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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. A person helps an old lady across the street because they think that it is the right thing to do - & makes them feel useful & happy. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

2. In what situation would an NDA NOT be used?

3. What is NOT an ex. of social engineering?

4. The Alien Tort Claims Act?

5. What type of responsibility is the LEAST regulated?

6. What statement BEST describes attitudes toward outsourcing?

7. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

8. What agency does not relate in some manner to international trade?

9. Ethical & philanthropic responsibilities are important in building?

10. According to teleological ethics an action's morality is determined based on its consequences?

11. What is NOT a type of discrimination investigated by the EEOC?

12. Business ethics is?

13. What would NOT be illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

14. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

15. What describes a type of conflict of interest where a broker owns securities & spreads rumors about them to make the price go up - then sells them before the price goes back down?

16. What is NOT a form of marketing fraud?

17. Utilitarianism is a type of?

18. What is NOT related to the interactions that occur between government & business?

19. What does EEOC stand for?

20. OSHA was created to?

21. Cost benefit considerations would be most typical of what type of ethics?

22. A virus is?

23. Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act include grease payments?

24. Corporate citizenship?

25. What is true about spam?

26. What does NOT focus on increasing the ethical awareness of employees & strengthening the ethical culture of a workplace?

27. A software designer knows there are some minor problems with the software they are develoing. However - if they wait to declare the product finished - it will not be released before another similar products - which would be highly damaging to its suc

28. What statement is FALSE about merger between Delta Air Lines & Northwest Airlines in 2008?

29. If a person were to sue a co. for not fulfilling a contractual obligation it would be?

30. What is NOT a responsibility that should be considreed by businesses?

31. the merger between Delta Air Lines & Northwest Airlines raised concerns about what?

32. A stable state economy is in a state of?

33. What group would not be considered a stakeholder?

34. What is NOT a benefit which can come to companies as a result of substainable business practices?

35. What statement is TRUE?

36. What is more typical of a values oriented ethical program that a compliance oriented ethics program?

37. A child cleans their room so they will be allowed to go to a friends house. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

38. What is the four P's of advertising?

39. What type of information is complied to answer a specific question?

40. What case established that is was how actions were interpreted that matter in sexual harassment cases?

41. Business with a mindset of the customer is always right often find themselves subject to more of which type of fraud?

42. Who has legal responsibility for a company's actions in a corporation?

43. What moral theory is NOT consequentialist?

44. What is the responsibility of the FDA?

45. What is NOT an attempt at creating a universal ethical standard?

46. Why did Supreme Court rule in favor of Walmart in the case of Dukes vs Walmart?

47. The president of the co must decide whethere to continue to sell textbooks that he knows have incorrect information in them or not. Considered from standpoint of Kantian ethics the president would most likely?

48. What is a standard that aides companies in improving their environmental practices?

49. What is NOT an example of how corporate espionage can occur?

50. What is NOT an agency responsible for protecting workers health?