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1. The location of a specific cell or range expressed by the coordinates of column and row; for example - A1. (spreadsheet application)

2. Process of taking data from one program or computer to another

3. Alternatively referred to as ANSI art - text art - or word art - ASCII art is the process of forming pictures or art out of the characters available in the ASCII chart

4. A box that allows a change of the format of text that affects the complete paragraph or is different from other paragraphs in a document.

5. A tool used to make an indication that text or other object has been selected with the mouse or keyboard.

6. The pre-defined configuration of a system or an application. In most programs - the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences.

7. Creating a new document or folder

8. A context-related list of options that users can choose from.

9. A series of keys to unlock a screen

10. A Microsoft program

11. A difference in the text

12. This is a picture that pops up when you are not using your computer.

13. Unique location identified by intersecting column and row coordinates. (spreadsheet application) -The address or name of a specific cell. Cell references may be used in formulas and are relative or absolute. (spreadsheet application)

14. Space separating text or other elements from the edge of the paper commonly adjusted through the page setup.

15. Computer software that performs a task or set of tasks - such as word processing or drawing. Applications are also referred to as programs.

16. Term used to describe the location or folder that e-mail is received on the computer or a computer program

17. Alternatively referred to as a worksheet - a spreadsheet is a data file made up of rows and columns that are used to sort data and allow a user to manipulate and arrange data easily - commonly numerical data.

18. A term used to describe a software program or section of a program that is running in a multitasking environment.

19. A software program or program feature sometimes found in a program such as a word processor that can be used to help check text for any improper grammar.

20. The process of transferring information from a computer to a web site (or other remote location on a network). v. To transfer information from a computer to a web site (or other remote location on a network).

21. Provides access to begin programs - documents & access internet information

22. The process of writing data to a storage medium such as a floppy diskette or a hard disk drive

23. A row in a table

24. A tool where the numbering happens automatically

25. Term used to describe a computer keyboard key that has one or more function

26. The rectangular area - above the worksheet window - that displays a cell's contents - including numbers - text - and formulas - when you click a cell. You can use the formula bar to enter and edit data in the active cell.

27. Shows the date & time & lets you set the clock

28. Hardware peripheral that allows computer users to input audio into computers

29. A file containing a series of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images that are displayed in rapid sequence in some Web browsers.

30. The horizontal strip across the top of an application's window. Each word on the strip has a context sensitive drop-down menu containing features and actions that are available for the application in use.

31. Side text that could be important later

32. The layout - coloring - font - etc. of a document

33. Receptacle for unwanted items

34. Medium

35. The number keys on the right side of the keyboard that are laid out like the keys on an adding machine. In most cases - you can use these keys interchangeably with the number keys on the top row of the keyboard. Some programs use the numeric keypad a

36. Graphical User Interface. A system that simplifies selecting computer commands by enabling the user to point to symbols or illustrations (called icons) on the computer screen with a mouse.

37. A graphic representation of selected worksheet information. Types include 2-D and 3-D column - bar - pie - area and line charts.

38. An operating environment created by MS provide an interface known as GUI for IBM compatible computers

39. A command that puts a file away but keeps the program you're in open so that you can continue to work.

40. The study and designing of products to help reduce the stress & make a product more comfortable to the user helping increase the users' productivity

41. Pages that have instructions - questions - etc. that need to be numbered

42. Any character that is 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - or 0

43. Exploring the Internet.

44. The name you give your file or document before you save it on a disk. This name should help you identify and retrieve this file.

45. Where you advertise something

46. In general - the term query is commonly used to describe a question or request that is made by a user or another computer or device

47. Allows you to collapse the documents to see only the main headings or to expand a document to see all the main headings and text.

48. Recording how long something takes

49. Used to advertise different programs or hotels etc.

50. Adding text to a document