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1. Affordable videoconferencing equipment that is available and allows participants to use their computers indead of proprietary hardware for virtual meetings. They provide real-time interaction using a personal computer.

2. A stand upon which a speaker may rest notes or books. May be "standing -" which rests on the floor - or "table-top" which is placed on a table. Often confused with PODIUM.

3. Assortment of foods - offered on a table - self-served.

4. A term used in food and beverage that refers to the purchasing option based on the amount utilized by the group. The organization pays for the food and beverage based on the actual food and beverage served.

5. MAP. A type of room rate that includes breakfast and one other meal (usually dinner).

6. A document - required by some countries - describing a shipment of goods and showing information such as the consignor - consignee - and value of the shipment. Certified by a consular official of the foreign country - it is used by that country's cus

7. A labor organization - typically made up of workers from the same trade formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests such as dealing collectively with their employer on issues of wages - hours - working conditions and other matters pert

8. Facility that combines an exhibition space with a substantial number of smaller event spaces. The purpose of these buildings is to host trade shows - public shows - conventions - large food functions and other functions related to the convention indu

9. Contract wording that outlines potential damages or fees that a party may be required to pay in the event that it does not fulfill minimum commitments in the contract.

10. 1) A food service vendor - often used to describe a vendor who specializes in banquets and theme parties. 2) An exclusive food & beverage contractor within a facility.

11. Required for shipments valued at more than $2500; used by the U.S. government to monitor the dollar volume of export shipments.

12. Individuals who will participate in the pre-event meetings. Generally includes the planner - key members of planner's staff - CSM - Catering Managers - A/V representatives - room set-up representatives - etc.

13. 1) Regeneration of sound from audio speakers back through a microphone causing a squealing sound. 2) Response about an activity - policy - or idea.

14. Pre-program information distributed to tour guides - field representatives - venues or vendors - regarding the details of their program assignment for a given event or program.

15. A prepared statement released to the news media. Can be "For immediate release -" or at a specified time or date; an article intended for use by the media about a company - product - service - individual - or show. Also Called NEWS RELEASE.

16. Magnetic Stripe. A lead retrieval system using a magnetic strip on either the back of a paper badge (similar to some airline tickets) or on plastic badges similar to credit cards.

17. A company that offers complete turnkey organization support for an event - including administrative and event management services.

18. The process whereby exhibitors receive a potential customer's contact information in a standardized manner. A system for capturing and following-up on leads generated at an exhibition.

19. Web browser-based videoconferencing.

20. Representatives of an event's exhibiting companies who act as advisers to show management on rules and procedures - and also update show management on industry trends and issues.

21. The complete package of marketing materials used to promote an event such as brochures - emails - direct mail - etc. Organizations should consider developing a style sheet to ensure consistency across all marketing collateral.

22. Equipment which projects an image on a screen by passing light through a transparent slide or other transparency.

23. Supplier of booth/stand equipment - rental furnishings - floor coverings - labor - drayage and signs for exhibitions and trade shows. See GENERAL SERVICE CONTRACTOR.

24. Americans with Disabilities Act. U.S. legislation passed in 1992 requiring public buildings (offices - hotels - restaurants - etc.) to make adjustments meeting minimum standards to make their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabil

25. Carrier that specializes in shipping uncrated exhibits - high-tech equipment and delicate materials that require special handling.

26. Seating arrangement in which seats are in rows facing the stage area - no tables. See AUDITORIUM SET-UP.

27. A marketing plan should answer the question - What is the benefit to attending the event?

28. Accepted Practices Exchange. An initiative of the meetings - conventions & exhibitions industry managed by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). APEX develops and manages the implementation of accepted practices (voluntary standards) for the industr

29. Anticipated dates and times of arrival of group members.

30. The amount of information that can be transmitted in an information channel such as a telephone line - ISDN - or Ethernet. Higher bandwidth means that images and sound will load more quickly for use in videoconferences or on the Internet.

31. A type of room rate that includes breakfast and one other meal (usually dinner).

32. An individual who guides discussion and/or decision making.

33. A customs document permitting the holder to carry or send merchandise temporarily into certain foreign countries (for display - demonstration or similar purposes) without paying duties or posting bonds.

34. A voluntary payment added to a bill (e.g. a restaurant check) - to signify good service.

35. Method of doing research using a small group led by a facilitator.

36. Guest holding confirmed sleeping room reservation is denied accommodations at the hotel where to reservation is held upon their arrival and is relocated to another hotel.

37. A type of audio system for meetings and concerts. The speakers sit on the floor and project from each side of the room. The sound may be louder in the front than the back.

38. An agreement between two or more parties that creates in each party a duty to do or not do something and a right to performance of the other's duty or a remedy for the breach of the other's duty.

39. AKA Group Specification Guide or Resume. Spec Guide. The industry preferred term for a comprehensive document that outlines the complete requirements and instructions for an event. This document is typically authored by the event planner and is share

40. 1) Platforms of varying heights used together to create a stage - such as the rows of steps a choral group would use during a performance. 2) Stage background scene giving illusion or depth. Also called CYC.

41. Placing plated foods on banquet tables prior to seating guests.

42. AKA Group Specification Guide or Resume. Spec Guide. The industry preferred term for a comprehensive document that outlines the complete requirements and instructions for an event. This document is typically authored by the event planner and is share

43. Structure of event program elements to achieve specific goals and objectives.

44. Two or more computers or peripherals that are linked together for the purpose of sharing data.

45. AKA Housing Bureau. Organization that provides reservation services for a group and its attendees.

46. Abbreviation for "hundred weight." This is the unit of measure used in drayage and freight shipments.

47. In-person on-site review and evaluation of a venue or location for an event.

48. All individuals who are invested in a project or event such as the sponsors - attendees - vendors - media and others.

49. Any group of rooms that is classified or separated differently than the general attendee block within the Event-Contracted Block (ECB).

50. Direct mail promotional materials sent to current and prospective exhibitors to encourage participation and promote the benefits of exhibiting in a specific show. Contains information about technical points - cost of exhibition space - floor plan of