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Dance Famous People

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1. Performed Monkshood Farewell

2. Choreographed Giselle but not given credit

3. Petrouchka

4. Danced in Berkeley's movies - First movie dancing star of 1930's 42nd street led to her success

5. Shortened skirt to show off pointe work - starred in La Sylphide

6. United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthood

7. One of the most prolific jazz composers of the 20th century

8. 1st Albrecht

9. Played Swanilda in Coppelia

10. Composer for 'The Afternoon of a Faun'

11. Impressionist music

12. Writer of Giselle

13. Horeography didn't necessarily go with music - simply occupied at the same place and time -

14. Financed Balanchine to come to US - helped found New York City Ballet - served as general director


16. Director of St. Petersburg Ballet School in 1738

17. Teaches people can do whatever they want choreographically as long as you explain your proces

18. First black man (hired by Balanchine to perform at NYCB) to break race barrier

19. Brought ballet to Paris

20. African astheic choreography

21. Wrote autobiography Confessions

22. Dancing couple that portrayed the American Depression Modern Style

23. Pelvic contraction and release

24. First lady of modern dance

25. Wrote against male dancers

26. Choreographed Jeux

27. The art of making dances - 1959

28. Four Temperaments

29. Eccentric individualist/American choreographer -embraced experimental approaches such as silence

30. Fall and recovery' technique-dancers learned to be proficient in balancing and ceding to the pull of gravity.

31. His theory of 'decentrailization' involved inhibiting the dancer with abstract props and costumes so that the dancer could discover themselves.

32. Sleeping Beauty (1912)- very expensive and unsuccessful

33. One act ballets - Narrative had adult emotions

34. Choreographed Deeply There in 1988 in response to the AIDS epidemic

35. Developed new ways to use light and movement in her choreography

36. Movement in hips

37. Still/Here

38. Father of Russian ballet


40. Choreographed Lion King

41. Starred in Prince of Whales

42. Known for her 'Pagan' style of dance

43. First female ballet choreographer of the 20th century

44. Defected from Russia to US -Greatest danseur of the 20th century.

45. Afternoon of a Faun

46. Father of classical ballet

47. Choreographed La Sylphide

48. Named the mother of modern dance

49. Visual artist who did much of the scenery for Ballet Russe

50. Choreographed 'Revelations'