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Criminal Justice

Subject : law
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1. Judicial Waiver

2. The officers of the London Metropolitan Police...

3. Verdict

4. Broken window policing is a strategy in which police officer...

5. Duties of probation officers

6. The average officers makes how many felony arrests per month?

7. A state of federal correctional institution for incarceration of felony offenders for term of one year or more.

8. Mandatory Sentence

9. A court order requiring a witness to appear in court at a specified time and place.

10. An example of the criminal defense of justifaction is...

11. The peak age for involvement in property crimes in the U.S is...

12. What is General Deterrence?

13. The sentence

14. According to social reaction/labeling theory - some young people become criminals because...

15. Right to public trial

16. Probation failure correlates to...

17. About how many Americans are under some form of correctional supervision?

18. The decision by a prosecuttor to drop a case after a complaint has been made because of - for examples - insufficatient edvidence.

19. Women Imprisoned

20. Why are investigations of police misconduct tricky?

21. Bench Trial

22. Statutory Jurisdiction

23. A place to detain people awaiting trial - to serve as a lockup for drunks and disorderly individuals - and to confine convicted misdemeanants serving sentences of less then ten

24. Concurrent Sentence

25. Levying a money payment on offenders to compensate society for their misdeeds

26. Who has a better record of defending clients; private or public attorneys?

27. The attempt by correctional agencies to maintain convicted offenders in the community instead of a secure facilty it includes probation - parole and residential programs.

28. An administrative act performed by a parole authority that remove a person from parole -or a judicial orded by a court removing a person from parole or probation - in response to a violation on the part of the parolee.

29. An alternative sanction that requires an offender to work in the community at such task as cleaning public parks or working with disabled children in lieu of an incarceration sentence.

30. Right to counsel

31. Consecutive sentence

32. The investigation of the murder of a postal worker would fall within the jurisdiction of...

33. An attorney employed by the government to represent criminal defenders who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

34. What are the Defendants Legal Rights at Trial?

35. Conditions or restriction mandated by the court that must be obeyed by a probationer

36. A sentence in which offenders serve a short prison term before they begin probation - to impress them with the pain of imprisonment.

37. Trial Process

38. Problems of Parole

39. The 4th Amendment protects citizens from what?

40. Determinate Sentencing

41. Delinquents

42. The majority of criminal cases in the U.S are investigated by...

43. The process in which a probation officer settles cases at the initial appearance before the onset of formal criminal proceeding.

44. About how many people are in prisons in the US?

45. What are considered problems with UCR statistics?

46. An example of the criminal defense of EXCUSE is...

47. Evidentiary Standard

48. Problem of Re-entry

49. Three Strikes Law

50. The initial reaction in prison is usually...