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Clinical Surgery

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1. What investigations should one do in the management of a multinodular goitre?

2. What are multiple -painful lipomas known as?

3. What points should be elicited when taking a pain history in a surgical patient?

4. What are the causes of gangrene?

5. What do you know about the pathophysiology of pressure necrosis?

6. How do you treat these scars?

7. What is the non-surgical treatment of a ganglion?

8. What is the differential diagnosis of a lump in the groin?

9. What are the features of Graves' disease?

10. What is Frey's syndrome?

11. What are the general complications of a stoma?

12. What are the causes of postoperative jaundice?

13. What are the mechanical obstruction causes of dysphagia?

14. How would you treat a dermatofibroma?

15. What are the features of lentigo maligna melanoma?

16. What is a neurofibroma?

17. What are the causes of gynaecomastia?

18. How should you organize information when talking about a disease?

19. What are the signs in the mouth of acanthosis nigricans?

20. What are the types of lung resection?

21. What are the causes of massive splenomegaly?

22. What are the specific and immediate complications of thyroidectomy?

23. What are the surgical options for managing ulcerative colitis?

24. What are the cause of cervical lymphadenopathy that you know of?

25. What investigations would you perform in a suspected case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

26. What are the complications of the surgical removal of a branchial cyst?

27. Which condition predispose towards the development of oesophageal carcinoma?

28. What does surgical excision involved in the surgical treatment of a pharyngeal pouch?

29. What are the indications for an amputation?

30. What are the two types of complications of amputations?

31. What are the surgical options in Crohns disease?

32. What is the consequence of carotid stenosis?

33. What are the venous symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

34. What is an incisional hernia?

35. What are the three objectives to be taken note of in the inspection part of the arterial examination?

36. What is Sjogren's syndrome?

37. What is the most common type of malignant melanoma?

38. Large hernia

39. How are epididymal cysts caused?

40. What are the main types of predisposing factors for basal cell carcinoma?

41. What is the classification of testicular malignancies?

42. What should one point out when describing the features of a thyroid swelling?

43. What is the differential diagnosis for an enlarged kidney?

44. How are the side-effects of radiotherapy minimized?

45. What is the absolute pressure that is used in some definitions of critical ischemia?

46. What is the 'reconstruction ladder'?

47. What are the causes of bilateral ptosis?

48. What other part of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

49. What tissues do skin graft not take on?

50. What is the surgical treatment of a ganglion?