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Dance Famous People

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1. Choregraphed (the sleeping beauty and nutcracker - swan lake)

2. Noted for his use of African elements

3. Musician who had an impact on Modern Dance -Created choreography at Merce Cunningham's Studio

4. Wrote against male dancers

5. Defected from Russia and asked for political asylum in Paris

6. Experimental filmmaker/movie director

7. La Spectre de la Rose

8. Developed new ways to use light and movement in her choreography

9. Died of AIDS -created his own company

10. Still/Here

11. Choreographed Jeux

12. Sleeping Beauty (1912)- very expensive and unsuccessful

13. Class grew into Judson's Church Group

14. Founded American Dance Theater in New York City

15. Choreographed Coppelia

16. African American modern Dance choreographer

17. African astheic choreography

18. Composer for 'The Afternoon of a Faun'

19. Played Swanilda in Coppelia

20. First female ballet choreographer of the 20th century

21. Teaches people can do whatever they want choreographically as long as you explain your proces

22. Associated with Danish-style ballet; equal roles for male and female dancers

23. Dancing couple that portrayed the American Depression Modern Style

24. Introduced flying wires - raised the standard of pointe work

25. D Man in the Water

26. Father of classical ballet

27. Impressionist music

28. Turned profits by slashing salaries of ballerinas so jockey club friends could have them as mistresses

29. Liked to use special effects (mirrors) and many dancers for complex kaleidoscope figures - created the 'dancing camera' effect and monorail

30. French - Composed music for Le Train Bleu

31. Father of Russian ballet

32. Combined spiritual with the theatrical

33. 1st Albrecht

34. Choreographed Broadway musicals- 'Kiss Me Kate' - 'My Fair Lady' - and 'Camelot'

35. Four Temperaments

36. First lady of modern dance

37. Movement in hips

38. Modern dance company that started in 1971

39. In love with Carlotta Grisi

40. Becomes chief ballet master after Petipa

41. Choreographed Dying Swan 1905 for Anna Povlova

42. Acts of Light

43. Credited for innovation of expressionist dance

44. Danced in Berkeley's movies - First movie dancing star of 1930's 42nd street led to her success

45. Co-founder and balletmaster of New York City Ballet

46. Pelvic contraction and release

47. Choreographed Parade & Three-Cornered Hat

48. Starred in Prince of Whales

49. Wrote autobiography Confessions

50. Opened a Wigman school in NYC in 1931 - brought German dance to U.S. but Americanized her technique.