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Dance Basics

Subjects : performing-arts, dance
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1. This legendary tap dance partner of charles hone coles also worked as a choreographer for artists with the motown record label

2. Striking the floor with the tip of the foot - with or without a weight change

3. Jose Limon - Alvin Ailey - Paul Taylor - Katharine Dunham - Merce Cunningham expanded

4. This is a kind of snap. the head is tossed or turned from a frontward orientation to the side.

5. In jazz dance - bending backward from the knees while maintaining a straight torso is called a

6. Tap dance is known for making heavy use of which of the following types of rhythm?

7. The movement is performed backwards

8. Placing the entire foot on the floor with a weight change

9. Observers would be unlikely to see contractions - releases - and isolations in which of the following dance forms?

10. He was the co-founder of denishawn and the founder of jacob's pillow dance festival

11. Placing an accent on a normally weak beat

12. The action of turning a ball-and-socket joint; circular movement around a central axis

13. Slow sustained movements that often incorporate developpes and balances such as penches

14. When a movment phrase or section progresses to the next.

15. He was a crippled dancer who created a therapeutic method that led to the development of standard jazz technique

16. Defined specifically as the volume at Which musical notes are played.

17. Which of the following ballets used music not composed by Tchaikovsky

18. Movement executed with one body part or a small part of the body. Examples are rooling the head - shruggung the shoulders and rotating the pelvis.

19. Feet heel of one foot against the instep of the other foot toes turned out arms: arm corresponding with front foot overhead arem corresponding with back foot open to the side as in second position

20. Refers to simple - multiple - and different rhythm patterns played at the same time.

21. The action of over-straightening a joint past its natural angle - or the action of increasing the angle between two levers to more than 180 degrees

22. Of the following types of social dance listed below - which does not involve partnering?

23. Small - quick jumps in place such as changements - temps leves - and assembles

24. Late modern dance technique that draws from everyday gestures and movements such as sitting - crawling - rolling - walking - and running.

25. To set side by side to emphasize difference in dance - two movements that differ in energy - space - (size - direction - level) - design (symmetrical/asymmetrical - open/closed) - timing (fast/slow - even -uneven - themes or patterns.

26. Forward brush followed by a step

27. This is the dynamic hitting of a positions

28. If one were to eliminate the jumping elements from the combination which steps would be eliminated

29. A position of the body in space - such as curved - straight - angular - twisted - symmetrical - asymmetrical - etc.

30. Succession of tones set to a particular rhythm that serves as the voice in music

31. Multiple performers perform the movement in the same way at the same time

32. These hollywood partners were famous for appearing in films that featured their supernaturally smooth ballroom and tap styles

33. With which of the following styles of modern dance is Isadora Duncan associated?

34. Physics principles that govern motion - flow - and weight in time and space including: the law of gravity - balance and centrifugal force.

35. Rounded body type.

36. All performers begin at the same time but at different starting points within the same phrase

37. Outward rotation; turning a limb outward - toward the back of the body

38. Tap dancers that are part of the jazz musical tradition such as bill bojangles robinson - sammy davis jr. - gregory hines and savion glover

39. A lean body with enhanced flexibility due to a lack of muscular strength

40. The speed of the music or dance

41. Stretching of the foot along the floor - away from the standing leg

42. He was the choreographer for Ballets Russes

43. Four main movements in the pas de deux

44. He was a star dancer with and controversial choerographer for Ballets Russes

45. Movements are repeated

46. When a frappe` is performed - the accent is typically on the

47. This is a repeated grouping of accented beats

48. Part of a movement is performed

49. Movement created spontaneously - which ranges from freeform to highly structured environments - always including an element of chance.

50. Feet: separated shoulder width third position arms: arm corresponding with front foot in front of the torso as in first position - arm corresponding with back foot overhead as in fifth position