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Clinical Surgery

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1. What are the hepatobiliary complications of IBD?

2. What are the specific complications of a Cimino-Brescia fistula?

3. What are the specific complications of inguinal hernia repair?

4. How are the causes of jaundice classified?

5. What is the differential diagnosis in basal cell carcinoma?

6. How do you harvest a skin graft?

7. What are the indications for surgery in goitre?

8. How would you rehabilitate a patient following the placement of a stoma?

9. What syndromes are associated with varicose veins?

10. What is a lipoma?

11. What is the ABPI of patients with rest pain?

12. What are the aetiologies arising outside the parotid gland in a unilateral swelling of the parotid gland?

13. What are the two main classifications for thyroid enlargement?

14. How would you treat a pyogenic granuloma?

15. What is the non-surgical treatment of a ganglion?

16. What is the treatment of medullary carcinoma?

17. How do you classify the severity of thyroid eye disease?

18. What is the operative mortality of amputations?

19. What would you tell to a lady with varicose veins about the proposed surgery?

20. What are the complications of the surgical removal of a branchial cyst?

21. What are the features of a multinodular goitre?

22. How might you be aware the transplant rejection is occurring?

23. What does surgical excision involved in the surgical treatment of a pharyngeal pouch?

24. What is the treatment of a lipoma?

25. What are the causes of gangrene?

26. What are the intratemporal causes of facial nerve palsy?

27. What are the signs in the mouth of acanthosis nigricans?

28. What are the malignant diseases of the breast?

29. What are the predisposing factors for Raynaud's phenomenon?

30. What are the other options other than open AAA repair?

31. What types of wounds are prone to hypertrophic and keloid scar formation?

32. What are the medical options for Raynauds?

33. What investigations may help confirm the diagnosis of thoracic outlet obstruction?

34. What is Adiposis dolorosa or Dercum's disease associated with?

35. How would you demonstrate to an examiner that a mass in the right upper quadrant is indeed an enlarged liver(hepatomegaly)?

36. What are the four commonest types of malignant melanoma?

37. How is a testicular tumour removed?

38. What is acanthosis nigricans associated with?

39. What are the features of Campbell de Morgan spots?

40. What are the main features of splenomegaly in the clinical examination?

41. Why are 98% of varicocoeles left-side?

42. Sleeve resection

43. What is a papilloma?

44. How do you treat this condition?

45. What is the surgical treatment of a ganglion?

46. What investigations would you perform in a suspected case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

47. What is the classification of testicular malignancies?

48. What are the important elements in the description of an ulcer?

49. What should one point out when describing the features of a thyroid swelling?

50. What are the causes of facial nerve palsy?