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1. A Microsoft program

2. A note added by way of comment or explanation

3. Storage medium that holds information until it is deleted or overwritten regardless if the computer has power

4. Sections of a document that are unused. White spaces help separate paragraphs of text - graphics and other portions of a document - and helps a document look less crowded.

5. A portion of a computer display used in a graphical interface that enables users to select commands by pointing to illustrations or symbols with a mouse. 'Windows' is also the name Microsoft adopted for its popular operating system.

6. Electronic hardware device or software capable of performing mathematical calculations

7. A portable drive that connects to a USB cord

8. A tool box that allows you to change the font of text

9. Computer company

10. Row of boxes - often at the top of an application window that control various functions of the software

11. The pre-defined configuration of a system or an application. In most programs - the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences.

12. A weblog or blog - is a listing of text - images - or other objects that are arranged in a chronological order that first started appearing in 1998.

13. A feature that steps the user through the installation or setup of a software program or hardware device

14. Styles of text already in MS

15. Copy: A command that copies the selected information and places it on the clipboard.cut: To remove text or graphics from a document by using the Cut command. The most recent 'clipping' is stored on the Clipboard of the computer so that you can paste

16. A discrete collection of information you create with a computer program - including memos - pictures - budgets - text - and so on.

17. In general a range refers to a series of value between two other values

18. Adding text to a document

19. A word or character that causes the computer to do something. A command is a request or directions given to a computer.

20. Automatically corrects misspellings on common typos

21. Term used to describe the location or folder where e-mail is stored before being sent

22. Alternatively referred to as an account name - login ID - and user ID - a username or user name is a name given to a user on a computer or computer network.

23. Microsoft software presentation program that allows a user to create a slide show of important notes that can be easily shown and moved through during a presentation

24. Allows you to collapse the documents to see only the main headings or to expand a document to see all the main headings and text.

25. Information that comes from a computer after it has been processed

26. ...

27. Devices used to store massive amounts of information so that it can be readily retrieved. Devices include RAIDs - CD-ROMs - DVDs

28. An attachment can be a picture - a word document - a movie - a sound file - an excel document - or any other file that requires another program to open it.

29. A command that puts a file away but keeps the program you're in open so that you can continue to work.

30. In mathematics - a sum is the total amount obtained from adding numbers

31. A little device that you move with your hand which then moves the cursor on the screen.

32. To study or determine the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis

33. A built-in formula that you can use in spread sheet application to calculate an average - a square root - a total - and so on.

34. A disk which is 5.25 inches in diameter - with a storage capacity of 143 K (the equivalent of about 70 pages of text).

35. Used to advertise different programs or hotels etc.

36. A term used to describe a software program or section of a program that is running in a multitasking environment.

37. Bar located along the top of a window or a dialog box that displays the name of the window or software program being used.

38. A letter - number or other symbol.

39. A location where deleted files are temporarily stored on Apple Macintosh computers

40. Documents used to remind the user of an event or occasion

41. Cable TV

42. A character displayed on the screen to prompt the user to take some action. The most common prompt is the 'C prompt' in which the computer hard drive or 'C' requests directions on what the computer should perform next.

43. A difference in the text

44. A FTP command used to upload a file to a remote computer.

45. Text or an image that is connected by hypertext coding to a different location. By selecting the text or image with a mouse - the computer 'jumps to' (or displays) the linked text.

46. The change from one thing to another

47. To do this - you click on something and hold the button down. This will move the object you clicked on and will leave it where you let go of the button. So it drags it and drops it.

48. A chart or graphic image that can be moved and re-sized and contains handles when selected.

49. Where the text is automatically entered

50. Location of stored activities or events occurring to a computer or network