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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. What statement is TRUE?

2. What did the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act NOT do?

3. The CEO of a co works to raise stock prices because they will get a bonus if the stock prices increases by a certain %. Which of Kohlberg's stages are they in?

4. Corporate citizenship?

5. A grease payment can also be called?

6. The fact that in many cases a company's worth is greater than the value of its tangible assets is referred to as?

7. What is NOT a form of marketing fraud?

8. The Fair Labor Standards Act?

9. What is NOT a type of loophole that developed in response to limitations placed on hard money contributions?

10. Oversight refers to?

11. What theiry claims that person should only act in their own best interst?

12. If people object to something being built near their homes it is referred to as?

13. What is the purpose of the WARN Act?

14. Ethical & philanthropic responsibilities are important in building?

15. What is a way in which government interventions in the economy can be beneficial to consumers?

16. Which act makes it illegal for US citizens to participate in bribes?

17. If a person were to sue a co. for not fulfilling a contractual obligation it would be?

18. Cost benefit considerations would be most typical of what type of ethics?

19. The Alien Tort Claims Act?

20. A business practices underhanded accounting practices to raise stock prices & make money. Which type of ethics does this fall under?

21. What is NOT an attempt at creating a universal ethical standard?

22. What is NOT an unethical pricing strategy?

23. What is NOT legally required in management relations with labor unions?

24. What is the responsibility of the FDA?

25. What best describes rule utilitarianism?

26. In the case of Watson vs. Fort Worth Bank & Trust the court ruled?

27. The FTC was created to monitor which type of regulation?

28. What is NOT regulated by the FDA?

29. The EEOC investiges violations of the?

30. What statement is TRUE?

31. What statement is NOT true?

32. What is the stakeholder model of corporate governance?

33. Utilitarianism is a type of?

34. A child cleans their room so they will be allowed to go to a friends house. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

35. Implied falsity?

36. What statement would be the most correct under a classical view of business?

37. Arable land is used for?

38. Why did Supreme Court rule in favor of Walmart in the case of Dukes vs Walmart?

39. What BEST describes the old social contract?

40. What statement about Corporate Social Responsibility is FALSE?

41. The president of the co must decide whethere to continue to sell textbooks that he knows have incorrect information in them or not. Considered from standpoint of Kantian ethics the president would most likely?

42. What case established that is was how actions were interpreted that matter in sexual harassment cases?

43. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

44. What statement BEST describes attitudes toward outsourcing?

45. OSHA was created to?

46. What is more typical of a values oriented ethical program that a compliance oriented ethics program?

47. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

48. What term is synonymous with philanthropy?

49. Business with a mindset of the customer is always right often find themselves subject to more of which type of fraud?

50. What act conflicts with the Privacy Act of 1974?