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Clinical Surgery

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1. Which investigations would you use in a patient whom you thought might be suffering from a dysmotility problem?

2. What specific investigations would you perform in thrombangiitis obliterans?

3. Obstructive Jaundice - With regards to radiological investigations

4. What is the non-surgical treatment of varicocoele?

5. How are epididymal cysts caused?

6. What are the medical options for Raynauds?

7. What is secondary lymphoedema?

8. What are the features of lentigo maligna melanoma?

9. What are the arterial symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

10. Simple cysts are found in 33% of patients by the age of 60. How should they be managed?

11. What investigations would you perform in a suspected case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

12. What are the surgical options for managing ulcerative colitis?

13. What are the common causes of ascites?

14. What are the functions of the spleen?

15. What are the mechanical obstruction causes of dysphagia?

16. What does four-layer compression bandaging comprise of?

17. What are the causes of postoperative jaundice?

18. How would you treat a dermatofibroma?

19. What are the important elements in the description of an ulcer?

20. What is a furuncle?

21. What are the pathological features of thyroglossal cyst?

22. What is a hydrocoele?

23. What is the treatment of choice in differentiated thyroid cancer?

24. What points should be elicited when taking a pain history in a surgical patient?

25. In the tourniquet test - What do rapid filling of the collapsed veins below the tourniquet indicate?

26. What are the specific early complications of amputations?

27. What is the aetiology of diabetic foot ulcers?

28. What is jaundice?

29. Conservative way to treat varicose veins?

30. What is acanthosis nigricans associated with?

31. What are the surgical principles in Mayo's operation?

32. How would you investigate a patient with hepatomegaly?

33. What is the main statistic with regards to salivary gland tumours?

34. What is the pathophysiology of coarctation?

35. In patients with gynaecomastia - what would make you concerned the patient may have a breast cancer?

36. Simple cyst Treatment

37. What is the differential diagnosis of a ganglion?

38. What are the complications of atrial fibrillation?

39. What are the seven signs in the eyes that one should look out for when assessing the thyroid status?

40. What is the surgical treatment of lymphoedema?

41. How do you treat a thyroglossal cyst?

42. What is the surgical treatment of benign parotid tumours?

43. Lipomas do not undergo...

44. What are the uncommon causes of ascites?

45. What are the indications for surgery in ulcerative colitis?

46. What are the signs of chronic venous insufficiency?

47. How is anaplastic carcinoma treated?

48. What does a hypertrophic scar look like?

49. What is neurofibromatosis?

50. What is a secondary hydrocoele?