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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. What is NOT a type of discrimination investigated by the EEOC?

2. What is NOT regulated by the FDA?

3. A stable state economy is in a state of?

4. The EEOC investiges violations of the?

5. Oversight refers to?

6. What term describes a moral theory which derives morality from actions?

7. What type of information is complied to answer a specific question?

8. What does EEOC stand for?

9. What statement is NOT true?

10. What is the purpose of the Kyoto Protocol?

11. Protections for workers from workplace hazard are regulated & mandated by what agency?

12. What is more typical of a values oriented ethical program that a compliance oriented ethics program?

13. A business practices underhanded accounting practices to raise stock prices & make money. Which type of ethics does this fall under?

14. What is NOT a way in which business's are regulated?

15. What is NOT a guideline set forth by Supreme court to be used in creating affirmative action programs?

16. What agency does not relate in some manner to international trade?

17. What is NOT an agency responsible for protecting workers health?

18. A cookie?

19. What is NOT an ex. of social engineering?

20. What is NOT true of sexual harassment?

21. What is NOT a result of a shift to the new social contract?

22. A child cleans their room so they will be allowed to go to a friends house. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

23. What statement is FALSE?

24. What statement BEST describes attitudes toward outsourcing?

25. What statement is TRUE?

26. Business ethics is?

27. The CEO of a co works to raise stock prices because they will get a bonus if the stock prices increases by a certain %. Which of Kohlberg's stages are they in?

28. What group would not be considered a stakeholder?

29. What is NOT a form of marketing fraud?

30. Lobbying is?

31. What is NOT a benefit which can come to companies as a result of substainable business practices?

32. What is a way in which government interventions in the economy can be beneficial to consumers?

33. Which act makes it illegal for US citizens to participate in bribes?

34. Arable land is used for?

35. What is NOT a right outlined in the Privacy Act of 1974?

36. What is NOT a responsibility that should be considreed by businesses?

37. What statement is TRUE?

38. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was created to stop the circulation of?

39. A person helps an old lady across the street because they think that it is the right thing to do - & makes them feel useful & happy. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

40. If people object to something being built near their homes it is referred to as?

41. What is NOT a rule for creating maxims under Kantian ethics?

42. The term quid pro quo related to what issue?

43. What is NOT a reason clinton's attempt at healthcare reform in the early 1990s failed?

44. Some people believe that women earn less than men because female held jobs have been historically devalued - & that women should be given equal pay for equal work. This belief called?

45. What best describes in kind contribution?

46. What describes a type of conflict of interest where a broker owns securities & spreads rumors about them to make the price go up - then sells them before the price goes back down?

47. What is NOT a regulation for insiders trading stock?

48. What is the purpose of the WARN Act?

49. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

50. Ergonomics is?