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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. A person can challenge a guilty plea by...

2. According to choice theories of crime (classical school) - humans are'

3. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

4. What is the common criteria for juveniles to be diverted to community programs?

5. According to the stop and frisk rule - established by the Terry vs Ohio case a police officer may stop and frisk a person...

6. Trial Process

7. Are tv camara's aloud in federal court?

8. Who has a better record of defending clients; private or public attorneys?

9. The process in which a probation officer settles cases at the initial appearance before the onset of formal criminal proceeding.

10. The early release of a prisoner from imprisonment subject to conditions set by correctional authorites.

11. Are arrest rates of drug-related crime higher or lower then they were in the 1970's?

12. The substantive criminal law...

13. Delinquents

14. In colonial America - the county sheriff's job included...

15. Alternative Correctional Institution

16. The 5th amendment protects citizens from...

17. A regimented - dehumanizing institution such as a prison in which like-situated people are kept in social isolation - cut off from the world at large.

18. The newest form of a maximum-security prison that uses high-level securtity mesasure to incapacitate the nation's most dangerous criminals. Most inmates are in lockdown 23 hours per day.

19. Truth in Sentencing

20. Challenged for cause

21. Peremptory Challenge

22. Right to compulsory process

23. An administrative act performed by a parole authority that remove a person from parole -or a judicial orded by a court removing a person from parole or probation - in response to a violation on the part of the parolee.

24. The Supreme Court descison on NO EXCEPTIONS said that...

25. Probation failure correlates to...

26. Factors that Influence Sentencing

27. A form of intermediate sanction that requires that the convicted offender spend a designated amount of time per week in his or her own home-such as from 6:00 P.M. Friday until 8:00 A.M.

28. A program requiring probationers to pay in part for the costs of their treatment.

29. Which is more common - violent crimes or property crimes?

30. Right to counsel

31. Legal counsel for the defendant in a criminal case - representing to final appeal.

32. The PRIMARY work of state law enforcement agencies involve...

33. The Conflict View of criminal definitions assumes that criminal law expresses...

34. An argument in favor of the O.J. trial is likely to point to the fact that...

35. Civil right that include the right of inmates to receive mail and medical benefits and to practice their religion.

36. The sentence

37. The policing style associated with police officers belief that it is his duty to be a first line responder to various problems in the community is...

38. Packer describes the crime models criminal justice system operating like an...

39. The least secure institution that houses white-colar and nonviolent offenders - maintains few security measures - and has liberal furlough and visitation policies.

40. Some of the policing reforms that August Vollmer proposed include...

41. Competent Standard

42. In the common law - a crime that is considered mala in se is...

43. According to Freud's psychological theory - deviant behavior is the result of...

44. The sizure of personal property by the state as a civil or criminal penalty.

45. Motion for a direct verdict

46. The federal agency responsible for the witness protection program and fugitive investigations is...

47. An example of the criminal defense of justifaction is...

48. Right to public trial

49. The group of punishment falling between probation and prison. Community-based sanction - including house arrest and intensive supervision - serve as alternatives to incarceration.

50. What was significant about the Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899?