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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. In what situation would an NDA NOT be used?

2. Karen Silkwood is associated with?

3. Fast food places do not pay their workers less than minimum wage because it is against the law. Which of Kohlbergs stages does this describe?

4. What is the four P's of advertising?

5. Corporate governance?

6. The Fair Labor Standards Act?

7. A conflict of interest?

8. What are conflict diamonds?

9. What is NOT a rule for creating maxims under Kantian ethics?

10. What is NOT illegal?

11. What is a standard that aides companies in improving their environmental practices?

12. If a person owns a cupcake business & works in a cupcake factory - what type of conflict of interest is it considered?

13. What group would not be considered a stakeholder?

14. The FTC was created to monitor which type of regulation?

15. Hiring family members would be considered which type of conflict of interest?

16. An ombudsman is?

17. What statement is NOT true?

18. What term describes a moral theory which derives morality from actions?

19. What best describes in kind contribution?

20. What is NOT concern relative to outsourcing?

21. What is regulated by FDA?

22. An employee of a donut shop does not steal donuts because they are afraid they would get fired if they did. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

23. Which co was NOT implicated in the early 2000s?

24. A virus is?

25. What agency does not relate in some manner to international trade?

26. What statement best describes the difference between corporate intelligence & corpirate espionage?

27. Business with a mindset of the customer is always right often find themselves subject to more of which type of fraud?

28. Corporate citizenship?

29. What is NOT a type of discrimination investigated by the EEOC?

30. The term glass ceiling related to which employer-employee relations issue?

31. The Alien Tort Claims Act?

32. What is NOT a right outlined in the Privacy Act of 1974?

33. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was created to stop the circulation of?

34. The fact that in many cases a company's worth is greater than the value of its tangible assets is referred to as?

35. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

36. What best describes soft money?

37. What statement is TRUE?

38. What is NOT a type of imperative considered under Kantian ethics?

39. Fossil fuels are?

40. What statement is NOT true?

41. A business practices underhanded accounting practices to raise stock prices & make money. Which type of ethics does this fall under?

42. What situation would be considered moral under Kantian theory?

43. Command & control regulations?

44. Hard money is?

45. How many days of notice does the WARN Act require employers to give employees?

46. If a resource is used at the same rate at which it can be replenished it is describes as?

47. Arable land is used for?

48. A software designer knows there are some minor problems with the software they are develoing. However - if they wait to declare the product finished - it will not be released before another similar products - which would be highly damaging to its suc

49. According to teleological ethics an action's morality is determined based on its consequences?

50. What aid employers in keeping information private?