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Clinical Surgery

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1. What is a chemodectoma?

2. Lobectomy

3. What are the acquired predisposing factors for basal cell carcinomas?

4. What are the complications of a pharyngeal pouch?

5. What is a useful mneumonic to remember what you have to present when examining a lump or swelling?

6. What other part of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

7. What is a fistula?

8. What are the specific late complications of amputations?

9. What is the differential diagnosis of a lump in the groin?

10. What are the specific complications of parotidectomy?

11. How would you prepare a patient prior to breast surgery?

12. What is a neurofibroma?

13. What are the stages of restorative proctocolectomy?

14. What is the differential diagnosis of swollen legs?

15. What is the one-year survival of amputations?

16. What is seborrhoeic keratosis?

17. What is the differential diagnosis of a dermatofibroma?

18. What are the causes of unilateral ptosis?

19. What do you know about the epidemiology of hypertrophic scars?

20. What are the causes of ischaemic ulcers?

21. What are the congenital predisposing factors for malignant melanomas?

22. How would you treat a pharyngeal pouch?

23. What are multiple -painful lipomas known as?

24. What are the majore causes of hepatic jaundice?

25. What is a solar keratoses?

26. What are the features of ulcers in patients with squamous cell carcinoma?

27. What are the aetiologies arising inside the parotid gland in a unilateral swelling of the parotid gland?

28. What is the classic presentation of renal cell carcinoma?

29. What are the indications for splenectomy?

30. What are the surgical options for managing ulcerative colitis?

31. What are the medical options for Raynauds?

32. What are the other options other than open AAA repair?

33. What are the three main options available for the treatment of malignant melanoma?

34. What is the consequence of carotid stenosis?

35. What are the complications of incisional hernia?

36. What is the aetiology of enterocutaneous fistulae?

37. What are the causes of hepatomegaly?

38. What is the differential diagnosis in basal cell carcinoma?

39. Raynaud's disease

40. How do you stage malignant melanomas?

41. What are the causes of splenomegaly

42. What are the benign diseases of the breast?

43. What are the non-surgical treatment options for hydrocoele?

44. What investigations should one do in the management of a multinodular goitre?

45. How do true umbilical herniae occur?

46. Sleeve resection

47. How does radiotherapy work?

48. What are the treatment options of false aneurysms?

49. What are the indications for flap reconstruction?

50. What are the venous symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?