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Dance Basics

Subjects : performing-arts, dance
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1. To disengage - brushing foot thru tendu to slightly leave the ground

2. The ability of the dancer to present their body with confidence and the required energy to communicate movements clearly to an audience.

3. Dance performed in a social setting; traditionally referred to as ballroom - but includes all popular social dances performed with or without partners

4. Placing the ball of the foot on the floor with a weight change

5. This is a repeating pattern of stressed and unstressed beats in a piece of music

6. They were the progenitors of modern dance

7. This broadway and hollywood performer and choreographer introduced African and caribbean dance styles

8. The movement is speeded up or slowed down

9. Forward brush followed by a step

10. This hollywood jazz and tap dancer popularized the practice of wearing pantyhose in place of stockings

11. In order to relieve muscle tension - a dancer might engage in all but which of the following practices

12. A lean body with enhanced flexibility due to a lack of muscular strength

13. She was a hollywood dancer who appeared in 42nd street and other films

14. He established the first ballet school in France in the 1600s

15. Modern dance technique style that explores fall and recovery

16. Modern dance technique that transformed everyday movement in to the absurd or dramatic

17. Combination: sudden time/direct space/light weight

18. Slow port-de-bras and bow at the end of class to acknowledge gratitude to the teacher

19. Placing the entire foot on the floor without a weight change

20. The degree of ease or continuousness of a movement from initiation to completion

21. Leaving the ground and landing on the same foot

22. Stretching of the foot along the floor - away from the standing leg

23. In jazz dance - bending backward from the knees while maintaining a straight torso is called a

24. A structure of movement patterns in time; the pattern produced by emphasis and duration of notes in music.

25. Outward rotation; turning a limb outward - toward the back of the body

26. Dancers begin at different points in a phrase - fall into step as the phrase progresses - and end in unison

27. A form of Western classical dance that originated in the Renaissance courts of Europe. The dance form was formally codified by the time of King Louis XIV (mid-1600's) - Who was accomplished dancer - responsible for extensive notation as well as suppo

28. Feet heels touching toes turned out arms: both arms held in front of the torso hands at waist level

29. Inward rotation; turning a limb inward - toward the front of the body

30. He was a broadway - hollywood and las vegas dancer - singer and actor

31. He was a turn of the century vaudeville hoofer who danced on broadway and in hollywood's shirley temple films

32. Modern jazz style that is a therapeutic method - emphasizes fluidity - unbroken motion - balance - and smooth transitions.

33. Modern jazz style that is an exploratory style. mixes in ballet

34. The jazz dance choreography in the musical theater classics Chicago and Cabaret is the work of

35. The hip joint is a

36. Which of the following tasks is the duty of a stage manager?

37. Modern dance technique that appears in the lateral T shape his dancers assume - a one-leg balance with the torso tilted off-center and the other leg extended to the side in a counterbalance

38. What is the meter in the waltz

39. To extend or stretch - pointing the toes

40. The intentional quality of the path taken by a body part or a body through space during a movement. direct or indirect

41. A feeling of completion or wholeness in a dance achieved when all parts work well together.

42. Movement of a limb away from the midline of the body

43. The orginal french form of classical ballet from italy

44. Kazua ohno and tatsumi hijikata developed

45. The action of bending a joint or the action of decreasing the angle between two levers

46. This practice employs repetitive motions derived from fundamental gestures and natural movements to increase awareness of habitual movement patterns and release tension left over from old injuries and habits in order to expand range of motion in the

47. This is the dynamic hitting of a positions

48. Movement of a limb toward the midline of the body

49. A line along which a person or part of the person such as an arm or head - moves. Pathways can be linear - in circles - zigzags - etc.

50. Where is the apron of the stage located