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CLEP American Government

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1. In Johnson v. Texas (1989) - the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag in a manner that does not pose a threat to people or property is allowed as this type of freedom of speech.

2. In Congress - _____________ are informal organizations of individual congressional representatives with like interests or constituencies. Members work together to promote the interests of the groups they represent through legislation - policy - and p

3. A test established by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes - Jr. - in 1919 to define the point at which speech loses the protection of the First Amendment.

4. According to one survey - what percentage of Americans belongs to groups that sometimes take a stand on public issues

5. In Woodson v. North Carolina - the Supreme Court struck down mandatory sentencing of capital punishment as ______________________ because it does not allow for any discretion.

6. Economists generally agree that the major responsibility for promoting prosperity and full employment falls on ________________.

7. Included are Ways and Means - Veteran's Affairs - Transportation and Infrastructure - Standards of Official Conduct - Small Business - Science - Judiciary - Rules - Resources - Oversight of Government Reform - House Administration - Homeland Security

8. President requires their approval to appoint judges - ambassadors and other high officials.

9. Most states have ___________ legislatures.

10. These parties often emerge as off-shoots of major parties or as single-issue parties. They typically act as critic/innovator bringing attention to issues and influencing the platforms of the major parties.

11. The ___________ aspects of Federalism include: diversity/diffusion of power - more access points for political participation - fostering of experimentation and innovation - and allowing local governments to manage local problems effectively

12. Love of country and a desire for independence; it can also mean an excessive form of patriotism exploited by political leaders.

13. In which case did the Supreme Court rule that the concept of privacy included the right to a legal abortion?

14. A judicial opinion agreed to by a majority of the members of a court. A majority opinion sets forth the decision of the court and an explanation of the rationale behind the court's decision.

15. Guarantees that an accused in innocent until proven guilty.

16. A method available in most states that allows voters - in effect - to 'veto' a bill passed by the legislature or to accept or reject a proposal - such as a bond issue - made by a government agency.

17. Federal grants in which the recipient has little discretion over how the money is spent. The national government sets narrowly defined rules for use of funds and often requires the states or local governments to provide matching funds. These grants a

18. The president - the vice president - the heads of the major executive departments of the government - and certain other senior officials who may hold 'cabinet rank.'

19. While both Asian and Hispanic immigrants experience various types of discrimination - Hispanic immigrants are more likely to experience economic discrimination. This explains why most Hispanics identify with the ____________ party - while Asians do n

20. Court cases that concern crimes committed against the public order.

21. Today the South is is a two-party battleground - in which the ______________ often have the upper hand

22. In 1987 - the FCC abandoned the fairness doctrine on the grounds that it unconstitutionally restricted the ______________ rights of broadcasters.

23. Courts of original jurisdiction in federal crimes - civil suits under federal law - civil suits between citizens of different states where the amount in question exceeds $50 -000 - bankruptcy proceedings - cases involving some federal administrative

24. Amendment that delegated the election of Senators to popular vote.

25. This influential English document refuted divine right of monarchy and made monarchs subject to laws and responsible for crimes

26. 1946 Act requiring bureaucratic agencies to appeal to the affected parties before adopting new policies. Legislative check on Bureaucracy.

27. Judicial Check on Legislative Branch. Not specifically outlined in the Constitution - but established in the case of Marbury v. Madison through the application of the Supremacy Clause in Article VI.

28. Considered the most sacred right in American history. Colonists felt oppressed by the tyranny of the crown but were unable to speak up about it for fear of repercussion.

29. Dissenting Democrats focused on foreign affairs. Aligned with the US Communist Party.

30. When neither political party is dominant.

31. Which of the following factors is likely to be the weakest indicator of an individual's political beliefs and opinions? Age - Race - Intelligence - or Religion

32. The 1892 platform of the Populist party repudiating laissez-faire and demanding economic and political reform

33. A term often used to describe the economic and political ties between the military establishment and the defense-aerospace industry.

34. A powerful alliance of mutual benefit among an agency or unit of the government - an interest group - and a committee or subcommittee of Congress. Also called a triangle or iron triangle.

35. An elected office that is predictably won by one party or the other - so the success of that party's candidate is almost taken for granted

36. Loose - competitive relationships among policy experts - interest groups - congressional committees - and federal agencies. Many observers argue that these have replaced iron triangles.

37. A close contest; by extension - any contest in which the focus is on who is ahead and how much rather than on substantive differences between the candidates.

38. The expansion of cable and satellite tv has _________________ the president's power to influence public opinion.

39. This branch of government checks Bureaucracy through its control over the creation and elimination of agencies as well as its control over budget appropriations.

40. Which powers of the national government flow from its enumerated powers and from the 'elastic clause' of the Constitution?

41. ____________ often influence political appointments in an effort to influence bureaucracy.

42. A group of independent states or nations that come together for a common purpose and whose central authority is usually limited to defense and foreign relations.

43. The binding decisions that the government makes whether in the form of laws -regulations - or judicial decisions

44. Voting based on looking back and making judgments about the way things have gone and the kind of government experienced during a political leader's time in office.

45. In the 1990 case OR State Employment Division v. Smith 1990 - the Supreme court allowed the state to fire employees who use peyote during native American religious ceremonies because it is in violation of drug laws. In this case - which clause of the

46. Government regulation of the economy through its control over taxes and government spending. Controlled by the Department of Treasury.

47. A system in which national and state governments are competitors with distinct powers. This system was prominent in the US from the during the 19th century until 1937.

48. The total amount of money that the United States owes to its creditors.

49. A policy of avoiding foreign involvement.

50. A world economy characterized by the free movement of goods - capital - labor - and information across national borders.