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CLEP Western Civilization II

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1. Robert Jenkins - an English Captain - had his ear cut off by Spanish authorities when trying to smuggle goods into Spain. He preserved his ear in a jar of brandy and seven years later in 1738 - he appeared before the British Parliament and showed the

2. Britain and America

3. Idea that the goal of society should be to bring about the greatest happiness for the GREATEST NUMBER of people. Associated with JEREMY BENTHAM.

4. King of PIEDMONT-SARDINIA - part of Italy.

5. Petition in 19th century Britain where members of the working class demanded reforms in Parliament and in elections - including suffrage for all MEN.

6. AUSTRIA and HUNGARY. Ruled by Francis Joseph of the Hapsburg empire from 1848 to 1916.

7. One of the prominent JACOBIN radical leaders during the revolution. He edited a radical newspaper. He called to rid France of the enemies of the Revolution

8. LIBERAL who wrote the popular work 'ON LIBERTY'

9. Fascist dictator of ITALY (1922-1943). He led Italy to conquer Ethiopia - joined Germany in the Axis pact - and allied Italy with Germany in World War II. He was overthrown in 1943 when the Allies invaded Italy.Called IL DUCE (the leader)

10. A Flemish surgeon who is considered the father of modern anatomy. He dissected human cadavers. (1514-1564)

11. Idea created by JOHANN GOTTFRIED HERGER about a 'PEOPLE'S SPIRIT' to identify the national character of Germany - but soon passed to other countries. NATIONALISM.

12. Important ZIONIST.

13. Passed in 1833 by the SADLER COMMITTEE - this helped prevent exploitation of children factory workers.

14. Perfected the INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - for cars.

15. Edited and published the first edition of the ENCYCLOPEDIA. It was a ENLIGHTENED PERSON's BIBLE. He also attacked religion and conservatives.

16. Treaty of non-aggression between Russian and Germany during WW2 to keep it a one front war for Germany. Also called the NAZI-SOVIET PACT.

17. The violent backlash in France against the rule of Robspierre that began with his arrest and execution in July 1794 - or 9 Thermidor in the French revolutionary calendar. Most of the instruments of Terror were dismantled - Jacobins were purged from p

18. Legislative body of 5 men after Thermidorian Reaction - UNSTABLE.

19. A joint stock company that controlled most of India during the period of imperialism. This company controlled the political - social - and economic life in India for more than 200 years.

20. The CONSERVATIVE side of the National Assembly. They favored having a king and wanted an absolute monarchy like England. They were the first people to control the National Assembly.

21. From it emerged Turkey - Syria - Iran - and Iraq.

22. Founded the famous British RHODES SCHOLARS program for study in Oxford - England. He wanted students from colonies to study in England - then return and help the empire. RHODESIA (Zimbabwe) named after him.

23. LIBERALS and Monarchists. All those opposed to the Russian Revolution.

24. Overthrew the monarchy established in 1830; briefly established a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC; failure of the republic led to the reestablishment of the French Empire under NAPOLEON III in 1850.

25. Tsar who - in the late 17th and early 18th century - turned to the western model to 'modernize' Russia.

26. English philosopher who advocated the idea of a 'social contract' in which government powers are derived from the consent of the governed and in which the government serves the people; also said people have natural rights to LIFE - LIBERTY AND PROPER

27. The end of the FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War. Alsace and Lorraine given to Germany.

28. Followers of a belief which stressed self-reliance - self- culture - self-discipline - and that knowledge transcends instead of coming by reason. They promoted the belief of individualism and caused an array of humanitarian reforms.

29. The English Parliament drove out an Catholic absolute monarch and replaced him with two constitutional monarch's WILLIAM III OF ORANGE and MARY - his wife - both Protestants. This Revolution was bloodless - and the new monarch's assented to a BILL OF

30. US president who gave a deadline to the Soviet Union to stop building missiles on Cuba.

31. Ship sunk by GERMAN UNRESTRICTED SUBMARINE WARFARE on all ships headed for Britain. This caused Americans to enter the war.

32. First to develop and write a book on the heliocentric theory - 'On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.' It was placed on the index of prohibited books

33. Discovered radium.

34. The French King who built the palace at Versailles - The longest standing King of France 'SUN KING' - - One of the most powerful monarchs of Europe - ruling 72 years. He was famous for his quote -'I AM THE STATE.' Executed by furious revolutionaries.

35. Greater freedom for Ireland.

36. Warship that was sent to the MOROCCAN coast by the GERMANS - to publicly declare they favored Moroccans being free from their colonizers - France. It was a threat to Britain and France.

37. In 1898 - a conflict between the United States and Spain - in which the U.S. supported the CUBANS' fight for INDEPENDENCE.

38. Germany - Italy - and Japan

39. Mussolini's rise to power. Thousands of followers marched on Rome. King Victor Emmanuel III made Mussolini prime minister. Then Fascists made all other political parties illegal.

40. French general who became EMPEROR of the French (1769-1821) Subtly became sole ruler of a country trying to become democratic. Claimed the title of FIRST CONSUL. Napoleon waged economic and literal war on England constantly. KING OF ITALY too.

41. A religious war between the Catholics and Protestants - which resulted in the political restructuring of Europe and the development of nation states - the Dutch Republic - the Swiss Confederacy - the Austro-Hungarian Empire; granted religious freedom

42. Organizations devoted to revolution. Created by radical COMMUNISTS and SOCIALISTS - including Marx.

43. This was the empress of Russia who continued Peter's goal to Westernizing Russia - created a new law code - and greatly expanded Russia. ENLIGHTENED DESPOT who wrote to Voltaire and Diderot and questioned capital punishment and serfdom.

44. Important Russian radical who was a member of secret - exiled - SOCIAL REVOLUTIONARY AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTIES in Russia - which was ruled by a tsar.

45. Founded the Salvation Army

46. French mathematician who invented CALCULUS - devised a theory of chance and probability. Wrote the 'Pensees.' Argued that religion and science are both true. PASCAL's WAGER said that It is worth the risk believing in God.

47. Disastrous battle during which the British suffered 60 -000 casualties and had nothing to show for it.

48. Stalin's successor - wanted peaceful coexistence with the U.S. Eisenhower agreed to a summit conference with Khrushchev - France and Great Britain in Geneva - Switzerland in July - 1955 to discuss how peaceful coexistence could be achieved.

49. Were forced by mobs to END the MONARCHY in France.

50. People - such as EDUARD BERNSTEIN - who believed that COMMUNISM could be achieved slowly and through democratic means.