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Cooking Basics

Subject : cooking
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. When was the first restaurant opened?

2. Food cost diveded by menu price is?

3. What is a measurement of whole items as one would purchase them?

4. What should suit the characteristics and style of the restaurant?

5. What is the only cuissonwith small amount of liquid for heat method?

6. What is the small sauce for behemel?

7. What is the term for cooking by direct contact with steam?

8. What are the three types of food hazard?

9. What is in a bouquet garni?

10. What are the three terms for count measurement?

11. What is the cuisson for boiling - simmering - poaching; cooking an ingredient in a large amount of liquid. the liquid can be hot or cold?

12. What is the term for cooking on an open grid over a heat source?

13. What is the small sauce for espagnole?

14. What is a tasting menu?

15. What is menu accuracy?

16. What is the term for cooking uncovered in a skillet or saute pan without fat?

17. What is the small sauce for veloute?

18. What are the three measuring conventions of a recipe?

19. What is the abbreviation for tablespoon?

20. What is the abbreviation for pound?

21. What is the term for cooking with dry heat in the presence of smoke?

22. What do you need to capture the largest target audience?

23. What are the limitations of using a recipe?

24. What is the highest psition of all station chefs (or) chef de partie?

25. What is the two cuissons with humid heat?

26. What is the measurement of portions that ensure that the correct amount of an item is served?

27. What is a steel used for?

28. When doing mise en place What do you do 3rd?

29. What kind of bones are in a broth?

30. Who reorganized the kitchen?

31. What is the term for cooking in liquid that is bubbling gently? (185-205 degrees)

32. What are minimum-use ingredients?

33. What is a flavorful liquid amde by simmering water - meat - and vegetables and flavorings?

34. What is the Temperature danger zone (T.D.Z.)?

35. What is the small sauce for tomato?

36. What is the first technology for modern developments?

37. What is the weight after all inedible or nonservable parts are trimmed off?

38. What is the abbreviation for kilogram?

39. What is the term for everything in it's place?

40. What do you hold the knife with? ( made of rosewood - plastic - etc.)

41. What is the term for cooking an item partially and very breifly in boiling water?

42. What is fariner?

43. What is full half of quarter of the knife?

44. What is the cuisson for the sub of saute; special roast - has to be done in the oven - covered. some aromatics garniture will be added near the end of cooking time?

45. What is the term for giving a shine to the surface of a food?

46. What is the term for station chef?

47. What is the term for browning the surface of a food quickly at a high temperature?

48. What is a strainer used for?

49. What is made from bones?

50. What is a white wash?