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CLEP Western Civilization II

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1. Germany - Austria-Hungary - Bulgaria - and Ottoman Empire ALLIED during WWI

2. Government set up in Sourthern France by the Nazis.

3. Wrote the pamphlet 'What is the THIRD ESTATE' concerning the plight of France's lower class.

4. Discovered in 1895 and led to questions about the nature of matter.

5. Thousands of Russians marched on the Winter Palace. Nicholas II gave up power. A PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT was set up - and immediately social reforms took place.

6. Greater freedom for Ireland.

7. In 1898 - a conflict between the United States and Spain - in which the U.S. supported the CUBANS' fight for INDEPENDENCE.

8. Germany - Italy - and Japan

9. Robert Jenkins - an English Captain - had his ear cut off by Spanish authorities when trying to smuggle goods into Spain. He preserved his ear in a jar of brandy and seven years later in 1738 - he appeared before the British Parliament and showed the

10. The British government took land from owners - FENCED it off - and used it to raise sheep. Benefitted the economy - but hurt small farmers.

11. Conflict between the Russian and Ottoman Empires over Christian shrines and territory fought primarily in the Crimean Peninsula. To prevent Russian expansion - Britain and France sent troops to support the Ottomans.

12. Illiterate Cossack who started a mass REVOLT of serfs and peasants. Eventually captured - tortured - then executed

13. Made by Mussolini with the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Declared catholicism Italy's official religion - made church lands tax exempt - and gave church ability to oversee rules regarding marriage. The church then RECOGNIZED MUSSOLINI's status as ruler of Italy.

14. Father of modern CONSERVATISM. noted for his emphasis on tradition. Wrote 'Reflections on the Revolution in France.'

15. A Jewish British prime minister.

16. JACOBIN French revolutionary leader who stormed the Paris bastille and who supported the execution of Louis XVI but was guillotined by Robespierre for his opposition to the Reign of Terror (1759-1794).

17. This treaty ended the Seven Years War. Gave Canada and area east of the Mississippi to Britain.

18. The Quadruple Alliance - Russia - Prussia - Austria - and Britain...plus France - to prevent France's resentment towards the victors.

19. In 1936 a rebellion erupted in Spain after a coalition of Republicans - Socialists - and Communists was elected. General Francisco Franco led the rebellion. The revolt quickly became a civil war. The Soviet Union provided arms and advisers to the gov

20. Important Russian radical who was a member of secret - exiled - SOCIAL REVOLUTIONARY AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTIES in Russia - which was ruled by a tsar.

21. Weakness of instability of OTTOMAN rule in the Mediterranean region.

22. Lasting from 1899 to 1902 - DUTCH colonists and the BRITISH competed for control of territory in South Africa.

23. Overthrew the monarchy established in 1830; briefly established a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC; failure of the republic led to the reestablishment of the French Empire under NAPOLEON III in 1850.

24. Promoted a GOSPEL of WEALTH - creating a heaven on earth by helping the poor to help themselves.

25. French general who became EMPEROR of the French (1769-1821) Subtly became sole ruler of a country trying to become democratic. Claimed the title of FIRST CONSUL. Napoleon waged economic and literal war on England constantly. KING OF ITALY too.

26. The most important commodity of the SECOND Industrial Revolution. Used for building ships - trains - bridges - and weapons of war.


28. First ruled by the Great Elector - Frederick William. Formed after Thirty Year's War. Prussia's nobles - JUNKERS - were given exemption from taxes to give loyalty to the Fredericks. Built an enormous army. Would become Germany.

29. Finance minister who INDUSTRIALIZED Russia.

30. (1740-48) Conflict caused by the rival claims for the dominions of the Habsburg family. Before the death of Charles VI - Holy Roman emperor and archduke of Austria - many of the European powers had guaranteed that Charles's daughter Maria Theresa wou

31. Ancient scientist who said earth was the center of the universe

32. A highly influential French philosopher who believed that Human beings are naturally good & free & can rely on their instincts. Government should exist to protect common good - and be a democracy. Wrote 'SOCIAL CONTRACT -' and advocated the general w

33. LIBERAL who wrote the popular work 'ON LIBERTY'

34. Mussolini's rise to power. Thousands of followers marched on Rome. King Victor Emmanuel III made Mussolini prime minister. Then Fascists made all other political parties illegal.

35. A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)

36. Three nations - Austria - Russia - and Prussia - who were nervous about liberal revolts - established the PROTOCOL OF TROPPAU that states they can intervene in the affairs of other countries unable to remain CONSERVATIVE.

37. Russia - France - and Britain during WWI.

38. The process by which religious beliefs - practices - and institutions lose their significance in sectors of society and culture.

39. Led by Danton - a temporary government set up by SANS-CULOTTES that began executing anti-revolutionaries.

40. French liberals who wanted the absolute monarchy; supported Charles X - wanted the ANCIEN REGIME

41. An alliance between Great Britain - France and Russia in the years before WWI.

42. From it emerged Turkey - Syria - Iran - and Iraq.

43. Republican form of government. United Provinces of the Netherlands; tolerant of all religions. 1st half of 17th century was golden age-govt. consisted of organized confederation of 7 provinces each w/ rep. govt. It established the Bank of Amsterdam a

44. Forefront - cutting edge - trailblazers of the revolution.

45. Developed the SCIENTIFIC METHOD through the INDUCTIVE method (specific to general) - wrote Novum Organum.

46. The CONSERVATIVE side of the National Assembly. They favored having a king and wanted an absolute monarchy like England. They were the first people to control the National Assembly.

47. King of PIEDMONT-SARDINIA - part of Italy.

48. Document that helped create the UNITED NATIONS.

49. A religious war between the Catholics and Protestants - which resulted in the political restructuring of Europe and the development of nation states - the Dutch Republic - the Swiss Confederacy - the Austro-Hungarian Empire; granted religious freedom

50. After Charles X is abdicated - this LIBERAL KING is given the throne of France. He is called the 'King of the French -' which meant that he worked for the people. NATIONAL GUARD killed forty rioters.