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Cooking Basics

Subject : cooking
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1. What is the term for cooking foods by surrounding them with hot - dry air?

2. What is the abbreviation for teaspoon?

3. What is the term for cooking with dry heat in the presence of smoke?

4. What are the three measuring conventions of a recipe?

5. Stocks are made with what five items?

6. What is the cuisson for boiling - simmering - poaching; cooking an ingredient in a large amount of liquid. the liquid can be hot or cold?

7. How often should use check the accuracy of that fat temperature of a deep fryer (or) kettle?

8. How long do you cook blond roux for?

9. What is in a bouquet garni?

10. What is the ratio of mirepoix to stock?

11. What are minimum-use ingredients?

12. What is the term for cooking partially by any method?

13. What is the deminsion for small dice?

14. What is the term for cooking quickly in small amount of fat?

15. What is court boullian?

16. What is the term for cooking by surrounding with hot - dry air in an oven or on spit in front of open fire?

17. When doing mise en place What do you do 2nd?

18. What are foods called that provide a good enviroment for the growth of disease casusing microorganisms

19. What is the term for cooking an item partially and very breifly in boiling water?

20. What are the five knife components?

21. What is the term for cooking uncovered in pan of moderate amount of fat?

22. Never add salt to?

23. What is a liaison?

24. What is the term for cooking gently in liquid that is hot but not actually bubbling?

25. What is the roast cook called; prepares roasted and braised meats and there gravies?

26. When sweating or smothering the main ingredients before simmering - often with the addition of white wine is what stock?

27. Who was respondsable for simolifying classicl cuisine and the classical menu?

28. What is a china cap used for?

29. What is the second new technology for modern developments?

30. What is the abbreviation for pound?

31. What are the three terms for count measurement?

32. What is the cuisine for lighter - naturally flavored foods?

33. What recipe teaches basic cooking techinques?

34. What are the two types of recipes?

35. What is the only cuisson to be a blanc and (or) a brun?

36. What are the types of menus?

37. What is the term for browning the surface of a food quickly at a high temperature?

38. What is the french term for restaurant? (to restore)

39. What is the term for cooking on a flat - solid cooking surface?

40. What is the term for cooking foods were heat is conducted without moisture?

41. What are the five mother sauces

42. What is the deminsion for paysanne?

43. When doing mise en place What do you do 4th?

44. What is the two cuissons with humid heat?

45. What is the cuisson to grill; cooking through direct contact with a gridll through radiation in open air - or ventilated space?

46. What is a food mill used for?

47. What is fariner?

48. What must be planned for your guest? (the people eating the food)

49. Purchasing - production - sales - cost accounting - labor management and even kitchen layout and equipment selection can be based upon what?

50. What is menu accuracy?