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Clinical Surgery

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1. What will you observe on angiography of a chemodectoma?

2. What do you know about simple colloid goitres?

3. How is Sjogren's clinically diagnosed?

4. What are the major causes of post-hepatic jaundice?

5. What are the causes of acquired umbilical herniae in adults?

6. What do you know about the epidemiology of hypertrophic scars?

7. What are the features of nodular melanoma?

8. What is the shorter version of the surgical sieve?

9. What is the surgical treatment of a popliteal aneurysm?

10. What are the predisposing factors for Raynaud's phenomenon?

11. What do patients with rest pain typically get more severe pain at night?

12. What is the adequate treatment for minimal lesion(less than 1cm) in thyroid cancer?

13. What are the three objectives to be taken note of in the inspection part of the arterial examination?

14. What syndrome is associated with a port-wine stain?

15. How do you stage malignant melanomas?

16. What are the other options other than open AAA repair?

17. How would you treat a dermatofibroma?

18. What is the purpose of limb elevation in the non-surgical treatment of lymphoedema?

19. Radiological investigations for hepatomegaly

20. What are the medical options for Raynauds?

21. What are the secretomotor branches of the facial nerve?

22. With which conditions would an ascitic exudate be expected?

23. What are the benign diseases of the breast?

24. What are the causes of atrial fibrillation?

25. What are the indications of median sternotomy?

26. Simple cyst Treatment

27. What is the treatment of choice in differentiated thyroid cancer?

28. What are the surgical treatment principles of incisional hernia?

29. What are the causes of a mass in the right iliac fossa?

30. Which are the respiratory causes of digital clubbing?

31. What are the secondary causes of Raynauds?

32. What is the embryological origin of a thyroglossal cyst?

33. How do you classify skin flaps?

34. What do you know about thyroid malignancy?

35. What are the causes of splenomegaly

36. What are the indications for surgery in Crohn's disease?

37. How would you treat this condition?

38. In What age group does anaplastic carcinoma usually present in?

39. How does follicular carcinoma spread?

40. What is the classification of liposarcoma?

41. What are the 3 objectives that one should look out for in the palpation of varicose veins?

42. How would you prepare a patient prior to breast surgery?

43. What is the origin of lymphangiomas?

44. What types of wounds are prone to hypertrophic and keloid scar formation?

45. How would you determine clinically the degree of shunt by a large fistula?

46. What is a ganglion?

47. What are the histological features of seborrhoeic keratosis?

48. What are the neurological symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

49. What are the branches of the facial nerve?

50. What is a pyogenic granuloma?