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Culinary Basics Vocab

Subject : cooking
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1. To coat with sauce; consistency of a sauce that will cost the back of a spoon

2. A shallow skillet with sloping sides and a single long handle

3. To pound or chop coarsely. usually refers to tomatoes that have been peeled and seeded

4. A soup that is normally pureed then strained after cream is added

5. Mirepoix that does not include carrots and may include parsnips

6. A Grand sauce of chicken - fish or veal stock thickened with blonde roux

7. Game glace

8. Thickened with flour usually contains pork - potatoes - and dairy - traditional

9. To remove the seeds from food

10. Die cut of 1/8 inch around all edges

11. White pepper

12. Made by charring onion halves - normally accompanied by cloves and a bay leaf; french for 'burnt onion'

13. A cube cut Which is 1/4 inches around each side

14. One of several basic sauce that are used in the preparation of many other small sauce

15. A perfectly clear broth made by using proteins - egg whites - vegetables - and acid to form a raft that will capture any particles floating around in the broth that makes it appear murky or unclear

16. Dried beans; need to be soaked before use

17. To chop into very small - fine pieces

18. A large straight sided pot that is taller than it is wide - used for making stocks or soups

19. A kitchen appliance to blend ingredients or puree food in the container in which they are being prepared

20. A small bundle of herbs tied with string including bay leaves - parsley - thyme - and leeks

21. A sauce made from a browned meat and mirepoix

22. Items cut into pieces larger than a julienne - 1/4inx1/4in by 1-2 inches

23. Soups from a specific region - season - or culture

24. Brown mirepoix with tomato

25. Ingredients - such as herbs - spices - vegetables - citrus fruits - wines - and vinegars - used to enhance the flavor and smell of the food

26. Refers to the process of darkening of food to a certain degree to bring out flavor in the food

27. A flavorful liquid that is made by simmering meat in water with aromatics until their flavors are extracted

28. To cut pieces of roughly the same size

29. Meat glace

30. Pod that has seeds in it

31. Vegetables cut in cubes with 3/4 of an inch dimensions

32. A broth that has a pound of hearty ingredients (meats - beans - or vegetables) for every court of broth/stock

33. Is a type of food topped with cheese or breadcrumbs that is baked or cooked in a salemender

34. The pan drippings that remain after sauteing or roasting food

35. White bacon is salt-cured pork

36. 'everything in place'; a state of mind - and organization in which everything is where it belongs in order to maximize efficiency in the workplace

37. Used to create flavors of the aromatics into stock or soup - normally one hour before done; a small cheesecloth sack which contains herbs and spices used to flavor stocks; made up of dried thyme - parsley stems - bay leaves - whole peppercorns - and

38. A thick soup

39. Removing the skin from an ingredient

40. A kettle with double layered walls - between which steam circulates providing even heat for cooking stocks and sauces

41. Vegetables cut into a cube with 1/2 inch dimensions

42. Light colored stock made from bones that have not been browned

43. Submerging the vegetable in an acidic medium after peeling/cutting will keep these vegetables from browning. Cooking them immediately also prevents them from browning. They should be cooked and cooled in the same liquid

44. To skim the impurities from the surface of a cooking liquid - such as a stock or a sauce

45. A highly reduced stock - broth - or remouillage; very intense flavor; can be added to soups or sauces to richen the flavor and thicken

46. A device used to cut foods very finely

47. Adding flavor

48. Bread that is usually rebaked and cut up into squares and seasoned to put on a plate as a garnish

49. The process by which the 'burr' is restored to the edge of the knife by rubbing it against a metal - ceramic - or diamond steel

50. White bread crumbs with minced garlic and parsley. Mix with clarified butter to give texture - add salt and pepper to taste