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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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1. Information reguarding the health of members of the patient's family - and a record of the causes of death.

2. Rhin/o

3. An instrument to visually or aurally examine

4. Certain number of patients are scheduled to arrive at the same time and the patients are seen in the order in which they arrive

5. Oste/o

6. Advise the patient to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time

7. Statement of the patients symptoms

8. Stomach - intestine

9. Unlawful use of force or violence

10. Under - below

11. Pertaining to

12. Amount payable by the carrier toward the cost of service for which the patient for

13. Enter/o

14. Makes copies of card - contact insurance carrier to determine exactly which services they patient is eligible to receive -

15. Briefly explain the reason for delay - and provide the patient with the option to reschedule

16. The amount the patient pays for an insurance contract

17. Blood - cells

18. The portion of a service fee that the patient must pay

19. A format for progress notes based on the letters of the word

20. Individual - group - government

21. Lying on the back

22. Blood condition

23. Gastr/o

24. Accommodate the patient as best as possible; ensure that the patient is aware that making an appointment is the most effective way to receive care

25. State of; conditon

26. Make sure the original appointment time is properly removed - then schedule the new appointment

27. A written form that states their understanding of treatment

28. Ren/o

29. Inflammation

30. Information reguarding the patients lifestyle (drinking and smoking etc)

31. Cardi/o

32. Within

33. Before - in front of

34. Bo/o

35. Determine the patients status (new or Established) - obtain the required general information - enter info into patient history form - review the form for accuracy - enter the patents name into the computerized ledger - assemble the appropriate forms

36. First-class mail that weighs more than 13 ounces

37. Protein

38. Establishes regulations for the use and disclosure of protected health information

39. Letters - postal cards - postcards - and business reply mail

40. Arrangements should be made for the patient to be seen the same day

41. In instrument to measure

42. The amount an individual must pay for heath care expenses before insurance

43. Size - number of appointments - space for detail - comfort for writing

44. Tumor - mass welling

45. Above another structure

46. Dependability - courtesy - initiative - interpersonal skills

47. Slow

48. Note the absence on the patient's medical chart as well as the appointment book and attempt to reschedule.

49. Excessive - above more than normal

50. Produced by - pertaining to producing