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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. A prison system - developed in New York during the nineteenth centry - based on congregate work during the day and seperaton at night.

2. An argument in favor of the O.J. trial is likely to point to the fact that...

3. Right to counsel

4. A person can challenge a guilty plea by...

5. A program requiring probationers to pay in part for the costs of their treatment.

6. Problem of Re-entry

7. Good time

8. Peremptory Challenge

9. What percentage of police departments require officers to have a college degree?

10. A short prison sentence served in boot camp-type facilities

11. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

12. Programs designed to help people who have become dependent on anger as a primary means of expressing themselves and those who inappropriately use anger or the threat of violence as a means to get their way.

13. Miranda Rights...

14. A condition of probation in which the offender repays society or the victim of crime for the trouble the offender caused.

15. The use of an alternative to trial - such as referral to treament or employment programs.

16. What is the criteria to determine whether someone is entitled to jury trial?

17. Packer describes the crime models criminal justice system operating like an...

18. Women Imprisoned

19. According to social reaction/labeling theory - some young people become criminals because...

20. In female prisons - substitute family groups with a faux father - mother and siblings.

21. Bench Trial

22. Are Jury trial common in the U.S.?

23. The peak age for involvement in property crimes in the U.S is...

24. A correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes

25. The Conflict View of criminal definitions assumes that criminal law expresses...

26. What did the BAIL REFORM ACT of 1984 establish?

27. The attempt by correctional agencies to maintain convicted offenders in the community instead of a secure facilty it includes probation - parole and residential programs.

28. About how many Americans are under some form of correctional supervision?

29. Right to confront witnesses

30. What are characteristics of inmates

31. Problems of Parole

32. The federal agency responsible for the witness protection program and fugitive investigations is...

33. Statutory Jurisdiction

34. Factors that Influence Sentencing

35. Is female involvement in violent crime increasing or decreasing?

36. According to Packer's due process model of criminal justice - plea bargaining...

37. Verdict

38. Civil right that include the right of inmates to receive mail and medical benefits and to practice their religion.

39. According to Cohen's sub-culture or cultural deviance theory - gang values...

40. Goals of Punishment

41. According to choice theories of crime (classical school) - humans are'

42. During the araignment phase of the court process - defendants...

43. Right to public trial

44. Determinate Sentencing

45. About how much does the U.S. spend on the criminal justice system every year?

46. The initial reaction in prison is usually...

47. Arguments for the Death Penalty

48. Right to be competent at trail

49. An administrative act performed by a parole authority that remove a person from parole -or a judicial orded by a court removing a person from parole or probation - in response to a violation on the part of the parolee.

50. The substantive criminal law...