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Clinical Surgery

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1. What is a pyogenic granuloma?

2. What is an epigastric hernia?

3. What is the pathogenesis of a congenital dermoid cyst?

4. In What age group does anaplastic carcinoma usually present in?

5. What are the 3 objectives that one should look out for in the palpation of varicose veins?

6. How do you classify the severity of thyroid eye disease?

7. Radiological investigations for hepatomegaly

8. Sleeve resection

9. What is an incisional hernia?

10. What is a carbuncle?

11. How do testicular tumours usually present?

12. What are the features of spider naevi?

13. What are the two types of complications of amputations?

14. What are the causes of superior vena cava obstruction?

15. What are the causes of neuropathic ulcers?

16. What are the indications for preoperative Duplex ultrasound scanning

17. What are port-wine stains?

18. What is the surgical treatment of varicocoele?

19. What is the classification of liposarcoma?

20. What are the aetiologies arising outside the parotid gland in a unilateral swelling of the parotid gland?

21. Simple cyst Investigations

22. What is the treatment of a lipoma?

23. What are the treatment options of false aneurysms?

24. Why are diabetics particularly prone to foot pathology?

25. What are the surgical options for managing ulcerative colitis?

26. What is the treatment of Sjogren's syndrome?

27. What systems are tackled when taking into consideration a thyroid history?

28. What symptoms - a patient with an epigastric hernia might have complained of at presentation?

29. What are the specific and immediate complications of thyroidectomy?

30. What points should be elicited when taking a pain history in a surgical patient?

31. What do you know about the epidemiology of thyroglossal cysts?

32. What is the aetiology of varicocoeles?

33. What are the secretomotor branches of the facial nerve?

34. What are the indications for flap reconstruction?

35. What are the indications of median sternotomy?

36. What are the important elements in the description of an ulcer?

37. What do you know about the pathophysiology of pressure necrosis?

38. What are the neurological symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

39. What are the appearances of the blood film after a splenectomy?

40. What are the variants of lipoma?

41. What are the specific late complications of amputations?

42. How do you treat a thyroglossal cyst?

43. What should one do in the general examination of the surgical patient?

44. What are the causes of bilateral ptosis?

45. What does a keloid scar look like?

46. What are the rare causes of digital clubbing?

47. In What age group is papillary carcinoma more common in?

48. What is the medical treatment of Graves disease?

49. What are the specific complications of inguinal hernia repair?

50. What are the seven signs in the eyes that one should look out for when assessing the thyroid status?