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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. According to Freud's psychological theory - deviant behavior is the result of...

2. The officers of the London Metropolitan Police...

3. Problems of Parole

4. Levying a money payment on offenders to compensate society for their misdeeds

5. Statutory Jurisdiction

6. According to Shaw and McKay's social disorganization theory - crime rates in a geographic area can be explained by...

7. Right to public trial

8. Motion for a direct verdict

9. Alternative Correctional Institution

10. What did the BAIL REFORM ACT of 1984 establish?

11. In female prisons - substitute family groups with a faux father - mother and siblings.

12. Delinquents

13. Trial Process

14. During the araignment phase of the court process - defendants...

15. The Supreme Court descison on NO EXCEPTIONS said that...

16. An attorney employed by the government to represent criminal defenders who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

17. Competent Standard

18. The group of punishment falling between probation and prison. Community-based sanction - including house arrest and intensive supervision - serve as alternatives to incarceration.

19. Verdict

20. Concurrent Jursidiction

21. A place to detain people awaiting trial - to serve as a lockup for drunks and disorderly individuals - and to confine convicted misdemeanants serving sentences of less then ten

22. What are considered problems with UCR statistics?

23. The substantive criminal law...

24. Right to counsel

25. The process in which a probation officer settles cases at the initial appearance before the onset of formal criminal proceeding.

26. Which is more common - violent crimes or property crimes?

27. Right to confront witnesses

28. Right to compulsory process

29. NCVS crime statistics are likely to be better then the UCR crimes statistics in...

30. Peremptory Challenge

31. What are the three systems to transfer juveniles to adult court?

32. The federal agency responsible for the witness protection program and fugitive investigations is...

33. According to Cohen's sub-culture or cultural deviance theory - gang values...

34. What percentage of police departments require officers to have a college degree?

35. The decision by a prosecuttor to drop a case after a complaint has been made because of - for examples - insufficatient edvidence.

36. Right to be competent at trail

37. Stare decisis refers to the concept that legal decisions should be based on...

38. What is Duress?

39. A court order requiring a witness to appear in court at a specified time and place.

40. What is the common criteria for juveniles to be diverted to community programs?

41. Are Jury trial common in the U.S.?

42. Consecutive sentence

43. Packer describes the due process model of the criminal justice system operating like an...

44. The Conflict View of criminal definitions assumes that criminal law expresses...

45. An administrative act performed by a parole authority that remove a person from parole -or a judicial orded by a court removing a person from parole or probation - in response to a violation on the part of the parolee.

46. Women Imprisoned

47. Right to an impartial jury

48. Mens reas is important in determining if a person can be held criminally responsible and refers specifically to...

49. The PRIMARY work of state law enforcement agencies involve...

50. A prison system - developed in Pennsylvania during the nineteeth centry - based on total isolation and individual pentence.