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Dance History

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1. Choreographed by Filippino Taglioni and performed by one of the greatest ballerinas of the 19th century Marie Taglioni. One of the most famous Romantic Ballets. - First true romantic ballet

2. Petipa & Tchaikovsky - was not successful at the time it came out - no trace of sensible dramatic action

3. The revolution that overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas I in 1917. Later established the Bolshevik government under Vladimir Lenin.

4. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920) extended the right to vote to women in federal or state elections.

5. Performed by fanny elssler in jean corallis le diable - was Spanish and had some obscene gestures - colorful dress worn by elssler

6. Created the well-known Denishawn school with his wife Ruth St. Denis. They taught dancers diverse styles - With his wife they set up the foundations for the principal of Musical Visualization 'a concept that called for movement equivalents to the tim

7. Reform Russian Ballet - choreographed Dying Swan 1905 for Anna Povlova (2 minutes long) - accused of being influenced by Isadora Duncan - teacher & choreographer rather than a refined dancer

8. Famous ballerina who formed her own company and toured 1910 - famous for portraying birds - insects - and plants - brought ballet (aristocratic art) to the common person (high schools - etc.)

9. Contemporary of Duncan's. Design orientation. Known for manipulation of costumes that would make flowing patterns and dance was non-emotional. Also did light design.

10. Considered one of the greatest of African American choreographers - and also bears the titles dancer - educator - and dance company director. After studying under Katherine Dunham and Martha Graham - went on to do solo work and choreograph his own wo

11. Student of Mary Wigman. Opened a Wigman school in NYC in 1931 - brought German modern to U.S. but Americanized her technique. Choreographed Broadway musicals- 'Kiss Me Kate' based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew

12. Height of Romantic Ballet - Star: Carlotta Grisi - Choreographer: Jules Perrot (Carlotta's lover) & Jean Coralli - Written by: Gautier (Who was in love with Grisi) - Act I (sunlit) - Act II (moonlit)

13. Nijinsky choreographed - rustic - sacrifice a virgin by making her dance to death

14. Wrote 'The Art of Making Dances' in 1931 - Fall and Recovery - inspired by Bach and used his work in many piece - choreographed pieces without music - Passacaglia and fugue in C minor (showed fall and recovery)

15. In Moscow - very flamboyant & expressive (opposite of Kirov Theater)

16. Dances have no linear development; no central focus on stage; a field of dancers where you can watch any dancer from any direction and decide for yourself where the focus of the dance is

17. Gentlemen's club which indulged in fencing - horses - and mistresses; often took ballerinas with low incomes as mistresses

18. French composer; uses harmony to reinforce stasis; Prelude to Afternoon of a Fawn (half man - half goat - simulated masturbation); concert work that became a ballet

19. Any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom

20. Any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language and withdrawal from social contact; Nijinsky had this illness

21. Were top musical stars of the '30s; appeared in musicals that were considered old-fashioned when they were made; displaced their characters' sexual desire into fighting with each other

22. Choreographed by Fokine - star was Pavlova - composer was Camille Saint Saenz - two minutes long

23. Radically new or original

24. Known particularly for his long associations as musical director with Denishawn and Martha Graham.

25. Innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)

26. Founded the Gus Solomons Company/Dance - whose repertoire consisted of detailed and analytical compositions that were conceived as 'melted architecture' - drawing from experience as an architecture student at MIT

27. Taglioni's rival -Her dancing was 'warm and passionate' -Dance was earthy - temperamental - fiery - vuluptuous -Labeled Pagan -Danced folk dances - most famous was Cachucha - Spanish using castanet - twists and turns; Known for her flair and theatric

28. French for 'big dance for two' - Entrae - Adagio duet - Male solo - Female solo - Coda - plot structure of Petipa

29. Composer of Le Train Bleu - influenced by jazz

30. A diversion or amusement; a short ballet or other entertainment performed between the acts of a play

31. Opera created that incorporated a ballet in the 3rd act called ballet of the nuns

32. From its very beginning the ballet was entirely dependent upon this individual; it was his ballet - under the direct supervision and guidance of a court minister appointed by this individual and answerable to him

33. 1st male dancer to make an impression in United States. Danced with Dane Margo Fontain in the Royal Ballet; died of AIDS

34. Sharp powerful movement; angle

35. Massine - parable about freedom - Picasso - aesthetic unity

36. 1957 TV show (similar to the Corny Collins show from Hairspray) - Lindy Hop dance; segregated; eventually shut down due to refusal to fully integrate; presented black music and dance on TV

37. Means 'The Wedding' - arranged Russian Stravinsky wedding

38. Inspired by Gautier's novel The Story of the Mummy - very complicated - spectacular - successful ballet - Aspica is the daughter - English Lord in sand storm goes into tomb & gets put into an opium dream where he becomes Tahor and saves Aspico from a

39. Dancer - choreographer - teacher - born 1930 in NY - began dancing senior year of HS - scholarship to New Dance group. studied with Primus. Professional debut in 1948 - choreographed 1st pieces with group when 18 - 1951 founded contemporary dance gro

40. Classical - Character - Demi-Character - Mime

41. Waddling on their heels - legs straight - tap dance transition step - dances are about weight and being grounded - not defying gravity - jumps are about coming down - rather than going up - connection of Africanist dance & American modern dance

42. Ballet by Michel Folkine; 1910; based on '1001 nights'

43. French cabaret singer who became a famous designer - costumes - color pink (patented)

44. High energy act of two African american brothers - Fayard and Harold - had a 'flash act' consisting of an acrobatic tap style - were in movies - only African Americans encouraged to mingle with audience (by audeince demand)

45. Russian ballet impresario who founded the Russian ballet and later introduced it to the West (1872-1929)

46. Music by Stravinsky - ancient Greek contest debate between forces.

47. Studio behind the stage at the Paris Opera which is now used as a rehearsal stage and a reception venue but which was notorious in the 19th century (during the reign of Dr Varon) as the salon where members of the Jockey Club could meet dancers.

48. Star male dancer of Ballets Russes; became chief choreographer for one year - 1913 - Afternoon of a Faun - Rite of Spring - and Jeux. Rite caused a riot

49. Danced in - - raw emotion - stark - harsh - disturbing - medieval themes - dance with masks - really started working with time - space - and energy - taught Hanya Holm

50. (1931-1989) A New York City dancer who created an American Dance Theater which trains dancers and performs worldwide; most famous work was Revelations and piece named Cry - in honor of his mother; lost battle to AIDS in 1989