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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

Subject : certifications
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1. Implied contract where the physician is expected to assess and treat the patient with the same amount of knowledge - skill - and judgment as another physician

2. Unlawful use of force or violence

3. Derm/o

4. Past illnesses - surgical operations - and patients daily health habits

5. A document that describes the insurance coverage for an individual or property

6. Away from the surface

7. Pain

8. A visual examination

9. A period of time when you are not covered by insurance for a particular problem

10. Small groups of patients are scheduled at intervals throughout the hour

11. Lymph glands - heart - vessels

12. Lying on the back

13. Statement of the patients symptoms

14. All left alligned

15. Size - number of appointments - space for detail - comfort for writing

16. Back side fo the body

17. Under - below

18. Lying on the belly

19. Arthr/o

20. Stomach - intestine

21. Amount payable by the carrier toward the cost of service for which the patient for

22. Pertaining to the side

23. Disease condition

24. A written form that states their understanding of treatment

25. Process of measurement

26. Dent/I

27. Sarc/o

28. Scheduling two patients to see the physician at the same time

29. Excision

30. An instrument to crush

31. An instrument to cut

32. Muscles - bones - joints - marrow

33. Apparent through their action - not written

34. Decision made based on information reguarding the patient's history and the results of the doctors examination

35. Pertaining to

36. Inflammation

37. The usage of an impartial third party for the hearing and determination of a dispute

38. Condition - usually abonormal

39. Dependability - courtesy - initiative - interpersonal skills

40. Slow

41. Advise the patient to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time

42. Briefly explain the reason for delay - and provide the patient with the option to reschedule

43. Protein

44. Failure to provide the necessary care that is required for a person's situation

45. Brain - nerves - mind

46. Carcin/o

47. Enter/o

48. Against

49. Below another structure

50. Within