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1. Notice as to how charges for an event should be handled and to whom invoices should be addressed.

2. Familiarization Trip. Offered to potential buyers of a venue - a program designed to acquaint participants with specific destinations or services and to stimulate the booking of an event. Often offered in groups - but sometimes on an individual basis

3. 1) An accounting method that enters income and expenses into the books at the time of contract versus when payment is received or expenses incurred (cash accounting). 2) A system in which revenue and expenses are accounted for as soon as they are com

4. One or more standard units of exhibit space. In the US - a standard unit is generally known to be a 10' x 10' space (one standard booth/stand unit - equaling 100 nsf). However - if an exhibitor purchases multiple units side-by-side or back-to-back -

5. The software that makes Webcasting work. These "stream" audio and video from a central source - or media server - to recipients on their personal computers.

6. 1) A research method based upon selecting a portion of a population for study. 2) Paperwork and fees paid to a building by exhibitors for the right to serve food product.

7. Facility form to advise departments of changes in reservations or functions.

8. An individual who guides discussion and/or decision making.

9. Seating arrangement in which chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape and separated by a center aisle. They face the head table or speaker.

10. Categorization of people - organizations or businesses by professional discipline or primary areas of interest for the purposes of sales analysis or assignment.

11. Method of doing research using a small group led by a facilitator.

12. Seating arrangement in which seats are in rows facing the stage area - no tables. See AUDITORIUM SET-UP.

13. Company which designs and handles some or all elements of incentive travel programs.

14. Net Profit divided by Net Worth. A financial ratio indicating the degree of profitability. To calculate - use event revenues minus program expenses divided by program expenses - multiplied by 100 to get the ROI %.

15. In-person on-site review and evaluation of a venue or location for an event.

16. ASP. A company that manages and distributes software-based solutions to customers across a wide area network from a central data center. In essence - ASPs are a way for organizations to outsource some or almost all aspects of their information techno

17. Contract wording that outlines potential damages or fees that a party may be required to pay in the event that it does not fulfill minimum commitments in the contract.

18. European term for booth or exhibit.

19. Raising and supporting sound - lighting or other equipment or dcor from the ceiling.

20. Representatives of an event's exhibiting companies who act as advisers to show management on rules and procedures - and also update show management on industry trends and issues.

21. Contractor appointed by event or building management as the sole agent to provide specific services or products.

22. The organization who provides accrediation for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

23. A music licensing organization that represents individuals who hold the copyrights to music written in the United States. It grants licensing agreements for the performance of music.

24. A wired or wireless microphone that hooks around the neck or is clipped to clothing. Sometimes called a NECKLACE - LAPEL - or PENDANT MICROPHONE.

25. Labor performed and paid at standard rate for work during normal business hours as established by unions.

26. Weblogs or online journals. An application that may change the face of event marketing.

27. LTL. Rates applicable when the quantity of freight is less than the volume of truckload minimum weight.

28. Magnetic Stripe. A lead retrieval system using a magnetic strip on either the back of a paper badge (similar to some airline tickets) or on plastic badges similar to credit cards.

29. Function room set-up that saves room turnover time - limits the number of event rooms required - and avoids additional charges for changing room set-ups.

30. The industry preferred term for a report of the details and activities of an event. A collection of post event reports over time will provide the complete History for an event. The industry accepted practice is to use the APEX POST EVENT REPORT - whi

31. Company that fabricates displays.

32. Americans with Disabilities Act. U.S. legislation passed in 1992 requiring public buildings (offices - hotels - restaurants - etc.) to make adjustments meeting minimum standards to make their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabil

33. See BLANKET WRAP. Non-crated freight shipped via van line covered with protective blankets or padding.

34. Booking before an event takes places. Allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place. Done through mail - phone - internet or fax.

35. Accepted Practices Exchange. An initiative of the meetings - conventions & exhibitions industry managed by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). APEX develops and manages the implementation of accepted practices (voluntary standards) for the industr

36. Building an event budget on estimates of potential income and likely expenses because there is no financial history from prior events available to use.

37. A person who is authorized to legally bind an individual or organization to a contract - to sign checks on behalf of an organization - or charge to an organization's master account.

38. A type of indemnity clause that requires one party to fully protect the other from a claim asserted. This would include the payment of costs or attorney fees.

39. Comp. Service - space or item provided at no charge.

40. A hollow square whose corners are replaced by serpentine or half-moon tables.

41. Designated date when the facility will release a block of sleeping rooms to the general public. The date is typically three to four weeks before the event.

42. A promise - proposal or other expression of willingness to make and carry out a contract under proposed terms with another party which has the ability to accept it upon receiving it. Space and rent proposal from a facility. It may be in the form of a

43. Placing plated foods on banquet tables prior to seating guests.

44. To neglect to carry out an agreement.

45. Equipment which projects an image on a screen by passing light through a transparent slide or other transparency.

46. Recognizing the possibility of injury - damage or loss - and having a means to prevent it or provide insurance.

47. Person or firm which is licensed and specializes in travel related arrangements - such booking hotel rooms - meals - transportation - cruises - tours - vacation packages and other travel elements.

48. Insurance that protects a event organizer against financial loss or expenses incurred when contractually specified perils necessitate canceling or relocating a event - or cause a reduction in attendance.

49. A voluntary payment added to a bill (e.g. a restaurant check) - to signify good service.

50. Device used to compensate for undesired sound system characteristics or room acoustics.