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Comptia A + Computer Repair Practicals

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1. The technician is working on a computer and the air is dry. Which of the following choices is the BEST option?

2. A customer reports that a home wireless network is slow after the completion of the new apartment building nearby. Which of the following is the MOST secure solution for the problem?

3. Which of the following is the BEST utility to use when mounting a hard disk as a folder in a Windows XP Professional machine?

4. A new secondary hard drive was just installed into a computer running Windows XP but does not show up with a drive letter under My Computer.Which of the following needs to be done before the new drive will show up in My Computer?

5. A user is having printing issues and receives an error message that the print spooler is not running. Which of the following methods can be used to start the print spooler?

6. A technician is given a computer that is very slow but has a fast processor and plenty of memory. Which of the following commands could be used for troubleshooting start-up services?

7. Which of the following operating systems - by default - uses Documents as the name of a user's document folder?

8. Which of the following commands is used to delete the entire contents of drive D: quickly?

9. A user reports that their CAD files will display correctly in low resolution but not in high resolution after installing a new graphics card. Which of the following will MOST likely fix this problem?

10. The customer brings their mini-tower and a new DVD/RW drive they want installed. The technician finds a second hard drive in an empty 5.25 bay connected to the secondary bus and jumpered as a slave. The ribbon cable will not stretch from the primary

11. A user reports not being able to print to a new printer but can print to an old printer. Everyone else in the same workgroup can print to the new printer. Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

12. Which of the following is the only guaranteed way to get rid of a virus or malware?

13. A technician is trying to use the nslookup command. Which of the following needs to be installed before this command can be used?

14. Which of the following is true for a 10/100 NIC running at full-duplex?

15. A technician is installing several PCs in a home that is pre-wired with Ethernet to seven rooms. In the wiring closet all the Ethernet cables are hanging free and are not labeled. Which of the following tools would the technician use to locate the ca

16. A technician is repeatedly called to a users desk because the user is being prompted during all installation of software and during the launching of certain programs. Which of the following features is causing this prompting to occur?

17. A technician installs a new USB inkjet printer for a client. The client tests the printer by printing several pages. The text output is unreadable. Which of the following is the BEST solution for the problem?

18. A user is unable to connect a digital video camera up to a PC to transfer photos.Which of the following expansion cards should MOST likely be installed to resolve this?

19. A technician attempts to run chkdsk - but the system cannot locate it in the WinntSystem32 or WindowsSystem32 folders. Which of the following should the technician do to perform the chkdsk function?

20. A technician suspects a virus has infected a users Windows XP Professional computer. Which ofthe following is the proper course of action?

21. Which of the following is the proper order of user group rights - starting with the group having the most rights?

22. A technician is installing a video card on a PC that currently has an onboard video card. The new video card is installed but will not display an image. Which of the following actions is required?

23. By default - which of the following are needed to edit the boot.ini file directly if Show hidden files and folders is enabled in folder options?

24. A customer wants to ensure that their new drive has the fastest transfer speed. Which of the following technologies should be recommended?

25. A user is running defrag on a computer and the power goes out. When power is restored - which of the following is the BEST action to perform?

26. A user has a wireless network with four PCs and wants to add three more wireless PCs to a location that has poor signal strength. Which of the following devices would the technician add to the network?

27. A technician is performing a DSL and telephone installation at the same time. In order to use the DSL connection and the phones at the same time - without interference - which of the following does the technician need to install?

28. Which of the following is the default location for user account files in Windows Vista?

29. Which of the following features can be identically configured on a wireless access point and in the wireless network OS settings?

30. A user reports a problem when trying to access any network resource. The ipconfig utility reports an address of - and there is no default gateway. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?

31. When applying thermal compound to the top of a CPU - apply a:

32. A user reports that their Windows XP machine restarts automatically on boot and the screen flashes blue for half a second. Which of the following allows a technician to capture the error code?

33. Which of the following is the minimum number of drive partitions required to run the BitLocker Drive Preparation tool?

34. A user reports their LCD monitor has failed and replaces it with a CRT. On boot up - the monitor displays POST - but displays an Out of range message when the GUI starts to load. Which of the following methods should the technician use to resolve the

35. Which of the following commands will allow a technician to change a FAT32 file system to an NTFS file system?

36. The Accounting Department reports that their new program runs on all computers except two. Which of the following logs will have the MOST information about this problem?

37. Which of the following will resolve the NTLDR is missing error during the boot process?

38. Which of the following GUI utilities would be used to determine the MAC address of a network card?

39. Operating system files for Windows Vista and Windows XP are located in which of the following?

40. The memory in a notebook computer has been upgraded. The notebook will not power on. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this problem?

41. A technician is setting up a PC. The motherboard does not have PS/2 connectors. Which of the following keyboard connector ports will the technician have to use?

42. Each time a user tries to print a large color graphic the user receives an out of memory error message. The user needs to print the document now for an upcoming meeting. Which of the following would BEST solve the issue?

43. A technician was asked to remediate a serious - on-going virus and spyware situation for a particular customer. Which of the following should the technician do?

44. Users are reporting that a Vista feature asks them for confirmation before running most applications or making system changes. Which of the following is the name of this Vista feature and where should the technician direct users to turn the functiona

45. A user reports that a PC boots to the error message Missing NTLDR. Which of the following problems could cause this error?

46. Which of the following tools could be used to test if a serial port on a laptop is functioning correctly?

47. A technician suspects one of the workstations in the office is infected with malware. Which of the following are symptoms of a malware infection?

48. A technician is upgrading an internal IDE drive in a laptop. Which of the following HDD types is the technician MOST likely using?

49. Which of the following commands shows a graphical display of the drive or paths directory structure?

50. A laptop needs a wireless card upgrade. The technician attempts to install the new card with no success. The wireless card is a newer 802.11b/g/n card and the laptop itself was manufactured seven years ago. Which of the following is the MOST likely p