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CMP: Certified Meeting Professional

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1. An event that draws a national and international audience. Typically 15% or more of attendees reside outside of the host country.

2. 1) Certified Meeting Professional. 2) Complete Meeting Package at conference centers; includes lodging - all food and beverage - support services - including audio visual equipment - room rental - etc.

3. In the United States - a legal term for laws covering the liability of people serving alcoholic beverages. Under dram shop laws - a party injured by an intoxicated person can sue establishments contributing to that person's intoxication. Many dram sh

4. A prepared statement released to the news media. Can be "For immediate release -" or at a specified time or date; an article intended for use by the media about a company - product - service - individual - or show. Also Called NEWS RELEASE.

5. A feature of videoconferencing systems which allows the placement of shared documents on an on-screen shared space or "whiteboard." Participants can edit and mark up the document just as on a physical whiteboard.

6. A member of the Convention Industry Council.

7. Equipment - materials - and teaching aids used in sound and visual presentations - such as television monitors - video - sound equipment - etc.

8. The type of platform that multi-purpose technology solutions designed to handle many event planning and management tasks are built on. They range in price from a few hundred dollars for a basic single-user program to hundreds of thousands of dollars

9. Facility that combines an exhibition space with a substantial number of smaller event spaces. The purpose of these buildings is to host trade shows - public shows - conventions - large food functions and other functions related to the convention indu

10. An alternative procedure that can be specified in contracts instead of going through the process of filing a complaint and pursuing the claim in court.

11. 1) Platforms of varying heights used together to create a stage - such as the rows of steps a choral group would use during a performance. 2) Stage background scene giving illusion or depth. Also called CYC.

12. The complete package of marketing materials used to promote an event such as brochures - emails - direct mail - etc. Organizations should consider developing a style sheet to ensure consistency across all marketing collateral.

13. 1) The opposite of real-time. 2) Audio and/or video programming available on a Web site after the completion of an event - providing this content so Web site visitors can listen or view at their discretion. 3) FAX system for sending out faxed materia

14. Multi-page pressure-sensitive form where multiple copies are made by writing on the top copy of the form. NCR stands for No-Carbon Required.

15. Building an event budet by analyzing both the projected and actual figures from the previous year's budget.

16. An individual or company providing installation & dismantle and booth/stand and hall dressing services for a trade show and/or its exhibitors. Decorator services may be provided by carpenters - sign painters or others depending upon union jurisdictio

17. An individual or company which provides customs clearing services to shippers of goods to and from another country. Licensing and requirements vary from country to country. In the United States - a customs broker must be licensed by the Treasury Depa

18. Contractor appointed by event or building management as the sole agent to provide specific services or products.

19. Truckload rates apply where the tariff shows a truckload minimum weight. Charges will be at the truckload minimum weight unless weight is higher.

20. Direct mail promotional materials sent to current and prospective exhibitors to encourage participation and promote the benefits of exhibiting in a specific show. Contains information about technical points - cost of exhibition space - floor plan of

21. A customs document permitting the holder to carry or send merchandise temporarily into certain foreign countries (for display - demonstration or similar purposes) without paying duties or posting bonds.

22. Service for meeting and greeting a person upon arrival in a city - usually at the airport - pier or rail station and assisting him or her with entrance formalities - collecting baggage and obtaining transportation.

23. AKA Group Specification Guide or Resume. Spec Guide. The industry preferred term for a comprehensive document that outlines the complete requirements and instructions for an event. This document is typically authored by the event planner and is share

24. Certified Special Event Professional; an earned designation from the International Special Events Society (ISES).

25. Staff person responsible for selling and servicing group and local food and beverage functions.

26. To neglect to carry out an agreement.

27. Items that an exhibitor is allowed to carry unaided into a event facility without being charged.

28. Generally refers to air-freight and van line shipments. Invoices are calculated with two weights - actual and dimensional. The dimensional weight is based upon the volume of the shipment. The billing weight is the larger of the two.

29. The activities that are undertaken to either reduce the probability that an emergency or crisis will occur or reduce the consequences if it does occur.

30. A larger-than-average bar code that uses the PDF417 standard (the same used for e-stamps). Stores up to 1 -800 characters in bar code on standard paper badge - which can then be used by exhibitors to get contact information from registrants.

31. This beverage service includes both cash-bar and open-bar concepts. Guests are issued a certain number of tickets for free drinks and are then required to purchase additional drinks if desired.

32. A payment to a sales representative for meeting or exceeding a sales revenue goal. Or a payment made to an individual or organization for bringing business to another individual or organization.

33. Small group sessions - panels - workshops or presentations - offered concurrently within the event - formed to focus on specific subjects. The event is apart from the general session - but within the event format - formed to focus on specific subject

34. Capture - manipulation and storage of video in digital format on a computer. Can be displayed on a computer as part of a graphic presentation.

35. A permanently installed series of cable comprised of copper wire cable and/or fiber optic cable - utilized as the main thoroughfare in a building to transmit voice and data signals in or out of the facility.

36. An agreement between two or more parties that creates in each party a duty to do or not do something and a right to performance of the other's duty or a remedy for the breach of the other's duty.

37. Provision in a contract which outlines damages to be paid to the non-canceling party if cancellation occurs - due the canceling party's breach of the contract.

38. The presenter is questioned by a moderator on behalf of the audience.

39. A collection of publicity items that includes: 1) pertinent data on the meeting - such as agenda - historical data - guest speakers - special events - etc. The property - such as photos - descriptions of public space areas - local entertainment - etc

40. A record of transactions during an event where the resulting balance is paid directly by the group. May include room - tax - incidentals - food and beverage - audiovisual equipment - decor - etc. Also Called MASTER BILL.

41. An agreement between two or more parties that creates in each party a duty to do or not do something and a right to performance of the other's duty or a remedy for the breach of the other's duty.

42. One or more standard units of exhibit space. In the US - a standard unit is generally known to be a 10' x 10' space (one standard booth/stand unit - equaling 100 nsf). However - if an exhibitor purchases multiple units side-by-side or back-to-back -

43. Dispute resolution process in which the parties use a third party to assist them in reaching a compromise. The mediator may work with both sides together - or may act as "go between" in an attempt to move the sides toward agreement. The mediator may

44. Affordable videoconferencing equipment that is available and allows participants to use their computers indead of proprietary hardware for virtual meetings. They provide real-time interaction using a personal computer.

45. 1) Exclusive use of all or some space on an airplane - bus - ship - or other vehicle for a special period of time and for a specific itinerary. 2) To create a new association - organization or chapter of an association or organization.

46. A meeting of a number of experts in a particular field - at which papers are presented and discussed by specialists on particular subjects with a view to making recommendations concerning the problems under discussion.

47. Informative and instructional speech.

48. A voluntary payment added to a bill (e.g. a restaurant check) - to signify good service.

49. 1) A statement of what one will give or take in return for something else (a price); proposal. 2) Proposal submitted by a convention & visitors bureau and/or hotel(s) to an event organizer that includes defined dates and room blocks.

50. DMC. A professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge - expertise and resources - specializing in the design and implementation of events - activities - tours - transportation and program logistics. Depending on the company and th