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Clinical Surgery

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1. What are possible useful investigations in gynaecomastia?

2. What is a lipoma?

3. What is the surgical treatment of Graves disease?

4. What is a skin flap?

5. What are the signs in the mouth of Peutz-Jegher disease?

6. What are the features of ulcers in syphillis?

7. How do you stage malignant melanomas?

8. What are the complications with regards to the surgical treatment of a ganglion?

9. In What age group does anaplastic carcinoma usually present in?

10. What is an incisional hernia?

11. What features of the lump would make you suspicious that it is breast cancer?

12. What are the causes of portal hypertension?

13. What are the causes of superior vena cava obstruction?

14. What are the signs in the mouth of Addison's disease?

15. What are the causes of unilateral ptosis?

16. What is the differential diagnosis of intermittent claudication?

17. What are the other types of arteriovenous fistula?

18. Where is the midinguinal point?

19. What other associations of pyoderma gangrenosum do you know of?

20. What are the majore causes of hepatic jaundice?

21. What are the complications of incisional hernia?

22. What are the appearances of the blood film after a splenectomy?

23. What are the features of ulcers in tuberculosis?

24. How should one treat a sebaceous cyst?

25. What is the surgical treatment of coarctation of aorta?

26. Sleeve resection

27. What investigations should one do in the management of a multinodular goitre?

28. What do you know about thyroid adenomas?

29. How is Sjogren's clinically diagnosed?

30. How do testicular tumours usually present?

31. What is a ganglion?

32. How would you treat a keratoacanthoma?

33. How would you treat a patient with a single neurofibroma?

34. What should you mention when considering the management of a surgical patient?

35. What is the embryological origin of a thyroglossal cyst?

36. What are the treatment options available for Basal Cell Carcinoma?

37. What are the specific complications of inguinal hernia repair?

38. What are the intracranial causes of facial nerve palsy?

39. What is the differential diagnosis of swollen legs?

40. What is a pyogenic granuloma?

41. What is the pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy?

42. What are the seven 'D's of nipple signs?

43. What is Frey's syndrome?

44. What are the risk factors for arterial disease

45. What is the mainstay of treatment in ascites?

46. Radiological investigations for hepatomegaly

47. What other part of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

48. What is the differential diagnosis of an epigastric mass?

49. What is a cyst?

50. What are the histological appearances of solar keratoses?