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Clinical Surgery

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1. What are the cardiac causes of digital clubbing?

2. How would you rehabilitate a patient following the placement of a stoma?

3. What is the main statistic with regards to salivary gland tumours?

4. What are patients with Sjogren's syndrome at risk of?

5. What do you know about thyroid adenomas?

6. What are the causes of splenomegaly

7. What are the venous symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

8. When are spider naevi considered to be pathological?

9. What factors predispose to incisional hernia?

10. What is the consequence of carotid stenosis?

11. What investigations would you perform in a suspected case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

12. What are the features of acral lentiginous melanoma?

13. What are the causes of postoperative jaundice?

14. What are the features of ulcers in tuberculosis?

15. What are the main points that doctors are looking for during the Surgical OSCEs?

16. What associations of coarctation are you aware of?

17. What is the pathogenesis of an acquired dermoid cyst?

18. What is the significance of the ankle brachial pressure index?

19. What do you know about thyroid malignancy?

20. What are the common causes of ascites?

21. Which are the gastrointestinal causes of clubbing?

22. Why is surgical treatment advised in the treatment of varicocoele?

23. What are the malignant diseases of the breast?

24. What are the features of Graves' disease?

25. What is a lipoma?

26. What is a skin graft?

27. What are the anatomical levels that leg amputations are usually found at?

28. What are the causes of unilateral ptosis?

29. What other conditions cause odynophagia?

30. What are the complications of incisional hernia?

31. Simple cyst Investigations

32. What are the histological appearances of solar keratoses?

33. Which normal tissues are particularly affected by radiotherapy?

34. What are the 3 objectives that one should look out for in the inspection of varicose veins?

35. What is the surgical treatment of pressure sores?

36. What are the surgical options for managing ulcerative colitis?

37. How would you treat a branchial cyst?

38. What are the causes of gangrene?

39. What are the surgical principles in the treatment of a femoral hernia?

40. What does surgical excision involved in the surgical treatment of a pharyngeal pouch?

41. How is hypersplenism brought about?

42. What are the contents of the spermatic cord?

43. Obstructive Jaundice - With regards to radiological investigations

44. What are the non-surgical treatment options for coarctation of aorta?

45. How would you treat a keratoacanthoma?

46. How is a testicular tumour removed?

47. What are the arterial symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

48. What is the signifcance of an arterial bruit or venous hum over the liver?

49. What are the mechanical obstruction causes of dysphagia?

50. What are the main features of splenomegaly in the clinical examination?