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1. Web sites that give visitors a reason to return to the site and be exposed to new offers.

2. Event held to communicate information to media representatives.

3. Portable videoconferencing system - usually mounted on a rolling cart or hard-sided case for ease of transport from room to room or across the globe.

4. Time worked by an employee outside of - or in addition to - regular working time or beyond the standard forty-hour workweek.

5. Booth/stand space assigned to exhibiting companies or meeting rooms assigned to event groups.

6. A videoconference of more than two sites.

7. An ongoing effort by an organization to develop relationships with key media representatives before - during - and after an event.

8. A facility that provides a dedicated environment for events - especially small events. May be certified by the International Association of Conference Centers.

9. Certified Special Event Professional; an earned designation from the International Special Events Society (ISES).

10. A meeting of a number of experts in a particular field - at which papers are presented and discussed by specialists on particular subjects with a view to making recommendations concerning the problems under discussion.

11. The projection of a computer signal from a personal computer - laptop or other computer device onto a screen from a LCD or equivalent projector for viewing by audience.

12. A customs document permitting the holder to carry or send merchandise temporarily into certain foreign countries (for display - demonstration or similar purposes) without paying duties or posting bonds.

13. 1) Merchandise or refreshments sold on site - to individuals - in conjunction with an event. 2) Contractual agreement where one party provides something of value to the other party in exchange for something else - pending certain conditions.

14. BEO. A form most often used by hotels to provide details to personnel concerned with a specific food and beverage function or event room set-up.

15. A seating arrangement with a row of seats on low risers around a BOARDROOM SET-UP. A very space-intensive set-up.

16. The organization providing alcohol to guests.

17. Guest holding confirmed sleeping room reservation is denied accommodations at the hotel where to reservation is held upon their arrival and is relocated to another hotel.

18. An email marketing campaign that only sends messages to users who have requested (or opted-in) to receive specific types of information. Email conference reminders and newsletters are examples of opt-in email marketing campaigns based upon permission

19. Integrated services digital network. A single ISDN line carries data at 128 Kbps. Although video conferences are possible at slower speeds - ISDN is considered to be the minimum for acceptable-quality video transmission.

20. Placing plated foods on banquet tables prior to seating guests.

21. Type of adjustable spotlight used to light lecterns - signs and areas that need a tightly focused pool of light.

22. Part of a cancellation clause that outlines the amount of damages to be paid to the noncelling party in the event of a cancellation.

23. A commission over and above the normal base commission percentage.

24. 1) Pallet. 2) Wooden platform used to support machinery or a collection of objects for easier handling. 3) Thick wood blocks attached to crates which allow forklift access for easier handling. 4) Wood runners protecting the exterior of a shipping cas

25. A company that presents special effects and theatrical acts. This type of company may contract to put on an entire event or only parts of one. They sometimes hire speakers as part of their contract.

26. Apparatus used for projecting photographic slides onto a screen. It will often have a remote (either wired or wireless) that can be used to advance the slides.

27. A type of digital telecommunication line that provides high speed internet access for mulitple users.

28. 1) Exclusive use of all or some space on an airplane - bus - ship - or other vehicle for a special period of time and for a specific itinerary. 2) To create a new association - organization or chapter of an association or organization.

29. 4 or 5 participants query the main speaker from the stage with questions from the audience and follow up questions.

30. Assortment of foods - offered on a table - self-served.

31. 1) Display of reports and papers - usually scientific - accompanied by authors or researchers. 2) A session dedicated to the discussion of the posters shown inside the meeting area. When this discussion is not held in a special session - it can take

32. An event that draws a national and international audience. Typically 15% or more of attendees reside outside of the host country.

33. Executive responsible for financial affairs of an organization.

34. This beverage service includes both cash-bar and open-bar concepts. Guests are issued a certain number of tickets for free drinks and are then required to purchase additional drinks if desired.

35. Supplier of booth/stand equipment - rental furnishings - floor coverings - labor - drayage and signs for exhibitions and trade shows. See GENERAL SERVICE CONTRACTOR.

36. Americans with Disabilities Act. U.S. legislation passed in 1992 requiring public buildings (offices - hotels - restaurants - etc.) to make adjustments meeting minimum standards to make their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabil

37. A feature of many videoconference systems that allows participants at each conference site to view and edit the same document.

38. 1) Servers offer a variety of both hot and cold hors d'oeuvres on platters to guests at receptions. 2) A style of table service where guests serve themselves from platters presented by the server. 3) Specialized in-room service offered by a hotel.

39. Weblogs or online journals. An application that may change the face of event marketing.

40. When a company contracts space at a hotel or other adjacent venue to display their products and meet with exhibition attendees without paying show management for booth space or sponsorship fees.

41. The process whereby exhibitors receive a potential customer's contact information in a standardized manner. A system for capturing and following-up on leads generated at an exhibition.

42. Light-weight aluminum tubing and drapery used to separate exhibit booths/stands - staging areas - and other similar locations.

43. Multi-page pressure-sensitive form where multiple copies are made by writing on the top copy of the form. NCR stands for No-Carbon Required.

44. Truckload rates apply where the tariff shows a truckload minimum weight. Charges will be at the truckload minimum weight unless weight is higher.

45. Lighting instruments that can be computer controlled to move light around the room - and project color and patterns on screens - scenery - walls or floor.

46. A type of room rate that includes breakfast and one other meal (usually dinner).

47. Food is plated in the kitchen and placed before the guest. Side dishes are used for bread and butter and salad. Food is served from the left - beverages from the right - and all items are removed from the right. This is generally the service used for

48. The station which receives data transmissions from a communications satellite.

49. Affordable videoconferencing equipment that is available and allows participants to use their computers indead of proprietary hardware for virtual meetings. They provide real-time interaction using a personal computer.

50. Raised horizontal surface - stage - or flooring.