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Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist Cams

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1. What were recently identified as Emerging Money Laundering risks?

2. FATF Recommendation 32

3. Penny Stocks

4. What is one of the cental stragetic tools required for effective action against money laundering?

5. In what country is the Egmont Group Secretariat now located?

6. Options/Options Contract

7. FATF Recommendation 25

8. Why do companies export their goods at prices far below those in their home country?

9. What is the goal of the Egmont group?

10. How do most governments view Private Banking?

11. What is a 'NCCT'?

12. EAG

13. When is a jurisdiction considered to be 'ring-fenced'?

14. (Credit Card) Issuing Bank

15. FATF Recommendation 18

16. What are included in the Wolfsberg AML Principles on Private Banking?

17. UK courts view on 'Suspicion'

18. FATF Recommendation 28

19. 'Commission Rogatoire' known in English as?

20. What are some of the AML dangers of casino junkets?

21. Cash Equivalent

22. FATF Sepcial Recommendation on Terrorist Financing -- SR Six

23. Free Look Period

24. FATF Recommendation 27

25. SRO (Self-Regulatory Organizations)


27. FATF Recommendation 29

28. FATF Recommendation 8

29. (Credit card) Acquiring Bank

30. What normal business practise makes 'Product Division' possible?

31. How is 'Legal Risk' defined by the 2001 Basel Due Diligence Principles?

32. Mutual Fund

33. The Vienns Convention

34. FATF Recommendation 23

35. Convertible Bond

36. Open System Stored Value Card

37. FATF Recommendation 6

38. Commodity Pool

39. What are the two types of Stored Value Cards?

40. Investigative Log

41. Credit Card Associations

42. 'Competent Authorities' refers to _____.

43. FATF Recommendation 14

44. FATF Recommendation 16

45. What is meant by 'Know Your Correspondent Bank'?

46. Pink Sheets

47. FATF Recommendation 19

48. What tend to be the markings of Private Banking transactions?

49. Examples of White-collar crime

50. FATF Recommendation 11