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Dance History

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1. Ballet by Michel Folkine; 1910; based on '1001 nights'

2. About a group of friends and neighbors during a final decline of a man

3. About 1815 to 1848 - reaction against rationalism of Enlightenment - YOUR interpretations - religious nature - UNIQUE individual

4. Inspired by Gautier's novel The Story of the Mummy - very complicated - spectacular - successful ballet - Aspica is the daughter - English Lord in sand storm goes into tomb & gets put into an opium dream where he becomes Tahor and saves Aspico from a

5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus - the virus that causes AIDS

6. Peter the Great wants respect from the west and imports fashion and dance from France

7. Dance class at Dartmouth taught by Alison Chase - stunts - contortions - balance and leverage - men signed up for the class on a dare

8. Marius Petipa - 4 fairies for Aurora - did not invite the evil fairy - put a spell on Aurora @ 16 she would prick her finger on a spindle & fall asleep for 100 years - End of Act I pricks her finger - Act III is the wedding (divertissement - Grand Pa

9. Comedy - has sport movements - about a train taken to the beach where a plane flies over - spoof about Frenchman who wants to be very shallow American

10. Means 'The Wedding' - arranged Russian Stravinsky wedding

11. In charge of new Paris Opera; under his direction - Paris Opera made a profit for the only time in its existence; slashed salaries of ballerinas to force them into mistresshood for fellow Jockey's

12. A pioneer of modern dance - established importance of the male dancer - created masculine movement style - founded own company in 1947; died of prostate cancer

13. 1st principal dancer with Royal Ballet - choreographer-in-residence during the second year (1941) of Ballet Theater

14. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920) extended the right to vote to women in federal or state elections.

15. St. Denis and Ted Shawn's company that helps spread the gospel of dance from the constraints of ballet - opened a school in Los Angeles - brought dance to the middle class by supporting good health and virginal spirituality

16. American leader of the movement to legalize birth control during the early 1900's. As a nurse in the poor sections of New York City - she had seen the suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy. Founded the first birth control clinic in the U.S. and the

17. Embraces conflict - polyrhythmic - pelvis off centered - high affect juxtaposition (intenseness of feeling) - ephebism (power - vitality) - cool (intensity) - improvisation

18. Considered one of the greatest of African American choreographers - and also bears the titles dancer - educator - and dance company director. After studying under Katherine Dunham and Martha Graham - went on to do solo work and choreograph his own wo

19. Beginning of modern dance - danced with bare feet - wore flowing Greek-style robe - died being strangled from a long-flowing scarf caught in a car wheel

20. Dances have no linear development; no central focus on stage; a field of dancers where you can watch any dancer from any direction and decide for yourself where the focus of the dance is

21. HIV - choreographed Still Here - organized survivor workshops

22. Created the well-known Denishawn school with his wife Ruth St. Denis. They taught dancers diverse styles - With his wife they set up the foundations for the principal of Musical Visualization 'a concept that called for movement equivalents to the tim

23. Famous ballerina who formed her own company and toured 1910 - famous for portraying birds - insects - and plants - brought ballet (aristocratic art) to the common person (high schools - etc.)

24. Were top musical stars of the '30s; appeared in musicals that were considered old-fashioned when they were made; displaced their characters' sexual desire into fighting with each other

25. Different names but same theater under different political influences

26. Associated with Danish-style ballet; equal roles for male and female dancers

27. St. Petersburg Ballet School 1738 - Director of Imperial Theater - Official Patronage 1766 & Moscow 1806; - first dancing master that was brought to russia - from france

28. By Martha Graham - focuses on technique - used technique as her own language - inspired by when she moved to Santa Barbara as a child - choneo - straight out of technique class - running on the cliffs of Santa Barbara and the development of her techn

29. Taglioni's rival -Her dancing was 'warm and passionate' -Dance was earthy - temperamental - fiery - vuluptuous -Labeled Pagan -Danced folk dances - most famous was Cachucha - Spanish using castanet - twists and turns; Known for her flair and theatric

30. Writer of Giselle - Dance Critic - Wrote against male dancers - Praised ballerinas for their sensuality and beauty - in love with Carlotta Grisi

31. Russian ballet impresario who founded the Russian ballet and later introduced it to the West (1872-1929)

32. Choreography Deeply There

33. From its very beginning the ballet was entirely dependent upon this individual; it was his ballet - under the direct supervision and guidance of a court minister appointed by this individual and answerable to him

34. A ballet company established in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev. It created a sensation in Western Europe because of the great vitality of Russian ballet compared to French dance. The Ballets Russes became one of the most influential b

35. Danced in - - raw emotion - stark - harsh - disturbing - medieval themes - dance with masks - really started working with time - space - and energy - taught Hanya Holm

36. Star male dancer of Ballets Russes; became chief choreographer for one year - 1913 - Afternoon of a Faun - Rite of Spring - and Jeux. Rite caused a riot

37. Famous for her incredible technique - lightness - and ethereal presence -(1804-1884) -Introduced new costume design (bare neck/shoulders - tutu) -Perfected dancing en pointe -La Sylphide`

38. Founded the Gus Solomons Company/Dance - whose repertoire consisted of detailed and analytical compositions that were conceived as 'melted architecture' - drawing from experience as an architecture student at MIT

39. Wrote 'The Art of Making Dances' in 1931 - Fall and Recovery - inspired by Bach and used his work in many piece - choreographed pieces without music - Passacaglia and fugue in C minor (showed fall and recovery)

40. Major 20th C composer - Three famous ballets The Firebird - Petrushka - The Rite of Spring

41. Performed with New York City Ballet under Balanchine - later founded Dance Theatre of Harlem - first African American principle dancer

42. Radically new or original

43. Ballet premeried in 1870 - comic variation of La Sylphide and Giselle. Choreographed by Arthur Saint-Laon

44. Workers who earned enough money to be able to become consumer of art and material goods following the Industrial Revolution; escapism became a huge hit when the Depression hit to escape harsh reality

45. Choreographer of Coppelia - died the year of the ballet from exhaustion - discovered Bozzacchi

46. High energy act of two African american brothers - Fayard and Harold - had a 'flash act' consisting of an acrobatic tap style - were in movies - only African Americans encouraged to mingle with audience (by audeince demand)

47. Actress - singer and tap dancer successful in early musicals...... '42nd Street'

48. Sharp powerful movement; angle

49. A signature piece of Taylor's in which he and his pianist remain motionless for the duration of the music-less score by John Cage.

50. Choreographer of Parade & Three-Cornered hat - known for symphonic ballet - comedy satire - character dancing - and color