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Computer Literacy

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1. Electronic hardware device or software capable of performing mathematical calculations

2. A box that allows you to close a document or window

3. In general a range refers to a series of value between two other values

4. A picture or graphics file that can be inserted on a web page and displayed in a browser.

5. This is a small symbol or picture that represents a program or other things.

6. The physical and mechanical components of a computer system - such as the electronic circuitry - chips - monitor - disks - disk drives - keyboard - modem - and printer.

7. Data that goes into a computer device.

8. Software that was written to do bad stuff to your computer.

9. The process of writing data to a storage medium such as a floppy diskette or a hard disk drive

10. Exploring the Internet.

11. A built-in formula that you can use in spread sheet application to calculate an average - a square root - a total - and so on.

12. Any character that is 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - or 0

13. A device - such as a keyboard - stylus and tablet - mouse - puck - or microphone - that allows input of information (letters - numbers - sound - video) to a computer.

14. Toolbar used to format documents

15. Cable TV

16. Software that allows one to calculate numbers in a format that is similar to pages in a conventional ledger.

17. A paper printout of what you have prepared on the computer.

18. E-mail software program by Microsoft that enables users to easily send and receive e-mail on their computer

19. In mouse-based applications - a market moves across the screen when you move the mouse across your desk.

20. A box that helps you edit the parameters defined by the user that help determine how a printed page will appear.

21. Hardware peripheral that allows computer users to input audio into computers

22. An attachment can be a picture - a word document - a movie - a sound file - an excel document - or any other file that requires another program to open it.

23. The horizontal strip across the top of an application's window. Each word on the strip has a context sensitive drop-down menu containing features and actions that are available for the application in use.

24. Handouts to promote companies - events - etc.

25. A portable drive that connects to a USB cord

26. A graphical or textual page that incorporates navigation hyperlinks to pages that are part of a web structure.

27. A feature that steps the user through the installation or setup of a software program or hardware device

28. The type and how big the text or object is

29. An arrangement of information in rows and columns that makes comparing and contrasting easier

30. A menu where you can search for anything that you need

31. The pre-defined configuration of a system or an application. In most programs - the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences.

32. Bar located along the top of a window or a dialog box that displays the name of the window or software program being used.

33. A key that can lock into place so that letters you type will come out capitalized. Caps Lock doesn't affect non-alphabetic keys (such as punctuation and symbols). To access these - you must still press the Shift key (on either side of the key board).

34. A column in a table

35. More than one or something that can be multiplied

36. Term used to describe the process of switching back and forth between settings or between programs

37. Adding text to a document

38. The overall appearance of a document - image - text or other medium designed to be more appeasing to the viewer or help locate or identify the medium being looked at

39. Term used to describe the location or folder where e-mail is stored before being sent

40. Peripheral that receives or displays output from a computer

41. When a machine - object etc. is capable of performing a task

42. Shows the date & time & lets you set the clock

43. Universal Automatic Computer the UNIVAC is an electrical computer containing thousands of vacuum tubes that utilizes punch cards and switches for inputting data and punch cards for outputting and storing data.

44. A file containing a series of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images that are displayed in rapid sequence in some Web browsers.

45. The process of moving data used in another program or earlier software version and moving it into another program or later version of the program.

46. Recording how long something takes

47. The name you give your file or document before you save it on a disk. This name should help you identify and retrieve this file.

48. Pages that have instructions - questions - etc. that need to be numbered

49. A tool that converts an image or a file.

50. Allows user to draw or paint & bit mapped images