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1. Truckload rates apply where the tariff shows a truckload minimum weight. Charges will be at the truckload minimum weight unless weight is higher.

2. An email - bulk fax - or bulk mail broadcast that provides attendees and prospects with the latest news and information about an upcoming event. Such reminders are usually distributed on an opt-in basis. See EMAIL ALERT.

3. Lens which produces a soft edged beam of light. Theatrical fixture with adjustable lens 150 W through 1500 W.

4. This pattern of service involves the use of serving pieces (usually silver); heating and garnishing of food table-side by a captain; and the serving of food on a heated plate - which is then served to the guest by a server. Plated entrees are usually

5. Raised horizontal surface - stage - or flooring.

6. Staff person responsible for selling and servicing group and local food and beverage functions.

7. 1) Broadly - one who acts or has the power to act: more usually - one that acts as the representative of another. Most frequently in travel - a specific kind of agent such as a retail travel agent. 2) Person that obtains engagements for entertainers

8. Hiring an outside firm or individual to perform the task instead of using in-house staff; to subcontract a task or responsibility to a third party.

9. Categorization of people - organizations or businesses by professional discipline or primary areas of interest for the purposes of sales analysis or assignment.

10. A Web-based form that can be designed to guide the user through the process of completing the form and can alert the user to errors.

11. Platters of food are composed in the kitchen. Each food item is then served from the guest's left by the server from platters to individual plates. Any course can be 'Frenched' by having the dressing put on the salad or having sauce added to a entre

12. AKA Group Travel Agency. Company specializing in planning and handling group travel.

13. Primary uses of satellite videoconferencing today are major announcements - product launches - and other presentations for which timeliness and a top-quality broadcaset is desired. they are typically sent to a large - geographically remote audience -

14. Average (power) level at which a signal is output from devices like mixers - cassette decks and other devices which process sound. Technically - this corresponds to -30 dBM (one microwatt) to +30 dBM (one watt).

15. In the United States - a legal term for laws covering the liability of people serving alcoholic beverages. Under dram shop laws - a party injured by an intoxicated person can sue establishments contributing to that person's intoxication. Many dram sh

16. One or more standard units of exhibit space. In the US - a standard unit is generally known to be a 10' x 10' space (one standard booth/stand unit - equaling 100 nsf). However - if an exhibitor purchases multiple units side-by-side or back-to-back -

17. A promise - proposal or other expression of willingness to make and carry out a contract under proposed terms with another party which has the ability to accept it upon receiving it. Space and rent proposal from a facility. It may be in the form of a

18. Using hypertext - a link is a selectable connection from one word - picture or information object to another. From a Web site - a link points to content.

19. A nonprofit organization representing specific destinations formerly known as the International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus. Members have expert knowledge of their city and its surrounding areas; typically they represent local hotels

20. Any meeting where people at two or more distant locations are linked using video - audio and data for two-way communication via satellite communications or the Internet. Each party sees and hears the other through a TV screen or computer monitor and

21. Contractor retained by a facility to be on-site and provide services as needed. In some cases - Planners are not required to use their services - but may be charged a surcharge or facility fee for bringing in an outside contractor for the same servic

22. Small group sessions - panels - workshops or presentations - offered concurrently within the event - formed to focus on specific subjects. The event is apart from the general session - but within the event format - formed to focus on specific subject

23. LTL. Rates applicable when the quantity of freight is less than the volume of truckload minimum weight.

24. 1) Room or suite of rooms used to entertain guests. 2) An event in the United States usually separate from the exhibit - in which refreshments are served and exhibitor personnel and visitors socialize.

25. Marketing tools or programs used to influence buying patterns and build customer loyalty.

26. 1) Display of reports and papers - usually scientific - accompanied by authors or researchers. 2) A session dedicated to the discussion of the posters shown inside the meeting area. When this discussion is not held in a special session - it can take

27. Designated date when the facility will release a block of sleeping rooms to the general public. The date is typically three to four weeks before the event.

28. One of the advantages of a web-based event planning software solution or ASP is that clients already have the necessary tools available: a computer and a web browser. This familiar interface is cross-platforming - meaning that PCs - MACs - and large

29. The amount of information that can be transmitted in an information channel such as a telephone line - ISDN - or Ethernet. Higher bandwidth means that images and sound will load more quickly for use in videoconferences or on the Internet.

30. Part of a cancellation clause that outlines the amount of damages to be paid to the noncelling party in the event of a cancellation.

31. 1) Certified Meeting Professional. 2) Complete Meeting Package at conference centers; includes lodging - all food and beverage - support services - including audio visual equipment - room rental - etc.

32. Seating arrangement in which chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape and separated by a center aisle. They face the head table or speaker.

33. Facility form to advise departments of changes in reservations or functions.

34. The point at which revenues are equal to expenses.

35. A stand upon which a speaker may rest notes or books. May be "standing -" which rests on the floor - or "table-top" which is placed on a table. Often confused with PODIUM.

36. 1) Free-standing pavilion or light structure - often inside a facility - where printed or electronic information is available. 2) A small enclosure for ticket sales - information - etc.

37. An individual or company providing installation & dismantle and booth/stand and hall dressing services for a trade show and/or its exhibitors. Decorator services may be provided by carpenters - sign painters or others depending upon union jurisdictio

38. Familiarization Trip. Offered to potential buyers of a venue - a program designed to acquaint participants with specific destinations or services and to stimulate the booking of an event. Often offered in groups - but sometimes on an individual basis

39. 1) Process of moving equipment and/or people from one point to another. 2) Transportation between terminals and hotels. 3) To copy a picture or sound that is transmitted by one recorder to another - or to make a tape copy from film.

40. Date beyond which a facility is free to rent the unused sleeping rooms or function space to other groups.

41. Association of Destination Management Executives. A member of the Convention Industry Council.

42. Program and process by which a participant completes proscribed training and passes an assessment.

43. Accredited designation offered by the National Speakers Association. This designation is earned for extensive - documented speaking experience and client satisfaction.

44. A Web-site whose primary function is to provide attendees (buyers) and exhibitors (sellers) with online tools that help facilitate participation in an upcoming event.

45. An itemized statement furnished to a purchaser by a seller and usually specifying the price of goods or services and the terms of sale.

46. Booth/stand space assigned to exhibiting companies or meeting rooms assigned to event groups.

47. A type of education where students work on their own at home or from an office - and communicate with faculty and other students via email - electronic forums - chat - webconferencing and other forms of online communication. Includes correspondence c

48. Certified Special Event Professional; an earned designation from the International Special Events Society (ISES).

49. AKA Group Specification Guide or Resume. Spec Guide. The industry preferred term for a comprehensive document that outlines the complete requirements and instructions for an event. This document is typically authored by the event planner and is share

50. In Conjunction With. An event or function that occurs because of another event.