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Computer Literacy

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1. A term used to describe the process of searching for - locating and returning data.

2. Medium

3. Used to advertise different programs or hotels etc.

4. Graphical User Interface. A system that simplifies selecting computer commands by enabling the user to point to symbols or illustrations (called icons) on the computer screen with a mouse.

5. The first calculation device

6. The location of a specific cell or range expressed by the coordinates of column and row; for example - A1. (spreadsheet application)

7. Term used in Microsoft Excel to describe a spreadsheet file

8. The worksheet currently being worked on or viewed

9. This is a picture or an image.

10. To workout a mathematical equation

11. To move the visual portions of a screen up - down - left - or right - in order to see additional information on the monitor.

12. The physical and mechanical components of a computer system - such as the electronic circuitry - chips - monitor - disks - disk drives - keyboard - modem - and printer.

13. A tool used to make an indication that text or other object has been selected with the mouse or keyboard.

14. A connection that is established using a modem

15. World Wide Web - Group of internet servers linking computers around the world.

16. A difference in the text

17. The default document name in Excel

18. E-mail software program by Microsoft that enables users to easily send and receive e-mail on their computer

19. The process of a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy of the electronic data being printed.

20. Software file that contains updated information and various fixes that resolves issues that have been located by the software developer to help prevent those errors from occurring in the future

21. 1) text-based applications - a way of designing the number of characters that fit on the computer's display. A column is one character wide. 2) In spread sheet applications - a column is a vertical arrangement of cells.

22. A box that allows the process of a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy of the electronic data being printed.

23. A picture or graphics file that can be inserted on a web page and displayed in a browser.

24. A term used to describe a software program or section of a program that is running in a multitasking environment.

25. Maximum

26. Short for document

27. A group of application programs - usually on one disk - designed to share data.

28. This is an abbreviation for 'sending particularly annoying messages'; it stands for unwanted e-mail.

29. Process of taking data from one program or computer to another

30. When a machine - object etc. is capable of performing a task

31. A portion of a computer display used in a graphical interface that enables users to select commands by pointing to illustrations or symbols with a mouse. 'Windows' is also the name Microsoft adopted for its popular operating system.

32. A program that walks you through MS

33. In general a range refers to a series of value between two other values

34. A software program or program feature sometimes found in a program such as a word processor that can be used to help check text for any improper grammar.

35. Microsoft software presentation program that allows a user to create a slide show of important notes that can be easily shown and moved through during a presentation

36. A box that helps with the overall process of connecting and preparing a software program - hardware device or computer to function properly.

37. A paragraph style that creates a single list element - usually indicated by a 'bullet' character. This is also known as an 'unordered list.'

38. A location where deleted files are temporarily stored on Apple Macintosh computers

39. A generic text editor included with Microsoft Windows that enables someone to open and read plaintext files

40. Hypertext Markup Language. A standard of text markup conventions used for documents on the World Wide Web. Browsers interpret the codes to give the text structure and formatting (such as bold - blue - or italic).

41. A chart or graphic image that can be moved and re-sized and contains handles when selected.

42. Creating a new document or folder

43. The rectangular area - above the worksheet window - that displays a cell's contents - including numbers - text - and formulas - when you click a cell. You can use the formula bar to enter and edit data in the active cell.

44. Information that comes from a computer after it has been processed

45. To sort or arrange a file or document neatly

46. A device - such as a keyboard - stylus and tablet - mouse - puck - or microphone - that allows input of information (letters - numbers - sound - video) to a computer.

47. Handouts to promote companies - events - etc.

48. A precise series of instructions written in a computer language that tells the computer what to do and how to do it. Programs are also called 'software' or 'applications.'

49. A term used to describe the process of organizing data in a particular order allowing for information to be found easier

50. Programs currently being worked on