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Clinical Surgery

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1. What are the indications for lung resection?

2. What are the anatomical levels that leg amputations are usually found at?

3. What are the complications of a cystic hygroma?

4. How can the extent of the obstruction be determined?

5. What are the features of an indirect inguinal hernia?

6. What are the features of ulcers in tuberculosis?

7. What is the pathogenesis of a congenital dermoid cyst?

8. What is the operative mortality of AAA repair?

9. What is the surgical treatment of Graves disease?

10. What is a cavernous haemangioma?

11. How would you perform an ascitic tap?

12. How would you diagnose a branchial cyst?

13. What are the motor branches of the facial nerve?

14. Why is total thyroidectomy preferred in the surgical treatment of Graves' disease?

15. How do you treat a thyroglossal cyst?

16. Why are 98% of varicocoeles left-side?

17. What are the treatment options of false aneurysms?

18. What do you know about thyroid cysts?

19. What is the surgical treatment of benign parotid tumours?

20. How may pleural effusions be classified?

21. What other investigations can be done for Sjogren's syndrome?

22. What is a cystic hygroma?

23. What are the categorical causes of digital clubbing?

24. What are the causes of venous ulcers?

25. What investigations would be helpful in confirming the diagnosis of coarctation of aorta?

26. What are the surgical treatment principles of incisional hernia?

27. What are the causes of massive splenomegaly?

28. How would you treat an acquired dermoid cyst?

29. What is the treatment of medullary carcinoma?

30. What is the treatment of choice in differentiated thyroid cancer?

31. What are the surgical problems associated with AF?

32. What syndrome is associated with a port-wine stain?

33. What symptoms - a patient with an epigastric hernia might have complained of at presentation?

34. What are the specific and early complications of thyroidectomy?

35. Surgical way too treat Varicose veins

36. What other part of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

37. What immunizations would you need to organize in the event of performing a splenectomy?

38. What does surgical excision involved in the surgical treatment of a pharyngeal pouch?

39. What surgical treatments are available for ptosis?

40. What are the branches of the facial nerve?

41. Which condition predispose towards the development of oesophageal carcinoma?

42. What is the risk of rupture for an aneurysm more than 5.5cm?

43. What are the stages of restorative proctocolectomy?

44. What is the aetiology of varicocoeles?

45. What are the complications of a pharyngeal pouch?

46. What are the indications for surgery in Crohn's disease?

47. Under what circumstances would patients (with popliteal aneurysms) they be treated?

48. How would you prepare a patient prior to breast surgery?

49. What does four-layer compression bandaging comprise of?

50. What are the complications of atrial fibrillation?