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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. When both Harvard and Stanford accepted Laura - she was in a _____ as to which school she should attend.

2. These endorsements written by satisfied customers _____ our claim that Barron's SAT is the best SAT-prep book on the market.

3. By their use of the Internet - propagandists have been able to _____ their pet doctrines to new audiences around the globe.

4. Though Glenn was devout - he was no _____; he never tried to force his beliefs on friends.

5. The wealthy - self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict - _____ lifestyle practiced by members of some monastic orders.

6. Thoroughly baffled by Holmes's _____ remarks - Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

7. Denying that she advocated total _____ - Katya maintained she wished only to change our government - not to destroy it utterly.

8. Even though she knew she would be burned at the stake as a witch - Joan of Arc refused to _____ her belief that her voices came from God.

9. Dirt poor and out of work - she did not give up but continued to fight against _____.

10. Unlike Widow Douglas - who _____ Huck's minor offenses - Miss Watson did nothing but scold.

11. The uncrowned queen of the fashion industry - Diana was famous for her _____ taste.

12. The doctor assured the boy's parents that his fever would eventually _____.

13. Despite airing her clothes for several hours - she could not rid them of the _____ odor of mothballs that clung to them.

14. Using only a few descriptive phrases - Austen manages to _____ the character of Mr. Collins so deftly that we can predict his every move.

15. Rather than live in the crowded city center - we chose to buy a house in one of the _____ suburbs ringing the metropolis.

16. A doting mother - Emma was more likely to praise her son's childish finger paintings than to _____ them.

17. In Tibet today - the common people still _____ their traditional spiritual leader - the Dalai Lama.

18. The conceited rap star relished the _____ he received from his groupies and yes-men.

19. Judy's great fear was that she might _____ omit a question on the exam and mismark her entire answer sheet.

20. The governor's appointment of his brother-in-law to the State Supreme Court was a _____ violation of the state laws against nepotism.

21. She kept all the receipts form her business trip in order to _____ her expenses for the Internal Revenue Service.

22. Josh is such a greedy _____ that - as soon as the earthquake struck - he tripled the price of bottled water at his store.

23. I was bowled over by the _____ of Amy's welcome. What an enthusiastic greeting!

24. When you place a phone call from an airplane - _____ is essential; you are charged for every minute.

25. Government agents have been known to use wiretapping and other _____ methods to spy on suspected terrorists.

26. Without additional funding - it may not be _____ to build a new stadium for the team on the city's highly developed West Side.

27. Though his fellow students considered him a gifted scholar - Paul knew he would have to spend many years in serious study before he could consider himself truly _____.

28. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

29. Though Huck was quite willing to _____ Tom's story - Aunt Polly knew better than to believe either of them.

30. Rejecting the candidate's _____ comments on tax reform - the reporter pressed him to state clearly where he stood on the issue.

31. Although her early poetry was clearly _____ in nature - the critics thought she had promise and eventually would find her own voice.

32. The recent corruption scandals have _____ many people's faith in the city government.

33. The BP oil spill has caused _____ damage to the entire Gulf Coast.

34. As far as I'm concerned - Apple's claims about its new computer are pure _____; no machine is that good!

35. Suppose you are accepted by Harvard - Stanford - and Yale. Which one would you attend? Remember - this is only a _____ situation.

36. The airline customer service agent tried to _____ the angry passenger by offering her a seat in first class.

37. Although Eric knew the boss had no sense of humor - he couldn't resist making one _____ remark.

38. At evening block inspection - the recruits' bunk room - washroom - and gear come under the inspecting officer's close _____.

39. Covering the Olympic Games - the sportscasters _____ every American victory and grumbled about every American defeat.

40. To John - who had never missed a meal - hunger was an _____ concept - one he understood only in theory.

41. Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next - she was confused by the _____ of her feelings.

42. Seeking the end of slavery - the abolitionists _____ freedom for the slaves.

43. Stop giggling and wriggling around in the pew; such _____ is improper in church.

44. To win his audience - the speaker used every _____ trick in the book.

45. My Uncle Henry can out-talk any three people I know. he is the most _____ man in Cayuga County.

46. Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense the _____ of objects around them.

47. My editors must assume I'm a _____ writer; they expect me to revise six books this year.

48. Tourists are urged not to _____ the sanctity of holy places by wearing immodest garb.

49. In class - she tried to stay alert and listen to the professor - but the stuffy room made her _____; she felt as if she were about to nod off.

50. Paradoxically - _____ reasoning does not always produce incorrect results; even though your logic may be flawed - the conclusion you reach may still be correct.