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Dance Basics

Subjects : performing-arts, dance
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1. To develop or grow - drawing the working foot up the standing leg and then extending it outward

2. This hollywood jazz and tap dancer popularized the practice of wearing pantyhose in place of stockings

3. A choreographer asks four dancers to perform different movements simultaneously. This is called a

4. Which of the following tasks is the duty of a stage manager?

5. He was a celebrated choreographer and the first male dance for the graham company

6. Bending and straightening the knees

7. He established the horton technique and was a longtime partner of bell lewitzky

8. Placing the ball of the foot on the floor with a weight change

9. He was a legendary avant garde choreographer

10. These brothers were famous in vaudeville - on the jazz circuit and in hollywood for their daring acrobatic style

11. The founder of the modern classical method of ballet

12. He is a new generation broadway/hollywood tap and hip hop dancer and choreographer

13. The original movement is the question and the new movement is the answer

14. To set side by side to emphasize difference in dance - two movements that differ in energy - space - (size - direction - level) - design (symmetrical/asymmetrical - open/closed) - timing (fast/slow - even -uneven - themes or patterns.

15. Striking the floor with the tip of the foot - with or without a weight change

16. This is the speed at Which music is played.

17. Movement executed with one body part or a small part of the body. Examples are rooling the head - shruggung the shoulders and rotating the pelvis.

18. Feet separated shoulder width toes turned out arms: both extended open and held symmetrically out to the sides - hands between the shoulders and ribcage

19. A piece of choreography that lacks flow could be improved by the addition of

20. Combination: sustained time/direct space/light weight

21. Striking the floor with an immediate release; can be done with the heel or the ball of the foot

22. Modern dance technique that transformed everyday movement in to the absurd or dramatic

23. She was an award-winning choreographer of both broadway and hollywood jazz and modern dance

24. To strike - striking the floor with the foot in a brushing movement

25. Runs vertically from the front to the back of an upright standing body the wheel plane

26. An element of dance that refers to the immediate spherical space surrounding the body in all directions. Use of space includes shape - direction - pathway - range of movement and level of movment(Low - middle - high).

27. The action of turning a ball-and-socket joint; circular movement around a central axis

28. He was the founder of Ballets Russes

29. If a ballet step such as grand battement is performed en croix - this means

30. He was the first African american dancer to play to white audiences

31. Leaving the ground and landing on the same foot

32. The movement is performed using a different body part

33. This is a repeated grouping of accented beats

34. Late modern dance technique that draws from everyday gestures and movements such as sitting - crawling - rolling - walking - and running.

35. In Laban's theory of effort (sometimes called movement dynamics) - which of the following qualities is not a dimension of effort?

36. A line along which a person or part of the person such as an arm or head - moves. Pathways can be linear - in circles - zigzags - etc.

37. An element of dance characterized by the release of potential energy into kinetic energy. It utilizes body weight - reveals the effects of gravity on the body - is projected into space - and affects emotional and spatial relationships and intentions.

38. Combination: sustained time/direct space/strong weight

39. He was a broadway - hollywood and las vegas dancer - singer and actor

40. Celebrated teacher of jazz technique

41. The term 'port des bras' refers to

42. Which of the following ballets used music not composed by Tchaikovsky

43. Small - quick jumps in place such as changements - temps leves - and assembles

44. Dance movemnt that takes place at the same time across the whole group of dancers

45. The rhythmic pattern of the movements is varied

46. When a movment phrase or section progresses to the next.

47. Tap dance is known for making heavy use of which of the following types of rhythm?

48. Phrasing may be determined by all but which of the following

49. Leaving the ground and landing on the other foot

50. The hip joint is a