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Classical Literacy

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1. 10

2. Goddess of victory

3. 'boyish &' 'childlike' (from puer- boy)

4. The god of the sky; created the Titans with Gaia & Mother Earth

5. Literally 'the greatest bridge' -- the chief priest of Roman religion (later & the emperor took on this role); now used to refer to the Pope & the head of the Catholic Church

6. A member of one of the original aristocratic families of Rome; 'aristocratic'

7. Market place/business center

8. 'in the year of the Lord &' designating the time period after Christ's birth

9. God of the sea

10. The wife of Odysseus; a model of faithfulness to one's husband

11. Home of the Greek gods

12. 'That is' used for further explanation: 'in other words...'

13. 'peace be with you'

14. The technical biological term for the human species

15. Victorious athletes & generals & and emperors wore crowns of made of the branches of the laurel tree to symbolize their victory; now & 'laurels' refer to someone's achievements

16. King punished in Tartarus by having to roll a stone up a hill continuously for eternity; when he reached the top & the stone rolled to the bottom again

17. A long poem that narrates the deeds of a hero or the history of a nation & e.g. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

18. A bundle of wooden sticks and an axe blade that the attendants of Roman magistrates carried; symbolized the magistrates' power to inflict capital punishment

19. After midday/noon

20. The ferryman for the river Styx going into the underworld

21. Prince of Troy Who was killed by Achilles in the Iliad; Achilles tied Hector's dead body to the back of his chariot and dragged it around the city walls three times

22. God of the sea

23. The plebs were the free but non-aristocratic citizens of Rome; today & plebeian means 'of a low class'

24. One of the 12 Titans & father of Zeus/Jupiter & who swallowed his children in an attempt to keep from being overthrown

25. Homer's epic poem about Odysseus & kind of Ithaca & trying to find his way home from the Trojan War

26. 'note well' i.e. take note

27. 'After death'

28. One of the seven hills of Rome & south of the forum; the site of the imperial palace

29. 'The other way around'

30. Eurydice died on their wedding day. Orpheus went down to the Underworld to bring her back. Hades agreed & on the condition that Eurydice would follow behind Orpheus on their way up to the mortal world and he couldn't check to make sure She was behind

31. 'After death'

32. Literally & the apple that Eris (goddess of strife) threw in front of Hera & Aphrodite & and Athena to cause a dispute over Who was the fairest; figuratively & anything which causes a dispute

33. Home of the Greek gods

34. 'for the sake of an example' - abbreviation used when providing an example

35. 'I'

36. 'Word for word'

37. The 200 year period of peace which began under the rule of Augustus

38. A large horse and chariot racing track in Rome

39. A mural painted directly onto wet plaster (fresco means 'fresh' in Italian)

40. A long poem that narrates the deeds of a hero or the history of a nation & e.g. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

41. 'And you & Brutus?' famous last words of Julius Caesar as the Senate members assassinated him; Brutus was supposed to be a friend of his & but had a hand in the killing

42. A modern day race of 26.2 miles; from Marathon in Greece & the scene of a victory over the Persians in 490 BC; the modern race is based on the tradition that a messenger ran from Marathon to Athens (26 miles) with the news.

43. 1

44. 'The state in which'

45. The 9 goddesses who looked after the arts and inspired men in those arts

46. 'before midday &' in the morning & before noon

47. The 200 year period of peace which began under the rule of Augustus

48. Gladiator who led an uprising of slaves against the Romans in the 1st c. BC

49. Kingdom in Asia Minor which fought against Greece in Homer's Iliad

50. Queen of Sparta Who was promised to Paris by Aphrodite for choosing her (Aphrodite) as the fairest goddess; Helen was already married to Menelaus and her kidnapping began the Trojan War