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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. In what situation would an NDA NOT be used?

2. What are conflict diamonds?

3. Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act include grease payments?

4. Which co was NOT implicated in the early 2000s?

5. What statement is TRUE?

6. What would NOT be addressed in a Non-disclosure agreement?

7. A noisy withdrawal would be done by?

8. Some people believe that women earn less than men because female held jobs have been historically devalued - & that women should be given equal pay for equal work. This belief called?

9. What aid employers in keeping information private?

10. A virus is?

11. Karen Silkwood is associated with?

12. A manager implements new safety procedures because they feel obligated to protect the safety of their employees. Which of Kolhbergs stages does this describe?

13. What BEST describes the old social contract?

14. The EEOC investiges violations of the?

15. What situation would be considered moral under Kantian theory?

16. What is best ex. of point secure pollution?

17. What is NOT a type of discrimination investigated by the EEOC?

18. The CEO of a co works to raise stock prices because they will get a bonus if the stock prices increases by a certain %. Which of Kohlberg's stages are they in?

19. If people object to something being built near their homes it is referred to as?

20. What is NOT related to the interactions that occur between government & business?

21. A grease payment can also be called?

22. What is NOT regulated by the FDA?

23. What is the stakeholder model of corporate governance?

24. A lawyer knows their client is guilty but defends them anyway. This falls under which type of ethics?

25. What does EEOC stand for?

26. What term describes a moral theory which derives morality from actions?

27. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

28. What is NOT an ex. of social engineering?

29. Utilitarianism is a type of?

30. What is NOT an illegal basis of discrimination?

31. What statement is NOT true?

32. A stable state economy is in a state of?

33. What case established that is was how actions were interpreted that matter in sexual harassment cases?

34. How many days of notice does the WARN Act require employers to give employees?

35. What is NOT a type of imperative considered under Kantian ethics?

36. An employer who posted a list of weekly resonsibilities for employees to fulfill would best be described by which leadership style?

37. An employee of a donut shop does not steal donuts because they are afraid they would get fired if they did. Which of Kohlbergs stages are they in?

38. What does NOT focus on increasing the ethical awareness of employees & strengthening the ethical culture of a workplace?

39. Noisy withdrawal is?

40. What type of responsibility is the LEAST regulated?

41. What is the four P's of advertising?

42. What types of contributions to a political campaign have donations limits imposed by law?

43. The Alien Tort Claims Act?

44. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

45. What is a way in which government interventions in the economy can be beneficial to consumers?

46. The Tyco scandal is associated with which ACT?

47. What statement is FALSE?

48. Ethical & philanthropic responsibilities are important in building?

49. What BEST describes affirmative action?

50. the merger between Delta Air Lines & Northwest Airlines raised concerns about what?