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Computer Literacy

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1. Hardware peripheral that allows computer users to input audio into computers

2. Another name for the hard disc that stores information information in a computer.

3. A named sub-window of a frames page. This may be scrollable and resizable and may have a border or outline.

4. A menu where you can search for anything that you need

5. Styles of text already in MS

6. A little device that you move with your hand which then moves the cursor on the screen.

7. The default document name in Excel

8. The physical and mechanical components of a computer system - such as the electronic circuitry - chips - monitor - disks - disk drives - keyboard - modem - and printer.

9. The name you give your file or document before you save it on a disk. This name should help you identify and retrieve this file.

10. A key on the numeric keypad that confirms a choice or tells a program you're ready to proceed. In most cases - the Return key also serves this function. The ____ button is used to confirm an entry into an active cell. (in spreadsheet applications)

11. Term used to describe the location or folder that e-mail is received on the computer or a computer program

12. Computer company

13. Software that allows one to calculate numbers in a format that is similar to pages in a conventional ledger.

14. A peripheral device which allows users to play video games or computer games which demand fast reflexes and decision-making.

15. Digital Subscriber Line. A method of connecting to the Internet via a phone line. A DSL connection uses copper telephone lines but is able to relay data at much higher speeds than modems and does not interfere with telephone use.

16. Where the text is automatically entered

17. Many computers that are connected like a web so you can see what other computer operators show you and you can show them things as well.

18. This is the program you use to browse files. A web browser will browse internet files - like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

19. Term used to describe a computer keyboard key that has one or more function

20. Devices used to store massive amounts of information so that it can be readily retrieved. Devices include RAIDs - CD-ROMs - DVDs

21. To combine two or more files into a single file.

22. The overall appearance of a document - image - text or other medium designed to be more appeasing to the viewer or help locate or identify the medium being looked at

23. When referring to multitasking operating systems - background is the place an active program is running but not seen on the computer

24. This is simply a way to send a message from one computer to another.

25. A chart or graphic image that can be moved and re-sized and contains handles when selected.

26. Short for document

27. A website - or web site - is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page using a browser

28. A name - e-mail - or other personal information that enables other users to get a hold of someone

29. A file that has been created with an overall layout and format to be used for a group of documents or a generic document.

30. Side text that could be important later

31. A program that walks you through MS

32. A difference in the text

33. A box that allows the process of a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy of the electronic data being printed.

34. Converts digital data into analog data - so it can be sent over phone lines. Changes analog into digital when receiving data.

35. A set of data-entry fields on a page processed on a server. The user submits the form by clicking on a button or image - and the form is sent by a form handler.

36. A paper printout of what you have prepared on the computer.

37. This is a small symbol or picture that represents a program or other things.

38. A Microsoft program

39. ...

40. A weblog or blog - is a listing of text - images - or other objects that are arranged in a chronological order that first started appearing in 1998.

41. Bar located along the top of a window or a dialog box that displays the name of the window or software program being used.

42. A field or section of a page that enables a user to enter text

43. The change from one thing to another

44. A tab at the bottom left corner of a worksheet that has the worksheet name and other worksheets in the workbook

45. Universal Automatic Computer the UNIVAC is an electrical computer containing thousands of vacuum tubes that utilizes punch cards and switches for inputting data and punch cards for outputting and storing data.

46. Term used to describe a menu that is contained within another menu

47. Command or option used to close a program or file.

48. Sets of typefaces (or characters) that come in different styles and sizes.

49. To move the visual portions of a screen up - down - left - or right - in order to see additional information on the monitor.

50. Cable TV