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Comptia A + Computer Repair Practicals

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1. When getting an Inaccessible boot drive error - the FIRST step to solve the issue should be to:

2. Good examples of malware prevention in Windows XP?

3. When a SMART error is received on a computer - which of the following devices MOST likely has a problem?

4. Which of the following will restore the BIOS after a failed update?

5. A user notices that the workstation is performing slowly and is populating .eml files after connecting to the network. The user has been disconnected for over two months. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

6. A customer is experiencing screen issues on their aging laptop. The technician discovers that the laptop has a tendency to decrease/increase screen brightness without user intervention - and sometimes it completely loses screen brightness. There is h

7. A technician has a work order to replace a failing hard drive on a PC. The PC is in an environment with constant vibration and dust. Which of the following hard drive types should the technician use as a replacement?

8. A user asked to have a second hard drive installed on a single IDE channel in a computer. Which of the following must be taken into account?

9. A user reports they are unable to install an application on their PC. They are a member of the local PowerUsers group. They do not receive an error message - but they are prompted to reboot to complete the installation. After rebooting - the applicat

10. A technician installed a new wireless access point on an existing small office home office (SOHO) network with a selective security option enabled. All wireless computers connect to the new network except one computer that cannot connect the wireless

11. Which of the following commands will allow a technician to change a FAT32 file system to an NTFS file system?

12. A client explains their system is running slow - has trouble accessing the Internet and multiple windows are popping up on their own. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

13. A user is reporting that the image on their CRT monitor is shaking and giving them eye strain. The technician notices the display is OK at first - then after a minute it begins wavering. Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should

14. A customer wants to guard against Spyware on a Windows Vista workstation. Which of the following default programs is installed for this purpose?

15. The technician has to format a new hard drive as a FAT32 file system. The hard drive capacity is 80GB. How many partitions will the technician have to create to use all of the hard drive capacity?

16. After installing a high performance video adapter - the users computer reboots whenever resource intensive applications are run. Which of the following will MOST likely correct the problem?

17. A technician is given a computer that is very slow but has a fast processor and plenty of memory. Which of the following commands could be used for troubleshooting start-up services?

18. A technician needs to add a second processor to the empty socket on a computers motherboard. Which of the following should be used?

19. Which of the following is a reason why case fans should be installed in the front of a case?

20. Which of the following commands is used to review and repair protected Windows XP files?

21. Which of the following is the purpose of RAID 0?

22. Which of the following will cause a ghost image on a printout?

23. When converting a dynamic disk to a basic disk in Windows - which of the following will occur?

24. A technician has configured all computers on the LAN - and the computers can communicate with each other - but they cannot access the Internet. Which of the following needs to be configured?

25. Most laptops have two PCMCIA slots that are stacked on top of each other with no separator in between. Which of the following does this accommodate?

26. Which of the following command line utilities could be used to verify basic connectivity between two network devices?

27. Which of the following are used by the Windows operating system to resolve FQDNs?

28. Which of the following can determine the type of RAM installed in a computer?

29. A client has a program that they want to run everyday at a certain time. Which of the following can a technician use to accomplish this?

30. New software has been installed on a workstation and now the workstation is not functioning properly. The user tried to uninstall the software to return the system back to normal but that did not work. Which of the following would be the BEST method

31. A user notices that when installing a program - the OS displays a dialog box stating that Windows needs your permission to continue. Which of the following options is turned on?

32. A technician has recovered a system from a virus infection but some of the system files were compromised. Which of the following tools can be run from the run dialog box to replace or repair system files?

33. If indexing is enabled on a local PC - which of the following will be directly affected?

34. Which of the following will resolve the NTLDR is missing error during the boot process?

35. During the disinfection process - to eliminate a virus from inserting itself into the system restore point which of the following is the BEST solution?

36. An end user in a company is trying to research a new product - but whenever they go to a particular website - they receive a message that they do not have access to this site. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this problem?

37. Which of the following paths is used to view the size of the paging file in Windows XP?

38. Which of the following system utilities will run when a technician types mstsc in the command prompt?

39. A technician is repeatedly called to a users desk because the user is being prompted during all installation of software and during the launching of certain programs. Which of the following features is causing this prompting to occur?

40. A technician has just installed an upgraded graphics card. The computers power turns off before it finishes booting. Which of the following is the cause of the problem?

41. A storm occurred overnight and a user is having a problem turning on a workstation. The technician has determined power to the monitor is good when plugged into the same power strip as the workstation. Which of the following is the BEST tool to use?

42. Which of the following can be used to have applications and scripts run at regular intervals?

43. A customer has a wireless router with WEP enabled. The customer states it was working before but that they can no longer access the network or the Internet with their wireless PCs. After arriving onsite - the technician can see the SSID. The technici

44. A technician attempts to convert the E drive to a dynamic disk; however - the option to convert is not available. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

45. Which of the following commands will send signals to the computers network card to see if it responds?

46. A user reports that they cannot access a file on the local D drive of their PC. This is a non-system/non-boot drive. The technician needs to run chkdsk without rebooting the system. Which of the following methods will meet this goal?

47. A new processor is released and the motherboard manufacturer states that it will be supported. When starting up the workstation with the newly installed processor - multi-beep codes are generated.Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

48. A technician wants to hide the wireless router's ID. Which of the following would accomplish this?

49. A technician receives a call from a laptop user that recently purchased a new wireless router. The user claims the laptop cannot connect to the new wireless router. The technician finds out that the router is an 802.11g model and the customers laptop

50. How many hard drives are necessary to create a RAID 5 array?