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Cooking Basics

Subject : cooking
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is the term for cooking foods by surrounding them with hot - dry air?

2. When doing mise en place What do you do 2nd?

3. What is a beurre manie?

4. What is the highest psition of all station chefs (or) chef de partie?

5. What is the sauce cook called; prepares sauces - stews - and hot hors d'oeuves - and sautes foods to order?

6. What is the pantry chef called; responsible for cold foods - including salads and dressings - pates - cold hor d'oevres - and buffet items?

7. What do you hold the knife with? ( made of rosewood - plastic - etc.)

8. What is the term for a person in charge of a particular area of production?

9. What is the french term for restaurant? (to restore)

10. What is the birth and death dates of Careme?

11. What is the term for station chef?

12. Who was responsible for the uniforms worn in the kitchen?

13. What is used to measure weight?

14. What is the cuisson for the sub of saute; special roast - has to be done in the oven - covered. some aromatics garniture will be added near the end of cooking time?

15. Who invented grande cuisine?

16. Why is a recipe necessary?

17. What is the term for cooking covered in a small amount of fat?

18. What guards your hand?

19. What is the small sauce for tomato?

20. What is the cuisson to deep fry; cooking a tender piece in a small amount of hot fat?

21. What is in a bouquet garni?

22. Food cost diveded by menu price is?

23. When managing time What is the 1st time waster?

24. What a bread crums used for?

25. What is the small sauce for behemel?

26. What is the most important/significant manu making principle?

27. What is the term for giving a shine to the surface of a food?

28. What is the abbreviation for grams?

29. What is a liaison?

30. What is the classic cooking techniques used in french cuisine?

31. What is the first technology for modern developments?

32. What is a chinois used for?

33. What is the term for cooking on a flat - solid cooking surface?

34. What is a written record of the ingredients and preparation steps needed to make a particular dish?

35. Cost of ingredients divided by number of portions is?

36. How often should use check the accuracy of that fat temperature of a deep fryer (or) kettle?

37. What is the small sauce for veloute?

38. What is the term for swirling a liquid in a saute pan?

39. What are the three terms for count measurement?

40. What is the term for cooking in hot fat?

41. When doing mise en place What do you do 4th?

42. What holds the knife together - made of steel?

43. How full should the deep fryer (or) kettle be?

44. What is a food mill used for?

45. What is the term for simmering or broiling until the quantity of liquid is decreased?

46. What is grande cuisine?

47. What is a static menu?

48. What should suit the characteristics and style of the restaurant?

49. What should you do when filling a deep fryer (or) kettle with solid fat?

50. What is a measurement of the mass or heavimess of a solidliquid or gas?