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CLEP Western Civilization II

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1. French philosopher. Scorned all authority - religion - and corrupt government. Extreme CYNIC. Believed in tolerance - reason - and freedom of thought - expression - and religious belief - but not Christianity. Famous quote - 'CRUSH THE INFAMOUS THING

2. An economic advisor to Louis XIV; he supported mercantilism and tried to make France economically self-sufficient. Louis ruined it by his multiple expensive wars and lavish lifestyle.

3. Wrote THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. First ever history book to refer to history in strictly SECULAR terms. No God involved.

4. ETHIOPIA beat off Italy's invasion of their country in this battle. Italy was the only European nation to have been defeated by Africans in war.

5. Organizations devoted to revolution. Created by radical COMMUNISTS and SOCIALISTS - including Marx.

6. The Soviets invade Afghanistan - many people support Afghanistan through the context of the Cold War and to prevent the spread of Communism.

7. Founded the famous British RHODES SCHOLARS program for study in Oxford - England. He wanted students from colonies to study in England - then return and help the empire. RHODESIA (Zimbabwe) named after him.

8. Napoleon waged economic war on Britain by preventing trade with it and providing for trade with France.

9. The leaders under Robespierre who organized the defenses of France - conducted foreign policy - and centralized authority during the period 1792-1795. REIGN OF TERROR.

10. The end of the FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War. Alsace and Lorraine given to Germany.

11. Prussian king of the 18th century; attempted to introduce Enlightenment reforms into Germany; built on military and BUREAUCRATIC foundations of his predecessors; introduced freedom of religion; increased state control of economy. ENLIGHTENED DESPOT.

12. Civil conflict caused by Irish nationalists in the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY against the British Empire - led by EAMON de VALERA.

13. The conflict between Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea. The United Nations (led by the United States) helped South Korea.

14. In 1898 - a conflict between the United States and Spain - in which the U.S. supported the CUBANS' fight for INDEPENDENCE.

15. Robert Jenkins - an English Captain - had his ear cut off by Spanish authorities when trying to smuggle goods into Spain. He preserved his ear in a jar of brandy and seven years later in 1738 - he appeared before the British Parliament and showed the

16. A member of a British political party - founded in 1689 - that was the opposition party to the Whigs and has been known as the Conservative Party since about 1832. Fond of kings and against revolution.

17. US president who gave a deadline to the Soviet Union to stop building missiles on Cuba.

18. Forefront - cutting edge - trailblazers of the revolution.

19. Stalin's successor - wanted peaceful coexistence with the U.S. Eisenhower agreed to a summit conference with Khrushchev - France and Great Britain in Geneva - Switzerland in July - 1955 to discuss how peaceful coexistence could be achieved.

20. Civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I. Forces of Parliament called 'ROUNDHEADS'. Forces of the King called 'CAVALIERS'. Roundheads won - Puritans (Cromwell's religion) purged Presbyterians from Parliament

21. OLD ORDER of kings who ruled absolutely.

22. Meeting among world powers concerning how the world would run after Napoleon. They wanted no country to control another - creating buffer states - Belgium - from France's conquered territory. PEACEKEEPERS.

23. After Charles X is abdicated - this LIBERAL KING is given the throne of France. He is called the 'King of the French -' which meant that he worked for the people. NATIONAL GUARD killed forty rioters.

24. Emperor of the Austrian Empire who controlled the Catholic Church closely - granted religious toleration and civic rights to Protestants and Jews - and abolished serfdom. ENLIGHTENED DESPOT.

25. Powerful poem by WILFRED OWEN about the horrors of WWI.

26. Passed in 1848 - this encouraged local towns to pass SANITATION laws.

27. German Lutheran astronomer - discovered that the paths of the planets around the sun are ELLIPTICAL rather that circular.

28. First ruled by the Great Elector - Frederick William. Formed after Thirty Year's War. Prussia's nobles - JUNKERS - were given exemption from taxes to give loyalty to the Fredericks. Built an enormous army. Would become Germany.

29. Piedmont - Italy defeated Austro-Hungarian empire and won their INDEPENDENCE.

30. The CONSERVATIVE side of the National Assembly. They favored having a king and wanted an absolute monarchy like England. They were the first people to control the National Assembly.

31. Conservative king who was revolted against in SPAIN. He ignored Spain's constitution and disbanded the parliament.

32. Germany - Italy - and Japan

33. Mutiny of Russia's fleet took place here.

34. English philosopher who advocated the idea of a 'social contract' in which government powers are derived from the consent of the governed and in which the government serves the people; also said people have natural rights to LIFE - LIBERTY AND PROPER

35. AUSTRIA and HUNGARY. Ruled by Francis Joseph of the Hapsburg empire from 1848 to 1916.


37. Made by Mussolini with the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Declared catholicism Italy's official religion - made church lands tax exempt - and gave church ability to oversee rules regarding marriage. The church then RECOGNIZED MUSSOLINI's status as ruler of Italy.

38. A joint stock company that controlled most of India during the period of imperialism. This company controlled the political - social - and economic life in India for more than 200 years.

39. The French King who built the palace at Versailles - The longest standing King of France 'SUN KING' - - One of the most powerful monarchs of Europe - ruling 72 years. He was famous for his quote -'I AM THE STATE.' Executed by furious revolutionaries.

40. CONSERVATIVE KING succeeded his brother Louis XVIII. His desire to restore France to a Pre-1789 world led to the Revolution of 1830 and the ascent of Louis Philippe.

41. Peace treaty between Russia and Central Powers. Marked Russia's exit from war. Its harsh terms intensified the Allies' determination for victory.

42. RUSSIA - PRUSSIA - AUSTRIA - AND BRITAIN banded together to defeat the tyrant Napoleon.

43. In 1884 - this British prime minister passed the REFORM ACT - which gave the vote to 60 percent of British men.

44. Hitler blamed this event on communists and gave himself an excuse to take COMPLETE POWER of Germany.

45. This treaty ended the Seven Years War. Gave Canada and area east of the Mississippi to Britain.

46. The GREEKS revolted against the OTTOMANS for their independence.The Concert of Europe generally opposed to this.

47. GOD IS DEAD. Hated self sacrifice - emphasized a 'will to power.' A minority of the strongest should rule.

48. March 1917. Sent from German Foreign Secretary - addressed to German minister in Mexico City. Mexico should attack the US if US goes to war with Germany (needed that advantage due to Mexico's promixity to the US). In return - Germany would give back

49. From it emerged Turkey - Syria - Iran - and Iraq.

50. Farmers who resisted COLLECTIVIZATION and were labeled enemies of Stalin. All were executed.