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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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1. A period of time when you are not covered by insurance for a particular problem

2. Under - below

3. An instrument/machine to record

4. Above another structure

5. Dependability - courtesy - initiative - interpersonal skills

6. A form of mailing large volumes of information which is presorted by zip code

7. Apparent through their action - not written

8. Heading - date - and signiture are tabbed over

9. Sarc/o

10. An instrument to crush

11. Scheduling two patients to see the physician at the same time

12. In instrument to measure

13. Assessment or Diognosis

14. A format for progress notes based on the letters of the word

15. Accommodate the patient as best as possible; ensure that the patient is aware that making an appointment is the most effective way to receive care

16. In instrument to crush

17. Inflammation

18. Through - complete

19. Incision

20. Makes copies of card - contact insurance carrier to determine exactly which services they patient is eligible to receive -

21. Front surface of the body

22. Ur/o

23. A visual examination

24. Objective clinical evidence

25. The amount the patient pays for an insurance contract

26. Condition - usually abonormal

27. Above - upon

28. Excessive - above more than normal

29. Path/o

30. Against

31. Hepat/o

32. Stomach - intestine

33. Pain

34. Discontinuation of medical care without proper notice

35. Blood - cells

36. High premiums and a limited amount of benefits

37. Rhin/o

38. Nephr/o

39. Pain

40. Cyt/o

41. Available every day of the year - including holidays - for items up to 70 lbs in weight and 108 inches in height

42. Tumor - mass welling

43. Blood condition

44. Lymph glands - heart - vessels

45. A new opening

46. Pertaining to the middle or near the middle plane of the body

47. An instrument to visually or aurally examine

48. Pertaining to

49. Derm/o

50. cephal/o