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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is NOT true of the WTO?

2. A cookie?

3. If a person were to sue a co. for not fulfilling a contractual obligation it would be?

4. Fossil fuels are?

5. What is NOT a guideline set forth by Supreme court to be used in creating affirmative action programs?

6. What best describes rule utilitarianism?

7. What group would not be considered a stakeholder?

8. What statement would be the most correct under a classical view of business?

9. An employee of a donut shop does not steal donuts because they are afraid they would get fired if they did. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

10. Which co was NOT implicated in the early 2000s?

11. What would NOT be illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

12. What statement is NOT true?

13. What is NOT an attempt at creating a universal ethical standard?

14. What is NOT a way in which business's are regulated?

15. What is NOT legally required in management relations with labor unions?

16. A virus is?

17. Business ethics is?

18. What types of contributions to a political campaign have donations limits imposed by law?

19. What is NOT a type of imperative considered under Kantian ethics?

20. What is NOT illegal?

21. What is the purpose of the Kyoto Protocol?

22. A person is given the opportunity to volunteer at local food bank. They consider the other things they could do with that time. Decide to do volunteer work. What type of ethical theory does their thought process & decision follow?

23. What BEST describes the old social contract?

24. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

25. If a resource is used at the same rate at which it can be replenished it is describes as?

26. What is NOT an unethical pricing strategy?

27. What is NOT a rule for creating maxims under Kantian ethics?

28. A business practices underhanded accounting practices to raise stock prices & make money. Which type of ethics does this fall under?

29. Business with a mindset of the customer is always right often find themselves subject to more of which type of fraud?

30. Corporate citizenship?

31. What is a standard that aides companies in improving their environmental practices?

32. The FTC was created to monitor which type of regulation?

33. The Fair Labor Standards Act?

34. The perceived 'us' vs. 'them' mentality that emerges when doing business with different cultures is referred to?

35. What aid employers in keeping information private?

36. A manager implements new safety procedures because they feel obligated to protect the safety of their employees. Which of Kolhbergs stages does this describe?

37. What is NOT true of NAFTA?

38. A stable state economy is in a state of?

39. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

40. An ombudsman is?

41. What statement is TRUE?

42. How many days of notice does the WARN Act require employers to give employees?

43. Which act makes it illegal for US citizens to participate in bribes?

44. The purpose of the World Bank is?

45. What best describes in kind contribution?

46. What statement is TRUE?

47. What is NOT an agency responsible for protecting workers health?

48. What statement is FALSE?

49. What is NOT a form of marketing fraud?

50. What statement BEST describes attitudes toward outsourcing?