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Dance History

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1. About a group of friends and neighbors during a final decline of a man

2. Created the role of Swanilda at age 16 - she died from a fever @ age 17

3. Most important figure in Russia in immediately pre-Romantic days. Did much to improve the repertory and teaching. 20 ballets - raised standards. Flying wires - pointe works.

4. Choreographed by Filippino Taglioni and performed by one of the greatest ballerinas of the 19th century Marie Taglioni. One of the most famous Romantic Ballets. - First true romantic ballet

5. Wrote Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind; wrote The Social Contract; wrote Confessions; believed that emotions as well as reason were important to human development but sent his own children to orphanages

6. By Martha Graham - focuses on technique - used technique as her own language - inspired by when she moved to Santa Barbara as a child - choneo - straight out of technique class - running on the cliffs of Santa Barbara and the development of her techn

7. American leader of the movement to legalize birth control during the early 1900's. As a nurse in the poor sections of New York City - she had seen the suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy. Founded the first birth control clinic in the U.S. and the

8. Concerts organized by Dunn continued here until 1968; concert in 1962 considered to have begun the postmodernist movement

9. Most eligible bachelor - do a wiggle before putting in golf

10. Dancer - choreographer - teacher - born 1930 in NY - began dancing senior year of HS - scholarship to New Dance group. studied with Primus. Professional debut in 1948 - choreographed 1st pieces with group when 18 - 1951 founded contemporary dance gro

11. Allowed people to dim lights; allowed for lighting changes; used for special effects in background of plays and dance such as ghosts

12. The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left his native country as a political refugee.

13. Studio behind the stage at the Paris Opera which is now used as a rehearsal stage and a reception venue but which was notorious in the 19th century (during the reign of Dr Varon) as the salon where members of the Jockey Club could meet dancers.

14. Beginning of modern dance - danced with bare feet - wore flowing Greek-style robe - died being strangled from a long-flowing scarf caught in a car wheel

15. (1819-1899) -Italian ballerina -Leading role in Giselle -Combined techniques of Taglioni & Elssler -Known for strength & lightness

16. Choreographed by Petipa & Ivanov - Odette (under a spell) & Odile look alike - Prince Siegfried (Odette saves other swans & tells him her tale) - his mother throws a ball for him to find a wife - Odile shows up as Odette & Prince commits his love to

17. Petipa's assistant that takes over - choreographs Snowflakes Act I of the Nutcracker - dies in 1901 - didn't produce anything more of importance except Swan Lake

18. Massine - parable about freedom - Picasso - aesthetic unity

19. Danced in - - raw emotion - stark - harsh - disturbing - medieval themes - dance with masks - really started working with time - space - and energy - taught Hanya Holm

20. Different styles: 1. hoofers: Gregory Hines - Savion Glover - intricate footwork 2. class acts: Fred Astaire - Ginger Rodgers - refined and elegant 3. flash acts: tap with acrobatics 4. soft shoe: skimming floor - producing soft & muted steps

21. Choreography is famous for its speed - force and eroticism; died of AIDS at the age of 49

22. Any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom

23. Petipa & Tchaikovsky - was not successful at the time it came out - no trace of sensible dramatic action

24. Alwin Nikolais - had a lot of ribbons - very involved in the sounds - wearing skin colored clothes - drum music - elastic ropes and strings - all across stage

25. Inspired by afro-carribean movement and anthropolgy - dancer - choreographer - anthropologist - teacher - and writer; founded Ballet Negro; 20th century

26. United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983); Apollo and Agon

27. Scene where Odile shows up to the ball & dances with Prince Siegfried - very famous dance

28. Music that combines spoken street dialect with cuts (samples) from older records and bears the influences of social politics - male boasting - and comic lyrics carried forward from blues - R&b - soul and rock and roll

29. (1931-1989) A New York City dancer who created an American Dance Theater which trains dancers and performs worldwide; most famous work was Revelations and piece named Cry - in honor of his mother; lost battle to AIDS in 1989

30. 1896-1976 - American - Choreographer - Developed 1930's film fantasy with his daredevil and genius dance design - developed the stage style musical film into a more involved multi-shot fantasy film style with overhead shots - use of tiered set desig

31. An African American section of New York City. Many A/A writers and artists gathered in Harlem

32. End of ACT I - Aurora partnered with 4 different princes - en pointe a rose is exchanged. Difficult.

33. High energy act of two African american brothers - Fayard and Harold - had a 'flash act' consisting of an acrobatic tap style - were in movies - only African Americans encouraged to mingle with audience (by audeince demand)

34. Classical - Character - Demi-Character - Mime

35. This is a dynamic way to use the space of the dance floor to a fuller extent

36. Previous member of Denishawn (left late 1920's) - developed a comedic mime aesthetic - shared a school with Humphrey for years - pioneer of modern dance

37. Nijinsky choreographed - rustic - sacrifice a virgin by making her dance to death

38. 1st male dancer to make an impression in United States. Danced with Dane Margo Fontain in the Royal Ballet; died of AIDS

39. 1st principal dancer with Royal Ballet - choreographer-in-residence during the second year (1941) of Ballet Theater

40. Performed with New York City Ballet under Balanchine - later founded Dance Theatre of Harlem - first African American principle dancer

41. Designer. Influenced by Greek and Asian art. Costumes and sets full of bold colors. Decorative motifs that employed perspective painting. Successful with ballet. 'sophisticated eclecticism'. Teacher.

42. Was listed as the choreographer because He was widely respected - was known Perrot (more gifted) was collaborating with him; Choreographed the corps for Giselle

43. Famous ballerina who formed her own company and toured 1910 - famous for portraying birds - insects - and plants - brought ballet (aristocratic art) to the common person (high schools - etc.)

44. Called the most poetical of ballets of the 20th century. Premiered during first ballet russes season (1909)

45. Peter the Great wants respect from the west and imports fashion and dance from France

46. St. Petersburg Ballet School 1738 - Director of Imperial Theater - Official Patronage 1766 & Moscow 1806; - first dancing master that was brought to russia - from france

47. Embraces conflict - polyrhythmic - pelvis off centered - high affect juxtaposition (intenseness of feeling) - ephebism (power - vitality) - cool (intensity) - improvisation

48. Hungarian choreographer who developed Labanotation (1879-1958); Established the Choreographic Institute in Zurich - Founded branches across Europe - Kinetographie Laban=labanotation - primary movement - notation stilled used today in dance - Conte

49. Workers who earned enough money to be able to become consumer of art and material goods following the Industrial Revolution; escapism became a huge hit when the Depression hit to escape harsh reality

50. Broadway production choreographed by Garth Fagan; eventually turned into an award winning family film