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Cooking Basics

Subject : cooking
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is a A la carte menu?

2. What is the weight of an as purchased - before any trimming is done?

3. What is the small sauce for veloute?

4. What is the two cuissons with humid heat?

5. Who is incharge of the kitchen?

6. What is the cuisson to grill; cooking through direct contact with a gridll through radiation in open air - or ventilated space?

7. What is the deminsion for allumet?

8. What is the cuisson for boiling - simmering - poaching; cooking an ingredient in a large amount of liquid. the liquid can be hot or cold?

9. How often should use check the accuracy of that fat temperature of a deep fryer (or) kettle?

10. What is the liquid and thickening agent for tomato sauce?

11. Stocks are made with what five items?

12. When doing mise en place What do you do 1st?

13. What is the term for cooking in water or other liquid that is bubbling rapidly?

14. What is menu utilization

15. What is the term for station chef?

16. What is the gastric basic mehtod?

17. Food cost diveded by menu price is?

18. When managing time What is the 3th time waster?

19. What is the term for cooking in hot fat?

20. What is the birth and death dates of Careme?

21. When doing mise en place What do you do 3rd?

22. What is a menu?

23. What is the term for cooking wrapped in paper to steam in it own moisture?

24. What is the term for cooking in liquid that is bubbling gently? (185-205 degrees)

25. What are the three types of food hazard?

26. Cost of ingredients divided by number of portions is?

27. What must be planned for your guest? (the people eating the food)

28. When doing mise en place What do you do 4th?

29. What recipe teaches basic cooking techinques?

30. What is the blade made of?

31. What is the term for cooking with dry heat in the presence of smoke?

32. What is the only cuisson with large amount of liquid for heat method?

33. How long do you cook white roux for?

34. What is a prix fixe menu?

35. Why is a recipe necessary?

36. What should your foods appearance have?

37. What is the highest psition of all station chefs (or) chef de partie?

38. What is the term for cooking using heat conducted to food from water - liquid - or steam?

39. Who is incharge of production and assistant to the executive chef or chef de cuisine?

40. What is the term for cooking on a flat - solid cooking surface?

41. What is a china cap used for?

42. What is a reduction by 90-95%?

43. What are the elements of a menu structure?

44. What are the four disease causing organisms?

45. How do you get good flavor and body from a stock?

46. What are the three measuring conventions of a recipe?

47. What is the grill cook called?

48. What a bread crums used for?

49. What is the deminsion for julienne?

50. What is fariner?