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Dance History

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1. Workers who earned enough money to be able to become consumer of art and material goods following the Industrial Revolution; escapism became a huge hit when the Depression hit to escape harsh reality

2. United States choreographer (1930-1988) - reconstructed pieces of ballet russes in America died of aids

3. Last member of the group that helped found the modern dance movement - Amassed a growing collection of 133 dances - His work created the Paul Taylor Dance Company - Known for his innovative and sometimes controversial choreography - Still considered

4. Studio behind the stage at the Paris Opera which is now used as a rehearsal stage and a reception venue but which was notorious in the 19th century (during the reign of Dr Varon) as the salon where members of the Jockey Club could meet dancers.

5. (1819-1899) -Italian ballerina -Leading role in Giselle -Combined techniques of Taglioni & Elssler -Known for strength & lightness

6. Means 'The Wedding' - arranged Russian Stravinsky wedding

7. Major 20th C composer - Three famous ballets The Firebird - Petrushka - The Rite of Spring

8. About 1815 to 1848 - reaction against rationalism of Enlightenment - YOUR interpretations - religious nature - UNIQUE individual

9. Opened in 1948 - artistic director Balanchines. Distinguished choreographers: Tudor - Frederick Ashton - Robbins...Permanent home New York State Theater at Lincoln Center

10. Works to question the complexities of real life

11. Famous ballerina who formed her own company and toured 1910 - famous for portraying birds - insects - and plants - brought ballet (aristocratic art) to the common person (high schools - etc.)

12. Any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language and withdrawal from social contact; Nijinsky had this illness

13. Associated with Danish-style ballet; equal roles for male and female dancers

14. Petipa's assistant that takes over - choreographs Snowflakes Act I of the Nutcracker - dies in 1901 - didn't produce anything more of importance except Swan Lake

15. Different styles: 1. hoofers: Gregory Hines - Savion Glover - intricate footwork 2. class acts: Fred Astaire - Ginger Rodgers - refined and elegant 3. flash acts: tap with acrobatics 4. soft shoe: skimming floor - producing soft & muted steps

16. United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983); Apollo and Agon

17. Martha Graham explored use of breath to contract & releases the muscles of the pelvis to create a powerful - grounded - percussive - angular dance

18. A ballet company established in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev. It created a sensation in Western Europe because of the great vitality of Russian ballet compared to French dance. The Ballets Russes became one of the most influential b

19. Ballet premeried in 1870 - comic variation of La Sylphide and Giselle. Choreographed by Arthur Saint-Laon

20. Concerts organized by Dunn continued here until 1968; concert in 1962 considered to have begun the postmodernist movement

21. Robert Joffrey - 59 - Alvin Ailey - 58 - Christopher Gillis - 42 - Rudolph Nureyev - 54 - Ulysses Dove - 49

22. The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left his native country as a political refugee.

23. Created the well-known Denishawn school with his wife Ruth St. Denis. They taught dancers diverse styles - With his wife they set up the foundations for the principal of Musical Visualization 'a concept that called for movement equivalents to the tim

24. A pioneer of modern dance - established importance of the male dancer - created masculine movement style - founded own company in 1947; died of prostate cancer

25. Music by Stravinsky - ancient Greek contest debate between forces.

26. End of ACT I - Aurora partnered with 4 different princes - en pointe a rose is exchanged. Difficult.

27. Predominately black - but whites attended - social dances were done - had to change the floor every three years because of the intense dancing - many whites went to go watch Black People Dance

28. This is a dynamic way to use the space of the dance floor to a fuller extent

29. Famous for her incredible technique - lightness - and ethereal presence -(1804-1884) -Introduced new costume design (bare neck/shoulders - tutu) -Perfected dancing en pointe -La Sylphide`

30. Allowed people to dim lights; allowed for lighting changes; used for special effects in background of plays and dance such as ghosts

31. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920) extended the right to vote to women in federal or state elections.

32. Human Immunodeficiency Virus - the virus that causes AIDS

33. St. Petersburg Ballet School 1738 - Director of Imperial Theater - Official Patronage 1766 & Moscow 1806; - first dancing master that was brought to russia - from france

34. Radically new or original

35. French for 'big dance for two' - Entrae - Adagio duet - Male solo - Female solo - Coda - plot structure of Petipa

36. 1957 TV show (similar to the Corny Collins show from Hairspray) - Lindy Hop dance; segregated; eventually shut down due to refusal to fully integrate; presented black music and dance on TV

37. Broke color barrier - developed stair dance - danced with Shirley Temple - made 'honorary mayor of Harlem' -

38. Writer of Giselle - Dance Critic - Wrote against male dancers - Praised ballerinas for their sensuality and beauty - in love with Carlotta Grisi

39. Previous member of Denishawn (left late 1920's) - developed a comedic mime aesthetic - shared a school with Humphrey for years - pioneer of modern dance

40. 1937 Founded by Ballet Russe's Mikhail Mordkin as Mordkin Ballet- Repertory company- features choreography of many artists such as Adolph Bolm - Michel Fokine - Leonide Massine - Bronislava Jijinska - Balanchine and Agnes de Mille

41. In Moscow - very flamboyant & expressive (opposite of Kirov Theater)

42. Broadway production choreographed by Garth Fagan; eventually turned into an award winning family film

43. Confirmed that Balanchine was an experimentalist - Africanist principles in his rhythmic scores - turns not resolved as in ballet - they just stop - take 'one' counts rather than 'and' counts

44. In 1989 - became the first African American to lead a major national political party when He was elected chairman of the Democratic Party.

45. Choreographed by Paul Taylor; Modern dance work in one act with choreography by Taylor - music by Handel - and lighting by T. Skelton. Premiered 4 Aug. 1962 at Connecticut College - New London - by the Paul Taylor Dance Company with Taylor - Elizabet

46. St. Denis and Ted Shawn's company that helps spread the gospel of dance from the constraints of ballet - opened a school in Los Angeles - brought dance to the middle class by supporting good health and virginal spirituality

47. Choreographed by Petipa & Ivanov - Odette (under a spell) & Odile look alike - Prince Siegfried (Odette saves other swans & tells him her tale) - his mother throws a ball for him to find a wife - Odile shows up as Odette & Prince commits his love to

48. Known particularly for his long associations as musical director with Denishawn and Martha Graham.

49. Innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)

50. About a group of friends and neighbors during a final decline of a man