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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. We made an _____ choice to eat at the first restaurant we saw.

2. Suppose you are accepted by Harvard - Stanford - and Yale. Which one would you attend? Remember - this is only a _____ situation.

3. To John - who had never missed a meal - hunger was an _____ concept - one he understood only in theory.

4. The coming trip to France should provide a _____ test of the value of my conversational French class.

5. To revise a textbook properly - you must do more than make a few _____ changes to the manuscript.

6. Don't bore your audience with excess verbiage; be _____.

7. Because Carmen believed in Juan's fidelity - she _____ the notion that he might be having an affair.

8. Because Ann felt no desire to marry - she was _____ to Carl's constant proposals.

9. Though Widow Douglas had hopes of reforming Huck - Miss Watson considered him _____ and swore he would come to no good end.

10. Although the University of California at Berkeley is just one part of the state university system - in many ways - Cal Berkeley is _____ - for it runs several programs that are not subject to state control.

11. Youth's beauty is _____; it quickly fades with age.

12. At the protest rally - the students cheered the strikers and booed the dean with equal _____.

13. There is a fine line between speech that is _____ and to the point and speech so abrupt that it verges on rudeness.

14. The fact that the band was already booked to play in Hollywood on New year's Eve _____ their accepting the gig in London.

15. Uninterested in philosophical or spiritual discussions - Max talked only of _____ matters - such as the daily weather forecast or the latest basketball results.

16. The defense lawyer confidently listened to the prosecutor sum up his case - sure that she could answer his arguments in her _____.

17. The BP oil spill has caused _____ damage to the entire Gulf Coast.

18. The bottle of wine I brought to Sharon's party was certainly _____: how was I to know that Sharon owned a winery?

19. The senator was _____ for behavior inappropriate to a member of Congress.

20. When you send a message on Twitter - be _____; a tweet cannot be more than 140 characters long.

21. Violently disagreeing with the referees' ruling - Coach Ben became so _____ that they threw him out of the game.

22. The mayfly is an _____ creature; its adult life lasts little more than a day.

23. A born storyteller - my father loved to _____ anecdotes about his early years in New York.

24. Don't just hint around that you're dissatisfied; be _____ about what's bothering you.

25. She kept all the receipts form her business trip in order to _____ her expenses for the Internal Revenue Service.

26. Typically - partygoers are _____; hermits are not.

27. Tina was still angry despite Tony's soft and _____ words.

28. The airline customer service agent tried to _____ the angry passenger by offering her a seat in first class.

29. Katya's _____ love of justice moved her to champion the cause of anyone she considered unfairly treated by society.

30. The doctor assured the boy's parents that his fever would eventually _____.

31. Because solar energy has the power to reduce greenhouse gases and increase energy efficiency - conversion to the use of solar energy may help _____ the threat of global warming.

32. Historically - traders and missionaries often proved themselves to be _____ explorers - bravely venturing into new territories despite the dangers involved.

33. After the quarrel - Gina said nothing could _____ her to talk to Pedro again.

34. The mayor was unwilling to _____ the plan until she was sure it had the governor's backing.

35. 'Any publicity is good publicity - 'said the starlet. 'If I can't have a good reputation - I'll settle for _____.'

36. Judy's great fear was that she might _____ omit a question on the exam and mismark her entire answer sheet.

37. Bobby was such a _____ eater that he would eat a sandwich only if his mother first cut off every scrap of crust.

38. Since both interpretations seemed possible - the judge could not decide which way to interpret a particularly _____ passage in the law.

39. The young wrestler struggled to defeat his formidable _____.

40. On certain issues of principle - the senator refused to take a _____ stand - but let her conscience be her guide.

41. Mother was a _____ housekeeper - unwilling to allow a single speck of dirt to mar her perfect home.

42. Rejecting the candidate's _____ comments on tax reform - the reporter pressed him to state clearly where he stood on the issue.

43. When Johnny came down with a bad case of poison oak - the doctor recommended calamine lotion to _____ the itching.

44. I am a _____ about the proposed new health plan; I want some proof that it will work.

45. What _____ did you use when you selected this essay as the prizewinner?

46. The wealthy - self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict - _____ lifestyle practiced by members of some monastic orders.

47. The legendary athlete Jim Thorpe - who _____ all his competitors at the 1912 Olympic Games - made a name for himself in baseball - football - and track.

48. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

49. The reviewers heaped _____ on the novice playwright - ridiculing his pretentious dialogue - flat characters - and simple-minded plot.

50. Disappointed in love - Miss Emily became a _____; she shut herself away in her empty mansion and refused to see another living soul.