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Cooking Basics

Subject : cooking
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is the liquid and thickening agent for espagnole?

2. What is the liquid and thickening agent for holliandaise sauce?

3. What is the most important/significant manu making principle?

4. What is the offical name of the organization of the kitchen?

5. How do you check the fat temperature of a deep fryer (or) kettle?

6. What is table d'hote?

7. Who is incharge of the kitchen?

8. What is a measurement of whole items as one would purchase them?

9. What do you hold the knife with? ( made of rosewood - plastic - etc.)

10. Stocks are made with what five items?

11. What should you do before adding fat to an empty deep fryer (or) kettle?

12. What are the 3 types of stock?

13. What is the pastry chef called; prapares pastries and desserts?

14. What are the other thickening agents besides roux?

15. What is the abbreviation for teaspoon?

16. What is the abbreviation for kilogram?

17. What is the term for simmering or broiling until the quantity of liquid is decreased?

18. What is a roux?

19. What is the first technology for modern developments?

20. What is the term for cooking with dry heat in the presence of smoke?

21. What is a white wash?

22. What is the cuisson for the sub of saute; special roast - has to be done in the oven - covered. some aromatics garniture will be added near the end of cooking time?

23. What is the term for cooking on an open grid over a heat source?

24. What is a chinois used for?

25. What are the three measuring conventions of a recipe?

26. What is the term for simmering or braising in a small amount of liquid?

27. What is the ratio of mirepoix to stock?

28. What is a flavorful liquid amde by simmering water - meat - and vegetables and flavorings?

29. What is the small sauce for behemel?

30. What is the deminsion for julienne?

31. What are foods called that provide a good enviroment for the growth of disease casusing microorganisms

32. What is the term for cooking quickly in small amount of fat?

33. What is the term for cooking foods by surrounding them with hot - dry air?

34. What is the abbreviation for grams?

35. What is the two cuissons with humid heat?

36. What is the small sauce for espagnole?

37. What is the term for a person in charge of a particular area of production?

38. What is the standard pre-heating temperature?

39. What is the deminsion for batonnet?

40. What is glace de volaille?

41. What guards your hand?

42. What is the term for cooking slowly in fat without browning - sometimes under a cover?

43. What is menu accuracy?

44. What is a written record of the ingredients and preparation steps needed to make a particular dish?

45. What should your foods appearance have?

46. What is the weight after all inedible or nonservable parts are trimmed off?

47. What is a steel used for?

48. How long do you cook brown roux for?

49. Who reorganized the kitchen?

50. What does cooking flour do?