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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. What is the common criteria for juveniles to be diverted to community programs?

2. What was significant about the Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899?

3. Stare decisis refers to the concept that legal decisions should be based on...

4. How confidential are juvenile records kept?

5. The group of punishment falling between probation and prison. Community-based sanction - including house arrest and intensive supervision - serve as alternatives to incarceration.

6. Indeterminate Sentencing

7. In the common law - a crime that is considered mala in se is...

8. Competent Standard

9. The policing style associated with police officers belief that it is his duty to be a first line responder to various problems in the community is...

10. Conditions or restriction mandated by the court that must be obeyed by a probationer

11. Who has a better record of defending clients; private or public attorneys?

12. Common concerns with the privatization of policing includes...

13. Right to counsel

14. A defendent who lacks the funds to hire a private attorney and is therefore entitled to free counsel.

15. Right to an impartial judge

16. What are the Defendants Legal Rights at Trial?

17. According to Packer's due process model of criminal justice - plea bargaining...

18. Truth in Sentencing

19. According to the Supreme Court - the following activities would not violate individual protections against illegal seasrch and seizure...

20. Establishes the practices and processes of the criminal law

21. The early release of a prisoner from imprisonment subject to conditions set by correctional authorites.

22. What did the BAIL REFORM ACT of 1984 establish?

23. Levying a money payment on offenders to compensate society for their misdeeds

24. NCVS crime statistics are likely to be better then the UCR crimes statistics in...

25. Judicial Waiver

26. According to Shaw and McKay's social disorganization theory - crime rates in a geographic area can be explained by...

27. A community-based correctional facility that houses inmates before their outright released so that they can become gradually acclimatd to conventional society.

28. The federal agency responsible for the witness protection program and fugitive investigations is...

29. What are characteristics of inmates

30. A view of criminal justice that focuses on crime as an act against the community rather than the state

31. Right to speedy trial

32. Right to be competent at trail

33. About how much does the U.S. spend on the criminal justice system every year?

34. A condition of probation in which the offender repays society or the victim of crime for the trouble the offender caused.

35. Why are investigations of police misconduct tricky?

36. Packer describes the crime models criminal justice system operating like an...

37. The majority of criminal cases in the U.S are investigated by...

38. According to Freud's psychological theory - deviant behavior is the result of...

39. An example of the criminal defense of EXCUSE is...

40. A short prison sentence served in boot camp-type facilities

41. Concurrent Sentence

42. A group of citizens chosen to hear charges against persons accused of crime and to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the person to trial.

43. Duties of probation officers

44. A short term militaristic correctional facility in which inmates undergo intensive physical conditioning and discipline.

45. Models of sentencing

46. The peak age for invovlment in violent crimes in the U.S. is...

47. Women Imprisoned

48. Evidentiary Standard

49. What is one problem with eye-witnesses?

50. In colonial America - the county sheriff's job included...