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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Cool - calm - and collected - James Bond shows remarkable _____ in the face of danger.

2. Although you can still hear _____ outbursts of laughter and signing outside - the Halloween parade has passed; the party is over till next year.

3. Her wealthy suitors wooed her with _____ gifts.

4. The senator was _____ for behavior inappropriate to a member of Congress.

5. A pragmatic politician - he was guided more by what was _____ than by what was right.

6. Rumors of police corruption led the mayor to _____ an investigation into the department's activities.

7. In class - she tried to stay alert and listen to the professor - but the stuffy room made her _____; she felt as if she were about to nod off.

8. Although her _____ smile and gentle bearing made Miss Marple seem to be a sweet little old lady - in reality she was a tough-minded - shrewd observer of human nature.

9. Is an old-fashioned hairstyle an apt _____ for being out of step with the times and in need of change?

10. Youth's beauty is _____; it quickly fades with age.

11. Though Huck was quite willing to _____ Tom's story - Aunt Polly knew better than to believe either of them.

12. Bobby was such a _____ eater that he would eat a sandwich only if his mother first cut off every scrap of crust.

13. Thirty years after the war - she could not let go of the past but was still consumed with _____ against the foe.

14. Though Widow Douglas had hopes of reforming Huck - Miss Watson considered him _____ and swore he would come to no good end.

15. 'Any publicity is good publicity - 'said the starlet. 'If I can't have a good reputation - I'll settle for _____.'

16. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted many subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

17. Josh is such a greedy _____ that - as soon as the earthquake struck - he tripled the price of bottled water at his store.

18. Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage the _____ of countless get-rich-quick schemes.

19. Stop giggling and wriggling around in the pew; such _____ is improper in church.

20. A doting mother - Emma was more likely to praise her son's childish finger paintings than to _____ them.

21. The uncrowned queen of the fashion industry - Diana was famous for her _____ taste.

22. The mayfly is an _____ creature; its adult life lasts little more than a day.

23. As far as I'm concerned - Apple's claims about its new computer are pure _____; no machine is that good!

24. After Ralph dropped his second try of drinks that week - the manager swiftly _____ him to a minor post behind the bar.

25. Warned of _____ weather conditions ahead - the pilot told the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

26. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

27. After a decade of popularity - Hurston's works had fallen into _____; no one bothered to read her novels and short stories any more.

28. The fact that the band was already booked to play in Hollywood on New year's Eve _____ their accepting the gig in London.

29. Don't bore your audience with excess verbiage; be _____.

30. Drinking alcohol can _____ your ability to drive safely; if you're going to drink - don't drive.

31. The infant Mozart's parents quickly realized that their son had an _____ gift for music.

32. What _____ did you use when you selected this essay as the prizewinner?

33. Violently disagreeing with the referees' ruling - Coach Ben became so _____ that they threw him out of the game.

34. Suppose you are accepted by Harvard - Stanford - and Yale. Which one would you attend? Remember - this is only a _____ situation.

35. Because Sal once had fallen asleep while reading War and Peace - he thought that all Russian novels were _____.

36. A radical committed to social change - Reed had no patience with the conservative views _____ in the America of his day.

37. The special prosecutor determined that the attorney general - though inept - had not intentionally set out to _____ the progress of the investigation.

38. Judy's great fear was that she might _____ omit a question on the exam and mismark her entire answer sheet.

39. Compared to Jo - who was perfectly ready to chat with anyone about anything - Beth was _____ about what she considered personal matters.

40. Looking for any inconsistency in the testimony that might exonerate his client - the defense lawyer pounced on a _____ between the two witnesses' versions of what had occurred.

41. Every time Ermengarde made a mistake in class - she was terrified that she would receive a harsh _____ from Miss Minchin.

42. The defense called several respectable witnesses who were able to _____ the lying testimony of the prosecution's sole witness.

43. Whenever Sue was angry - she tried to avoid raising her voice because she had no wish to sound _____.

44. Because she was a firm believer in old-fashioned courtesy - Miss Post _____ the modern tendency to address new acquaintances by their first names.

45. The young wrestler struggled to defeat his formidable _____.

46. Without additional funding - it may not be _____ to build a new stadium for the team on the city's highly developed West Side.

47. Uninterested in philosophical or spiritual discussions - Max talked only of _____ matters - such as the daily weather forecast or the latest basketball results.

48. Galileo's assertion that the earth moved around the sun directly contradicted the religious teachings of his day; as a result - he was tried for _____.

49. This alleged fiscal crisis is no crisis at all. it is based on _____ claims about financial institutions and on scare stories about impending economic ruin.

50. Because Webster's dictionary had grown so large and unwieldy - the publishers decided to _____ it and bring out a condensed version.