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Dance History

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1. Radically new or original

2. 1st male dancer to make an impression in United States. Danced with Dane Margo Fontain in the Royal Ballet; died of AIDS

3. (1931-1989) A New York City dancer who created an American Dance Theater which trains dancers and performs worldwide; most famous work was Revelations and piece named Cry - in honor of his mother; lost battle to AIDS in 1989

4. Nijinsky's sister - choreographer - dancer - became leading dancer and choreographer in diaghliev's company

5. Fokine - commoner wanted to have sex with Cleopatre - she said yes as long as He was put to dead the next day - she did

6. Created the well-known Denishawn school with his wife Ruth St. Denis. They taught dancers diverse styles - With his wife they set up the foundations for the principal of Musical Visualization 'a concept that called for movement equivalents to the tim

7. Considered one of the greatest of African American choreographers - and also bears the titles dancer - educator - and dance company director. After studying under Katherine Dunham and Martha Graham - went on to do solo work and choreograph his own wo

8. Nijinsky choreographed - in the forest - nymphs shows up to flirt with the Faun - one of them drops her scarf - they all leave - and he masturbates into the scarf

9. Born in NY - raised in Boston - first exposure to dance in 1920 - witness Diaghilev funeral - worked with Balanchine - established NYC ballet - passion for Japenese culture

10. French composer; uses harmony to reinforce stasis; Prelude to Afternoon of a Fawn (half man - half goat - simulated masturbation); concert work that became a ballet

11. Alwin Nikolais - had a lot of ribbons - very involved in the sounds - wearing skin colored clothes - drum music - elastic ropes and strings - all across stage

12. Most important figure in Russia in immediately pre-Romantic days. Did much to improve the repertory and teaching. 20 ballets - raised standards. Flying wires - pointe works.

13. Wrote Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind; wrote The Social Contract; wrote Confessions; believed that emotions as well as reason were important to human development but sent his own children to orphanages

14. Modern Dance Choreographer-- mixed media extravaganza's celebrating the electronic age; choreographed Tensile Involvement

15. Dance class at Dartmouth taught by Alison Chase - stunts - contortions - balance and leverage - men signed up for the class on a dare

16. Innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)

17. Martha Graham explored use of breath to contract & releases the muscles of the pelvis to create a powerful - grounded - percussive - angular dance

18. Comedy - has sport movements - about a train taken to the beach where a plane flies over - spoof about Frenchman who wants to be very shallow American

19. Concerts organized by Dunn continued here until 1968; concert in 1962 considered to have begun the postmodernist movement

20. Nijinsky choreographed - means 'games' - about a trio (2 women - 1 man) - relief sexual tension through tennis

21. Music that combines spoken street dialect with cuts (samples) from older records and bears the influences of social politics - male boasting - and comic lyrics carried forward from blues - R&b - soul and rock and roll

22. Ballet premeried in 1870 - comic variation of La Sylphide and Giselle. Choreographed by Arthur Saint-Laon

23. French for 'big dance for two' - Entrae - Adagio duet - Male solo - Female solo - Coda - plot structure of Petipa

24. Composer of Le Train Bleu - influenced by jazz

25. Started in NYC by Robert Joffrey - small company - repertoire was eclectic and contemporary - reconstructed works from Diaghilev's Ballets Russes - Financially weak - often folded - moved to LA then chicago

26. The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left his native country as a political refugee.

27. Marius Petipa - 4 fairies for Aurora - did not invite the evil fairy - put a spell on Aurora @ 16 she would prick her finger on a spindle & fall asleep for 100 years - End of Act I pricks her finger - Act III is the wedding (divertissement - Grand Pa

28. 1957 TV show (similar to the Corny Collins show from Hairspray) - Lindy Hop dance; segregated; eventually shut down due to refusal to fully integrate; presented black music and dance on TV

29. This is a dynamic way to use the space of the dance floor to a fuller extent

30. Ballet with music by Erik Satie and a one-act scenario by Jean Cocteau. The ballet was composed 1916-1917 for Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. The ballet premiered on Friday - May 18th - 1917 at the Thaa

31. 1896-1976 - American - Choreographer - Developed 1930's film fantasy with his daredevil and genius dance design - developed the stage style musical film into a more involved multi-shot fantasy film style with overhead shots - use of tiered set desig

32. Different names but same theater under different political influences

33. A Colombian-American modern dance choreographer known for his politically-charged productions depicting the black experience - notable productions include Missa Luba in 1965 - Blues for the Jungle in 1966 (portraying life in Harlem) - Las Desenamorad

34. Gentlemen's club which indulged in fencing - horses - and mistresses; often took ballerinas with low incomes as mistresses

35. St. Denis and Ted Shawn's company that helps spread the gospel of dance from the constraints of ballet - opened a school in Los Angeles - brought dance to the middle class by supporting good health and virginal spirituality

36. Pilobolus - human jousting horses

37. Broke color barrier - developed stair dance - danced with Shirley Temple - made 'honorary mayor of Harlem' -

38. 1937 Founded by Ballet Russe's Mikhail Mordkin as Mordkin Ballet- Repertory company- features choreography of many artists such as Adolph Bolm - Michel Fokine - Leonide Massine - Bronislava Jijinska - Balanchine and Agnes de Mille

39. Unsuccessful revival - Ballet Russes lose money

40. Peter the Great wants respect from the west and imports fashion and dance from France

41. A serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

42. Inspired by Gautier's novel The Story of the Mummy - very complicated - spectacular - successful ballet - Aspica is the daughter - English Lord in sand storm goes into tomb & gets put into an opium dream where he becomes Tahor and saves Aspico from a

43. Published in London Times 1914 - want to make 'ballet a fully expressive art that mirrored life' - new movement for each dance - no mime (Petipa used so that the audience always understood) - use entire body (to be expressive) - no divertissement (no

44. By Martha Graham - focuses on technique - used technique as her own language - inspired by when she moved to Santa Barbara as a child - choneo - straight out of technique class - running on the cliffs of Santa Barbara and the development of her techn

45. Choreographed by Filippino Taglioni and performed by one of the greatest ballerinas of the 19th century Marie Taglioni. One of the most famous Romantic Ballets. - First true romantic ballet

46. Scene where Odile shows up to the ball & dances with Prince Siegfried - very famous dance

47. Fokine - starred Nijinsky - about a woman who comes home from a ball and puts a rose on a table - falls asleep and dances with the spirit of the rose - the rose jumps out the window; most famous jump in dance history

48. Designer. Influenced by Greek and Asian art. Costumes and sets full of bold colors. Decorative motifs that employed perspective painting. Successful with ballet. 'sophisticated eclecticism'. Teacher.

49. Danced in - - raw emotion - stark - harsh - disturbing - medieval themes - dance with masks - really started working with time - space - and energy - taught Hanya Holm

50. Choreography Deeply There