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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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1. Apparent through their action - not written

2. Tumor - mass welling

3. An instrument to visually or aurally examine

4. Letters - postal cards - postcards - and business reply mail

5. All left alligned

6. Iatr/o

7. Ovaries - testes

8. The usage of an impartial third party for the hearing and determination of a dispute

9. Rhin/o

10. Amount payable by the carrier toward the cost of service for which the patient for

11. An instrument to crush

12. Arrangements should be made for the patient to be seen the same day

13. Protein

14. Before

15. A written form that states their understanding of treatment

16. Decision made based on information reguarding the patient's history and the results of the doctors examination

17. Against

18. Failure to provide the necessary care that is required for a person's situation

19. This type of mailing gives the sender the option to receive proof of delivery

20. Gastr/o

21. Time the physician is not available to see patients - hospital rounds - meetings - holidays - dinner breaks

22. Condition - usually abonormal

23. Nephr/o

24. Sarc/o

25. A format for progress notes based on the letters of the word

26. An instrument to cut

27. Skin - hair - nails

28. Within

29. Oste/o

30. Law enacted by the legislative branch of a government

31. Leuk/o

32. Small groups of patients are scheduled at intervals throughout the hour

33. The portion of a service fee that the patient must pay

34. Implied contract where the physician is expected to assess and treat the patient with the same amount of knowledge - skill - and judgment as another physician

35. Inflammation

36. In instrument to measure

37. Far from the point of attachment to the trunck of far from the beginning of a structure

38. Available to large groups of people who meet specific eligibility criteria.

39. Pertaining to

40. State of; conditon

41. A visual examination

42. Makes copies of card - contact insurance carrier to determine exactly which services they patient is eligible to receive -

43. Hepat/o

44. The amount an individual must pay for heath care expenses before insurance

45. Plans for further studies - treatment - or management

46. Cardi/o

47. Dent/I

48. A form of mailing large volumes of information which is presorted by zip code

49. Lying on the back

50. Pancreas - thyroid