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Clinical Surgery

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1. What is a branchial cyst?

2. What are the two types of ptosis?

3. In the tourniquet test - What do collapsed veins below the tourniquet indicate?

4. What investigations would you perform in your diagnosis of a chemodectoma?

5. What are the arterial symptoms in thoracic outlet obstruction more commonly due to?

6. What is a sinus?

7. What are the indications for surgery in ulcerative colitis?

8. What should one do in the general examination of the surgical patient?

9. What is a pyogenic granuloma?

10. What is the normal ABPI?

11. When considering the treatment of a disease in a surgical patients - What are the important modalities of treatment which should be considered?

12. What are the common causes of ascites?

13. What are the complications of the surgical removal of a branchial cyst?

14. What is the purpose of limb elevation in the non-surgical treatment of lymphoedema?

15. What are patients with Sjogren's syndrome at risk of?

16. How would you treat a keratoacanthoma?

17. What are the surgical treatment options for hydrocoele?

18. What are the congenital predisposing factors for basal cell carcinoma?

19. How would you demonstrate a patient's ankle brachial pressure index?

20. What would you tell to a lady with varicose veins about the proposed surgery?

21. What is the absolute pressure that is used in some definitions of critical ischemia?

22. What other part of the body can be affected by hyperhidrosis?

23. What are the non-surgical options for Raynauds

24. What side effect would you warn this patient about if considering cervical sympathectomy?

25. How are the causes of jaundice classified?

26. What are the possible surgical techniques in the surgical treatment of a femoral hernia?

27. What clinical features would make you suspect that a parotid swelling is malignant in nature?

28. What is the anatomical classifcations of hydrocoeles?

29. What investigations would you perform to help you in your diagnosis?

30. What are the non-surgical treatment options for coarctation of aorta?

31. How might a patient with a popliteal aneurysms present?

32. Describe the vascular supply of the transplanted kidney?

33. What are the indications for lung resection?

34. What are the causes of facial nerve palsy?

35. What are the specific complications of varicose veins surgery?

36. What needs to be taken into consideration when marking the stoma site?

37. What radiological features would make you suspicious of an occult renal cell carcinoma?

38. What are the major causes of pre-hepatic jaundice?

39. What is the aetiology of enterocutaneous fistulae?

40. How would you prepare a patient who is going for surgery which will involve forming a stoma?

41. How do you treat this condition?

42. How would you treat solar keratoses?

43. How are the side-effects of radiotherapy minimized?

44. What are the features of a femoral hernia?

45. What is a carbuncle?

46. What is the arterial supply to the thyroid gland?

47. How would you investigate a patient with cervical lymphadenopathy?

48. What is the adequate treatment for minimal lesion(less than 1cm) in thyroid cancer?

49. What radiological investigations would be helpful in distinguishing the different causes?

50. What are the features of Graves' disease?