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Clinical Surgery

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1. What is seborrhoeic keratosis?

2. What are the features of ulcers in syphillis?

3. What are the features of ulcers in pyoderma gangrenosum?

4. What are the specific complications of inguinal hernia repair?

5. Which normal tissues are particularly affected by radiotherapy?

6. What are the features of ulcers in tuberculosis?

7. Which are the most benign parotid tumours?

8. What are the causes of unilateral ptosis?

9. How would you treat a papilloma?

10. Lobectomy

11. What are the non-surgical treatment options for coarctation of aorta?

12. Simple cyst Investigations

13. What are the extratemporal causes of facial nerve palsy?

14. What is the classification of testicular malignancies?

15. What are the causes of atrial fibrillation?

16. What other associations of pyoderma gangrenosum do you know of?

17. What is the pathogenesis of a congenital dermoid cyst?

18. How would you perform a hernia repair?

19. What are the taste branches of the facial nerve?

20. What is a cyst?

21. What investigations should one do in the management of a multinodular goitre?

22. What are the characteristics that suggest malignancy in skin lesions?

23. What are the specific late complications of amputations?

24. What is the differential diagnosis of a ganglion?

25. What are the other options other than open AAA repair?

26. What are the coordination abnormalities causes of dysphagia?

27. What are the features of a direct inguinal hernia?

28. How would you treat a keratoacanthoma?

29. What is the pathogenesis of thromboangiitis obliterans?

30. What are the treatment options available for Basal Cell Carcinoma?

31. When should the drains be removed post-surgery?

32. What are the aetiologies arising outside the parotid gland in a unilateral swelling of the parotid gland?

33. What is the pathogenesis of an acquired dermoid cyst?

34. What are the major causes of pre-hepatic jaundice?

35. What are the main types of predisposing factors for basal cell carcinoma?

36. Simple cysts are found in 33% of patients by the age of 60. How should they be managed?

37. What do you know about Kaposi's Sarcoma?

38. What is the differential diagnosis for an enlarged kidney?

39. To whom is the surgical treatment of Graves' disease particularly useful?

40. How would you treat a branchial cyst?

41. What are the hepatobiliary complications of IBD?

42. What is a cavernous haemangioma?

43. What is hidradenitis suppurativa?

44. Which are the respiratory causes of digital clubbing?

45. Sleeve resection

46. How would you treat a pyogenic granuloma?

47. What associations of coarctation are you aware of?

48. What are the different histological subtypes of a sebaceous cyst?

49. What are the functions of the spleen?

50. What is the differential diagnosis for a skin lesion?