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DSST Business Ethics And Society

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1. What is NOT a responsibility that should be considreed by businesses?

2. A lawyer knows their client is guilty but defends them anyway. This falls under which type of ethics?

3. What is NOT a benefit which can come to companies as a result of substainable business practices?

4. What is NOT an ex. of social engineering?

5. If a person were to sue a co. for not fulfilling a contractual obligation it would be?

6. The purpose of the World Bank is?

7. A manager implements new safety procedures because they feel obligated to protect the safety of their employees. Which of Kolhbergs stages does this describe?

8. Business ethics is?

9. What is NOT a conflict of interest?

10. What term describes a moral theory which derives morality from actions?

11. The fact that in many cases a company's worth is greater than the value of its tangible assets is referred to as?

12. What is NOT a type of loophole that developed in response to limitations placed on hard money contributions?

13. What is NOT a rule for creating maxims under Kantian ethics?

14. Who is best known for creating the categorical imperative?

15. The FTC was created to monitor which type of regulation?

16. If a person owns a cupcake business & works in a cupcake factory - what type of conflict of interest is it considered?

17. Utilitarianism is a type of?

18. What situation would be considered moral under Kantian theory?

19. What BEST describes the old social contract?

20. What is the purpose of the WARN Act?

21. Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act include grease payments?

22. What statement best describes the difference between corporate intelligence & corpirate espionage?

23. What statement is TRUE?

24. What is NOT a result of a shift to the new social contract?

25. What best describes rule utilitarianism?

26. A stable state economy is in a state of?

27. What statement is FALSE?

28. What is NOT illegal?

29. What would NOT be addressed in a Non-disclosure agreement?

30. What statement would be the most correct under a classical view of business?

31. What are conflict diamonds?

32. Business with a mindset of the customer is always right often find themselves subject to more of which type of fraud?

33. Considered from an ethical standpoint - MNCs should?

34. Which co was NOT implicated in the early 2000s?

35. Protections for workers from workplace hazard are regulated & mandated by what agency?

36. The intent of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was to?

37. Arable land is used for?

38. What statement is TRUE?

39. In what situation would an NDA NOT be used?

40. Cost benefit considerations would be most typical of what type of ethics?

41. What is environmental justice?

42. What statement is TRUE?

43. A business practices underhanded accounting practices to raise stock prices & make money. Which type of ethics does this fall under?

44. The term quid pro quo related to what issue?

45. What is true about spam?

46. Command & control regulations?

47. What is NOT a type of discrimination investigated by the EEOC?

48. Ergonomics is?

49. Oversight refers to?

50. What is NOT regulated by the FDA?