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Dance History

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1. Important Russian composer whose works are noted for their expressive melodies (1840-1893); composed score for Nutcracker - Sleeping Beauty

2. End of ACT I - Aurora partnered with 4 different princes - en pointe a rose is exchanged. Difficult.

3. Nijinsky choreographed - in the forest - nymphs shows up to flirt with the Faun - one of them drops her scarf - they all leave - and he masturbates into the scarf

4. Innovative United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1941)

5. Famous for her incredible technique - lightness - and ethereal presence -(1804-1884) -Introduced new costume design (bare neck/shoulders - tutu) -Perfected dancing en pointe -La Sylphide`

6. Published in London Times 1914 - want to make 'ballet a fully expressive art that mirrored life' - new movement for each dance - no mime (Petipa used so that the audience always understood) - use entire body (to be expressive) - no divertissement (no

7. In 1989 - became the first African American to lead a major national political party when He was elected chairman of the Democratic Party.

8. Actress - singer and tap dancer successful in early musicals...... '42nd Street'

9. Petipa & Tchaikovsky - was not successful at the time it came out - no trace of sensible dramatic action

10. In Moscow - very flamboyant & expressive (opposite of Kirov Theater)

11. Were top musical stars of the '30s; appeared in musicals that were considered old-fashioned when they were made; displaced their characters' sexual desire into fighting with each other

12. Wrote Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind; wrote The Social Contract; wrote Confessions; believed that emotions as well as reason were important to human development but sent his own children to orphanages

13. Last member of the group that helped found the modern dance movement - Amassed a growing collection of 133 dances - His work created the Paul Taylor Dance Company - Known for his innovative and sometimes controversial choreography - Still considered

14. Child actress could dance and sing very well - was able to keep up with Bill Robinson in tap dancing - was seen as the hope during the Great Depression.

15. Choreographed by Fokine - star was Pavlova - composer was Camille Saint Saenz - two minutes long

16. African American social dance in the 1920s; spurred the Jitter Bug

17. Predominately black - but whites attended - social dances were done - had to change the floor every three years because of the intense dancing - many whites went to go watch Black People Dance

18. Opera created that incorporated a ballet in the 3rd act called ballet of the nuns

19. Robert Joffrey - 59 - Alvin Ailey - 58 - Christopher Gillis - 42 - Rudolph Nureyev - 54 - Ulysses Dove - 49

20. A serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

21. Unsuccessful revival - Ballet Russes lose money

22. Alwin Nikolais - had a lot of ribbons - very involved in the sounds - wearing skin colored clothes - drum music - elastic ropes and strings - all across stage

23. Comedy - has sport movements - about a train taken to the beach where a plane flies over - spoof about Frenchman who wants to be very shallow American

24. One of the artistic giants of the twentieth century. Helped found the Cubist and Abstract movements. During his life - 1881-1973 - he worked in various media and is noted for scores of important works. His painting Guernica is one of the most powerfu

25. One of the major figures in the development of modern dance - an American dancer - choreographer and teacher who created more than 150 works on a wide range of subjects from ancient Greek to modern American; contraction and release

26. Height of Romantic Ballet - Star: Carlotta Grisi - Choreographer: Jules Perrot (Carlotta's lover) & Jean Coralli - Written by: Gautier (Who was in love with Grisi) - Act I (sunlit) - Act II (moonlit)

27. A pioneer of modern dance - established importance of the male dancer - created masculine movement style - founded own company in 1947; died of prostate cancer

28. Human Immunodeficiency Virus - the virus that causes AIDS

29. Most important figure in Russia in immediately pre-Romantic days. Did much to improve the repertory and teaching. 20 ballets - raised standards. Flying wires - pointe works.

30. Beginning of modern dance - danced with bare feet - wore flowing Greek-style robe - died being strangled from a long-flowing scarf caught in a car wheel

31. Performed with New York City Ballet under Balanchine - later founded Dance Theatre of Harlem - first African American principle dancer

32. Radically new or original

33. Any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language and withdrawal from social contact; Nijinsky had this illness

34. Petipa's assistant that takes over - choreographs Snowflakes Act I of the Nutcracker - dies in 1901 - didn't produce anything more of importance except Swan Lake

35. Outstanding for the way he combined expressive movements with dance steps; - choreographed the ballet Giselle

36. Pilobolus - human jousting horses

37. Different styles: 1. hoofers: Gregory Hines - Savion Glover - intricate footwork 2. class acts: Fred Astaire - Ginger Rodgers - refined and elegant 3. flash acts: tap with acrobatics 4. soft shoe: skimming floor - producing soft & muted steps

38. The revolution that overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas I in 1917. Later established the Bolshevik government under Vladimir Lenin.

39. HIV - choreographed Still Here - organized survivor workshops

40. Teacher in Merce's studio Who is remembered for creating a competitive environment filled w/ experimentation for new dance styles

41. Works to question the complexities of real life

42. Designer. Influenced by Greek and Asian art. Costumes and sets full of bold colors. Decorative motifs that employed perspective painting. Successful with ballet. 'sophisticated eclecticism'. Teacher.

43. Music by Stravinsky - ancient Greek contest debate between forces.

44. Workers who earned enough money to be able to become consumer of art and material goods following the Industrial Revolution; escapism became a huge hit when the Depression hit to escape harsh reality

45. Previous member of Denishawn (left late 1920's) - developed a comedic mime aesthetic - shared a school with Humphrey for years - pioneer of modern dance

46. Taglioni's rival -Her dancing was 'warm and passionate' -Dance was earthy - temperamental - fiery - vuluptuous -Labeled Pagan -Danced folk dances - most famous was Cachucha - Spanish using castanet - twists and turns; Known for her flair and theatric

47. About 1815 to 1848 - reaction against rationalism of Enlightenment - YOUR interpretations - religious nature - UNIQUE individual

48. Means 'The Wedding' - arranged Russian Stravinsky wedding

49. American composer - 'chance music' - music not expressive or communicative because it says nothing - invented prepared piano

50. Star male dancer of Ballets Russes; became chief choreographer for one year - 1913 - Afternoon of a Faun - Rite of Spring - and Jeux. Rite caused a riot