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Clinical Surgery

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1. What complication can neurofibromata give rise to?

2. How would you treat a keratoacanthoma?

3. What are the elements of the reconstruction ladder?

4. What are the features of adult polycystic kidney disease?

5. What is the difference between a false and a true aneurysm?

6. What does four-layer compression bandaging comprise of?

7. What are the indications for surgery in Crohn's disease?

8. What is the causes of the carotid artery aneurysms?

9. What side effect would you warn this patient about if considering cervical sympathectomy?

10. Why is surgical treatment advised in the treatment of varicocoele?

11. How would you rehabilitate a patient following the placement of a stoma?

12. What syndrome is associated with a port-wine stain?

13. What are the vital points to be taken into consideration when examining the neck?

14. What is the aim of the tourniquet test?

15. What are the signs of chronic venous insufficiency?

16. What are the three basic questions that need to be asked in a peripheral arterial system history?

17. What factors predispose to incisional hernia?

18. What is the treatment of medullary carcinoma?

19. What is the defective gene in type 1 NF?

20. What are the two types of complications of thyroidectomy?

21. How do testicular tumours usually present?

22. What specific investigations would you perform in thrombangiitis obliterans?

23. What is the differential diagnosis of hyperhidrosis?

24. What is the differential diagnosis of a midline neck swelling?

25. What are the treatment options of false aneurysms?

26. What are the indications of mastectomy?

27. What is the risk of rupture for an aneurysm more than 5.5cm?

28. What are the main features of splenomegaly in the clinical examination?

29. What is a cavernous haemangioma?

30. When considering the treatment of a disease in a surgical patients - What are the important modalities of treatment which should be considered?

31. In the tourniquet test - What do collapsed veins below the tourniquet indicate?

32. What are the complications of a pharyngeal pouch?

33. What are the complications of atrial fibrillation?

34. What are the stages of restorative proctocolectomy?

35. What is a dermatofibroma?

36. What are the acquired predisposing factors for malignant melanomas?

37. What is the embryological origin of a thyroglossal cyst?

38. What are the treatment options available for Basal Cell Carcinoma?

39. What are the complications of a sebaceous cyst?

40. What are the extratemporal causes of facial nerve palsy?

41. What is a carbuncle?

42. What are the surgical problems associated with AF?

43. What surgical options are available in the management of cervical lymphadenopathy?

44. What is the pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy?

45. What is a useful mneumonic to remember what you have to present when examining a lump or swelling?

46. What is acanthosis nigricans associated with?

47. What are the indications for forming a stoma?

48. What is the pathogenesis of thromboangiitis obliterans?

49. What do you know about Kaposi's Sarcoma?

50. What is Frey's syndrome?