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Dance History

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1. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920) extended the right to vote to women in federal or state elections.

2. United States choreographer (1930-1988) - reconstructed pieces of ballet russes in America died of aids

3. Pilobolus - human jousting horses

4. Writer of Giselle - Dance Critic - Wrote against male dancers - Praised ballerinas for their sensuality and beauty - in love with Carlotta Grisi

5. Outstanding for the way he combined expressive movements with dance steps; - choreographed the ballet Giselle

6. The revolution that overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas I in 1917. Later established the Bolshevik government under Vladimir Lenin.

7. United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983); Apollo and Agon

8. Interrupted first flush of success of Coppelia and the included the siege of Paris - which also led to the early death of Giuseppina Bozzacchi - on her 17th birthday - but eventually it became the most-performed ballet at the Opera Garnier.

9. Inspired by Gautier's novel The Story of the Mummy - very complicated - spectacular - successful ballet - Aspica is the daughter - English Lord in sand storm goes into tomb & gets put into an opium dream where he becomes Tahor and saves Aspico from a

10. About 1815 to 1848 - reaction against rationalism of Enlightenment - YOUR interpretations - religious nature - UNIQUE individual

11. Most eligible bachelor - do a wiggle before putting in golf

12. Workers who earned enough money to be able to become consumer of art and material goods following the Industrial Revolution; escapism became a huge hit when the Depression hit to escape harsh reality

13. Music that combines spoken street dialect with cuts (samples) from older records and bears the influences of social politics - male boasting - and comic lyrics carried forward from blues - R&b - soul and rock and roll

14. Most important figure in Russia in immediately pre-Romantic days. Did much to improve the repertory and teaching. 20 ballets - raised standards. Flying wires - pointe works.

15. Radically new or original

16. Petipa's assistant that takes over - choreographs Snowflakes Act I of the Nutcracker - dies in 1901 - didn't produce anything more of importance except Swan Lake

17. The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left his native country as a political refugee.

18. Opera created that incorporated a ballet in the 3rd act called ballet of the nuns

19. High energy act of two African american brothers - Fayard and Harold - had a 'flash act' consisting of an acrobatic tap style - were in movies - only African Americans encouraged to mingle with audience (by audeince demand)

20. Music by Stravinsky - ancient Greek contest debate between forces.

21. Alwin Nikolais - had a lot of ribbons - very involved in the sounds - wearing skin colored clothes - drum music - elastic ropes and strings - all across stage

22. (1819-1899) -Italian ballerina -Leading role in Giselle -Combined techniques of Taglioni & Elssler -Known for strength & lightness

23. Reform Russian Ballet - choreographed Dying Swan 1905 for Anna Povlova (2 minutes long) - accused of being influenced by Isadora Duncan - teacher & choreographer rather than a refined dancer

24. Designer. Influenced by Greek and Asian art. Costumes and sets full of bold colors. Decorative motifs that employed perspective painting. Successful with ballet. 'sophisticated eclecticism'. Teacher.

25. Wrote Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind; wrote The Social Contract; wrote Confessions; believed that emotions as well as reason were important to human development but sent his own children to orphanages

26. Known particularly for his long associations as musical director with Denishawn and Martha Graham.

27. (1931-1989) A New York City dancer who created an American Dance Theater which trains dancers and performs worldwide; most famous work was Revelations and piece named Cry - in honor of his mother; lost battle to AIDS in 1989

28. A Colombian-American modern dance choreographer known for his politically-charged productions depicting the black experience - notable productions include Missa Luba in 1965 - Blues for the Jungle in 1966 (portraying life in Harlem) - Las Desenamorad

29. Previous member of Denishawn (left late 1920's) - developed a comedic mime aesthetic - shared a school with Humphrey for years - pioneer of modern dance

30. Choreographed by Paul Taylor; Modern dance work in one act with choreography by Taylor - music by Handel - and lighting by T. Skelton. Premiered 4 Aug. 1962 at Connecticut College - New London - by the Paul Taylor Dance Company with Taylor - Elizabet

31. Predominately black - but whites attended - social dances were done - had to change the floor every three years because of the intense dancing - many whites went to go watch Black People Dance

32. Allowed people to dim lights; allowed for lighting changes; used for special effects in background of plays and dance such as ghosts

33. Created the role of Swanilda at age 16 - she died from a fever @ age 17

34. A serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

35. Marius Petipa - 4 fairies for Aurora - did not invite the evil fairy - put a spell on Aurora @ 16 she would prick her finger on a spindle & fall asleep for 100 years - End of Act I pricks her finger - Act III is the wedding (divertissement - Grand Pa

36. Star male dancer of Ballets Russes; became chief choreographer for one year - 1913 - Afternoon of a Faun - Rite of Spring - and Jeux. Rite caused a riot

37. A ballet company established in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev. It created a sensation in Western Europe because of the great vitality of Russian ballet compared to French dance. The Ballets Russes became one of the most influential b

38. Choreographer of Robert le Diable (1831) father of marie - Marie was a dancer and always looked like She was floating when dancing

39. Height of Romantic Ballet - Star: Carlotta Grisi - Choreographer: Jules Perrot (Carlotta's lover) & Jean Coralli - Written by: Gautier (Who was in love with Grisi) - Act I (sunlit) - Act II (moonlit)

40. Human Immunodeficiency Virus - the virus that causes AIDS

41. Based on Bill T. Jones' seminar workshops; swirling with arms out to side - spinning - stomping feet - flying

42. Unsuccessful revival - Ballet Russes lose money

43. Contemporary of Duncan's. Design orientation. Known for manipulation of costumes that would make flowing patterns and dance was non-emotional. Also did light design.

44. Different names but same theater under different political influences

45. A pioneer of modern dance - established importance of the male dancer - created masculine movement style - founded own company in 1947; died of prostate cancer

46. Dance class at Dartmouth taught by Alison Chase - stunts - contortions - balance and leverage - men signed up for the class on a dare

47. French for 'big dance for two' - Entrae - Adagio duet - Male solo - Female solo - Coda - plot structure of Petipa

48. French cabaret singer who became a famous designer - costumes - color pink (patented)

49. Robert Joffrey - 59 - Alvin Ailey - 58 - Christopher Gillis - 42 - Rudolph Nureyev - 54 - Ulysses Dove - 49

50. Dances have no linear development; no central focus on stage; a field of dancers where you can watch any dancer from any direction and decide for yourself where the focus of the dance is