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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. According to the Supreme Court - the following activities would not violate individual protections against illegal seasrch and seizure...

2. The sentence

3. Women Imprisoned

4. A place to detain people awaiting trial - to serve as a lockup for drunks and disorderly individuals - and to confine convicted misdemeanants serving sentences of less then ten

5. Are arrest rates of drug-related crime higher or lower then they were in the 1970's?

6. Is female involvement in violent crime increasing or decreasing?

7. A correctional institution that houses dangerous felons and maintains strict security measure - high walls - and limited contact with the outside world.

8. Mens reas is important in determining if a person can be held criminally responsible and refers specifically to...

9. What is one problem with eye-witnesses?

10. According to Beccaria - the three criteria required for deterrence to work ainclude...

11. Packer describes the due process model of the criminal justice system operating like an...

12. The 4th Amendment protects citizens from what?

13. What are the three systems to transfer juveniles to adult court?

14. Miranda Rights...

15. A sentence entailing the conditional release of a convicted offender into the community under the supervision of the court

16. Are Jury trial common in the U.S.?

17. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

18. An example of the criminal defense of justifaction is...

19. The Supreme Court descison on NO EXCEPTIONS said that...

20. A person can challenge a guilty plea by...

21. A regimented - dehumanizing institution such as a prison in which like-situated people are kept in social isolation - cut off from the world at large.

22. In the common law - a crime that is considered mala in se is...

23. A prison system - developed in New York during the nineteenth centry - based on congregate work during the day and seperaton at night.

24. A prison treatment program that allows inmates to be released during the day to work in the community and return to prison at night.

25. What is the criteria to determine whether someone is entitled to jury trial?

26. The newest form of a maximum-security prison that uses high-level securtity mesasure to incapacitate the nation's most dangerous criminals. Most inmates are in lockdown 23 hours per day.

27. The 5th amendment protects citizens from...

28. What do police officers spend most of their time on patrol doing?

29. Some of the policing reforms that August Vollmer proposed include...

30. Peremptory Challenge

31. Conditions or restriction mandated by the court that must be obeyed by a probationer

32. Right to be competent at trail

33. The federal agency responsible for the witness protection program and fugitive investigations is...

34. A group of citizens chosen to hear charges against persons accused of crime and to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the person to trial.

35. Truth in Sentencing

36. Civil right that include the right of inmates to receive mail and medical benefits and to practice their religion.

37. A short term militaristic correctional facility in which inmates undergo intensive physical conditioning and discipline.

38. The substantive criminal law...

39. Which is more common - violent crimes or property crimes?

40. What is General Deterrence?

41. Process by which the state later recovers some or all of the cost of providing free legal counsel to an indigent defendant.

42. How many percent of criminal defendents are considered indigent?

43. What are considered problems with UCR statistics?

44. What was significant about the Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899?

45. A sentence in which offenders serve a short prison term before they begin probation - to impress them with the pain of imprisonment.

46. Who has a better record of defending clients; private or public attorneys?

47. Broken window policing is a strategy in which police officer...

48. Right to public trial

49. The sizure of personal property by the state as a civil or criminal penalty.

50. Programs designed to help people who have become dependent on anger as a primary means of expressing themselves and those who inappropriately use anger or the threat of violence as a means to get their way.