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1. Open System Stored Value Card

2. FATF Recommendation 40

3. The IMF estimates that laundered funds compromise ______ of the world's GDP

4. FATF Recommendation 23

5. Arrest Warrant

6. Abusive Squeezes

7. The Palemo Convention


9. Commodity Pool Operator

10. 'Coucil of Europe Convention on Laundering - Search - Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime' is known for what?

11. FATF Recommendation 22

12. Identification data

13. What is the primary use of a 'Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty'?

14. The Vienns Convention

15. FATF Recommendation 27

16. FATF Recommendation 21

17. FATF Recommendation 11

18. Why is understanding 'Product Diversion' important to the AML investigator?

19. FATF Recommendation 20

20. FATF Recommendation 4

21. Corporate Bank

22. Downstream Correspondent Clearer

23. When was the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors established? What was the impetus behind its establishment?

24. Basel committee's 'Customer Due Diligence for Banks' when verifying a unit's compliance with KYC policies and procedures - the home country supervisors or auditors should do what?

25. Credit Card Associations

26. What does FIU do beyond what FIU does?

27. UK courts view on 'Suspicion'

28. Free Look Period

29. Agent (Insurance Industry)

30. What do boiler room salespeople typically do?

31. What is one of the Financial Service Authority's (UK) tasks?

32. Variable Annuity

33. Account Monitoring Order (UK and several other countries)

34. (Credit card) Acquiring Bank

35. What are included in the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?

36. What do boiler room salespeople typically sell?

37. FATF Recommendation 2

38. Fraud

39. Underwriting

40. Why is 'Know Your Correspondent Bank' important?

41. Why is a 'money order' attractive to a money launderer?

42. FATF Recommendation 14

43. Commodity Trading Advisor

44. Retail Banking

45. Wholesale Banking

46. Why does a launderer try to run transactions through a concentration account of a financial institution?

47. Short Sale

48. Investment Adviser

49. How is 'Identity theft' often accomplished?

50. What does the 'SEC' (US Securities and Exchange Commission) do?