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1. Any agreement which limits who may provide specific products or services under certain conditions to only one party. A general service contractor - for instance - may have an "exclusive" in a particular facility - meaning that no other contractor is

2. Two or more computers or peripherals that are linked together for the purpose of sharing data.

3. The activities that are undertaken to either reduce the probability that an emergency or crisis will occur or reduce the consequences if it does occur.

4. A company that presents special effects and theatrical acts. This type of company may contract to put on an entire event or only parts of one. They sometimes hire speakers as part of their contract.

5. 1) Lecture and dialogue allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field under the guidance of an expert discussion leader. 2) A meeting or series of meetings of from 10 to 50 specialists who have different specific skills but have a

6. A promise - proposal or other expression of willingness to make and carry out a contract under proposed terms with another party which has the ability to accept it upon receiving it. Space and rent proposal from a facility. It may be in the form of a

7. List of names and addresses of the persons to whom publicity material or other information is to be sent.

8. Representatives of an event's exhibiting companies who act as advisers to show management on rules and procedures - and also update show management on industry trends and issues.

9. Facility form to advise departments of changes in reservations or functions.

10. Foods are cooked tableside. Servers put the food on platters and present themt ot he seated guests who serve themselves. Russian service requires sufficient space between tables for the servers to move about freely.

11. A Web-site whose primary function is to provide attendees (buyers) and exhibitors (sellers) with online tools that help facilitate participation in an upcoming event.

12. An itemized statement furnished to a purchaser by a seller and usually specifying the price of goods or services and the terms of sale.

13. Long range plan of action for a company or organization.

14. Raised horizontal surface - stage - or flooring.

15. An individual or company which provides customs clearing services to shippers of goods to and from another country. Licensing and requirements vary from country to country. In the United States - a customs broker must be licensed by the Treasury Depa

16. A nonprofit organization representing specific destinations formerly known as the International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus. Members have expert knowledge of their city and its surrounding areas; typically they represent local hotels

17. A bill of lading issued by the airline that covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. Technically - it is a non-negotiable instrument of air transport that serves as a receipt for the shipper - indi

18. A holding area where trucks or buses check in and wait for instructions before delivering or picking up freight or passengers.

19. Raising and supporting sound - lighting or other equipment or dcor from the ceiling.

20. Series of tables set up in the shape of the letter U with chairs set all around on one or both sides.

21. Relating to organizations whose membership hold common occupational credentials or interests.

22. A seating arrangement with a row of seats on low risers around a BOARDROOM SET-UP. A very space-intensive set-up.

23. 1) A statement of what one will give or take in return for something else (a price); proposal. 2) Proposal submitted by a convention & visitors bureau and/or hotel(s) to an event organizer that includes defined dates and room blocks.

24. A system in which revenue and expenses are counted as they are actually received.

25. An organization that provides event management and exhibitors with a wide range of services - sometimes including - but not limited to - Installation & Dismantle - creating and hanging signage and banners - laying carpet - drayage - and providing boo

26. Marketing tools or programs used to influence buying patterns and build customer loyalty.

27. 1) An accounting method that enters income and expenses into the books at the time of contract versus when payment is received or expenses incurred (cash accounting). 2) A system in which revenue and expenses are accounted for as soon as they are com

28. 1) Merchandise or refreshments sold on site - to individuals - in conjunction with an event. 2) Contractual agreement where one party provides something of value to the other party in exchange for something else - pending certain conditions.

29. Large theatrical floodlight usually used for work lights or occasionally in place of strip lights to light a cyclorama or sky drop.

30. Private dispute resolution process - Often referred to as alternate dispute resolution - in which the parties agree to submit their dispute to an impartial third party for a decision. Depending on the type of arbitration - the arbitrator's decision m

31. Digital subscriber line. Brings high bandwidth via copper phone lines.

32. 1) Ability of a projection system to distinguish and reproduce fine detail. 2) Motion put forward for a joint decision; usually has the force of a legislative decision.

33. A facility that provides a dedicated environment for events - especially small events. May be certified by the International Association of Conference Centers.

34. When online activities take place at a designated time - they are referred to as real-time events. A Webcast of a keynote presenter that can be watched live over the Internet is an example of a real-time event.

35. Minimum amount for which union labor must be paid.

36. FP. Projection of an image onto the front surface of a light reflecting screen from a projector placed within or behind the audience.

37. Proof of Registration - i.e. - a reservation number that will be accepted by the hotel holding the room.

38. Seating arrangement in which chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape and separated by a center aisle. They face the head table or speaker.

39. A speaker system that is typically used in ballrooms - exhibit hall venues - etc - and are most appropriate for voice reproduction.

40. Two or more computers or peripherals that are linked together for the purpose of sharing data.

41. Lens which produces a soft edged beam of light. Theatrical fixture with adjustable lens 150 W through 1500 W.

42. A term used in food and beverage that refers to the purchasing option based on the amount utilized by the group. The organization pays for the food and beverage based on the actual food and beverage served.

43. A pre-cut - etched pattern fabricated from metal or glass that fits in the focal plane of a lighting instrument to form projected light into a shape (logo - graphic or even scenery). Templates can form light images on ceilings and walls. The pattern

44. Raised platform usually above the floor of a hall or large room.

45. 1) Registering in advance to attend an event. See ADVANCE REGISTRATION. 2) At a facility - pre-assigned sleeping rooms available for occupancy.

46. An email - bulk fax - or bulk mail broadcast that provides attendees and prospects with the latest news and information about an upcoming event. Such reminders are usually distributed on an opt-in basis. See EMAIL ALERT.

47. A stand upon which a speaker may rest notes or books. May be "standing -" which rests on the floor - or "table-top" which is placed on a table. Often confused with PODIUM.

48. An event that draws a national and international audience. Typically 15% or more of attendees reside outside of the host country.

49. A lead retrieval method using embossed plastic cards similar to credit cards.

50. Part of a cancellation clause that outlines the amount of damages to be paid to the noncelling party in the event of a cancellation.