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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. You had better _____ your accounting errors before the auditors arrive.

2. A pragmatic politician - he was guided more by what was _____ than by what was right.

3. This alleged fiscal crisis is no crisis at all. it is based on _____ claims about financial institutions and on scare stories about impending economic ruin.

4. Although the University of California at Berkeley is just one part of the state university system - in many ways - Cal Berkeley is _____ - for it runs several programs that are not subject to state control.

5. Whenever Sue was angry - she tried to avoid raising her voice because she had no wish to sound _____.

6. At the protest rally - the students cheered the strikers and booed the dean with equal _____.

7. Though Huck was quite willing to _____ Tom's story - Aunt Polly knew better than to believe either of them.

8. Don't just hint around that you're dissatisfied; be _____ about what's bothering you.

9. Because Ann felt no desire to marry - she was _____ to Carl's constant proposals.

10. Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the _____ of objects around them.

11. Cool - calm - and collected - James Bond shows remarkable _____ in the face of danger.

12. The recent corruption scandals have _____ many people's faith in the city government.

13. The stereotypical cowboy is a _____ soul - answering lengthy questions with a simple 'yep' or 'nope.'

14. Josh is such a greedy _____ that - as soon as the earthquake struck - he tripled the price of bottled water at his store.

15. To John - who had never missed a meal - hunger was an _____ concept - one he understood only in theory.

16. I am a _____ about the proposed new health plan; I want some proof that it will work.

17. Though his fellow students considered him a gifted scholar - Paul knew he would have to spend many years in serious study before he could consider himself truly _____.

18. Instead of delivering a spoken _____ at Genny's memorial service - Jeff sang a song he had written in her honor.

19. Stories in The New York Times often include _____ allusions to obscure people and events.

20. Since both interpretations seemed possible - the judge could not decide which way to interpret a particularly _____ passage in the law.

21. The classic cowboy hero is a _____ figure - someone generally described as the strong - silent type.

22. You can _____ your chances of being admitted to the college of your choice by learning to write well.

23. The defense lawyer confidently listened to the prosecutor sum up his case - sure that she could answer his arguments in her _____.

24. The Head Start program attempts to _____ prekindergarten children so that they will do well when they enter elementary school.

25. The bottle of wine I brought to Sharon's party was certainly _____: how was I to know that Sharon owned a winery?

26. The rich new student tried to attract friends by making an _____ display of his wealth.

27. As far as I'm concerned - Apple's claims about its new computer are pure _____; no machine is that good!

28. His coarse - hard-bitten exterior _____ his inner sensitivity.

29. Government agents have been known to use wiretapping and other _____ methods to spy on suspected terrorists.

30. When you send a message on Twitter - be _____; a tweet cannot be more than 140 characters long.

31. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted many subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

32. We made an _____ choice to eat at the first restaurant we saw.

33. The inquisitors used both physical and psychological _____ to force Joan of Arc to deny that her visions were sent by God.

34. The airline customer service agent tried to _____ the angry passenger by offering her a seat in first class.

35. The defense called several respectable witnesses who were able to _____ the lying testimony of the prosecution's sole witness.

36. Katya's _____ love of justice moved her to champion the cause of anyone she considered unfairly treated by society.

37. With its worn-out dialogue and predictable plot - the sitcom struck me as unbearably _____.

38. Noticing the _____ glance the customer gave the diamond bracelet on the counter - the clerk wondered whether he had a potential shoplifter in the store.

39. Drinking alcohol can _____ your ability to drive safely; if you're going to drink - don't drive.

40. Although Nancy enjoyed Bill's _____ - lighthearted companionship - she sometimes wondered whether he could ever be serious.

41. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

42. At commencement - the dean praised Ellen for her _____ behavior as class president.

43. Nothing could shake his _____ that his children would get the best education that money could buy.

44. In class - she tried to stay alert and listen to the professor - but the stuffy room made her _____; she felt as if she were about to nod off.

45. The legendary athlete Jim Thorpe - who _____ all his competitors at the 1912 Olympic Games - made a name for himself in baseball - football - and track.

46. After medical school - the two doctors took widely _____ paths - one becoming a wealthy plastic surgeon - the other joining the nonprofit Doctors Without Borders.

47. 'Judicial activism' is the alleged tendency of some judges to _____ the power of elected legislatures by making the law rather than merely interpreting it.

48. In providing college scholarships for economically disadvantaged youths - Eugene Lang performed a truly _____ deed.

49. Typically - partygoers are _____; hermits are not.

50. The costume designer _____ the leading lady's ball gown with yards and yards of ribbon and lace.