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Classical Literacy

Subject : literacy
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1. God of metallurgy (metal working); married to Aphrodite

2. 'A rare bird' - something unique/rare

3. The 9 goddesses who looked after the arts and inspired men in those arts

4. The daughter of king Minos of Crete & who helped Theseus escape from the labyrinth after he killed the minotaur

5. 'by mouth' - used on prescription medicines that have to be taken orally

6. Kingdom in Asia Minor which fought against Greece in Homer's Iliad

7. Temple in Rome dedicated to all the Roman gods

8. 'per year'

9. The technical biological term for the human species

10. Lived in the Labyrinth; fed off of Athenian youths; killed by Theseus

11. A state of disorganized matter from which the gods and the world were created

12. Goddess of grain & the harvest & and the seasons; mother of Persephone/Proserpina

13. King of Ithaca who came up with the idea of using the Trojan horse to defeat the city of Troy; hero of the Odyssey

14. 'per head' 'per person'

15. A teacher Who is like a parent; comes from the Mentor & Odysseus' old friend & whom he left in charge of his son Telemachus when he went off to the Trojan War

16. 'I refuse &' used by the president of the US to stop any bill he sees unfit from passing

17. The garment which signified a Roman man's citizenship

18. 'seize the day'

19. 1000

20. Queen of Sparta Who was promised to Paris by Aphrodite for choosing her (Aphrodite) as the fairest goddess; Helen was already married to Menelaus and her kidnapping began the Trojan War

21. 'Against' & used to show Who is up against who in sports matches & legal battles & etc.

22. One-eyed children of Ouranos/Uranus and Gaea (Mother Earth); sided with Zeus during the war with the Titans; were helpers of the smith-god Hephaestus

23. Victorious athletes & generals & and emperors wore crowns of made of the branches of the laurel tree to symbolize their victory; now & 'laurels' refer to someone's achievements

24. Gladiator who led an uprising of slaves against the Romans in the 1st c. BC

25. One of the seven hills of Rome & south of the forum; the site of the imperial palace

26. 'in the year of the Lord &' designating the time period after Christ's birth

27. Goddess of the hearth

28. Son of Zeus; had to complete 12 labors to regain favor with the gods after killing his family; when he died & he became a god

29. 'before midday &' in the morning & before noon

30. Characterized by sitting & inactive (from sedet- to sit)

31. The king of the gods; god of thunder and lightning

32. The three-headed dog that guarded the gates of the Underworld

33. The norms or values of a society

34. The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet (i); commonly used in the phrase 'not one iota &' meaning 'not one bit'

35. Refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the responsibilities of a parent

36. 'All-knowing'

37. 'before midday &' in the morning & before noon

38. Writing after the body of a letter

39. Twin brothers & raised by a wolf; Romulus killed Remus and founded Rome

40. A long poem that narrates the deeds of a hero or the history of a nation & e.g. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

41. 'in the whole &' 'as a whole &' 'totally'; ex: The suggestions were adopted in toto.

42. Sweet-sounding (literally 'flowing like honey')

43. 'boyish &' 'childlike' (from puer- boy)

44. 'To err is human' - in other words & it's normal to mess up

45. 'Time flies/flees'

46. Another name for Zeus/Jupiter

47. Greek god of nature; had the torso and head of a man & but the legs and horns of a goat

48. Was chosen by Zeus to settle the argument of Who was the fairest of the goddesses; he chose Aphrodite because she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world if he chose her

49. Carthaginian general who attacked Italy by crossing the Italian Alps in the 2nd Punic War; He was eventually defeated by Scipio at the Battle of Zama

50. 'from the office &' 'by right of office' - used to refer to someone Who is a member of a group (a board & committee & council & etc.) because they hold another office/position