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1. Minimum amount for which union labor must be paid.

2. An informal meeting for the purpose of discussion; usually of an academic or research nature and in order to ascertain areas of mutual interest through exchange of ideas. Conducted as and when convenient - but with little regularity.

3. Period when the demand for a supplier's product or service is lowest. Prices general decrease in low season.

4. (Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable or UTP) Usually referred to as Cat 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 cable. Cat 5 transmits data the fastest. Fast Ethernet requires enhanced Cat 5 cable or Cat 5 to operate at its full potential.

5. An electronic message center or online discussion group - usually serving a special-interest group. They allow you to review messages left by others - and leave your own message if you choose. Also known as bulletin board systems or electronic forum.

6. Computer Assisted Drawing/Computer Assisted Manufacturing. Some facilities have CAD systems to provide room setup diagrams.

7. Insurance that protects a event organizer against financial loss or expenses incurred when contractually specified perils necessitate canceling or relocating a event - or cause a reduction in attendance.

8. Educational and/or social events planned for spouses and guests of event participants.

9. 1) Lecture and dialogue allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field under the guidance of an expert discussion leader. 2) A meeting or series of meetings of from 10 to 50 specialists who have different specific skills but have a

10. A type of exhibit construction in which the walls are of solid material - rather than fabric.

11. 1) Airline lift into and out of a destination. 2) Capable of being used by people with physical challenges and disabilities. This is an important aspect of the United States' Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

12. The tone of a document refers to the feeling or impression a document conveys. Formal writing style tends to convey an objective tone that is deliberate and factual. The toneo f an informal document typically is relaxed - informative - helpful - casu

13. A stand upon which a speaker may rest notes or books. May be "standing -" which rests on the floor - or "table-top" which is placed on a table. Often confused with PODIUM.

14. A food service operation in which customers carry their own trays and select food from a display counter or counters. It is similar to a buffet - but food is served by attendants.

15. An interchange between an inner circle debating an issue and an outer circle of observers. Individuals occasionally move from one circle to the other.

16. Lens which produces a soft edged beam of light. Theatrical fixture with adjustable lens 150 W through 1500 W.

17. A pre-cut - etched pattern fabricated from metal or glass that fits in the focal plane of a lighting instrument to form projected light into a shape (logo - graphic or even scenery). Templates can form light images on ceilings and walls. The pattern

18. A writtten plan that's purpose is to define the market for an event - outline a strategy for attracting and keeping participants - and prepare to adapt to changes in the market. This working document guides decisions about how - when - and where to e

19. A discussion which takes place within a meeting - a public or private sitting or in one of the various types of assembly or meeting.

20. The projection of a computer signal from a personal computer - laptop or other computer device onto a screen from a LCD or equivalent projector for viewing by audience.

21. Amount of money paid to secure a room - facility or service in advance.

22. 1) A statement of what one will give or take in return for something else (a price); proposal. 2) Proposal submitted by a convention & visitors bureau and/or hotel(s) to an event organizer that includes defined dates and room blocks.

23. A release of rights to substitute one party for another party. The release of an insurance company right to succeed to the insured's rights to sue for damages against the tortfeasor - after the insurance company pays an insured's claim of loss due to

24. Comp. Service - space or item provided at no charge.

25. Type of adjustable spotlight used to light lecterns - signs and areas that need a tightly focused pool of light.

26. An individual or company which provides customs clearing services to shippers of goods to and from another country. Licensing and requirements vary from country to country. In the United States - a customs broker must be licensed by the Treasury Depa

27. A document provided by an insurance company as proof that a policy has been issued and coverage is in effect.

28. Raising and supporting sound - lighting or other equipment or dcor from the ceiling.

29. A cable that is made up of tiny glass strands that are wrapped and bundled together to make up a cable. Fiber can transmit voice - data and video at gigabyte speed - or 1 billion bytes per second - with less signal loss than copper wire because the s

30. A seating arrangement with a row of seats on low risers around a BOARDROOM SET-UP. A very space-intensive set-up.

31. A person who is authorized to legally bind an individual or organization to a contract - to sign checks on behalf of an organization - or charge to an organization's master account.

32. Food is plated in the kitchen and placed before the guest. Side dishes are used for bread and butter and salad. Food is served from the left - beverages from the right - and all items are removed from the right. This is generally the service used for

33. Seating arrangement in which chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape and separated by a center aisle. They face the head table or speaker.

34. Relating to organizations whose membership hold common occupational credentials or interests.

35. 1) The back wall (either hardwall or draped) of a perimeter - booth/stand/exhibit - or inline. 2) Panel arrangement at rear of booth/stand area.

36. Efforts of a dissident group to obstruct the conduct of an event.

37. Abbreviation for "hundred weight." This is the unit of measure used in drayage and freight shipments.

38. Notice as to how charges for an event should be handled and to whom invoices should be addressed.

39. Shipment number designated by the common carrier to a single shipment - used in all cases where the shipment must be referred. Usually assigned at once.

40. Supplier of booth/stand equipment - rental furnishings - floor coverings - labor - drayage and signs for exhibitions and trade shows. See GENERAL SERVICE CONTRACTOR.

41. An agreement between two or more parties that creates in each party a duty to do or not do something and a right to performance of the other's duty or a remedy for the breach of the other's duty.

42. Booth/stand space assigned to exhibiting companies or meeting rooms assigned to event groups.

43. An exhibit with aisles on three sides.

44. A list showing the number and kinds of items being shipped - as well as other information needed for transportation purposes.

45. Association of Destination Management Executives. A member of the Convention Industry Council.

46. A detailed list of the individual line items that make up the revenue and expense categories in a budget. A numbering system used to identify every line item in a budget - so income and expenses are posted to the correct accounts.

47. 1) Merchandise or refreshments sold on site - to individuals - in conjunction with an event. 2) Contractual agreement where one party provides something of value to the other party in exchange for something else - pending certain conditions.

48. This beverage service includes both cash-bar and open-bar concepts. Guests are issued a certain number of tickets for free drinks and are then required to purchase additional drinks if desired.

49. Any meeting where people at two or more distant locations are linked using video - audio and data for two-way communication via satellite communications or the Internet. Each party sees and hears the other through a TV screen or computer monitor and

50. DMC. A professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge - expertise and resources - specializing in the design and implementation of events - activities - tours - transportation and program logistics. Depending on the company and th