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Dance Famous People

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1. Afternoon of a Faun

2. Choreographed Deeply There in 1988 in response to the AIDS epidemic

3. The art of making dances - 1959

4. 1st principal dancer with Royal Ballet

5. Four Temperaments

6. Dancing couple that portrayed the American Depression Modern Style

7. First male dancer to make an impression in U.S.

8. Choreographed Parade & Three-Cornered Hat

9. Noted for his use of African elements

10. He was a 'quadruple threat' he created the choreography - the lighting - the costumes and the music all himself -Tensile Involvement

11. Danced in Berkeley's movies - First movie dancing star of 1930's 42nd street led to her success

12. Choreographs Snowflakes Act I of the Nutracker & Swan Lake

13. Director of St. Petersburg Ballet School in 1738

14. Died of AIDS -created his own company

15. Founded American Dance Theater in New York City

16. Greatest contribution was his Kinetographic Laban (Labanotation) - a primary movement notation still used in dance today

17. Brought ballet to the common person

18. Choreographed La Sylphide

19. A pioneer of modern dance - established importance of the male dancer

20. Listed as choreographer of Giselle because He was widely respected

21. Musician who had an impact on Modern Dance -Created choreography at Merce Cunningham's Studio

22. Modern dance company that started in 1971

23. Still/Here

24. Defected from Russia to US -Greatest danseur of the 20th century.

25. Opened a Wigman school in NYC in 1931 - brought German dance to U.S. but Americanized her technique.

26. Invented the structure of the classic pas de deux

27. Defected from Russia and asked for political asylum in Paris

28. Choreographed Lion King

29. Introduced flying wires - raised the standard of pointe work

30. In love with Carlotta Grisi

31. Apollo - 1928

32. Fall and recovery' technique-dancers learned to be proficient in balancing and ceding to the pull of gravity.

33. Petrouchka

34. Co-founder and balletmaster of New York City Ballet


36. Choreographed Coppelia

37. Visual artist who did much of the scenery for Ballet Russe

38. Acts of Light

39. Composer for 'The Afternoon of a Faun'

40. First female ballet choreographer of the 20th century

41. Wrote against male dancers

42. First lady of modern dance

43. African American modern Dance choreographer

44. Named the mother of modern dance

45. One of the most prolific jazz composers of the 20th century


47. Financed Balanchine to come to US - helped found New York City Ballet - served as general director

48. Considered the greatest male dancer of the romantic era

49. Sleeping Beauty (1912)- very expensive and unsuccessful

50. Leading dancer/choreographer for Ballet Russe