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CLEP U.S. History Early Colonization Till 1865

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1. What are the queen's personal pirates or privateers called?

2. powerful Indian chief of tribes near James River

3. What was the date of John Smith's mock execution?

4. What was the first settlement - type of ownership - when was it founeded - main export - and status of Maryland?

5. Came to Jamestown in 1610 - develped a strict military regime - and attacked Native Americans.

6. Law stating that the eldest son had all rights to father's assets and land.

7. What was the result of the 2nd Powhatan war?

8. Where and why was Jamestown established at the area it was?

9. Gave master all power over slave - condoned cruel punishments

10. Former 'sea dog' - established an unsucessful colony in Roanoke - NC. Was later executed by Queen Elizabeth.

11. What year was the Powhatan people practiacally declared extinct?

12. Poor person that bond themselves to several years of labor to pay for passage to New World.

13. Business entity that is owned by many shareholders - first form of a corporation.

14. From prominent Catholic family - founded Maryland in 1634 - as a safe haven for other Catholics.

15. A country that is unified.

16. Effect of primongenture laws on younger sons?

17. How many settlers survived the starving time?

18. What year did James I make bankrupt Virginia a royal colony?

19. What 4 important things happened in 1619?

20. The act of using another human being for free labor - treating them as property.

21. What rivers were important for transporatation in the south?

22. What was the first settlement - type of ownership - when was it founeded - main export - and status of North Carolina?

23. What unusual right did Southern women have?

24. What was a headright?

25. Who in 1612 perfected the rasing and harvesting of tabacco?

26. What were the '3 D's'?

27. What year did the Carolinas officially spilt?

28. In the West Indies what staple crop was most important?

29. To limit property rights to eldest son.

30. What three vices were allowed in Georgia?

31. First representnative government in New World - founded in Virginia in 1619.

32. What colony was founded in 1733 and was used - essentially - as a buffer?

33. What did the south have a lot of and less of?

34. One that is granted ownership of a colony - and full responsibilty of establishing a government and distributing land.

35. What colony was founded in 1634 and was to be a safe havan to Catholics?

36. Formal document issued by a monarch as a grant for power to an individual or business.

37. Impact of Enclosure Movement?

38. Two reasons England failed to establish colonies in first half of 1500's.

39. What colony was known as a valley of humilty between two mountains of conceit?

40. Common working man - no special craft - small farmer.

41. What was the first settlement - type of ownership - when was it founeded - main export - and status of Georgia?

42. Joint-stock company that established Jamestown in 1607.

43. 5 bound Indian tribes - Mowhawks - Oneidas - Onondagas - Cayugas - and Seneca- worked together to defeat enemies and obtain resources.

44. Iroquois Indian - had a vision that his people's moral decline must end - started a religion now known as Longhouse religion.

45. Daughter of chief Powhatan - through relationship with John Smith and marriage to John Rolfe - became an 'ambassador' between Indians and English settelers.

46. Soldier - statesmen - against debtors prison - founded colony of Georgia - ironically died in debtors prison himself.

47. Leader of Jamestown - 1607 was 'mock' executed and 'saved' by Pocahontas.

48. What happened in 1606 between King James I and London Virginia Company?

49. What did Charles I do in 1629?

50. Winter of 1609-1610 - many Jamestown settlers died of starvation and sickness - only 60 survived.