations examples of non-financial businesses and professions

41. Reverse Flip

42. What does Financial Sector AssessmentProgram (FSAP) do?

43. FATF Recommendation 40

44. FATF Recommendation 21

45. What does the principal US money laundering law look for before implementing its 'Extraterritorial Reach'?

46. Why does a launderer try to run transactions through a concentration account of a financial institution?

47. Examples of White-collar crime

48. What is the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)?

49. In Emerging Money Laundering Risks - what 3 areas are associated with 'Contractual Transactions'?

50. The Palemo Convention