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Computer Literacy

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1. A box that allows the process of a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy of the electronic data being printed.

2. The type and how big the text or object is

3. A key on the numeric keypad that confirms a choice or tells a program you're ready to proceed. In most cases - the Return key also serves this function. The ____ button is used to confirm an entry into an active cell. (in spreadsheet applications)

4. Turns computer on and off

5. A paper printout of what you have prepared on the computer.

6. A box that allows a change of the format of text that affects the complete paragraph or is different from other paragraphs in a document.

7. Devices used to store massive amounts of information so that it can be readily retrieved. Devices include RAIDs - CD-ROMs - DVDs

8. Allows equipment to handle information that continuously changes

9. A menu where you can search for anything that you need

10. To combine two or more files into a single file.

11. To study or determine the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis

12. The cell in which you are working - indicated by the current location of the cell pointer.

13. Where the text is automatically entered

14. Cable TV

15. Alternatively referred to as an account name - login ID - and user ID - a username or user name is a name given to a user on a computer or computer network.

16. Row of boxes - often at the top of an application window that control various functions of the software

17. Used to advertise different programs or hotels etc.

18. A piece of paper used to advertise an event - company - etc.

19. The pre-defined configuration of a system or an application. In most programs - the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences.

20. A type of edging around a document

21. A box that helps with the overall process of connecting and preparing a software program - hardware device or computer to function properly.

22. The address of documents and resources on the internet.

23. A location where deleted files are temporarily stored on Apple Macintosh computers

24. The process of a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy of the electronic data being printed.

25. A portion of a computer display used in a graphical interface that enables users to select commands by pointing to illustrations or symbols with a mouse. 'Windows' is also the name Microsoft adopted for its popular operating system.

26. Minimum

27. A paragraph style that creates a single list element - usually indicated by a 'bullet' character. This is also known as an 'unordered list.'

28. Alternatively referred to as a worksheet - a spreadsheet is a data file made up of rows and columns that are used to sort data and allow a user to manipulate and arrange data easily - commonly numerical data.

29. An item that has been disposed of

30. Digital Subscriber Line. A method of connecting to the Internet via a phone line. A DSL connection uses copper telephone lines but is able to relay data at much higher speeds than modems and does not interfere with telephone use.

31. World Wide Web - Group of internet servers linking computers around the world.

32. Information that comes from a computer after it has been processed

33. A tool box that allows you to change the font of text

34. Computer software that performs a task or set of tasks - such as word processing or drawing. Applications are also referred to as programs.

35. A website - or web site - is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page using a browser

36. A minor show offered in addition to a main exhibition

37. This is where all the letters - numbers - and other buttons are located. When you type on it - the symbols appear on the monitor.

38. Function performed to reverse the action of an earlier action

39. Term used to describe the process of switching between tasks currently running on the computer without affecting any of the tasks.

40. This is the process where you copy something from another computer or the Internet - and save it on your computer.

41. Sometimes referred to as seek - search is the process of locating a letter(s) - word(s) - file(s) - website(s) - etc.

42. Software that was written to do bad stuff to your computer.

43. A tool that converts an image or a file.

44. When referring to a network - a gateway is an address used as an entry point into another network

45. Microsoft Office feature found in Microsoft Office 2002 (XP) - Office 2003 - and later versions that enables users to have quick access to common features - information - and commands.

46. A function similar to the save function that allows a user to specify the name and location of where he or she wishes to save the file before saving it.

47. A portable drive that connects to a USB cord

48. Magnetic tape drive capable of moving the tape through the tapes drive's read

49. Where you advertise something

50. The end of a line of text. You can force a line break by pressing 'Return' - or you can let the application break lines for you. This is a special character that forces a new line on a page without creating a new paragraph.