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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Psychoanalysts must maintain their professional _____ and stay uninvolved with their patients' personal lives.

2. Although defeat appeared inevitable - the general was _____ in his refusal to surrender.

3. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted many subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

4. After the quarrel - Gina said nothing could _____ her to talk to Pedro again.

5. Bobby was such a _____ eater that he would eat a sandwich only if his mother first cut off every scrap of crust.

6. Although some girls were attracted by Mark's air of _____ - Judy was put off by it - for she felt his aloofness indicated a lack of openness.

7. Because she was a firm believer in old-fashioned courtesy - Miss Post _____ the modern tendency to address new acquaintances by their first names.

8. No matter how hard Darnell tried to lure the trout into taking the bait - the fish was too _____ to catch.

9. To win his audience - the speaker used every _____ trick in the book.

10. Government agents have been known to use wiretapping and other _____ methods to spy on suspected terrorists.

11. Politicians of both the extreme right and left annoy me because they do not sound like people but parrots mindlessly repeating _____ clich

12. A firm believer in democratic government - she could not understand the _____ of people who never bothered to vote.

13. The glitter and _____ of the ballroom took Cinderella's breath away.

14. A born storyteller - my father loved to _____ anecdotes about his early years in New York.

15. Her wealthy suitors wooed her with _____ gifts.

16. A radical committed to social change - Reed had no patience with the conservative views _____ in the America of his day.

17. When Amanda said to the ticket scalper - 'One hundred bucks? What do you want - a pound of flesh?' she was making an _____ to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

18. 'Any publicity is good publicity - 'said the starlet. 'If I can't have a good reputation - I'll settle for _____.'

19. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

20. We could tell we were in serious trouble from the _____ of the principal's expression.

21. We made an _____ choice to eat at the first restaurant we saw.

22. The legendary athlete Jim Thorpe - who _____ all his competitors at the 1912 Olympic Games - made a name for himself in baseball - football - and track.

23. My editors must assume I'm a _____ writer; they expect me to revise six books this year.

24. The conceited rap star relished the _____ he received from his groupies and yes-men.

25. The boss prefaced his speech by telling a pointless _____ about an encounter he'd had with former President Bush.

26. The reviewers heaped _____ on the novice playwright - ridiculing his pretentious dialogue - flat characters - and simple-minded plot.

27. A pragmatic politician - he was guided more by what was _____ than by what was right.

28. Whenever Sue was angry - she tried to avoid raising her voice because she had no wish to sound _____.

29. I am a _____ about the proposed new health plan; I want some proof that it will work.

30. According to Sherlock Homes - the very point that appears to complicate a case - when duly considered and scientifically handled - is the one most likely to _____ it.

31. The inquisitors used both physical and psychological _____ to force Joan of Arc to deny that her visions were sent by God.

32. All things change over time; nothing is _____.

33. Although you can still hear _____ outbursts of laughter and signing outside - the Halloween parade has passed; the party is over till next year.

34. This alleged fiscal crisis is no crisis at all. it is based on _____ claims about financial institutions and on scare stories about impending economic ruin.

35. Judy's great fear was that she might _____ omit a question on the exam and mismark her entire answer sheet.

36. Covering the Olympic Games - the sportscasters _____ every American victory and grumbled about every American defeat.

37. The Head Start program attempts to _____ prekindergarten children so that they will do well when they enter elementary school.

38. The headmaster's _____ demeanor tended to care off the more timid students - who never visited his study willingly.

39. Shrewdly purchasing valuable plots of land for small sums - John Jacob Astor gained a reputation as an _____ investor.

40. The young princess made the foolish _____ that the regent would not object to her taking the reins of power.

41. The defense lawyer confidently listened to the prosecutor sum up his case - sure that she could answer his arguments in her _____.

42. Thoroughly baffled by Holmes's _____ remarks - Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

43. Though his fellow students considered him a gifted scholar - Paul knew he would have to spend many years in serious study before he could consider himself truly _____.

44. Times of economic hardship inevitably encourage the _____ of countless get-rich-quick schemes.

45. The uncrowned queen of the fashion industry - Diana was famous for her _____ taste.

46. Though Glenn was devout - he was no _____; he never tried to force his beliefs on friends.

47. The classic cowboy hero is a _____ figure - someone generally described as the strong - silent type.

48. Though Huck was quite willing to _____ Tom's story - Aunt Polly knew better than to believe either of them.

49. Because Carmen believed in Juan's fidelity - she _____ the notion that he might be having an affair.

50. The coming trip to France should provide a _____ test of the value of my conversational French class.