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Complete Advanced Sentences

Subjects : english, grammar
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. There's no point to what you're saying. Why are you bothering to make such _____ remarks?

2. Historically - traders and missionaries often proved themselves to be _____ explorers - bravely venturing into new territories despite the dangers involved.

3. The fact that the band was already booked to play in Hollywood on New year's Eve _____ their accepting the gig in London.

4. Someone mute cannot talk; someone _____ can hardly stop talking.

5. At the protest rally - the students cheered the strikers and booed the dean with equal _____.

6. 'Any publicity is good publicity - 'said the starlet. 'If I can't have a good reputation - I'll settle for _____.'

7. By their use of the Internet - propagandists have been able to _____ their pet doctrines to new audiences around the globe.

8. A born storyteller - my father loved to _____ anecdotes about his early years in New York.

9. Whenever Sue was angry - she tried to avoid raising her voice because she had no wish to sound _____.

10. Instead of delivering a spoken _____ at Genny's memorial service - Jeff sang a song he had written in her honor.

11. After the quarrel - Gina said nothing could _____ her to talk to Pedro again.

12. Politicians of both the extreme right and left annoy me because they do not sound like people but parrots mindlessly repeating _____ clich

13. Nobody minded when Professor Renoir's lectures wandered away from their official them; his _____ were always more fascinating than the topic of the day.

14. I am a _____ about the proposed new health plan; I want some proof that it will work.

15. The senator was _____ for behavior inappropriate to a member of Congress.

16. A doting mother - Emma was more likely to praise her son's childish finger paintings than to _____ them.

17. Though Aunt Bea at times had to _____ Opie for inattention in church - she believed he was at heart a God-fearing lad.

18. With its worn-out dialogue and predictable plot - the sitcom struck me as unbearably _____.

19. Although Georgia O'Keeffe painted subjects over the years - she had a definite _____ for painting flowers.

20. The governor's appointment of his brother-in-law to the State Supreme Court was a _____ violation of the state laws against nepotism.

21. Though Widow Douglas had hopes of reforming Huck - Miss Watson considered him _____ and swore he would come to no good end.

22. The architect realized that her design for the new school had to be in _____ with the local building code.

23. Don't bore your audience with excess verbiage; be _____.

24. Rumors of police corruption led the mayor to _____ an investigation into the department's activities.

25. The boss prefaced his speech by telling a pointless _____ about an encounter he'd had with former President Bush.

26. At evening block inspection - the recruits' bunk room - washroom - and gear come under the inspecting officer's close _____.

27. Thoroughly baffled by Holmes's _____ remarks - Watson wondered whether Holmes was intentionally concealing his thoughts about the crime.

28. The special prosecutor determined that the attorney general - though inept - had not intentionally set out to _____ the progress of the investigation.

29. What _____ did you use when you selected this essay as the prizewinner?

30. The defense called several respectable witnesses who were able to _____ the lying testimony of the prosecution's sole witness.

31. Government agents have been known to use wiretapping and other _____ methods to spy on suspected terrorists.

32. There is a fine line between speech that is _____ and to the point and speech so abrupt that it verges on rudeness.

33. She kept all the receipts form her business trip in order to _____ her expenses for the Internal Revenue Service.

34. Please try not to include so many _____ details in your report; the bare facts are all I need.

35. Though Glenn was devout - he was no _____; he never tried to force his beliefs on friends.

36. As far as I'm concerned - Apple's claims about its new computer are pure _____; no machine is that good!

37. The airline customer service agent tried to _____ the angry passenger by offering her a seat in first class.

38. Disappointed in love - Miss Emily became a _____; she shut herself away in her empty mansion and refused to see another living soul.

39. You can _____ your chances of being admitted to the college of your choice by learning to write well.

40. Although Eric knew the boss had no sense of humor - he couldn't resist making one _____ remark.

41. Othello's false friend lago uses considerable _____ to trick Othello into believing that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him

42. No wonder Ted doesn't think straight! His mind is so cluttered with _____ information that he can't concentrate on the essentials.

43. I was bowled over by the _____ of Amy's welcome. What an enthusiastic greeting!

44. Typically - partygoers are _____; hermits are not.

45. When Elizabeth realized that Darcy considered himself too good to dance with his inferiors - she took great offense at his _____.

46. Towering over the nearby houses - the MacMansion looked wholly _____ in the historic neighborhood of small Craftsman bungalows.

47. Because the student body at their daughter's prep school was so _____ - they decided to send her to a school that offered greater cultural diversity.

48. After Ralph dropped his second try of drinks that week - the manager swiftly _____ him to a minor post behind the bar.

49. Although some girls were attracted by Mark's air of _____ - Judy was put off by it - for she felt his aloofness indicated a lack of openness.

50. Unlike Widow Douglas - who _____ Huck's minor offenses - Miss Watson did nothing but scold.