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Dance Basics

Subjects : performing-arts, dance
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1. Combination: sustained time/indirect space/strong weight

2. This duo became famous in the 1940s along with cab calloway they were part of the big band circuit - and they performed in hollywood

3. She was a hollywood dancer who appeared in 42nd street and other films

4. Visualized as running vertically cross the chest - shoulder to should - on an upright standing body. the door plane

5. Which of the following steps in tap dance would produce a total of four audible taps?

6. In order to improve student's kinesthetic awareness and originality - a teacher might assign

7. The movement is performed backwards

8. These hollywood partners were famous for appearing in films that featured their supernaturally smooth ballroom and tap styles

9. Refers to simple - multiple - and different rhythm patterns played at the same time.

10. The action of straightening a joint or the action of increasing the angle between tow levers

11. A type of dance that began as a rebellion against steps and positions and values - Expressive and original or authentic movement. Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham

12. Multiple performers perform a movement in succession

13. Which of the following movements can be performed en dedans

14. A state of equilibrium referring to the balance of weight or the spatial arrangement of bodies.

15. Phrasing may be determined by all but which of the following

16. Feet heels touching toes turned out arms: both arms held in front of the torso hands at waist level

17. The jazz dance choreography in the musical theater classics Chicago and Cabaret is the work of

18. Intersects an upright standing body horizontally the table plane

19. He was a legendary avant garde choreographer

20. Combination: sudden time/direct space/light weight

21. This is a repeated grouping of accented beats

22. Which of the following tasks is the duty of a stage manager?

23. Part of a movement is performed

24. The element of dance involving rhythm - phrasing - tempo - accent and duration. Time can be metered as in music or based on body rhythms such as breath - emotions - and heartbeat.

25. Where is the apron of the stage located

26. Striking the floor with the tip of the foot - with or without a weight change

27. The original movement is the question and the new movement is the answer

28. Leaving the ground and landing on the same foot

29. He is a new generation broadway/hollywood tap and hip hop dancer and choreographer

30. The original french form of classical ballet from Russia

31. Movement of a limb toward the midline of the body

32. They codified many standard ballet rules still used today

33. Dance marked by movement isolations and complex polyrhythms found in African American music such as - ragtime - jazz - spirituals - blues - work songs and is considered and American style of dance.

34. This involves placing the limbs into positions so that the resulting combination of angles is unusual.

35. Of the following types of social dance listed below - which does not involve partnering?

36. Four main movements in the pas de deux

37. To develop or grow - drawing the working foot up the standing leg and then extending it outward

38. Outward rotation; turning a limb outward - toward the back of the body

39. Modern dance technique that involves a dramatic contraction and release - emphasizes weight moving into the floor and a spiral image for off-center or off-balance movement

40. Succession of tones set to a particular rhythm that serves as the voice in music

41. A form of physical movement progressing from one place to another. Walking - running - grapevine - galloping - leaping - jumping - hopping - skipping - sliding - etc.

42. Lightly striking the floor in an outward sweeping motion (brush with ball - scuff with heel)

43. Awareness of one's body and its possibilities - capabilities and limitations

44. Movement created spontaneously - which ranges from freeform to highly structured environments - always including an element of chance.

45. He was a broadway - hollywood and las vegas dancer - singer and actor

46. Modern dance technique that transformed everyday movement in to the absurd or dramatic

47. Similar to the principles of visual art. Refers to the presence of unity - continuity (transitions) and variety (contrasts and repitition-patterns) in the choreography

48. She was the co-founder of denishawn - the first modern dance school

49. Modern jazz style that is a therapeutic method - emphasizes fluidity - unbroken motion - balance - and smooth transitions.

50. This hollywood jazz and tap dancer popularized the practice of wearing pantyhose in place of stockings