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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. The sizure of personal property by the state as a civil or criminal penalty.

2. In the common law - a crime that is considered mala in se is...

3. Problem of Re-entry

4. A sentence in which offenders serve a short prison term before they begin probation - to impress them with the pain of imprisonment.

5. According to the stop and frisk rule - established by the Terry vs Ohio case a police officer may stop and frisk a person...

6. Right to an impartial judge

7. Are Jury trial common in the U.S.?

8. A regimented - dehumanizing institution such as a prison in which like-situated people are kept in social isolation - cut off from the world at large.

9. Packer describes the crime models criminal justice system operating like an...

10. A view of criminal justice that focuses on crime as an act against the community rather than the state

11. Why are investigations of police misconduct tricky?

12. A correctional institution that houses dangerous felons and maintains strict security measure - high walls - and limited contact with the outside world.

13. The peak age for involvement in property crimes in the U.S is...

14. What is Duress?

15. According to Beccaria - the three criteria required for deterrence to work ainclude...

16. Legal counsel for the defendant in a criminal case - representing to final appeal.

17. Sir Robert Peel believed that police officers should...

18. Factors that Influence Sentencing

19. A correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes

20. Models of sentencing

21. About how many Americans are under some form of correctional supervision?

22. Determinate Sentencing

23. What did the BAIL REFORM ACT of 1984 establish?

24. Right to counsel

25. Verdict

26. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

27. The sentence

28. About how much does the U.S. spend on the criminal justice system every year?

29. Civil right that include the right of inmates to receive mail and medical benefits and to practice their religion.

30. What are considered problems with UCR statistics?

31. An attorney employed by the government to represent criminal defenders who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

32. A program requiring probationers to pay in part for the costs of their treatment.

33. In female prisons - substitute family groups with a faux father - mother and siblings.

34. According to Cohen's sub-culture or cultural deviance theory - gang values...

35. An example of the criminal defense of justifaction is...

36. Right to compulsory process

37. The 4th Amendment protects citizens from what?

38. Levying a money payment on offenders to compensate society for their misdeeds

39. What is one problem with eye-witnesses?

40. According to Shaw and McKay's social disorganization theory - crime rates in a geographic area can be explained by...

41. A court order requiring a witness to appear in court at a specified time and place.

42. The attempt by correctional agencies to maintain convicted offenders in the community instead of a secure facilty it includes probation - parole and residential programs.

43. NCVS crime statistics are likely to be better then the UCR crimes statistics in...

44. Conditions or restriction mandated by the court that must be obeyed by a probationer

45. Probation failure correlates to...

46. Three Strikes Law

47. A short prison sentence served in boot camp-type facilities

48. Right to be competent at trail

49. What was significant about the Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899?

50. An argument in favor of the O.J. trial is likely to point to the fact that...