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CMP: Certified Meeting Professional

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1. A speaker system that is typically used in ballrooms - exhibit hall venues - etc - and are most appropriate for voice reproduction.

2. Building an event budget on estimates of potential income and likely expenses because there is no financial history from prior events available to use.

3. One or more standard units of exhibit space. In the US - a standard unit is generally known to be a 10' x 10' space (one standard booth/stand unit - equaling 100 nsf). However - if an exhibitor purchases multiple units side-by-side or back-to-back -

4. Certified Professional Catering Executive. A certification program offered by the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE).

5. Direct mail promotional materials sent to current and prospective exhibitors to encourage participation and promote the benefits of exhibiting in a specific show. Contains information about technical points - cost of exhibition space - floor plan of

6. 1) Display of reports and papers - usually scientific - accompanied by authors or researchers. 2) A session dedicated to the discussion of the posters shown inside the meeting area. When this discussion is not held in a special session - it can take

7. Designated date when the facility will release a block of sleeping rooms to the general public. The date is typically three to four weeks before the event.

8. Raised horizontal surface - stage - or flooring.

9. A prepared statement released to the news media. Can be "For immediate release -" or at a specified time or date; an article intended for use by the media about a company - product - service - individual - or show. Also Called NEWS RELEASE.

10. AKA Group Specification Guide or Resume. Spec Guide. The industry preferred term for a comprehensive document that outlines the complete requirements and instructions for an event. This document is typically authored by the event planner and is share

11. Marketing tools or programs used to influence buying patterns and build customer loyalty.

12. Devices for the deaf or hearing imparied available in public phone banks and/or at the registration desk.

13. Exhibit hours that do not overlap other programming - which encourages attendees to visit the exhibition and increases the value for exhibitors.

14. The process whereby exhibitors receive a potential customer's contact information in a standardized manner. A system for capturing and following-up on leads generated at an exhibition.

15. A payment to a sales representative for meeting or exceeding a sales revenue goal. Or a payment made to an individual or organization for bringing business to another individual or organization.

16. An event that incoporates environmental considerations throughout all states of the planning process in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

17. A feature of videoconferencing systems which allows the placement of shared documents on an on-screen shared space or "whiteboard." Participants can edit and mark up the document just as on a physical whiteboard.

18. An electronic message center or online discussion group - usually serving a special-interest group. They allow you to review messages left by others - and leave your own message if you choose. Also known as bulletin board systems or electronic forum.

19. AKA Post Conference.Any event which is arranged for the period immediately following the conference proper.

20. The transfer of monies into and out of an enterprise.

21. Formalized statement of outcomes to be anticipated as a result of the educational process.

22. Final official listing of all passengers and/or cargo aboard a transportation vehicle or vessel.

23. A term used in food and beverage that refers to the purchasing option based on the amount utilized by the group. The organization pays for the food and beverage based on the actual food and beverage served.

24. A company that offers complete turnkey organization support for an event - including administrative and event management services.

25. Person or firm which is licensed and specializes in travel related arrangements - such booking hotel rooms - meals - transportation - cruises - tours - vacation packages and other travel elements.

26. Efforts of a dissident group to obstruct the conduct of an event.

27. Raised platform usually above the floor of a hall or large room.

28. Compression/Decompression or Coder/Decoder. Videoconferencing standard - included in hardware and/or software - used to compress or code video - audio - and data signals for transmission and decompress or decode the signal at the other end of the tra

29. Transportation for participants; usually by coach or van - provided on a continuous basis for a certain time period.

30. An extraordinary natural event such as extreme weather - flood - hurricanes - tornadoes - earthquake or similar natural disaster that cannot be reasonably foreseen or prevented over which a contracting party has no reasonable control - making perform

31. Devices that help people who are hard of hearing connect to the speaker system and use their hearing aids to hear the speaker more clearly.

32. The person hired to review the content of advertising or marketing materials for consistency - accuracy - and to elminate repititious information.

33. Portable videoconferencing system - usually mounted on a rolling cart or hard-sided case for ease of transport from room to room or across the globe.

34. A type of indemnity clause that requires one party to fully protect the other from a claim asserted. This would include the payment of costs or attorney fees.

35. Computer application that enables voting and then collects and displays the results - simplifying decision-making among event participants.

36. A marketing plan should answer the question - What is the benefit to attending the event?

37. Staff person responsible for selling and servicing group and local food and beverage functions.

38. To neglect to carry out an agreement.

39. Written document requiring individuals to disclose any conflicts of interest that may be created by their involvement with an organization.

40. Any agreement which limits who may provide specific products or services under certain conditions to only one party. A general service contractor - for instance - may have an "exclusive" in a particular facility - meaning that no other contractor is

41. 1) The jobs that may be performed by a specific labor union. 2) The locality where a contractual dispute is decided. 3) In law - the ability of a court to hear and decide a matter brought before it.

42. DMC. A professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge - expertise and resources - specializing in the design and implementation of events - activities - tours - transportation and program logistics. Depending on the company and th

43. A type of exhibit construction in which the walls are of solid material - rather than fabric.

44. A new development using computer chips that can be read from a distance (similar to a bar code without the need for line of sight). This type of technology holds promise to help attendees - event managers and exhibitors share information - log into c

45. 1) The governmental authorities designated to collect duties levied by a country on imports and exports. The term also applies to the procedures involved in such collection. 2) Practices common to many of a particular group.

46. Capture - manipulation and storage of video in digital format on a computer. Can be displayed on a computer as part of a graphic presentation.

47. An ongoing process in which an individual actively seeks to understand and contribute to change.

48. The newest development in audio systems that can take traditional distributed systems - which require delay speakers to be hung throughout the room - to a new level. The advantage is that you can cover a room from a single line of speakers over the r

49. Booth/stand space assigned to exhibiting companies or meeting rooms assigned to event groups.

50. 1) A mandatory and automatic amount added to standard food and beverage charges - usually used to defray the cost of labor - such as housemen - servers - technicians - etc. and which the facility receives a portion of the charge. In return - the gues