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CLEP Western Civilization II

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1. March 1917. Sent from German Foreign Secretary - addressed to German minister in Mexico City. Mexico should attack the US if US goes to war with Germany (needed that advantage due to Mexico's promixity to the US). In return - Germany would give back

2. Stalin's successor - wanted peaceful coexistence with the U.S. Eisenhower agreed to a summit conference with Khrushchev - France and Great Britain in Geneva - Switzerland in July - 1955 to discuss how peaceful coexistence could be achieved.

3. Forefront - cutting edge - trailblazers of the revolution.

4. Piedmont - Italy defeated Austro-Hungarian empire and won their INDEPENDENCE.

5. Discovered in 1895 and led to questions about the nature of matter.

6. Wrote 'THE SPIRIT OF THE LAWS' - advocated separation of powers with the three BRANCHES of legislative - judicial - and executive - plus checks and balances.

7. Promoted a GOSPEL of WEALTH - creating a heaven on earth by helping the poor to help themselves.

8. Illiterate Cossack who started a mass REVOLT of serfs and peasants. Eventually captured - tortured - then executed

9. French mathematician who invented CALCULUS - devised a theory of chance and probability. Wrote the 'Pensees.' Argued that religion and science are both true. PASCAL's WAGER said that It is worth the risk believing in God.

10. A joint stock company that controlled most of India during the period of imperialism. This company controlled the political - social - and economic life in India for more than 200 years.

11. A religious war between the Catholics and Protestants - which resulted in the political restructuring of Europe and the development of nation states - the Dutch Republic - the Swiss Confederacy - the Austro-Hungarian Empire; granted religious freedom

12. Mutiny of Russia's fleet took place here.

13. The conflict between Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea. The United Nations (led by the United States) helped South Korea.

14. New 'SECULAR' name for a month in summer.

15. An association of British socialists who advocate gradual evolutionary reforms within the law leading to democratic SOCIALISM.

16. The Quadruple Alliance - Russia - Prussia - Austria - and Britain...plus France - to prevent France's resentment towards the victors.


18. THE ATHENS OF THE NORTH. The Scottish had their own Enlightenment.

19. First ruled by the Great Elector - Frederick William. Formed after Thirty Year's War. Prussia's nobles - JUNKERS - were given exemption from taxes to give loyalty to the Fredericks. Built an enormous army. Would become Germany.

20. Warship that was sent to the MOROCCAN coast by the GERMANS - to publicly declare they favored Moroccans being free from their colonizers - France. It was a threat to Britain and France.

21. An alliance between Great Britain - France and Russia in the years before WWI.

22. Edited and published the first edition of the ENCYCLOPEDIA. It was a ENLIGHTENED PERSON's BIBLE. He also attacked religion and conservatives.

23. Perfected the INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - for cars.

24. Overthrew the provisional government in Russia in 1917 - made null the democratic reforms - and established a dictatorship.

25. One of the prominent JACOBIN radical leaders during the revolution. He edited a radical newspaper. He called to rid France of the enemies of the Revolution

26. Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition. INDUSTRIALIZED RUSSIA using FIVE YEAR PLANS which developed economics and emphasizes steel - iron - electricity - and heavy

27. SOCIALISTIC political party in Germany. SDP

28. Emperor of the Austrian Empire who controlled the Catholic Church closely - granted religious toleration and civic rights to Protestants and Jews - and abolished serfdom. ENLIGHTENED DESPOT.

29. Idea that the goal of society should be to bring about the greatest happiness for the GREATEST NUMBER of people. Associated with JEREMY BENTHAM.

30. Italian POLITICAL party created by Benito Mussolini during World War I. It emphasized aggressive nationalism and was Mussolini's instrument for the creation of a dictatorship in Italy. Didn't believe in democracy.

31. Formulated SOCIAL DARWINISM.

32. Ship sunk by GERMAN UNRESTRICTED SUBMARINE WARFARE on all ships headed for Britain. This caused Americans to enter the war.

33. 17t century French philosopher. Famously known for writing 'cogito ergo sum' ('I THINK THEREFORE I AM'). Wrote about concept of dualism.

34. Isolated the TUBERCULOSIS bacillus.

35. From it emerged Turkey - Syria - Iran - and Iraq.

36. Britain political party devoted to the interests of the LABOR UNION movement.

37. CONSERVATIVE KING succeeded his brother Louis XVIII. His desire to restore France to a Pre-1789 world led to the Revolution of 1830 and the ascent of Louis Philippe.

38. A Jewish British prime minister.

39. Petition in 19th century Britain where members of the working class demanded reforms in Parliament and in elections - including suffrage for all MEN.

40. (1807-1882) Soldier of fortune who amassed his 'RED SHIRT' army to bring Naples and Sicily into a unified Italy.

41. Germany supported this country in keeping control of it's Slavic nationalistics - which put GERMANY at odds with RUSSIA - because they wanted Slavs free.

42. The British government took land from owners - FENCED it off - and used it to raise sheep. Benefitted the economy - but hurt small farmers.

43. Lenin was forced to institute this policy - which allowed PEASANTS to SELL some of what they produced.

44. A military draft

45. Nazi war criminal who lived in hiding in Argentina for years before her was captured. HANNAH ARENDT argued in her book - 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' that he seemed hardly demonic.

46. From it emerged Czechoslovakia - Yugoslavia - Hungary - and Austria.

47. French philosopher. Scorned all authority - religion - and corrupt government. Extreme CYNIC. Believed in tolerance - reason - and freedom of thought - expression - and religious belief - but not Christianity. Famous quote - 'CRUSH THE INFAMOUS THING

48. OLD ORDER of kings who ruled absolutely.

49. Led by Danton - a temporary government set up by SANS-CULOTTES that began executing anti-revolutionaries.

50. Aka AUSTRO-PRUSSIAN War (1866) This war resulted from Bismarck wanting to isolate Austria from German affairs