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Dance Basics

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1. He was a broadway and hollywood tap and jazz dancer - as well as a movie star

2. Modern jazz style that is a therapeutic method - emphasizes fluidity - unbroken motion - balance - and smooth transitions.

3. Placing an accent on a normally weak beat

4. He was the first African american dancer to play to white audiences

5. This is a repeated grouping of accented beats

6. Dance performed in a social setting; traditionally referred to as ballroom - but includes all popular social dances performed with or without partners

7. Tap dance is known for making heavy use of which of the following types of rhythm?

8. Striking the floor with the tip of the foot - with or without a weight change

9. Refers to the length of time a movement takes - from initiation to completion

10. He is the father of ballet in American and the founder of the NY city Ballet

11. If a ballet step such as grand battement is performed en croix - this means

12. Where is the apron of the stage located

13. When a frappe` is performed - the accent is typically on the

14. A lean body with enhanced flexibility due to a lack of muscular strength

15. She brought the precursors of ballet to France in the 1500s

16. He was a legendary avant garde choreographer

17. Tap dancers that focus on design and dance aspect of tapping such as fred astaire - gene kelly and ann miller

18. Forward brush followed by a step

19. Placing the entire foot on the floor without a weight change

20. A type of dance that concentrates of footwork and rhythm. This type of dance grew out of American popular dancing - with significant roots in African American - Irish and english clogging traditions.

21. These include pique - chaine - and similar turns that move the dancer across the floor

22. He was a celebrated choreographer and the first male dance for the graham company

23. She was a hollywood dancer who appeared in 42nd street and other films

24. Visualized as running vertically cross the chest - shoulder to should - on an upright standing body. the door plane

25. In Laban Movement Analysis the space in which a dancer's body is moving is called the

26. Combination: sudden time/direct space/light weight

27. Jose Limon - Alvin Ailey - Paul Taylor - Katharine Dunham - Merce Cunningham expanded

28. Large jumps or leaps Which move the dancer across the floor - such as grandes jetes or tours jetes

29. Combination: sustained time/indirect space/strong weight

30. She was the co-founder of denishawn - the first modern dance school

31. Leaving the ground and landing on the same foot

32. Feet heel of one foot against the instep of the other foot toes turned out arms: arm corresponding with front foot overhead arem corresponding with back foot open to the side as in second position

33. He was the choreographer for Ballets Russes

34. Tap dancers that are part of the jazz musical tradition such as bill bojangles robinson - sammy davis jr. - gregory hines and savion glover

35. Placing the entire foot on the floor with a weight change

36. The action of over-straightening a joint past its natural angle - or the action of increasing the angle between two levers to more than 180 degrees

37. Dance marked by movement isolations and complex polyrhythms found in African American music such as - ragtime - jazz - spirituals - blues - work songs and is considered and American style of dance.

38. He established the horton technique and was a longtime partner of bell lewitzky

39. Which of the following men is known for pioneering tap dance as a young man living in the Five Points neighborhood of NY city

40. Combination: sustained time/indirect space/lightweight

41. A type of dance that began as a rebellion against steps and positions and values - Expressive and original or authentic movement. Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham

42. This employs mental visualization of carefull devised imagery with tactile input to enhance coordination of movement and adjust habitual posture and movement habits. if one can see efficient and aligned movement - one can achieve it

43. This legendary tap dance partner of charles hone coles also worked as a choreographer for artists with the motown record label

44. Which of the following is typically not a goal of ideokinesis

45. This involves placing the limbs into positions so that the resulting combination of angles is unusual.

46. This is the dynamic hitting of a positions

47. He was a star dancer with and controversial choerographer for Ballets Russes

48. Energy of movement expressed in varying intensities - accent and quality

49. These brothers were famous in vaudeville - on the jazz circuit and in hollywood for their daring acrobatic style

50. These denishawn students produced the first modern dance performance and established the humphrey technique