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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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1. Ovaries - testes

2. Cardi/o

3. Deficient - below - under less than normal

4. Pancreas - thyroid

5. Amount payable by the carrier toward the cost of service for which the patient for

6. A form of mailing large volumes of information which is presorted by zip code

7. Dependability - courtesy - initiative - interpersonal skills

8. Blood - cells

9. Lying on the belly

10. Lying on the back

11. In instrument to crush

12. Excessive - above more than normal

13. Implied contract where the physician is expected to assess and treat the patient with the same amount of knowledge - skill - and judgment as another physician

14. Certain number of patients are scheduled to arrive at the same time and the patients are seen in the order in which they arrive

15. Cerebr/o

16. Ur/o

17. An instrument to visually or aurally examine

18. Amount customarily charged for or covered for similar services and supplies which are medically necessary - recommended by a doctor - or required for treatment

19. Pain

20. Above - upon

21. Against

22. Rhin/o

23. An instrument to cut

24. An arrangement by which a patient requests that their health benefit payments be made directly to a physician

25. Arrangements should be made for the patient to be seen the same day

26. Skin - hair - nails

27. Before

28. Makes copies of card - contact insurance carrier to determine exactly which services they patient is eligible to receive -

29. Determine the patients status (new or Established) - obtain the required general information - enter info into patient history form - review the form for accuracy - enter the patents name into the computerized ledger - assemble the appropriate forms

30. First-class mail that weighs more than 13 ounces

31. Obtain and verify general information - gather information regarding a patient referral - determine the patient's chief complaint - make the patient aware of the various dates and times that are available to come in - enter the appropriate time for t

32. Assessment or Diognosis

33. Inflammation

34. Scheduling two patients to see the physician at the same time

35. Dent/I

36. Enter/o

37. Health - protection system

38. Stomach - intestine

39. Size - number of appointments - space for detail - comfort for writing

40. Oste/o

41. Past illnesses - surgical operations - and patients daily health habits

42. Lymph glands - heart - vessels

43. Apparent through their action - not written

44. Before - in front of

45. Above another structure

46. Fet/o

47. cephal/o

48. Process of recording

49. This type of mailing gives the sender the option to receive proof of delivery

50. Electr/o