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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Because Carmen believed in Juan's fidelity - she _____ the notion that he might be having an affair.

2. Uncertain which suitor she ought to accept - the princess _____ - first favoring one and then the other.

3. The headmaster's _____ demeanor tended to care off the more timid students - who never visited his study willingly.

4. The mayor was unwilling to _____ the plan until she was sure it had the governor's backing.

5. Because Webster's dictionary had grown so large and unwieldy - the publishers decided to _____ it and bring out a condensed version.

6. Judy's great fear was that she might _____ omit a question on the exam and mismark her entire answer sheet.

7. A pragmatic politician - he was guided more by what was _____ than by what was right.

8. My editors must assume I'm a _____ writer; they expect me to revise six books this year.

9. Noticing the _____ glance the customer gave the diamond bracelet on the counter - the clerk wondered whether he had a potential shoplifter in the store.

10. Jealous of Cinderella's beauty - her _____ stepsisters expressed their spite by forcing her to do menial tasks.

11. _____ to his downtrodden existence - the day laborer was too meek to protest his supervisor's bullying.

12. The stereotypical cowboy is a _____ soul - answering lengthy questions with a simple 'yep' or 'nope.'

13. 'Judicial activism' is the alleged tendency of some judges to _____ the power of elected legislatures by making the law rather than merely interpreting it.

14. No wonder Ted doesn't think straight! His mind is so cluttered with _____ information that he can't concentrate on the essentials.

15. Tourists are urged not to _____ the sanctity of holy places by wearing immodest garb.

16. The glitter and _____ of the ballroom took Cinderella's breath away.

17. We made an _____ choice to eat at the first restaurant we saw.

18. Denying that she advocated total _____ - Katya maintained she wished only to change our government - not to destroy it utterly.

19. Othello's false friend lago uses considerable _____ to trick Othello into believing that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him

20. The president _____ the astronauts - whom he called 'the pioneers of the Space Age.'

21. To John - who had never missed a meal - hunger was an _____ concept - one he understood only in theory.

22. Unlike Widow Douglas - who _____ Huck's minor offenses - Miss Watson did nothing but scold.

23. Katya's _____ love of justice moved her to champion the cause of anyone she considered unfairly treated by society.

24. The fact that the band was already booked to play in Hollywood on New year's Eve _____ their accepting the gig in London.

25. This alleged fiscal crisis is no crisis at all. it is based on _____ claims about financial institutions and on scare stories about impending economic ruin.

26. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

27. It is _____ that his success came when he least wanted it.

28. The winter storm was ______; it changed course constantly.

29. You had better _____ your accounting errors before the auditors arrive.

30. Although defeat appeared inevitable - the general was _____ in his refusal to surrender.

31. Politicians of both the extreme right and left annoy me because they do not sound like people but parrots mindlessly repeating _____ clich

32. An occasional glass of wine with dinner is relatively _____ and should have no ill effect on you.

33. After medical school - the two doctors took widely _____ paths - one becoming a wealthy plastic surgeon - the other joining the nonprofit Doctors Without Borders.

34. Don't bore your audience with excess verbiage; be _____.

35. What _____ did you use when you selected this essay as the prizewinner?

36. Because Ann felt no desire to marry - she was _____ to Carl's constant proposals.

37. In the film Funny Face - the bookish heroine _____ fashion models for their lack of intellectual interests.

38. Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage the _____ of countless get-rich-quick schemes.

39. The senator was _____ for behavior inappropriate to a member of Congress.

40. Thoroughly baffled by Holmes's _____ remarks - Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

41. Through the comments of the characters in his cartoon strip - Doonesbury - Gary Trudeau ridicules political corruption; his humor is _____ in nature.

42. Warned of _____ weather conditions ahead - the pilot told the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

43. The uncrowned queen of the fashion industry - Diana was famous for her _____ taste.

44. The young princess made the foolish _____ that the regent would not object to her taking the reins of power.

45. Because Sal once had fallen asleep while reading War and Peace - he thought that all Russian novels were _____.

46. Please try not to include so many _____ details in your report; the bare facts are all I need.

47. Despite airing her clothes for several hours - she could not rid them of the _____ odor of mothballs that clung to them.

48. Rejecting the candidate's _____ comments on tax reform - the reporter pressed him to state clearly where he stood on the issue.

49. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted many subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

50. After Ralph dropped his second try of drinks that week - the manager swiftly _____ him to a minor post behind the bar.