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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. In the common law - a crime that is considered mala in se is...

2. The sentence

3. Levying a money payment on offenders to compensate society for their misdeeds

4. How many percent of criminal defendents are considered indigent?

5. Right to public trial

6. Argument against the Death Penalty

7. Establishes the practices and processes of the criminal law

8. Right to confront witnesses

9. Good time

10. About how many Americans are under some form of correctional supervision?

11. Physical punishment or punishment that is far in excess of that given to people under similar circumstances and is therefore banned by the eighth amendment. The death penalty has so far not been considered cruel and unusual if it is administered in f

12. Status Offenders

13. A sentence in which offenders serve a short prison term before they begin probation - to impress them with the pain of imprisonment.

14. Is female involvement in violent crime increasing or decreasing?

15. NCVS crime statistics are likely to be better then the UCR crimes statistics in...

16. What are the Defendants Legal Rights at Trial?

17. A short prison sentence served in boot camp-type facilities

18. The peak age for invovlment in violent crimes in the U.S. is...

19. The investigation of the murder of a postal worker would fall within the jurisdiction of...

20. What is the criteria to determine whether someone is entitled to jury trial?

21. What is General Deterrence?

22. The average officers makes how many felony arrests per month?

23. Civil right that include the right of inmates to receive mail and medical benefits and to practice their religion.

24. Mens reas is important in determining if a person can be held criminally responsible and refers specifically to...

25. A sentence entailing the conditional release of a convicted offender into the community under the supervision of the court

26. Arguments for the Death Penalty

27. In colonial America - the county sheriff's job included...

28. The Conflict View of criminal definitions assumes that criminal law expresses...

29. Right to compulsory process

30. Concurrent Sentence

31. During the araignment phase of the court process - defendants...

32. What time of year are crime rates in the U.S. the highest?

33. About how much does the U.S. spend on the criminal justice system every year?

34. According to the Supreme Court - the following activities would not violate individual protections against illegal seasrch and seizure...

35. Packer describes the due process model of the criminal justice system operating like an...

36. The 5th amendment protects citizens from...

37. An alternative sanction that requires an offender to work in the community at such task as cleaning public parks or working with disabled children in lieu of an incarceration sentence.

38. Conditions or restriction mandated by the court that must be obeyed by a probationer

39. The officers of the London Metropolitan Police...

40. Judicial Waiver

41. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

42. An investigation performed by a probation officer attached to a trial court after the conviction of a defendent.

43. A state of federal correctional institution for incarceration of felony offenders for term of one year or more.

44. A correctional institution that houses dangerous felons and maintains strict security measure - high walls - and limited contact with the outside world.

45. In order for a case to be heard by the Supreme Court...

46. A view of criminal justice that focuses on crime as an act against the community rather than the state

47. Prison Rape/Sexual Coercion

48. Common concerns with the privatization of policing includes...

49. A program requiring probationers to pay in part for the costs of their treatment.

50. A court order requiring a witness to appear in court at a specified time and place.