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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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1. Before

2. Stomach - intestine

3. Lungs - bronchi - trachea

4. Process of measurement

5. An instrument/machine to record

6. Nephr/o

7. Incision

8. Pertaining to the side

9. Condition - usually abonormal

10. Bo/o

11. A format for progress notes based on the letters of the word

12. Arrangements should be made for the patient to be seen the same day

13. Muscles - bones - joints - marrow

14. Statement of the patients symptoms

15. Information reguarding the health of members of the patient's family - and a record of the causes of death.

16. Advise the patient to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time

17. High premiums and a limited amount of benefits

18. Scheduling two patients to see the physician at the same time

19. cephal/o

20. Front surface of the body

21. Individual - group - government

22. Inflammation

23. A period of time when you are not covered by insurance for a particular problem

24. Greater benefits and low premiums

25. Make sure the original appointment time is properly removed - then schedule the new appointment

26. Kidneys - bladder - ureters - urethra

27. The usage of an impartial third party for the hearing and determination of a dispute

28. Process of recording

29. An arrangement by which a patient requests that their health benefit payments be made directly to a physician

30. A document that describes the insurance coverage for an individual or property

31. Determine the patients status (new or Established) - obtain the required general information - enter info into patient history form - review the form for accuracy - enter the patents name into the computerized ledger - assemble the appropriate forms

32. Gastr/o

33. Blood condition

34. Establishes regulations for the use and disclosure of protected health information

35. Skin - hair - nails

36. Fet/o

37. Below another structure

38. Dent/I

39. Far from the point of attachment to the trunck of far from the beginning of a structure

40. Information reguarding the patients lifestyle (drinking and smoking etc)

41. A new opening

42. Plans for further studies - treatment - or management

43. Blood - cells

44. An instrument to crush

45. Pancreas - thyroid

46. Excision

47. Near the point of attachment to the trunk or near the beginning of a structure

48. This type of mailing gives the sender the option to receive proof of delivery

49. Discontinuation of medical care without proper notice

50. Failure to provide the necessary care that is required for a person's situation